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BA Athletics Club News Digest 2nd June 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Thursday 5th June - Bath Road - Magic Mile at 12:45
  • Wednesday 11th June - Parkway Mile 18:00 followed by Club AGM 20:00
  • Sunday 15th June - Concorde Five - See below

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml (updated 2nd June).

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

This news digest is being sent to you because you are on the BA Athletics Club email list.  To be removed please email us at Difficulty viewing this email? Read it off the website instead - Latest.shtml.  

Please Join / Rejoin the club

The Club membership year runs from April 2014 to March 2015.  For those who aren't currently members please consider joining / rejoining and preferably before next week's AGM so that we have a good picture of current membership levels.  Membership is just 9 for the year (19 with UK Athletics registration) and details can be found on the website membership page:

 Membership Queries to Alan Friar please: .  Payment can be made electronically if you have a quiet word with the treasurer Chris Kelly  You can probably also join on the door at the AGM on the 11th.

Roderick Hoffman

Notice of the AGM (and Parkway Mile races) Wednesday 11th June

The Club's AGM is on Wednesday 11th June.  This is your opportunity to find out more about how the club is run and vote for and influence the new committee {"Qatar size bribes are welcome", said an anonymous voice}.

The order of the evening is first from 18:00 there will be the annual parkway mile races where in well matched heats we race up the parkway until we find where Harry is standing, we wizz around him and return to the finish having run more or less exactly one mile.  Last year's event was handicapped by Harry being otherwise engaged but I recall that we did eventually find the runners who hadn't turned at the right point.  This year we expect to see some fine performances especially from those who partake in the monthly Bath Road Magic Miles (the next of which is THIS Thursday lunchtime).

The AGM will be from 20:00 in one of the larger meeting rooms in the club house.  There will be some speeches, some resignations, some elections and then some discussion - including on how we are attracting new members to the club.

All full members of the club are entitled to attend and vote.

Roderick Hoffman OBO the Current Committee

Sunday 15th June - Concorde Five - Call for Marshals and Runners

The annual Concorde Five race is fast approaching.  The event is on Sunday 15th June and consists of a kids race starting at 10:00 ahead of the Concorde Five road race from 10:30 which is followed by the awards presentation in the Concorde Centre Olympus Hall from around 12:00.

For those not familiar with the event the race Head Quarters is at the Concorde Club at Heston, the races start in nearby Cranford Park and the Five Mile course is a single circuit of the streets around Cranford and Harmondsworth.  The course is accurately measured and fast. Linked here is the runners map of the course for this year:

Concorde Five Course runners mapclick on image for high resolution map (700Mb)

I've already received offers of help for the minimum number of marshals needed BUT please let me know if you can help as well - this is an entirely BAAC self-managed event we want to go as well as it can. Email me now:

We are also keen to attract additional runners so please consider doing this instead of your regular weekend run.  Entry forms and arrangements are on the website page: and you can enter on the day.  Please tell your friends and colleagues.

Roderick Hoffman

Track and Field Results x 3

Results from the Rosenheim League match at Walton 14th May.

Steve Hillier:- 
200m -35.5
Discus 18.97m

Gary Rushmer:-
400m 71.3
800m 2.31.5
Long Jump - 3.16m 

Roy Lilley:-
1500m - 5.14.0
3000m - 11.15.7

Eddie Giles:- 
High Jump - 1.00m (possible v65 age record to be ratified),
Discus - 16.11m (possible v65 age record to be ratified),
Javelin - 17.30m
Tony Barnwell:-
Javelin :-10.82m
The next Rosenheim League match is at Ewell on Wednesday 4th June, commencing at 6.45pm , hope to see you there.

Eddie Giles

Results of the 1st  Vets league meeting at Battersea Monday 12th May 2014.

