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BA Athletics Club News Digest 1st August 2016


  • Thursday 4th August - Dream Mile Bath Road 12:45*
  • Monday 15th/22nd August - Track&Field Grand Prix events at Hillingdon Track from 18:00*
  • Wednesday 24th August - Club BBQ event at Cranford Park from 18:00 (tbc)

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [long googlemap address you are not going to type in]

Not for you, no longer interested?  remove me please.

Difficulty viewing this email?  Read it off the website instead - Latest.shtml. Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

Concorde Club/Heston Venue Opening Hours from today, 1st August

Changes are being made to the opening hours of the Heston Venue Clubhouse by the owners, Imperial Collage.  From today the Concorde Club will be based in the Pavilion rather than the Clubhouse.  The club will continue to run the Sports Hall, Pavilion, Gym and Olympus Hall and the showers and changing rooms will be open for members seven days a week.  The Heston Venue Clubhouse will now only be open two days a week on Wednesday from 3.30pm to 11pm and Saturday from 11am to 11pm. 

We don't as yet know what food arrangements will be on the Wednesday evening but if all else fails a 30% food and drink discount has been negotiated for the Queens Head, a short distance away.

See you at the club on Wednesday,

Roderick obo the Athletics Section committee.


Saturday 30 July will be my final day after 21 years of service.  I would like to take this opportunity to say I have enjoyed my time and it has been a pleasure to serve you all and I will certainty miss the numerous characters in the section.  I have decided to venture into the world of self employment as a local handyman.

Thank you once again.

With Thanks, Scott Buckley

2016 World Airline Road Race Chicago - less than eight weeks to go update and reminder

This year's World Airline Road Race is rapidly approaching. As of last Friday we had the following 18 airline members registered (I don't have details of non-airline registrations).  Also Lissa and Debby were fighting their way through the registration system so it is looking like we'll have a good twenty plus size team.

  • Monica Alonso, Simon Ashford, Julie Barclay, Tim Bellars, John Coffey, Marzia Coltelli,
  • Neil Frediani, Clara Halket, Roderick Hoffman, Paul Knechtl, Steve Newell, Billy Parker-Brown,
  • John Scaife, Benita Scaife, Helen Smith, Gareth Snook, Paul Watt, Andrew Wittkowske.

Fourteen of us have also registered for the Awards Dinner (exceptions are Marzia, Neil, Billy and Andrew).  Only three of us have registered for the British Airways team for the O'Hare runway run at 8am the next day - this event is also still open for registration with a price increase from August 11th.  Click here for O'Hare race information and registration.

WARR Registration is still open so other club members and friends are welcome to join us.  As a quick reminder this year's WARR will allow you to experience Chicago in so many unique ways - the 10k and 5k race course right along the Lake Michigan shoreline along Grant Park, the Awards dinner at Navy Pier, and we hope to announce more unique venues for the Meet & Greet Party and the T-shirt Swap Parties very soon!  Click here to register for the race and the awards dinner.

Note that I'm not proposing having a team T Shirt this year but shout at me if you think we should.  Note that all team members should have a club running vest, contact Paul Knechtl who can advise you of the styles available.

Roderick Hoffman WARR Team Captain

Also see: club website WARR page

Club parkrun results for Saturday 30th July 2016 - Ian's 250th

30th July family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Paul Knechtl 17:59 Bushy Park 8th finisher from 963 runners. Fastest BA parkrun this year 79%
David Tyas 19:35 Bushy Park NonMember: run #414 76%
Jonathan Cox 21:36 Bushy Park run #280 71%
Debbie Heldson 22:38 Bushy Park first ever parkrun 67%
Alan Anderson 32:07 Bushy Park run #419, 208th at Bushy Park 67%
Helen Smith 28:44 Bushy Park run #26 - fastest since Nov 2011 67%
Guilaine Sheward 26.32 Bushy Park NM: run #243 64%
Lissa Pritchard 23:47 Bushy Park run #14 64%
Ian Cunningham 24:46 Bushy Park run #250 62%
Piers Keenleyside 26:11 Bushy Park run #138 61%
Neil Frediani 26:37 Bushy Park run #146, 21st Bushy park 60%
Madge Bradsell 50:59 Bushy Park NM: run #393 (pb 31:23) 58%
Monica Alonso 28:13 Bushy Park run #64 58%
Roderick Hoffman 27:41 Bushy Park run #216 56%
Trish McCabe 27:33 Bushy Park course pb 55%
Steve Newell 33:36 Bushy Park better than last week 54%
John Hanscomb 50:26 Bushy Park NM: run #500 42%
Andrew William Jordan volunteer Bushy Park Lead Cyclist

There was a splendid turnout of members this week at Bushy Park, the most BA runners at a parkrun in living memory, if not ever.

