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BA Athletics Club News Digest 2nd December 2019


  • Thursday 5th December - Xmas Dream Mile from 12:45 (see below)
  • Wednesday 11th December - Five Mile Handicap at the Bedfont Club from 18:00 #
  • Wednesday 18th December - CIE mile race and Xmas social at the Bedfont Club #

Our next Bedfont Club meeting will be on Wednesday 4th December (ad hoc runs), 11th December for the Five-Mile Handicap and 18th for our Christmas Run and Social. January club evenings will be on 8th (ad hoc) and 22nd (Handicap). All members are welcome.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at most of our events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 1st November.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 18th November 2019) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Xmas Dream Mile THIS Thursday at 12:45

Join us on Thursday for what could be the last ever organised Dream Mile on the Bath Road.  Because of the season there will be mince pies and mulled wine after the run, so please let me know if you plan to make it so that we cater for the correct numbers. It would be great to see as many of the former runners as possible as we are thinking that this may be the last time that we formally organize this event which has been running for 6+years and 76 events (unless we missed a month). It could continue as an ad hoc diary date. As some of you know, I should be leaving BA in the next few months and thought this would be a good time to stop my involvement having taken over from the event originator Paul Knechtl in January 2017. As always new runners are welcome too. If anyone feels strongly about continuing the event and would like to take over organizing it then let me know and I will pass on the mailing list etc.

 The event will start at 12:45 by the Newport Road Junction--> then heads back towards Waterside on the Bath road, stopping just before the Thistle hotel.
Either meet at the start, or outside the Waterside gym at 12:25 for a gentle jog to the start. Its a self-timed event. Email me afterwards with your time for the records. NEWCOMERS of all standards welcome. If you are based at Waterside it is a 1.5mile jog to the start and 0.5mile back from the finish.

Neil Frediani {}

Perivale Five results #

POS Race# Time First Last Club AG AG%
1 ... 24:54 ... ... ... ... 85.68%
69 82 32:48 Mike Dennison [unattached] M60 81.59%
82 180 34:06 Maria Jovani Shaef Shifters W35 74.87%
169 185 40:29 Piers Keenleyside Ealing Eagles M60 66.69%
194 371 42:48 Steve Taylor British Airways M50 59.88%
242 253 46:38 Jasvir Singh Modaher British Airways M60 57.89%
279 153 49:32 Roderick Hoffman British Airways M50 53.09%
299 150 52:05 Steve Hillier British Airways M60 53.26%
349 ... 1:01:48 ... ... ... ... 42.02%

Perivale Five teamNote that Mike entered before joining BAAC and Maria and Piers have BAAC as a second claim club. All of the above scored a point on the Club's Round-the-Block table and this means that Steve Taylor, Maria Jovani and Mike Dennison all hit the 10point recognition barrier, so well done and thank you to them. There are just two events left this year to enable others to join the 24 club members who are at or above 10points. Those with BA club branding posed for a photograph afterwards - with the branded club clock.

Roderick Hoffman

Piers adds "Did my fastest 5 miler for 2 years - not a great leap forward as it was only by 10 seconds or so but at least I'm going in the right direction. Finished in 40:29. Saw a few other BA runners in the results - 5 or 6 of us there? There were 97 Ealing Eagles out of 349 finishers!"

Ed: I also speculate that Jas had a good run (i.e. finished ahead of me) despite, or perhaps because of, having recently had a few weeks off from running.

Quiz Result

Our recent quiz was hard fought and very close.   A small uprising by the quizzers over the identity of The Netherlands' capital was rudely suppressed by the question masters, while the correct pronunciation of "langue de chat" was probably never achieved.   On to the good news:

Thank you to everyone who made a donation at last Wednesday's quiz at our Bedfont venue.  As a result of your generosity, 135 will be donated by BAAC to the White Lodge Centre for Disability at Chertsey.

