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BA Athletics Club News Digest 1st October 2018


  • Thursday 4th October - Dream Mile, Bath Road from 12:45.
  • Saturday 13th October - Ladies and Men's Surrey League cross-country matches - yes, it is nearly the start of the cross-country season #
  • Sunday 14th October - Run of the Month - Cabbage Patch 10 in Twickenham at 10:00.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: First week of August.

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This Digest... a day late since I'm touring the USA and Canada. Next week's digest might be similarly early or it could be late and/or brief.  You can help by submitting some complete items for inclusion. Pictures of the WARR event have been left out because there are too many of them on Facebook and I'm keeping the bandwidth of this digest low.

Roderick Hoffman (

This Wednesday...

...October 3rd, there will be ad hoc runs from the Bedfont Club from 18:00 prior to a Committee Meeting in the function room from 19:30 (all members welcome...and there is an attached bar).  If you need to use the changing rooms before 17:50 please check with Steve Hillier what time he expects to arrive with the keys.

Roderick Hoffman obo Steve Hillier {}

WARR Results

Four days in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Being an extra leg beyond a long flight I wasn't expecting a large group representing BA but I couldn't have been more wrong. In total we had 23 airline and non-airline participants running in the races. We also managed a team meal with twenty or twenty one present! [numbers don't fully add up because some includes Marion Woodhouse from the Air France team and some include Janet Cunningham who joined us for some events including the parkrun but not WARR itself].

In the team results we knew we would be competitive in the Men's Masters. In the 10k Tim Bellars and Richard Ruffell delivered solid performances but good packing by AeroMexico, Lufthansa and KLM restricted us to fourth place. But in the 5k we played our Joker, John Taylor, and as a consequence we got 3rd place behind AeroMexico and Singapore but ahead of Emirates.

In the "Individuals" our 13 airline competitors won six awards and our 9 non-airline team members got five more. 

Race Position Team Member Age Band Time Airline 10k/5k Ratio Awards
10k 13 Luke Bellars M01-29 00:42:10 Non-Airline 79% 10k Non-Airline Men Open 2nd
10k 31 Tim Bellars M50-59 00:44:09 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) 87% 10k Men 50-59 2nd
10k 33 Richard Ruffell M50-59 00:44:22 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) 90% 10k Men 50-59 3rd
10k 39 Anthony Wong M50-59 00:45:42 Non-Airline   10k Non-Airline Men Masters 3rd
10k 42 Ian Cunningham M50-59 00:46:09 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) 93%
10k 60 Caroline Yarnell F50-59 00:48:38 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) 88% 10k Ladies 50-59 2nd
10k 87 Neil Frediani M60-69 00:51:46 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) 87%
10k 91 Piers Keenleyside M60-69 00:52:24 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) 21%
10k 99 Michelle Garratt F50-59 00:53:11 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) 82%
10k 138 Finbarr Cotter M60-69 00:58:18 Non-Airline 89%
10k 144 Benita Scaife F60-69 00:58:58 Non-Airline 86% 10k Non-airline Ladies Masters 2nd
10k 145 John Scaife M60-69 00:58:59 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) 86%
10k 163 Roderick Hoffman M50-59 01:00:04 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) 99%
10k 237 Steve Newell M70-99 01:15:48 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) 47% 10k Men Over 70 3rd (of 4)
5k 10 John Taylor M50-59 00:20:35 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA)   5k Men 50-59 1st *
5k 42 Richard Ruffell M50-59 00:23:18 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA)   *
5k 44 Tim Bellars M50-59 00:23:35 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA)   *
5k 45 Luke Bellars M01-29 00:23:35 Non-Airline   5k Non-Airline Men Open 3rd
5k 72 Caroline Yarnell F50-59 00:25:52 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA)   5k Ladies 50-59 3rd
5k 136 Michelle Garratt F50-59 00:29:14 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA)  
5k 177 Finbarr Cotter M60-69 00:30:50 Non-Airline  
5k 209 Bridget Ruffell F50-59 00:32:14 Non-Airline   5k Non-Airline Ladies Masters 2nd
5k 237 Marion Woodhouse F50-59 00:33:09 AIR FRANCE (AF)  
5k 238 Ellen Kenworthy F01-29 00:33:09 Non-Airline  
5k 241 James Mathews M01-29 00:33:30 Non-Airline  
5k 282 Rita Cotter F50-59 00:35:39 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA)  
5k 409 Jane Taylor F60-69 00:41:51 Non-Airline  
5k 463 Megan Kenworthy F01-29 00:44:58 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA)  
5k 535 Sue Newell F70-99 00:51:26 Non-Airline  
5k 536 Steve Newell M70-99 00:51:27 BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA)  

