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BA Athletics Club News Digest 2nd September 2019

Events: see Editorial below

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at most of our events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 29th July.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 12 August 2019) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

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Editorial - Busy September

This digest is being issued a day early to encourage participation at Tuesday's Round-the-Park race (see below). But that is only the start of a busy month. After Wednesday's regular Club Night (but warning: the changing rooms may not be available) we are back to the Harmondsworth area on Thursday for the Dream Mile. Some of the regulars won't be there because we'll already be on our way to Amsterdam for Saturday's World Airline Road Races. We'll be quickly home and on Tuesday evening (10th) Street-O Orienteering returns with a new season at Hampton Wick (meet at "The Lion" TW11 9DN from 18:00 to 19:30). Then on Wednesday we are not meeting at the Bedfont Club in the evening and instead we have another one of our Non-Office Workers runs at Runnymede from 12:00. Monday 16th there is another "Grand Prix" event at the track at Hillingdon (100m and long jump) and come Wednesday 18th it'll be this year's Equinox 5k which will be run as a pursuit race over a new Bedfont Lakes two-lap course starting and finishing at "The Motte" by the Bedfont Road car-park. A new feature this year will be a 2.5km option for those wanting a shorter run (or arriving late!). On Thursday 26th we'll have our 100km relay at Waterside which is a big challenge for the club to host and run. Later on in the month we also have a club featured parkrun at Upton Court.

October currently looks quieter...but perhaps by the time we get there it'll be a different matter.

Roderick Hoffman (acting Chair)

2019 Round-the-Park courseRun-of-the-Month Round-the-Park on Harmondsworth Moor at 12:30 on Tuesday

Our annual office lunchtime run is this Tuesday and will follow the same course we've used for the last few years - starting just across from the Pulpit Bridge with an out, two clockwise laps of The Hawthornes and then back the same way. We charge a token £1 to enter this event with the whole sum donated to the White Lodge charity. Please come with your pound coins at the ready. Hopefully there will be someone who isn't running otherwise one of Neil or I will have a handicap as we run around with the coins in our pocket! In such circumstances the event will need to be self-timed.

All are welcome.

Roderick Hoffman / Neil Frediani

It's a Waterside double this week since on Thursday it will be the September Dream Mile - starting from the usual place on the Bath Road at 12:45.

Club parkrun results for Saturday 31st August 2019

Member 31st August 2019 parkrun  ↓ Pos  ↓ Time  ↓ Grade↓ PB↓ Comment
TRUE Bob Bannister Bedfont Lakes 52 00:25:13 65.30% run #362, 297th at Bedfont Lakes
TRUE Anne Bannister Bedfont Lakes 103 00:30:10 65.25% run #206, 165th at Bedfont Lakes
TRUE Paul PRESCOTT Bedfont Lakes 10 00:20:25 63.27% run #45, 32nd at Bedfont Lakes
TRUE Maarten Stenham Bedfont Lakes 47 00:24:20 56.92% paced Jakob (age 8) to pb
TRUE Natalia Prescott Bedfont Lakes 79 00:27:57 52.95% run #17, 6th at Bedfont Lakes
TRUE Sarah GORDON Braunstone 412 00:33:39 58.49%
TRUE Caroline Cockram Bromley 368 00:26:19 63.71% run #370, 2nd at Bromley
TRUE Ian Cockram Bromley 246 00:24:13 61.87% run #491, 2nd at Bromley
TRUE Oliver MATHAI Bushy Park 459 00:24:44 67.79% run #70, 29th at Bushy Park
TRUE Dave Dixon Castle Demense 1 00:19:04 80.59% Slower time but better age grade than previous run there
TRUE Paul TIMMS Cirencester 48 00:24:19 63.74%
TRUE Paul Davis Clapham Common 530 00:28:52 46.94% 1st run at Clapham Common, park #29
TRUE Steve NEWELL Clapham Common 772 00:42:54 44.17%
TRUE Ben Chaytow Crane Park 165 00:34:11 40.52%
TRUE David DUGGAN Dinton Pastures 166 00:29:55 53.15% 1st run at Dinton Pastures, park #72
TRUE Julie BARCLAY Frimley Lodge 53 00:22:05 81.96% F-4, best age grade score at Frimley Lodge
TRUE Paul WATT Frimley Lodge 60 00:22:24 68.01% best age grade score at Frimley Lodge
TRUE Fraser Cameron Frimley Lodge 21 00:20:06 66.42% new member, parkrun debut
TRUE David Williams Fulham Palace 219 00:25:43 53.86% run #131, 6th at Fulham Palace
TRUE Piers KEENLEYSIDE Gunnersbury 177 00:25:42 63.49%
TRUE Roderick HOFFMAN Hanworth 40 00:28:49 55.18% PB   PB by 17 seconds (and Run Report)
FALSE Joan FOXLEY Harrow 212 00:37:35 59.25% best this year
TRUE John COFFEY Hazelwood 85 00:29:36 66.44%
TRUE Alice BANKS Higginson, Marlow 86 00:26:26 75.54% PB   PB by 13 seconds.
TRUE Zoe OSTLEY Homewood 159 00:36:46 49.91% run #233, 6th at Homewood
TRUE Mike Dennison Keswick 14 00:20:08 80.38% PB   PB by 1:34
TRUE Stephen K TAYLOR Northala Fields 182 00:27:59 55.39%
TRUE Alan & Ann ANDERSON Osterley 434 00:44:06 61.87% (assisted)
TRUE Murray HOGGE Reading 68 00:22:35 69.82%
TRUE Frankie HOGGE Reading 67 00:22:35 65.54% PB   PB by 21 seconds
TRUE Christopher T KELLY Reading 424 00:47:17 32.22% still walking
TRUE Jain Reid Richmond Park 408 00:34:22 50.68%
TRUE Eddie GILES Salisbury 222 00:27:20 64.51% run #124, 44th at Salisbury
TRUE Benita Scaife Sloughbottom 163 00:30:56 65.52% 1st run at Sloughbottom, park #63
TRUE John Scaife Sloughbottom 164 00:30:56 54.20% 1st run at Sloughbottom, park #72
TRUE Keith Johnson St Albans 175 00:25:20 57.76% 9th run at St Albans
TRUE Trish MCCABE Victoria Dock 122 00:28:32 54.32% 1st run at Victoria Dock, park #44
TRUE Kay Trinder Woking 19 00:20:07 86.58% F-3, missed  pb by 10 seconds
TRUE James Shoulder Richmond Olympic 5 00:19:08 67.42% Late result from last week