Steve & Linda Hillier

Christmas Shopping

There will be a Santa's Sack at our Xmas do on December 18th. Please buy a present of 5 value, wrap it and bring it on the night. And tell Steve to expect you on the night.

Steve Hillier

Club parkrun results for Saturday 30th November 2019

Member 30th November parkrun Pos Time Grade PB Comment
TRUE Julie BARCLAY Alice Holt 36 00:23:23 77.41% "A", club rec(F), top age-grade at AH today
TRUE Paul WATT Alice Holt 43 00:24:00 63.47% first run at Alice Holt, park #32
TRUE Caroline Cockram Bedfont Lakes 43 00:24:54 67.34% F-4, missed 2019 pb by 1 second
TRUE Paul Davis Bedfont Lakes 11 00:21:15 63.76%
TRUE James Shoulder Bedfont Lakes 9 00:20:58 61.53% M-9, 21' pacer, 30th run at Bedfont
TRUE Maria Jovani Bedfont Lakes 56 00:26:57 57.95% 27m Pacer
TRUE Neil FREDIANI Bedfont Lakes 100 00:31:09 52.38% 31m Pacer
TRUE Eddie KETTERICK Bedfont Lakes 136 00:41:43 39.47% PB   course pb (by 25 seconds)
TRUE Ian Cockram Bedfont Lakes Run Director
TRUE Joe NOLAN Black Park 347 00:32:32 51.08% see below re next week's anniversary
TRUE Mark TAYLOR Bognor Regis 19 00:22:13 71.57% PB   run #10, course pb (by 100 seconds)
TRUE John TAYLOR Bognor Regis 21 00:22:28 67.80% annual family outing, keeps club record
TRUE Graham TAYLOR Bognor Regis 82 00:26:36 59.77% annual family outing
TRUE Marion WOODHOUSE Bognor Regis 213 00:34:29 52.49% annual family outing
TRUE Sarah GORDON Braunstone 322 00:36:30 53.93% 80th run at Braunstone
TRUE John COFFEY Bushy Park 818 00:29:35 66.48% run #239, 1st at Bushy since New Year's Day
TRUE Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 324 00:23:55 65.37% 320th at Bushy Park
TRUE Janice Jones Bushy Park 717 00:28:17 61.58% 1st run at Bushy, park #20 (officially now a tourist)
TRUE Mike Dennison Bushy Park Finish Tokens (1281 of them)
TRUE Janet Smith California Country 103 00:34:31 51.76% "C", run #113, park #41
TRUE Paul PRESCOTT Cassiobury 57 00:22:10 58.27% 1st run at Cassiobury (Watford)
TRUE Bob Bannister Crane Park 27 00:23:25 70.32% PB   course pb (by 75 seconds)
TRUE Zoe OSTLEY Crane Park 161 00:33:50 54.24% run #240, best at Crane Park in 2019
TRUE Scott DAVISON Crane Park 109 00:28:34 50.82%
TRUE Piers KEENLEYSIDE Fire Service College 45 00:28:20 57.59% 6th run at Fire Service College, Gloucestershire
TRUE Trish MCCABE Greenwich 125 00:29:25 52.69% club rec(F), park #54
TRUE Ben Chaytow Gunnersbury 77 00:22:45 61.39% first run at Gunnersbury, park #8
TRUE Maarten Stenham Hanworth 10 00:25:20 54.67% M-10, with Jakob (JM10)
TRUE Denis Foxley Harrow 126 00:28:56 60.94% run #150, 128th at Harrow
FALSE Joan FOXLEY Harrow 195 00:37:01 60.15%
TRUE Roderick HOFFMAN Jersey Farm 112 00:32:00 49.69% park #290, club rec, Wilson Index up to 58
TRUE Petra OTTO Manor Field, Whittlesey Finish Token Support
TRUE Barry WALTERS Osterley 18 00:21:57 75.70% 3rd run at Osterley
TRUE Alan & Ann ANDERSON Osterley 262 00:46:01 59.29% assisted
TRUE Alan ANDERSON Osterley 261 00:46:00 51.09% 40th run at Osterley
TRUE Christopher T KELLY Reading 166 00:42:50 35.56% Sarah is getting faster!
TRUE Eddie GILES Salisbury 142 00:26:46 66.69% 50th run at Salisbury
TRUE Keith Johnson The Leas 17 00:24:51 58.89% 2nd run at The Leas (Isle of Sheppey)
TRUE David DUGGAN Weedon Island Preserve 27 00:29:58 53.06% club rec, 53rd run of 2019
TRUE Kay Trinder Woking 17 00:21:02 83.84% F-2, top age grade at Woking today
TRUE David DUGGAN Clermont Waterfront 97 00:29:06 54.64% Thanksgiving Day (extra parkrun day in US)

