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BA Athletics Club News Digest 2nd January 2017


  • Thursday 5th January - Dream Mile - Bath Road 12:45* (see below)
  • Saturday 14th January - Surrey League Cross Country - Ladies at Ham, Men at Cranford Park - BAAC hosting so volunteers needed
  • Wednesday 18th January - Club In-house Event and social - details to be confirmed next week

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, and welcome to the Athletics Club's 36th year.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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Dream Mile - Thursday 5th January Bath Road, start at 12:45

First the bad news - Sadly Paul Knechtl, who has set up and administered the Dream Mile event since its inception (September 2013) has now left BA and taken another job too far away for him to get back to Heathrow for the monthly event (though he intends to remain an active member of the club).

Then the good news - The Dream Mile will continue to be held on the first Thursday of the month starting from the usual place on the Bath Road (see club map) at 12:45.  Each month it will be administered by either Neil Frediani OR Roderick Hoffman (or both) but please expect to have to self record and report your times from now on (unless Neil's mile times improve remarkably, or I invest in motorised roller-skates).  The start is the hydrant stone, the finish line is the last post on the left just before the water pump. See you on Thursday.

This link should take you to an editable copy of the time trial results spreadsheet - LINK (internal BA only)

Roderick Hoffman

Ladies Cross Country on Saturday, 14th Jan 2017


Hope you have had a great Christmas and looking forward to a great New Year.

One of our New Year resolutions is likely to be keeping fit and healthy and what better way to start or keep going than to come along to the next Ladies Cross Country run!

This will be held on Saturday, 14 January at Lloyd Park, and the run starts at 12 noon.

The details are attached for your reference.

Details: attachments\LADIES  XC  LLOYD  PARK 14  JAN 2017.docx

Course map:

Lloyd park XC course map 
I would be working that day so won't be there. However, Monica and Helen have kindly agreed to look after all of you on the day. Monica has the race bibs for those of you running for the first time this season. If you are, please can you also let me know in advance so that I can add you on to our team on the Surrey League website and let Monica/Helen know to look out for you. Our runners will mostly be in BA vests, not to worry if you don't have one as the bib numbers will identify you as a BA runner. If you know of anyone else who may be interested in running, please let me know so that I can get in contact with them.

That leaves me to wish all of you a Happy Active New Year,

Clara Halket (

Club parkrun results for Saturday 31st December

31st December family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Alan Anderson 31:21 Gunnersbury run #438 69%
Julie Barclay 22:42 Woking run #86, 13th at Woking 77%
Ben Chaytow 22:19 Crane Park run #155 61%
Caroline Cockram 33:37 Lanhydrock 1st run at Lanhydrock 48%
Ian Cockram 26:19 Lanhydrock BA park#309 56%
Ian Cunningham 25:22 Bushy Park run #270, 232nd at Bushy 60%
Scott Davison 23:47 Bedfont Lakes run #192 60%
Linda Dodsworth 26:22 Sunderland run #94, 34th at Sunderland 60%
Steve Dodsworth 22:37 Sunderland run #99, 38th at Sunderland 67%
David Duggan 28:51 Bedfont Lakes run #179 54%
Chris Evans 27:26 Bedfont Lakes run #152 54%
Denis Foxley 25:40 Harrow run #59 67%
Alan Friar 28:45 Reading run #223 63%
Sarah Gordon 35:10 Braunstone 39th run at Braunstone 54%
Adrian Haines 17:44 Bushy Park 1st run at Bushy Park 83%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford number checker
Roderick Hoffman 27:29 Sittingbourne park #179 56%
Kevin Holland 31:21 Woking run #68 55%
Lee Jenkins 25:36 Bracknell run #12, all at Bracknell 55%
Chris Kelly 21:18 Reading run #318 70%
John Lennon 29:18 Bedfont Lakes run #234, 212th at Bedfont 52%
Trish McCabe 26:18 Osterley course pb 58%
Steve Newell 35:07 Gunnersbury run #248, 99th at Gunsbury 52%
Richard Ruffell 25:00 Canons Park park #64, club course rec 61%
Gary Rushmer 20:07 Wimbledon Com club course record 76%
Colin Russell 24:48 Oak Hill run #34 55%
Benita Scaife 31:31 Maidenhead 27th run at Maidenhead 62%
John Scaife 31:32 Maidenhead 27th run at Maidenhead 52%
Sreeram Sethuraman 28:40 Upton Court run #100, 91st at Upton Court 47%
Jeremy Short 22:05 Crane Park only run during 2016 70%
James Shoulder 20:02 Bedfont Lakes M-2, parkrun pb 64%
Helen Smith 30:21 Homewood course pb 63%
Steve Taylor 24:57 Northala Fields run #56, 29th at Northala 61%
Kimberley Turner 30:38 Southsea run #11, 2nd at Southsea 52%
David Tyas 20:38 Bushy Park run #433 72%
Paul Watt 21:10 Woking 1st ever run at Woking 70%
Gill Westbrook 29:51 Bedfont Lakes run #59, all at Bedfont 65%
Bob Winning 39:29 Llyn Llech Owain run #134 53%
Linda Winning 37:04 Llyn Llech Owain run #125 60%