Volunteers include...[remember, we can only guarantee to include your volunteer efforts if you email us about them - parkrun don't provide a usable report]

31stAugust 2019 parkrun Role
Petra Otto volunteer Manor Field marshal
Roderick Hoffman volunteer Hanworth Run Report writer
Maria Jovani volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director
James Shoulder volunteer Bedfont Lakes marshal
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford first timers briefing & number checker
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow run director

It has been a busy five parkrun month and at times a hot one so some will have welcomed the cooler temperatures this weekend.

Four weeks ago, Eddie Giles (26:17) ran at Moors Valley in Dorset for the first time and lowered the club course record previously held by Chris Kelly.  Eddie was back to his home run at Salisbury (27:20) this week but is planning another trip to Moors Valley soon.  Meanwhile Chris Kelly has been reduced to walking pace after straining something while out on his bike (not actually during the 100- mile day out in London and Surrey but a few days later).

Last week we missed a result from Vancouver where James Shoulder (19:08) was fifth to finish at Richmond Olympic parkrun, quite close to the airport there.  Erstwhile member Jonathan Cox also ran there in the past.  This week Benita and John Scaife (30:56) ran the newish parkrun at Sloughbottom in Norwich. The club total moves on to 522.

Dave Dixon (19:04, 80.59%) was at Castle Demense in County Cork after a four year break and maintained a time-trialistís satisfactory streak -  two runs, two first places (parkrun is not a race!).  He still holds the VM50-54 age cat rec (18:37) there but has to be satisfied with 2nd spot in the next higher group. His time is eight seconds behind that of one Matt Shields from Belfast who ran 18:56 at the inaugural back in 2013!

New member Fraser Cameron (20:06) burst onto the scene and presented a barcode for the first time at Frimley Lodge where Julie Barclay (22:06) and Paul Watt (22:24) achieved their best age grade% scores over the course.

Ian Cockram (24:13) and Caroline Cockram (26:19) crossed south London to be part of the celebrations and a record attendance of 942 at Bromley parkrunís 500th edition.  Other parkruns nearing the 500 mark include Reading (on 498) and Frimley Lodge (497).

Steve's parkrun stats - club parkrun stats - UPDATED

Full club parkrun database - {read access to new club parkrun database} - UP TO DATE - Download and explore.

Steve Newell / Roderick Hoffman

Maidenhead Half-Marathon 1st Sept 2019

I ran the Maidenhead Half today along with a couple of others from the BA club. Great race an a very flat course although spoilt at the end by terrible organisation of the bag pick-up which took about one hour of queueing!

  • Ben Chaytow - 1:38:36
  • Piers Keenleyside - 1:50:46
  • Jasvir Singh - 2:24:02 

Piers Keenleyside

Ed: Also, Ian Rayner - 2:08:50

Running Shorts:

Dear Ed, my Friday XC was 38.44 (good!) and my son, Ian, did me proud on running the Maidenhead Half today. Andy Rayner.

Tom's Diary

I guess you have all the parkrun results.  See Kayís 86% and she ran the Serpentine 5k the day before in a 0/50 course PB of 19.56.

Julie/Paulís week:  Wed. 28th Lakeside 5k, Julie ran 21.28, Paul 22.11 - both improvement over the other three series evenings.

Thurs. 29th Runnymede Runners 5mile from Savill Gardens around the Windsor Park.  Julie ran a 0/55 PB of 36.19, her best 5mile time since the Concorde 5m 2017.  John Coffey ran 50.21.  Joe Nolan was time keeping.

Good luck to all BA members have a great week-end with individual/team winners.

Tom Rowley

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