This weekend served as a reminder that Global Warming doesnt necessarily mean that balmy conditions persist right through the autumn, winter and spring on Saturday mornings.  While some parks which were flooded last week have still to dry out sufficiently to allow running to recommence, other venues have now succumbed to the effects of sub-zero conditions variously reported as black ice, too icy, extremely icy, too slippery, only suitable for Torvill & Dean (remember them?) parkruns as far south as Hendon, Crawley and Weybridge were called off as short notice.  November is not really a winter month either.

Kay Trinder (21:02, 83.84%) achieved the best result of the day at Woking. That was the highest age-grade score at Woking on Saturday. Julie Barclay (23:23) did the same at Alice Holt Forest and Julie and Paul Watt (24:00) added the letter A to their collection.  What did I tell you?  Roderick Hoffman (32:00) wasnt chasing the letter J at Jersey Farm (near St Albans) so much as completing the parkrun tour of Hertfordshire.  He also eclipsed the club record previously held by Janet Smith (for almost a year).  Janet Smith (34:31) visited the California parkrun (Wokingham) to collect a C.  Trish McCabe (29:25) continued her tour of south London parkruns at Greenwich and established a female club record there.  There are quite a few more to do in that part of the world including the appropriately named Hoblingwell Wood with plenty of grass, hills, maybe even some mud at this time of year!  John Coffey (29:35) may have begun to feel he was getting bogged down at Hazelwood he went back to Bushy for the first time since New Years Day (239th run there altogether).  Janice Jones (28:17) made her first pilgrimage visit to Bushy and has now been to 20 different parkruns.

David Duggan could be on his way to a world record after two more runs in Florida this week with a Thanksgiving Day run at Clermont Waterfront and a Saturday run at Weedon Island Preserve.  He has done 53 this year already with all the Saturdays in December still to come and Christmas Day as well.

Steve Newll

Steve's parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

Full club parkrun database - {read access to new club parkrun database} - Download and explore.

Cold in WhittleseySteve Newell & Roderick Hoffman

Petra Otto reports "Freezing cold and foggy in Whittlesey this morning. I could barely hang on to the slippery tokens with my ice cold fingers. However, my bobble hat and several layers of clothing had kept me nice and toasty. Its always a real pleasure to volunteer. Im at the end of the funnel to the right."

Ed: All volunteers do a great job but they are not always equal jobs - it may not have been quite as cold at Bushy for Mike Dennison who had a similar role to Petra...but Bushy had 1281 tokens needing to be handed out whereas there were only 43 at Whittlesey.

Black Park Pacers - 5th year anniversary!

It will be the 5th year anniversary of my parkrun pacer squad at Black Park this coming Saturday.  I formed the squad after fine tuning my pacing there each week, carrying a flag with my intended run time, for about 6 months in preparation for the 2014 New York marathon.  Over the years we have only missed two weeks due to weather cancellation of the event.