Janet Smith WV45:-
Discus 31.00m (possible age best record to be ratified)
Shot Putt 8.09m (possible age best record to be ratified)
Steve Hillier MV55:-
100m -16.8
Long Jump - 3.28m
Shot Putt 7.62m
Gary Rushmer MV50:-
1500m- 5.24.4
Long Jump 3.29m
Eddie Giles MV65:-
Shot Putt 7.72m (possible age best record to be ratified)
The 2nd Vets league match is at Uxbridge track on Monday 9th June, commencing at 6.30pm.
If you would like to come along to compete and boost the team, maybe help or do both, then I hope to see you there.
Eddie Giles 

The results of the 2nd Grand Prix ,Uxbridge , Monday 19th May 2014

Gary Rushmer 5.16
Gary Rushmer (jn) 6.18
Eddie Giles 6.41
Rod Hoffman 6.47
Shot Putt
Eddie Giles - 7.72m (5k)
Gary Rushmer (jn) - 7.59m (7.26k)
Gary Rushmer 5.68m (6k)
The next Grand Prix was run this evening so expect to see the results in next week's digest - both for the 800m and for a most unusual Hammer competition!  Track and Field training is at Uxbridge every Monday evening (when there isn't a Vets match which there is next Monday 9th...but it is at Uxbridge so we'll be there anyway).
Eddie Giles

 Club parkrun results for Saturday 31st May

31st May Club Family parkrunner Time parkrun Comment WAVA Runs Variety Loyalty
Roderick Hoffman 24:20 Buckingham run #108, park #74, well travelled
but hugely disloyal!
62% 108 74 5
Richard Ruffell 20:41 Buckingham run #47, park #20 72% 47 20 17
Neil Frediani 25:43 Oldham 61% 103 18 67
Chris Kelly 19:41 Upton Court course pb, BA course rec 74% 190 16 153
Ian Cunningham 21:04 Bushy Park 71% 149 13 126
Alan Anderson 29:16 Gunnersbury 100th run at Gunnersbury 70% 312 10 204
Joe Nolan 23:26 Black Park 68% 174 9 162
Tony Barnwell 29:40 Fulham Palace pb, improves age cat rec 61% 46 5 37
Daniela Mayerova 27:42 Black Park 53% 9 4 5
Kerstin Luksch 26:19 Gunnersbury 99% Loyal to Gunnersbury 57% 102 2 101
Ian White 41:01 Bedfont 100% Loyal to Bedfont 36% 24 1 24
Oliver Mathai 24:28 Bushy Park 100% Loyal to Bushy 66% 21 1 21
Gareth Hobby 23:59 Reading pb 57% 4 1 4

The restless BA runners were out and about again this weekend breaking new ground.  Richard Ruffell and Roderick Hoffman (both quite quickly) ran at Buckingham parkrun which started earlier in the month, Richard's 20th parkrun (19 in UK, 1 in South Africa) and Roderick's 74th ("Variety" column in the above table). The "Loyalty" column above - only 17 of Richards runs have been at the same park though that makes him very loyal compared to Roderick who has only done five at one park.

Meanwhile Neil Frediani was at Alexandra Park in Oldham for their 198th edition.  The club total is now 108 different parkruns and this excludes the ones that any new associate members may have run before joining us.  

Tony Barnwell clipped three seconds off his MV70 age category record at Fulham Palace while Chris Kelly returned to Upton Court and bettered his previous time by 5 seconds.  Gareth Hobby continues to improve at Reading.

Alan Anderson became only the second parkrunner in the world to have run 200 times at one park and a further 100 at a different one (204 at Bushy Park and now 100 at Gunnersbury).  Alan's long time rival has been Barbara Allen who ran 127 times at Bushy Park and now has notched up 192 at Black Park. Way out in front is Darren Wood who has run 254 times at Bushy and 169 at Frimley Lodge - this week he was actually at Weymouth as a first timer(!), coming 3rd in 18:54.  Still under 35 he is less than half Alan's age and if he stays free of injury could be the first to earn the "1000" T-shirt!

Updated parkrun stats:  

Steve Newell


Surrey / Sussex Vet's Championships on 1st June  

Julie Barclay had a very successful day in the Surrey/Sussex County Vet's Champ's on the 1st June at Ewell Court Epsom (now a Combined County Meeting)

She finished:

  • 1st in the 300H in 1.62, a PB
  • 1st in the 800m in 2.47.82 
  • 1st in the 400m in 74.95

Tom Rowley

PS and thanks to Janet Smith who was a field event official on the day

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