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The Green Belt Relay 2017 Report

Green Belt Relay Report 2017. Chris Kelly.

On 20-21 May 2017, BA completed the Green Belt Relay, for the 13th time, coming 20th of the 45 teams, in a time of 28:27:36 for the 218miles (average pace 7:49 min/miles).

2017 GBR Team at FinishThe Team was made up of 12 runners - Paul Knechtl, Richard Ruffell, Graham Taylor, Roderick Hoffman, Barry Walters, Neil Frediani, John Quertstret, James McFarlin, Murray Hogge, and Chris Kelly with one pair of stages split between 'injury-risk' Dave Dixon and 'only-training' Natalie Ruffell, with an injured Dave Bird and reserves Simon Ashford, Brian Bennett unable to run. We were ably supported by our Lead Driver, Nick Edge, and additional supporters & drivers Vicky, Julie, and Tony.

Despite the last minute substitutions, an additional marshalling position, some late night schedule rearrangements, and some creative SatNav work by Google*, we managed to start and finish the 22 legs, ranging from 6 to 13.3 miles in length, climbing up to 1372ft, and marshal five different locations. At most of the marshal points we also provided water, although at some it was delivered as 'self-service'. We also drove up to 8 cars around large parts of the M25 - ideally we'd like to reduce that number in future - and besides the two generations in the team, one of our regular runners but this year supporting was working on developing a future runner for the 2037 event.

There were some excellent mini-races within the race - witnessing Barry's unsuccessful dip for the line at the end of Stage 6 was exciting, as was the whole-hearted commitment from Graham to the finish sprint at Blackmore on Day 1. There were remarkable results - such as the injured Mr. Dixon's top-5 finish - and the just plain beautiful - Neil's finish at the top of Box Hill - mainly thanks to the landscape on a delightful Sunday afternoon, admittedly.

Captain Kelly

*Directing Nick away from the QE Bridge and towards the Dartford Tunnel instead.  This resulted in Barry having to race to the start line of stage 15...

Barry late at the GBR Start



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