We will be calling it a 'special pacer thanks day' with as many members of the squad out on duty as possible.  We will encourage runners not seeking PB's to run in convoy with their nearest pacer, as a social celebration and for potential new recruits to see how it is done.  We will also ask all runners to thank their nearest pacer as they always feel fulfilled when gratitude is received.  We are hoping for a bumper attendance, and are suggesting festive hats and tinsel are worn.  Over the years we have had enquiries from many other parkruns about our pacer process and equipment used, so that they can follow our example.

Joe Nolan

Xmas and New Year parkruns

As usual there are ample opportunities to work up an appetite for your Christmas dinner and also to start your New Year resolutions with either one or two parkruns. Personally, I will be trying to give everybody a good time at Northala Fields on Christmas Morning (Timekeeper) and on New Year's Day I hope to be doing a double of new-to-me runs in Melbourne.

The list of special-event UK parkruns is here: . Check this carefully because many events won't be operating on Christmas Day and those that do may have unusual start times. For other countries go via this page:  You may also spot, as I'm sure David Duggan has, that one could run in Finland or Norway on Christmas Eve, in Denmark on Christmas Day and then in Poland on Boxing Day. Someone will.

If you are keen to try a double on New Year's Day then this page may make your planning easier:

Roderick Hoffman

Marathon Results

Valencia Marathon

This was my 2nd time running Valencia after falling in love with the place last year. It didnt disappoint. Its a flatish course with a few cobblestones. The weather can be variable at this time of year. It was super-hot last year, but thankfully a little cooler @ 22C this year. I still found that side of it tough. There are around 22,000 runners and is well organised with good local support and the bonus of a bag of oranges at the end! They had troupes of drummers spread around the course and several music areas which I always find helpful. They print your national flag and name of choice on the bib and lots of people called out my name (or at least tried). High-een seemed the most common variant for Jain which I was rather fond of by the end. For those travelling with friends there is a lovely breakfast 5k run the day before and a 10k alongside the marathon. If you havent considered Valencia before, check it out. Its a beautiful place. As for the running - after a decent first half I flagged with the heat in the middle but rallied with a sprint finish for a 4 second PB (4:45:04).

Jain Reid

Start Coaching

Are you looking for a way to start the new decade by learning a new skill?

If you're passionate about running and want to get qualified to help more people benefit from the joys of running, why not sign up for a one-day Leadership in Running Fitness course? There are 59 Leadership in Running Fitness courses being run by England Athletics around the country up to the end of March 2020 as part of the #GoCoach campaign backed by 200m World Champion Dina Asher-Smith and her coach John Blackie.

This one-day entry-level course blends classroom and practical activities and is the perfect way to get a grounding in how to lead a group of runners.  The Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) course is designed to prepare you to provide a safe and enjoyable running experience for young people over 12 years of age and adults of any ability, size or shape.  This qualification will provide you with insurance to lead a group within the limits of the course content and is also a prerequisite course for the Coach in Running Fitness qualification.

With volunteer coaches and leaders playing a vital role in the sport, the aim of the #GoCoach campaign is to ensure that people of all ages and abilities can access running nationwide by introducing 10,000 new coaches and leaders to the sport by the end of 2020. People from all walks of life, not just those with a sporting background, can enjoy a personally rewarding role as a volunteer coach or leader whilst bringing significant value to both individual runners, clubs and groups.  

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer coach or leader within running can visit to find out more about the coaching pathway and qualifications on offer.

The Club is prepared to help with the funding for such courses.

Steve Hillier

Running Shorts

  • For those who like running with a map the next Street-O event is on Tuesday 10th December in Brentford/Northfields (meet at The Forrester W13 9EP from 18:00). Details:
  • And for those wanting to be chased down by a racing car the Cambridge Wings-for-Life World Run is back as one of over a dozen worldwide locations in the 2020 event. The date is May 3rd and currently entry is at 25 though it will rise to 35. See:
  • And those retired runners wanting a day off don't forget to tell Steve Newell you'll be coming to lunch on the 10th. South Western Railway seems to be running a half hour frequency with through carriages from Windsor via Staines to Kew Bridge.

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