* Team Masters 5k 3rd.

There is a traditional measure amongst those doing both the 10k and 5k. The challenge is to do the 5k less than half your time from the 10k. Adding in the 5k parkrun results for those who choose that option (See below) the closest to achieving the target was myself, just 10 seconds out. I am claiming that I didn't save myself for the parkrun but I may not be believed. The worst was Piers for the reasons explained below! Steve took it easy in the 5k to keep Sue company (or v.v.).  Next worst was Luke Bellas who changed his strategy for the day within the 10k run. But even had he concentrated on his idea of focusing on the 5k he is unlikely to have improved on his position of 3rd because he was 76 seconds behind 2nd place. But had he improved by 90 seconds he would have been competing for first. Had he slowed by 26 seconds in the 10k he would have lost his 2nd place but focusing on the 10k from the off wouldn't have made much difference since the guy who beat him finished first overall over six minutes ahead of Luke.

It was great to see people such as Caroline Yarnell returning after a long gap (and talking positively of Amsterdam in 2019). It was also good to see several band-new faces at WARR - probably more than we have had for a few years.

WARR is going strong - with the usual number of registrations there were 247 finishers in the 10k and 674 in the 5k (many doing both - the BA team were the only attendees of the local parkrun). Next year's WARR will be hosted by KLM and held in Amsterdam.  It will coincide with KLM's 100 year anniversary. It will be in mid-September but the team cannot announce it yet because the publicity has to be coordinated with that for the KLM Open Golf with which the WARR event will be paired. Nothing was confirmed or even rumoured for 2020.

Roderick Hoffman

PS Hopefully some of my team colleagues will submit some words for next week to describe their experiences.

London Marathon Opportunities

London Marathon 2019 - unsuccessful applicants

Many of you will be thinking of pounding the streets of London next Spring.  Should your application turn out to be unsuccessful, there might be a second chance...... 

The British Airways Athletic Club provides the London Marathon with over one hundred marshals.  In return LM provide us with some additional places that we can allocate to our members.  We will have a limited number of places to hand out this winter.   The BA Athletics Club committee will review applications from people unsuccessful in the main ballot during December, with priority based on the following criteria:

  • 1. Those who have helped BAAC by marshaling,
  • 2. BA Athletic Club members who regularly support club events,
  • 3. Paid up BA Athletic Club members,
  • 4. Family or friends of people who meet the above criteria.

If you receive a rejection from London Marathon, and you want to be considered for a place, think about which of these categories apply to you!  Then contact me on  Anyone offered and accepting a club place will be needed to pay the normal entry fee for the Marathon, to provide a minimum of two marshals to the BAAC to assist with the 2019 London Marathon and to contribute to this digest with their aims and experiences of training and running the Marathon. 

Steve Hillier

Club parkrun results for Saturday 29th September 2018

Not the usual format since both Steve and I are still away.  Apologies to anyone missed off or misrepresented, especially those who volunteered last Saturday. For instance I missed Petra Otto off the list last week as she was a volunteer at the fourth running of Manor Field parkrun, Whittlesey.

