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BA Athletics Club News Digest 1st January 2018


  • Wednesday 3rd January - non-specific club run / training opportunity at Cranford Community College from 18:00* Club Committee Meeting from 19:45 with any member welcome (but remember your sandwiches).
  • Thursday 4th January - Dream Mile, Bath Road at 12:45*
  • Saturday 13th January - Ladies Surrey League Match, Richmond Park from 13:00

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone in the club and on this distribution list

The editor and all his staff hope that you all get what you hope for and deserve this coming year. And that you send in reports of your plans and achievements.

10k Performances...

We are currently looking at candidates for the BAAC 2017 Awards, including the Brian Forrester 10K trophy.  Please could you send me your 10K performances during 2017, with any extra information about the event which could impress the judges .


Steve Hillier {}

2017 Round Airport RunRound Heathrow Run 2017

The 4th of my Round the Airport runs took place today, the route evolves each year but is mostly away from main roads and ends at a pub and is approx. 13 miles long. Ten of us set out although one other did run and missed the rendezvous. It was a really good group with two current BA employees and one ex BA and seven members of Shepperton Running Group plus one dog. All made it around and most had a quick beer at the end.

Neil Frediani (from Facebook)

Club parkrun results for Christmas Day 25th December 2017

There was a huge turnout at Bushy Park where the attendance of 1586 has only ever been topped by the 10th anniversary run in October 2014 (1705). Paul Knechtl (18:39) was the quickest of our large group on a day when the first 49 runners dipped under 19 minutes. 

Over at Tilgate, Adrian Haines was even faster finishing second in 18:26.

Julie's modest (for her) time of 22:17 was because she was treating the event as a training run, including an extra four miles running home afterwards.

Due to a barcode mis-scan Tim Bellars was initially left out of the results at Roundshaw Downs . It wasn't until the Elves woke up from their post Christmas-rush sleep that they attended to his email and added his result in.

25th Dec 2017 family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Alan Anderson 33:37 Bushy Park run #487 65%
Bob Bannister 25:09 Bushy Park run #297, 4th at Bushy 64%
Caroline Cockram 25:55 Bushy Park run #295 63%
Ian Cockram 24:05 Bushy Park run #413 61%
John Coffey 27:39 Bushy Park run #264 69%
Ian Cunningham 26:36 Bushy Park run #309 58%
David Duggan 27:54 Bushy Park run #231 56%
Paul Knechtl 18:39 Bushy Park run #19 77%
Jonathan Cox 24:07 Cannon Hill run #337 64%
Scott Davison 23:19 Crane Park run  #232, 16th at Crane Park 61%
Trish McCabe 27:33 Crane Park run #215, 22nd at Crane 56%
Janet Smith 36:29 Frimley Lodge run #82, 1st at Frimley 48%
Jeremy Short 27:54 Fulham Palace run #92, 1st at Fulham Pal 56%
Alice Banks 27:10 Maidenhead run #104, 58th at Maidenhead 71%
Roderick Hoffman volunteer Northala Fields timekeeper
Piers Keenleyside 25:47 Northala Fields run #186, 8th at Northala 62%
John Scaife 25:07 Norwich run #114, 2nd at Norwich 66%
Tim Bellars 22:24 Roundshaw Downs run #8, park #8 66%
Julie Barclay 22:17 Rushmoor run #114, 34th at Rushmoor 79%
Adrian Haines 18:26 Tilgate run #41, 27th at Tilgate 80%
Richard Ruffell 22:39 Tring run #133, 11th at Tring 70%
Andrew Jordan 48:46 Walsall Arboretum run #136, 9th at Walsall 31%
Chris Kelly 21:35 Woodley run #362, 33rd at Woodley 69%

Then onto Saturday December 30th...

Saturday 30th Dec 2017 family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Tim Bellars 22:15 Banstead Woods run #9, park #9 67%
Anne Bannister 36:56 Bedfont Lakes run #161 52%
Bob Bannister 26:27 Bedfont Lakes run #298 61%
Caroline Cockram 27:28 Bedfont Lakes run #296 60%
Ian Cockram 25:54 Bedfont Lakes run #414 57%
David Duggan 30:41 Bedfont Lakes run #232, run #53 of 2017 51%
Chris Evans 25:16 Bedfont Lakes run #189 59%
Neil Frediani 32:52 Bedfont Lakes run #184 49%
Janet Smith 36:28 Black Park run #83 48%
Sarah Gordon volunteer Braunstone marshal
Leslie Chamberlin 26:52 Bushy Park run #166, 51st Bushy Park 70%
John Coffey 27:48 Bushy Park run #265, 228th at Bushy 69%
Ian Cunningham 23:58 Bushy Park run #310, 261st at Bushy 64%
Jonathan Cox 23:45 Crane Park run #338 65%
Scott Davison 23:35 Crane Park run #233, 17th at Crane Park 61%
James Glover 25:46 Guildford run #24, 19th at Guildford 58%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford
Alan Anderson 34:26 Gunnersbury run #488, run #50 of 2017 64%
Trish McCabe 28:02 Gunnersbury run #216, run #51 of 2017 54%
Steve Newell 35:34 Gunnersbury run #294, run #46 of 2017 52%
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow run director
Joan Foxley 36:59 Harrow run #84, 77th at Harrow 59%
Kathryn Keenleyside 47:54 Highbury Fields run #49, 1st at Highbury Fields 41%
Piers Keenleyside 26:22 Highbury Fields run #187, 1st at Highbury Fields 61%
Adrian Haines 18:32 Horsham run #42, 8th at Horsham 80%
Simon Ashford 26:23 Houghton Hall run #21, 1st at Houghton Hall BA Park #375 55%
Benita Scaife 32:04 Maidenhead run #100 61%
John Scaife 32:05 Maidenhead run #115 51%
Jeremy Short 23:20 Osterley run #93 66%
Kevin Holland 33:15 Woking run #92, 50th at Woking 52%
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal
Chris Kelly 25:18 Woodley run #363, 34th at Woodley 59%
Tony Barnwell 39:02 Wycombe Rye run #156, 73rd at Wycombe 49%