For the last Saturday of 2016 we had an astonishing number of runners and some of them did very well indeed.

Adrian Haines (17:44, 82.52%) made his first visit to the Bushy parkrun.  His time was good enough to earn 25th place out of a field of 1173.  In the all-time list the run puts him 40th out of 3018 in his age group.  Its tough at the top.  The time is the best by a member at Bushy during 2016 but doesn't quite match the 17:28 (79.21%) by Paul Knechtl in January 2012. The best time anywhere in 2016 was by Dave Dixon (17:25, 86.03%) at Hackney Marshes on 1st October (where he did 17:10 in 2015 - it is a fast and flat out and back course for anyone looking for a pb!)

James Shoulder (20:02) who joined us only recently is getting into his stride.  He set a pb and was second across the line at Bedfont Lakes where Gary Rushmer still holds the club record with 18:42.  Gary (20:07) was at Wimbledon Common to add another park to his club record collection.

There were course pbs for Trish McCabe (26:18) at Osterley and Helen Smith (30:21) at Homewood.  The curtain has now come down for the last time at Homewood and next Saturday the "Chertsey" parkrun will re-emerge at Ottershaw Memorial Fields with a larger car park, toilets, a playground and a mobile coffee bar on the finish line.

After what appeared to be a post retirement hibernation Richard Ruffell is clearly out and about again and back on tour.  This week he went to Canons Park (near Edgware) and lowered the club course record to 25:00. That was his 64th different parkrun.  Roderick Hoffman (27:29) notched his 179th at Sittingbourne, another park where Gary Rushmer set the club record (20:22) earlier in 2016.

On the grander touring stage Ian (26:19) and Caroline Cockram (33:37) stopped off in the West Country to try Lanhydrock (code LHR ?).  That brought the club total to 309 different parkruns at year end but it is not likely to stay there for long.  Indeed as parkrun continues to grow maybe a club target of 500 is not as ridiculous as it once might have been.  At the end of 2015, after Caroline Cockram's Boxing Day run at Longrun Meadow, the total had only reached 220.

Sreeram Sethuraman (28:40) at Upton Court completed his 100th parkrun to earn his black vest.  Steve Newell (35:07) is limping towards 250 after his 99th run at Gunnersbury brought his grand total up to 248 as the year ended*.

Just to prove it is never too late to start, Jeremy Short (22:05) ran his first parkrun of 2016 at Crane Park and having left it to the very last moment (following the demise of Concorde operations to USA.)

So out of the 56* runs on offer who ran the most in 2016?  I've only counted the weeks from when new members joined so some of the keen people who joined from springtime onwards haven't been included.