The trigger was celebrating Ian Cunningham's 250th parkrun (and his birthday) and mention of chocolate cake and Prosecco.  There was a double celebration at Bushy with John Hanscomb (Ranelagh Harriers, who almost certainly ran the first 15 London Marathons with John Williams) completing his 500th run and being presented with the prized T-shirt by parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt. John is now the 5th member of the 500 parkrun club.

Paul Knechtl (17:59, 78.87%) maintained his 100% record at ten Bushy parkruns in less than 18 minutes (just), the best anywhere time by a member so far in 2016.  Debbie Helsdon (22:38), almost five years since she applied for a barcode, ran her very first parkrun.  She found the conditions underfoot rather dry compared to her preferred cross-country running courses - bring on the cross country season!  Lissa Pritchard (23:47) also put in one of her rare appearances.  Several others were running the "new" anticlockwise course at Bushy for the first time.

Bushy parkrun club runners

Photo left to right: Roderick, Ian, Alan, Andrew, Neil, Helen, Debby, Lissa, Monica, Ian for the 2nd time, Paul, Ian for the 250th time, Janet (photo bombing), Trish, Piers, Guilaine Sheward - not featured Steve and Jonathan.

30th July family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
John Lennon 25:44 Bedfont Lakes run #216 60%
Scott Davison 24:01 Bedfont Lakes run #172 56%
Ian White 27:33 Bedfont Lakes 2nd run this month 54%
David Duggan 28:57 Bedfont Lakes run #158 54%
Caroline Cockram 51:00 Bedfont Lakes also photographer 30%
Ian Cockram 56:11 Bedfont Lakes tailrunner 26%
Kerstin Luksch 20:31 Gunnersbury also token sorting 73%
Denis Foxley 26:11 Harrow run #43, 40th at Harrow 65%
Joan Foxley 35:33 Harrow run #38 60%
Alice Banks 26:27 Maidenhead run #60, 33rd at Maidenhead 71%
Benita Scaife volunteer Maidenhead barcode scanning
John Scaife volunteer Maidenhead barcode scanning
Alan Friar 28:07 Reading 139th run at Reading 63%
Gareth Hobby 26:20 Reading run #21 53%
Julie Barclay 21:03 Rushmoor parkrun pb 83%
Paul Watt 20:53 Rushmoor parkrun pb, club course rec 72%
Steve Dodsworth 22:51 Sunderland run #77 66%
Linda Dodsworth 26:06 Sunderland run #72 60%
Sreeram Sethuraman 39:13 Upton Court family pacer 34%
Kevin Holland 30:53 Woking run #56, 28th at Woking 56%
Eddie Giles 26:26 Yeovil Montacute run #71, 4th at Yeovil 65%

At other parks Paul Watt (20:53) and Julie Barclay (21:03) both set new pbs and club course records at Rushmoor and are among those who have entered for WARR in Chicago on 24th September and seem to be coming into good form at the right time.

Regular followers of this column will not be surprised to learn that we failed to run at any new parks this week.  It could almost have been predicted.  Next week could be different.

Steve Newell (

Updated parkrun stats:

Steve Newell

parkrun stats - the first 400

Since May there have been more than 400 UK parkrun events in existence but due to cancellations 400 had not been run on the same Saturday.  That was well and truly beaten last Saturday with 404 parkruns run. How long to 500?  The 300 total was first reached less than 18 months ago in February 2015.

Roderick Hoffman

Ride London (with thanks to BA marshalling) cycling report

So on Sunday 31st July Natalie and I completed the ride 100, our longest ever cycle to date. And it was fun.

We were very lucky with the weather, dry and bright, but not too hot. It was a very early start, up at 4.15, a lift to the drop off point then a 6 mile cycle to the start area. Due to a mistake at registration by those giving me my race number, I had someone else's number, so had an anxious time sorting this out before heading to my start pen for a 50 minute wait to the start. Natalie was starting from a different area 18 minutes after me so we had a plan for me to wait and meet up at around mile 10. I went off last in my wave and cycled very slowly to the meet point, Natalie set off at the head off her wave and sped round to meet me, so I had to wait less than 10 minutes. Then we were off together, next stop mile 32 in Weybridge for bananas and Jelly Babies kindly provided by Kathy C. Those first miles went by easily on flat roads and we arrived early, so missed out on seeing John Taylor as we had moved on just before he arrived. Sorry John.

Next scheduled stop was going to be around mile 60 after 2 of the 3 big hills, but at mile 38 we came to an unexpected stop. Further down the road there had been a nasty crash and the ride had been stopped. The queue formed very quickly and all we could see ahead and behind were thousands of cyclists all standing by their bikes. It was a long wait just standing there, and it was about 70-75 minutes later we could eventually remount and start pedaling again as we moved past the point of the accident in close to single file. I later learnt that the organisers had created a diversion for those further back, but for those of us stuck just behind the accident, we just had to wait it out. Bit like an accident on the M25 if you have gone past the previous exit!