parkrun Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time   Comment
Bushy 559 442 Oliver MATHAI British Airways AC 00:26:33
Bedfont Lakes 35 33 Scott DAVISON British Airways AC 00:23:07 Second fastest of the day
Bedfont Lakes 54 5 Maria JOVANI British Airways AC 00:24:46
Bedfont Lakes 119 89 John LENNON British Airways AC 00:30:41
Reading 15 15 Christopher T KELLY British Airways AC 00:19:57
Harrow 150 117 Denis FOXLEY British Airways AC 00:31:25
Harrow 218 81 Joan FOXLEY 00:40:19  
Kingston 213 76 Monica ALONSO British Airways AC 00:31:39
Brunstone 238 69 Sarah GORDON British Airways AC 00:32:58
Gunnersbury 406 257 Alan ANDERSON British Airways AC 00:35:49
Crane Park 32 1 Becky THURTELL Thames Turbo Triathlon 00:23:51 Has been first lady at Bedfont Lakes back in 2013 and Kingston in 2011
Crane Park 51 46 Ben CHAYTOW British Airways AC 00:24:47
Osterley 86 10 Trish MCCABE British Airways AC 00:28:01
March 87 22 Petra OTTO British Airways AC 00:31:05 Best time since last October due to mile treadmill runs?
Clover Point (CAN) 12 10 Ian CUNNINGHAM British Airways AC 00:23:58
Clover Point (CAN) 20 14 Neil FREDIANI British Airways AC 00:27:45
Clover Point (CAN) 22 8 Janet CUNNINGHAM Epsom Allsorts 00:28:00
Clover Point (CAN) 24 16 Roderick HOFFMAN British Airways AC 00:30:12 venue #245
Clover Point (CAN) 29 18 John SCAIFE Maidenhead AC 00:31:39
Clover Point (CAN) 28 11 Benita SCAIFE Maidenhead AC 00:31:39
Clover Point (CAN) 36 20 Piers KEENLEYSIDE Ealing Eagles Running Club 00:43:16
Hazelwood 45 7 Lesley CHAMBERLIN British Airways AC 00:25:27
Hazelwood 95 75 John COFFEY British Airways AC 00:28:48
Clapham Common 166 139 Ian COCKRAM British Airways AC 00:23:35
Clapham Common 257 59 Caroline COCKRAM British Airways AC 00:26:14
Higginson, Marlow 103 22 Alice BANKS British Airways AC 00:27:48
Orleans (CAN) 12 7 David DUGGAN British Airways AC 00:26:46 A new parkrun for the club and David also gets a volunteer credit
Woking Tom Rowley Volunteer
Woking 47 4 Julie BARCLAY Woking AC 00:21:58 Fastest and with 81.34% probably highest of the day.
Woking 75 63 Paul WATT Woking AC 00:23:32  

At Clover Point, the team of six (plus Janet who only did the parkrun) had the challenge of first finishing the WARR 10k race then to make their way 5k across town to make the start of the parkrun.  We had warned the parkrun in advance (bribing them with a run report) and Janet was on hand to use delaying tactics if necessary but in fact we all got there with just under ten minutes to spare - I had had trial runs of the drive between the two and made sure the car was ideally positioned for a clean getaway - a very clean getaway since there were lawn sprinklers effecting that bit of road! Now, I could only fit a total of five in the hire car so Ian ran the 5k between the two venues! And still managed a faster time that the rest of us. Piers had a slow time - indeed he was last finisher even behind the tail walker. This is because towards the half way point he needed a comfort break and fortunately there were facilities next to the parkrun course.  But he then left his spare top in the loo and had to double back for at least one km to get it. But we all remembered our barcodes. 

I also highlight Becky in the table above - she is a friend of the club rather than a member but apart from being first finisher on some poorly attended tourist runs this was her first first lady finish since 2013.

Roderick Hoffman

NOT updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

By the time you read this the 5 millionth parkrun registration will have been made (currently the highest is just over 4,998,570). That doesn't mean that five million parkrunners are going to join you on the start line on Saturday, since for one thing there are well over one million of those who have never run a single parkrun.  However it is an indication of the growth and impact of parkrun.  From the original 13....


The next Street-O event will be at Teddington on Tuesday 9th October.  That is the day of my return so I may have to decide whether to do the Street-O event, whether to get out a late digest, or go to bed.

Next Digest - Results, news, pictures, feedback, jokes, stories - send it to the editor, Roderick Hoffman, at

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