It helps to know the usual suspects - Alan Anderson (48), Ian Cunningham (48), Scott Davison (49), Caroline Cockram (44), David Duggan (50), Roderick Hoffman (49), Chris Kelly (50). As a tiebreaker we could add in the number of non running volunteer days and David Duggan (4) would become a worthy winner. In addition to her 44 runs Caroline Cockram also volunteered for a non running task on seven occasions.  Former member David Tyas (Amadeus) completed 52 runs in 2016 and ended the year on 433, five behind Alan Anderson having caught up slightly during 2016.  A race to the "500" finish line in 2018 is still in prospect.

Women: Natalie Ruffell produced the best run for the women with a 19:47 at Amager Strand in Copenhagen.  She is also having a go at triathlons so doesn't appear in the parkrun results that regularly.  Julie Barclay, under the watchful eye of Tom Rowley, has had a good year with many runs under 22 minutes at Rushmoor.  Alice Banks continues to run well at Maidenhead while Trish McCabe has joined us during the year and continues to improve setting pbs at many of the runs local to Heathrow.

And in the tourism stakes Roderick Hoffman ran at 44 parks he hadn't visited before.  No-one else comes close although the way the name of his sister Sarah Gordon pops up in new places every now and again suggests these things may run in families. Steve and Linda Dodsworth, based on Tyneside, have contributed to the club's presence north of the Humber with great enthusiasm and are still improving.

* 53 Saturdays plus 2 on 1/1/16 and 1 on 25/12/16 {Ed: beyond the club, the record for last year is taken by Paul Frayne who managed to run 57 of the 56 possible (so including a double in Copenhagen last August).  Also worth noting that all 57 of Paul's runs were different and new for him parkruns. Paul leads the International "Most Events" table with 337, so making Roderick's total, now at 181, look feeble}

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats [including results for Xmas Day featuring 21 club runners]

New Year's Day parkruns - who did you travel with on New Year's Day?