Simon Ashford found an un-run parkrun on his doorstep - Houghton Hall in Dunstable. This parkrun had had their inaugural run cancelled due to the cold snap the other week so Simon ran at their second actual run to make this the club's 375th different parkrun run at. Others from the club will inevitably follow quickly.

Kevin Holland ran his 50th Woking parkrun but will now take a long break from running whilst he recovers from an operation due in early January.  We wish him a speedy recovery.

Saturday also featured the 100,000th UK parkrun.  Many different parkruns running simultaneously could claim to have been the 100,000th.  Perhaps more significantly there are now 492 parkruns in the UK with more arriving soon - shortly then we'll have the 500th UK parkrun.

Meanwhile Roderick failed to run a parkrun for the first time on a day in which he has attempted to - after 279 successes.  He was in Oslo for the recently started Toyen parkrun but sadly sheet ice resulted in this parkrun's cancellation just after Roderick flew into the city. The next nearest parkrun was a four hour drive away in Sweden and given the freezing overnight conditions...not to mention the lack of a car...Roderick had a rare lie in.

And finally what can we do with the results for New Year's Day?...

NYD 2018 club family early parkrun time commentary grade later parkrun time commentary grade
Alan Anderson Osterley 36:00 run #489 62%
Alice Banks Maidenhead 27:20 59th run at Maidenhead 71% Upton Court 27:28 5th run at Upton Court 71%
Anne Bannister Hove Promenade 29:48 1st run at HoveProm 64%
Bob Bannister HoveProm 25:13 1st run at HoveProm 64%
Julie Barclay Krakow 21:52 1st run in Krakow, club record (M/F) 81%
Tony Barnwell Fulham Palace 38:33 5th run at Fulham Palace 49%
Caroline Cockram HoveProm 25:47 1st run at Hove, club rec (F) 63% Brighton & Hove 25:17 Club rec (F) 65%
Ian Cockram HoveProm 24:43 9:00 start, club rec 60% Brighton&Hove 24:46 10:30 start 60%
Jonathan Cox Bushy Park 23:11 run #339, 279th at Bushy 67% Crane Park 24:02 run #340, 48th at Crane 64%
Ian Cunningham Bushy Park 27:26 9:00 start 56% Crane Park 23:26 run #312, 2nd at Crane 64%
Scott Davison Crane Park 22:54 run #234, 18th at Crane 62%
David Duggan HoveProm 27:47 1st run at HoveProm 56% Brighton&Hove 28:48 10.30 start 54%
Denis Foxley Cassiobury 32:45 1st run at Cassiobury 53%
Joan Foxley Cassiobury 36:04 1st run at Cassiobury 61%
Sarah Gordon Pontefract 35:54 1st run at Pontefract 53% Nostell 59:59 634th of 705 - no times
Adrian Haines Tilgate 17:37 best ever run at Tilgate 84%
Alastair Heslop Guildford volunteer timekeeper
Roderick Hoffman Castle Park 28:18 08:30, BApark #376 55% Shorne Woods 29:33 10.30 start, club record, vol report writer 53%
Piers Keenleyside Highbury Fields 26:20 pb by 2 seconds 61%
Chris Kelly Henley 23:08 first run at Henley, club record 65% Woodley 21:10 35th run at Woodley 71%
Trish McCabe Bushy Park 26:49 9.00 start 57% Crane Park 27:19 run #218, 23rd at Crane 56%
Steve Newell Osterley 38:07 run #295 48%
Petra Otto March 32:23 run #35, 31st at March 64%
Richard Ruffell Wanstead Flats 19:39 club course record, park #70 79% Valentines 21:25 club course record, park #71 72%
John Scaife Maidenhead 27:55 run#116, 54th at Maidenhead 59%
Jeremy Short Bushy Park 21:43 run #94, 7th at Bushy 71%

There were a number of notable doubles run this year, some I suspect long in the planning and satisfying in the execution.  Roderick Hoffman (28:18, 29:33) started early at Castle Park (Bishops Stortford) with an unusually early start for England of 8.30 a.m.  Having finished there by 9 a.m. he was able to travel through Essex, across the Thames at Dartford and on through Kent to Shorne Woods between Gravesend and Chatham for a 10.30 start.  Castle Park was a new park for the club. At Shorne Woods Roderick took the club record off from Steve Newell.

