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Club Charity Page

The British Airways Athletics Club makes and enables charitable donations each year.

The club has officially supported the White Lodge Centre for many years. The White Lodge Centre provide a range of flexible and creative activities and opportunities for disabled children, young people and adults, for their families and for carers across Surrey and the surrounding area.  In 2010/11 we were able to donate 122 as proceeds from a club evening quiz and the annual Round-the-Block and Round-the-Park races.
The donation in 2011/12 was for 168. Thank you letter.
Similar donations have been made every year since.
Proceeds from the Concorde Race and Ladies race are traditionally donated to the British Heart Foundation and in 2010 this amounted to 100. Since 2014 the club has guaranteed a donation of 1 for each entrant in the Concorde Five.
The club also made a donation of 150 to St John Ambulance following their support of the Concorde Race.
Each year the club provides marshals and race management for a number of races including the BA Fun Run and the London Marathon.
The club has a race timing clock which is available for hire - currently for 50 per event.  Where the race is for a charity the fee is halved to 25 (the 25 is to cover batteries and maintenance).  The clock is hired half a dozen times each year for charity events.
In 2010 the club organised the World Airline Road Race as a not for profit event.  Surplus funds were donated to the charity Dreamflight.  The donation enabled the holiday of their lifetimes for three disabled children.  The club was also able to facilitate two London Marathon places for the Dreamflight charity that enabled additional fund raising.
The World Airline Road Race also enabled further donations of 250 to St John Ambulance and 200 to Costermongers' Fund that supports various London based charities.

Brian Forrester, Athletics Club Chairman, hands over the World Airline Road Race donation to Patricia Pearce of DreamflightBrian Forrester, Athletics Club Chairman, hands over the World Airline Road Race donation to Patricia Pearce of Dreamflight


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