parkrun start time position gender position runner club time double comment
Tilgate parkrun 10:30  Adrian HAINES  Crawley AC  00:18:43   
Maidenhead parkrun 09:00 122 37 Benita SCAIFE Maidenhead AC 00:29:51
Tamar Lakes parkrun 10:30 45 13 Caroline COCKRAM British Airways AC 00:28:22 New BA parkrun
Maidenhead parkrun 09:00 19 19 Christopher T KELLY British Airways AC 00:21:09
Reading parkrun 10:30 88 77 Christopher T KELLY British Airways AC 00:27:12 TRUE 1 of 37 from Maidenhead
Bracknell parkrun 09:00 125 96 David DUGGAN British Airways AC 00:28:46
Upton Court parkrun 10:30 125 98 David DUGGAN British Airways AC 00:28:13 TRUE 3 of 6 from Bracknell
South Oxhey parkrun 09:00 45 37 Denis FOXLEY British Airways AC 00:28:49
Salisbury parkrun 10:30 120 86 Eddie GILES British Airways AC 00:27:44 New BA parkrun
Bushy parkrun 09:00 437 90 Emily WARBURTON-BROWN British Airways AC 00:26:59
Fulham Palace parkrun 10:30 219 126 Gary K RUSHMER British Airways AC 00:42:17 1st run by G.R. (Jnr), in the JM10 category.
Fulham Palace parkrun 10:30 220 127 Gary RUSHMER British Airways AC 00:42:17
Tamar Lakes parkrun 10:30 28 21 Ian COCKRAM British Airways AC 00:25:26 See Caroline
Nonsuch parkrun 10:00 43 33 Ian CUNNINGHAM British Airways AC 00:22:03
Bushy parkrun 09:00 394 322 John COFFEY British Airways AC 00:26:12
Bracknell parkrun 09:00 134 100 John LENNON British Airways AC 00:29:26
Upton Court parkrun 10:30 132 101 John LENNON British Airways AC 00:28:39 TRUE 3 of 6
Maidenhead parkrun 09:00 123 86 John SCAIFE Maidenhead AC 00:29:52
Rushmoor parkrun 09:00 58 5 Julie BARCLAY Woking AC 00:22:29
Frimley Lodge parkrun 10:00 73 10 Julie BARCLAY Woking AC 00:23:20 TRUE 2 of 188 from Rushmoor
Sunderland parkrun 09:00 41 7 Linda DODSWORTH British Airways AC 00:26:39
Albert parkrun, Middlesbrough 10:30 243 51 Linda DODSWORTH British Airways AC 00:27:48 TRUE 2 of 14 from Sunderland
Rushmoor parkrun 09:00 25 22 Paul WATT Woking AC 00:20:39
Frimley Lodge parkrun 10:00 50 47 Paul WATT Woking AC 00:22:11 TRUE 2 of 188
Linford Wood parkrun 08:45 87 80 Richard RUFFELL British Airways AC 00:24:07
Milton Keynes parkrun 10:00 50 48 Richard RUFFELL British Airways AC 00:21:57 TRUE 1 of 249 from Linford Wood
Maidstone parkrun 09:00 144 119 Roderick HOFFMAN British Airways AC 00:27:28
Canterbury parkrun 10:30 89 79 Roderick HOFFMAN British Airways AC 00:29:02 TRUE 1 of 1 from Maidstone
Peter Pan parkrun 09:00 246 86 Sarah GORDON British Airways AC 00:35:58 New BA parkrun
Humber Bridge parkrun 10:30 303 112 Sarah GORDON British Airways AC 00:38:30 TRUE 1 of 219 from Peter Pan
New BA parkrun
Cassiobury parkrun 10:30 165 110 Scott DAVISON British Airways AC 00:41:43
Black Park parkrun 09:00 222 161 Sreeram SETHURAMAN British Airways AC 00:29:44
Sunderland parkrun 09:00 22 20 Steve DODSWORTH British Airways AC 00:23:27
Albert parkrun, Middlesbrough 10:30 103 93 Steve DODSWORTH British Airways AC 00:23:33 TRUE 2 of 14
Wimbledon Common parkrun 09:00 232 152 Steve NEWELL British Airways AC 00:37:17
Bracknell parkrun 09:00 104 19 Trish MCCABE British Airways AC 00:27:41
Upton Court parkrun 10:30 104 21 Trish MCCABE British Airways AC 00:26:41 TRUE 3 of 6

The table of results from yesterday show that eleven club members took advantage of the option of starting the new year by running two parkruns. We were not the only ones. Richard Ruffell was one of a massive 249 parkrunners who made their way between the two Milton Keynes parkruns.  Or, to put it another way, only 84 of the record 333 at Linford Wood didn't make it to Milton Keynes parkrun! (and 22 of those 84 made it over to Buckingham parkrun instead!). Sarah Gordon was in almost as large a crowd in Hull who flew between the Peter Pan and Humber Bridge parkruns. Paul and Julie were probably in a stream of cars rushing from Rushmoor to lodge at Frimley Lodge. But there are always some of us who do our own thing - I was the only person to travel between Maidstone and Canterbury parkruns. That was a bit of a logistical challenge - made more so by five minutes of extra announcements before the start at Maidenhead and the fact that the finish there is 500 meters beyond the car park where the start was.  Most locals did the Maidstone to Shorne Woods pairing (162 parkrunners) or the Whitstable to Canterbury pairing (116 parkrunners).  Perhaps I should try to meet up with the one person who did Whitstable to Shorne Woods! 

How do I know all this? There are many (additional) sad people who have nothing better to do on a New Year's Day afternoon than poor over parkrun statistics.  The results of their labours can best be seen in this map showing all of the flows that took place yesterday:

Full map:

2017 New Year Doubles

The Rowley Report

A little report from down south of a busy week-end for Julie Barclay and Paul Watt.

