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 Use the diary to understand and plan which club events you will be participating in.

  • Using the icons towards the top right you can swap between "List", "4 weeks" and other views.  More detail is provided by clicking on the diary entries and for some you can even "Sign up" to indicate an intention to attend the event.
  • You can also add your own events, by clicking on the green "+" or "+Add event" button. These will be under the calendar heading "Colleague Run". Please do this if you are planning a run later in the week or beyond and you would be quite happy for others to join you.
  • If you have suggestions for new entries or amendments please click here to submit details to the events organiser OR set it up as a "Colleague Run" and then ask to have it switched over to a different "calendar".


#     Club "Round-the-Block" table events.  4 points awarded for hosting the event, 2 points for marshalling (not running) and 1 point for running.

CIE    Club In-house Event    Once a month, usually on a Wednesday evening, we host an event just for us.  The format varies so you'll never know quite what to expect.  Events at the  Cranford Community College are usually followed by a Club Social evening which often includes food for members.

ROM    Run of the Month    A chosen event for all club members to participate at.  These are usually external events hosted by other clubs or organisations.  See the relevant News item of contact the local organiser for entry and meeting details.

CFp    Club Featured parkrun. Join other club members at a selected local parkrun for a 5k time-trial. If you have time turn up early for a team photo and join us in the cafe afterwards.

NOW    Club Non-Office Workers run (lunchtime event).

CANX    Event has been cancelled or postponed.

SOLO    Event to be run individually, often in your own time, but communicate your achievement to the club for publication in the weekly digest.

v{Event}   Event is an organised virtual event.

Remote    Club meetings such as committee meetings will be organised as remote meetings for the time being - details to be circulated.

ASCA = Airlines Sport & Cultural Association
Bedfont = Bedfont and Feltham Football and Social Club, Hatton Road. TW14 9QT
LBH = London Business Houses
T&F = Track & Field
TVAC = Thames Valley Athletics Centre, Pococks Lane, Eton
WARR = World Airline Road Race
XC = Cross-Country
CHG = Recent change or addition
Italics / ??? = Actual date/details to be confirmed



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