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Club Contacts

News Digest

The club issues a News Digest every Monday evening containing details of forthcoming events and reports on recent runs and races. The digest is sent to a distribution list from the email address "" . There are no restrictions on being on this list, membership is not a requirement. To add an address to the list simply email a request to the address. Copies of the digest are also made available on the Website and linked from the Facebook Page. The Website contains all of the Digests ever issued, though there is not a search function. Additional content for the News Digest is always welcome.


The club's website address is . This is a site for permanent content with information about the club, our events, kit, locations and so on. Most of its content is only updated infrequently. The list of events, short-cut, should be updated every other month.

Facebook logo Facebook Page

The club committee maintain a Facebook Page at . This should be seen as the social media "Shop Window" for the club. It holds information posted by the committee and visible to anyone; members and non-members alike. As well as being used for the News Digests it will also hold Facebook "Events" for the public events that the club organises, such as the Speedbird Ladies Race.

Facebook logo Facebook Group

The club has a Facebook Group called "BA Runner" at . This is a private group for club members and associates. The Group can be used for general chats amongst members and for in-house events. Each key in-house event should have a Facebook "Event" in the Facebook Group. To join the group go to the link and request to join. Once joined members are free to create new items, with or without pictures, and respond to those of others. Whilst standard Facebook conditions-of-use apply, no moderation has proved necessary.   Please note that content may be copied for public publication in the digest.  

Google Map

A map is maintained by the committee showing key locations,-0.4706997,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!6m1!1sz31P-sSECWno.kIIgdFzUuZAo?hl=en. This should be available on all connected devices and, for instance, linked to Google Navigation tools. All parkruns are shown on this map, including details as to whether members of the club have already run that parkrun. 


Members of the club may use WhatsApp from time to time to manage details for specific events such as WARR or the Green Belt Relay. There is no long-term use of WhatsApp.


Within BA, Yammer may be used to communicate details of forthcoming events but since only active BA members have access to Yammer it is only used informally.

Face to Face

Club members meet at the Bedfont Club every week and for Club In-house Events and Socials most months. Announcements may be made at these meetings but since most members are unable to attend such communications are not relied upon.

Club Committee

All of the club's committee members are available to answer questions. The list of members and their email addresses is on the website at .

BA Clubs

BA Clubs communicates with all BA Clubs and active BA members through their website (, publicity shots and Yammer input. Whilst we don't rely on BA Clubs for communication they can provide a useful push on key events.