Richard Ruffell chose a pair in NE London rather closer together in time and distance and set a new club record of 19:39 at Wanstead Flats from a 9 a.m. start and followed with a 21:25 at Valentines Park just across the North Circular in Ilford from a 10 a.m. start. Two club records taken from Roderick.

Jonathan Cox, Trish McCabe and Ian Cunningham all completed the classic Bushy Park/Crane Park combo although whether they also ran between the two I can’t say.

A party of five from Bedfont Lakes headed for Hove Promenade including Anne Bannister (29:48), Bob Bannister (25:13), Caroline Cockram (25:47), Ian Cockram (24:43, new club record) and David Duggan (27:47).  The Cockrams and David Duggan then headed for Brighton and Hove where Caroline Cockram set a female club record of 25:47. The male record is a bit of an anomaly and is held by Roderick Hoffman with 24:41 but only because Adrian Haines’ membership had lapsed when he ran his 17:27 there in 2012 [Ed: What counts is what is in the computer :-) ]. 

Adrian Haines (17:37, 83.73%) has started this year well with his best ever run at Tilgate which places him 2nd out of 594 in his age group. This was 15 seconds faster than his previous best, set in November 2014.

Chris Kelly (23:08) overcame the hills and the mud at Henley (see below) to set a new club record (from John Scaife) before heading over to Woodley (21:10) for a more routine run there.

Julie Barclay (21:52) was in Poland for her first parkrun there and her age grade score of 80.64% was the best of the day there.  She also set an all genders club record. [Ed/Roderick: Another one of my records bites the dust!  Poland incidentally is having a parkrun boom. The number of events increased from 40 to 52 last year and the number of runners peaked on 30th December at 3,124, roughly double the number from two years ago.]

Sarah Gordon had an interesting morning visiting two parks new to her in a part of Yorkshire littered with Rugby League clubs.  Her first run (35:54) at Pontefract was followed by short journey to Nostell Priory near Wakefield.  Nostell has been going for a while and most Saturdays gets about 200 runners with maybe double that on New Year’s Day.  This time they were overwhelmed with over 700 and ran out of finish tokens.  Worse was to follow as all times were lost.  A nightmare start, but ….  700 people have a time of 59:59 and we can assume many will return to grab a pb sometime soon.  There is always a silver lining if you look hard enough! [Ed: And my club record there is safe for another week!]  Nostell's attendance was the third highest in the country after Bushy and Southampton.

Of those doing two runs the most improved was Ian Cunningham who knocked 4 minutes off his Bushy time at Crane. Sarah, obviously, gets the most slowed and the most consistent was Ian Cockram with just a three second difference between the two runs.

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

Julie at Krakow

Small report of Julie Barclay’s first run in the Krakow 5k parkrun on New Year's day.

Julie finished 27th (2nd lady) in 21.52 and Julie finished with the highest age grade of 80.64% out of the 105 that ran. A little interest, the 0/30 lady that finished 3rd just one second behind Julie and ran 21.53 but her PB is 21.51 So probably gave Julie a tough run but on the right day.

Unfortunately Paul Watt who has been nursing a groin problem wisely decided not to risk further agro. so did not start.

Tom Rowley

Henley parkrun

Had a helter-skelter run at Henley on New Year's Day. As previously mentioned by others it is a trail run, rather than a park run - which was emphasised at the briefing - lots of mud, ups, downs, barbed wire, tree roots and branches, narrow unpassable* sections, hairpin bends, so no dogs, no buggies allowed - all very Indiana Jones - mind you, nobody told us about the rocks that crash together across the track! So it was a definite opportunity for the Inov-8 mudclaws, in a bid to stay vertical. 

A little bit of out and back at the top of the hill gave a chance to see how many were ahead of me, and ealising I was in the top ten for the first time for a while... spurred me on for the second lap. I lost ground on the climb, but clawed it back on the drop to finish very pleased in 8th, of 81, in 23:08.


Chris Kelly

[Indiana Jones Clashing Rocks only on New Year's, if ever]

Ed: Unpassable should be a real word - the difference from impassible is clear.

Middlesex track and field indoor championships - 17th and 18th March - Lee Valley

Entries are now open for our indoor championships, which will be again held with our colleagues from Kent and Herts, the link is:

I CAN'T EMPHASIZE ENOUGH THAT LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED - the World indoor championships open in Birmingham the day after the entries close, neither myself nor any of the organising team will be left around in London to sort queries, it will be to everyone's advantage if you enter as early as possible.

Major Carr

Let Steve Hillier know if you are interested in this.

Steve Hillier {}

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