On Sat. 31st at Woking Park there was a tribute run in honour of one of the club's members - following a fatal accident the previous week - that saw over 50 Woking members running amongst an event record of 375.

Both Paul and Julie were present:

  • Paul having his first run over the course, the mud not a hazard through the wooded area and was quite firm but being a three lap run the fast lads soon start to mingle with back markers but not an issue with Paul  He ran very comfortable to finish 36th in 21.10. 
  • Julie easing back into running again so ran cautiously in a time of 22.42 to finish 71st.  Also running was Kevin Holland.

Then on the 1st Jan  both Julie and Paul ran at Rushmoor:

  • Paul  was just 11 seconds outside his best time, his first lap being 10.10 again but losing a few seconds on the second lap passing back markers along the canal path   and finished in 22.39  and placed 25th out of 328.
  • Julie again running to suit her feelings, keeping both laps equal 11.10ish but a slight improvement from the previous day - today ran 22.29 in 58th place.

They jogged back to the car for the 4 mile car ride to Frimley where the start was 10.00am:

  • Both wary of running two 5ks in two hours so went off nice and steady.  After the first lap Paul change gear slightly and finished running a course PB of 22.11 finishing 50th out of the 389.
  • Julie kept the same pace with a couple of 25m sprints every 400m to relax the legs from getting into a fixed motion.  Julie finished quite happy with both runs and finished 73rd in 23.20 and first over 50. 

Then they jogged back to the car to then both go off to WORK!

I went home and had a nap - CLAPPED OUT

Tom Rowley

Some trivia from New Year's Day parkrun results....

Members Trish McCabe, John Lennon and myself (David Duggan) ran a double header at Bracknell (9.00am) and Upton Court (10.30am) this morning, along with Guilaine Sheward who has a BA marathon place.

At both events, Trish finished in 104th place and I finished in 125th place. John was initially given 101st man at both and Guilaine was 14th lady at both.... all coincidental, or were there other spirits working at the start of 2017?

David Duggan


* Steve Newell is now on 249 runs and chances are he'll turn up at Gunnersbury on Saturday 7th January for his 250th. If you are able to make it I'm sure that he'll appreciate the extra support and cheer.

Harrow Hill 10k Race 10:30 Sunday 12th February 2017

This traditionally well organised event is open for entry.  For the last few years it has been run over the 10k distance but should be seen as a hill challenge rather than a 10k road race. In the first k the run climbs half way up Harrow Hill then loops back to the bottom prior for a full ascent - with the leaders at that point earning the King/Queen of the Hill prizes (provided they finish the whole distance).  From then on the course is easy - two gradual descents of the hill with only one ascent - so some people deal with the event as a 1k hill walk followed by a 9k run.

Full details and entry form:

Route Map: 2017 route map

Roderick Hoffman - and let me know if you have entered and I'll look out for you at the start.

January Street-O event - Wednesday 11th January

Unusually, this month's Street-O event is on Wednesday at Balham, meeting at The Regent and with start times from 18:30 to 19:30.  More details at Let me know if you plan to attend and I'll look out for you.

Roderick Hoffman


I ran the Brooks Last Friday Of The Month 5K in Hyde Park on 30th December for the first time. It was not a wasted journey as I managed to do my fastest 5K in just over 2 years going sub 22 again in 21:38.

Today, New Years Eve - 31st December, I ran my last marathon of the year at the Flitch Way in Essex. This was a trail marathon mainly along an old railway track on an out and back type course. I was hoping to do around 3:35 or better but conditions underfoot were worse than I expected with a few very muddy areas where the mud stuck to my running shoes and made them weigh a ton! Finished in 3:49:09 which gave me 25th place from 129 starters - and there was no one ahead who was older than me! The course was long too - the Race Director reckoned it was 27.5 miles but I think it was probably somewhere between 26.5 and 27. It was my 16th marathon of 2016 and 120th overall.

Piers Keenleyside

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