Also I managed to mess up my Garmin, which reset, so would never see 100 miles click up on distance traveled :(

So off we went after our enforced stop, about 62 miles to go. From this point the course started to become more undulating before we met the hills between about miles 45 and 65. Went through the hills well, passing lots of riders on the way up, but having decided not to stop at the feed stations which were very busy I was starting to get hungry. 4.15 am when I had breakfast was starting to feel a longtime ago!

We kept moving still passing more than being passed, but at around 80 miles my legs were starting to tire. Having led Natalie for many of the early miles it was now her turn to take the front and let her old dad draft along behind. She proved really strong and as I tucked in behind we continued to make good speed through the last 20 miles, including a nasty little hill in Wimbledon at mile 91, averaging over 18mph for these last miles. Eventually we came back into central London and down The Mall to the finish. Overall my ride time was 5.40, Natalie was 5.34, average speed of 17.8mph.

Looking back it is incredible how London and parts of Surrey are closed to traffic for the day, quite an amazing feat, but is just an amazing experience to be able to ride these roads without cars. I have to say a big Thank You to BAAC and Steve Hillier for my place, it is really appreciated.  I did spot the BA crossings in the last couple of miles but by that time Natalie was head down to the finish and no stopping her, so we just sped by. After the race I cycled back to Euston for the train home, cycling through a manic Trafalgar Square was a little different to the traffic free roads from a little earlier! Total miles cycled for the day about 108.

If you love cycling I would certainly recommend giving this a go.

Richard Ruffell

Coaching Corner ! - Ten Tips to Prevent Running Injuries (part 3 - tips 8 to 10)

8. Wear the correct type of running shoes based on your foot type and running style

  • Not all running shoes are made alike. The type of shoe you need varies depending upon your foot type and style of running. A sports store that specializes in athletic footwear can you help you figure out what style might be best for you.
  • Foot type is based upon the structure of your foot and the degree of pronation. Pronation is the normal inward rolling of your foot in running as your foot strikes the ground and transitions into pushing off. Abnormal pronation can lead to injuries.

9. Have a formal gait analysis performed and use orthotics if recommended

  • Poor foot biomechanics such as heel strike, excessive pronation, or a very rigid or very flexible foot arch can lead to inefficiency and injuries.
  • Most runners can control these problems by carefully selecting the right shoe type or by seeing an expert that can analyze your running gait and make orthotic inserts specific to your foot structure.

10. Have your running form evaluated by a running expert

  • Better running economy and body awareness are achieved through developing an efficient and smooth running form. A smooth running form requires less energy and delays muscle fatigue.
  • A person trained in running biomechanics can help detect flaws in your running form and show you how to correct them.

Joe Nolan

AJ Bell London Triathlon 2016: Final Call for Volunteers!

If anyone is keen to be involved with this event next weekend it sounds like they are in need of additional volunteers...

Dear Challenger World Volunteers,

On August 6th and 7th 2016, London welcomes the world's  largest triathlon, the AJ Bell London Triathlon at the ExCel London!

It is not too late to get involved, if you have not yet done so and would like to help out, please e-mail to confirm your availability and receive the volunteer information handbook with everything you need for a successful weekend. The more the merrier!

Volunteers register at 7:15am on Saturday 6th August and/or 5:00am on Sunday 7th August at the Novotel ExCel for volunteer registration and a hot breakfast. You will receive a T-shirt, lunch and travel expenses up to 25 per person will be reimbursed. Furthermore, 20 per head for groups of five or more are donated to the club/society you represent.

If you would like to help out or require any more information, please e-mail

We look forward to welcoming you to the ExCel London on Saturday and/or Sunday.

Thank you,

IMG MPS Events

The Rowley Report - Runnymede Runners 5mile at Savill Gardens Thursday 28th July

Another result from Thursday 28th July, both ran the Runnymede Runners 5mile at Savill Gardens and both ran PBs.  Julie Barclay 36.07 and Paul Watt 39.07 so both in good form.  Paul has now run 4 PBs in 8 days - Rushmoor 23rd, Elmbridge 24th,  Runnymede 28th, Rushmoor 30th.  Julie has ran two life time bests PB - Runnymede and Rushmoor on Sat.  

Both are focused for 7 weeks time at WARR   Paul aiming for a good 5k plus next day on the runway, Julie is aiming to run a good 10k, her favourite distance.  They are working hard for 3 weeks, have a week's rest, then build up again.

Tom Rowley

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