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BA Athletics Club News Digest 2nd November 2015


  • Thursday 5th November - Club "Run of the Month" - Magic Mile on the Bath Road (mapped*)
  • Saturday 7th November - Surrey League Cross Country match 2 - Ladies @ West End, Esher at 12:00, Men @ Epsom Downs at 15:00.
  • Wednesday 11th November - BAAC Annual Winter Quiz - Heston Venue from 20:00 (optional club run beforehand)

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

*Club Event Map:

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BAAC 5M Handicap 28th Oct 2015 Results

The first 5 mile winter series handicap of the 2015 2016 season took place on Wednesday the 28th October 2015. Following the clock change the previous weekend it started with the temperature quite cool (at least for the timekeepers) and darkness with Steve Newell first off and blazing a trail that no-one would catch on the night. There were 11 participants including 1 newcomer and a wide variation in times from 2 minutes 15 seconds quicker than handicap to over 5 minutes slower than handicap. Awarding points the winner in the 2 previous seasons got off to a great start taking an early lead in a bid to retain the trophy, can anyone prevent him winning for the 3rd year running, time will tell.

Handicap run time Time gap from handicap Points this month Total points Next Start time Position this month
Alan Anderson 50:00 52:25 02:25 15 15 52:30 8
Dennis Foxley 45:00 47:56 02:56 13 13 48:00 10
Alan Friar 41:30 47:18 05:48 12 12 47:30 11
Piers Keenleyside 37:00 37:38 00:38 19 19 37:30 4
Steve Newell 52:30 50:15 02:15 16 16 50:30 7
Richard Ruffell 37:00 36:54 00:06 25 25 37:00 1
Christine Runden 45:00 47:56 02:56 13 13 48:00 10
John Scaife 38:00 38:30 00:30 20 20 38:30 3
Steve Taylor 38:30 39:49 01:19 17 17 40:00 6
Simon Turton 34:30 34:42 00:12 22 22 34:30 2
Harry Wild 43:00 44:00 01:00 18 18 44:00 5

Paul Brandon  

More on the World Airline Road Race 2015 Dubai

The awards evening photographs are now on Facebook:

No update to the official results yet but a quick analysis of the unofficial results revealed something interesting - looking at airlines with more than four participants the BA team had 67% of the team running both 10k and 5k races (and that is an underestimate because the official results missed one of our 5k finishers).  The next highest such percentage is for Swissair at 55% and then Air France at 43%.  Most airlines therefore had far fewer runners running both races and this included United, with the second biggest team, where only 11% of their 73 runners did both distances.  So is this because we are fitter or because we want to make sure we got full value for our entry fee?  Perhaps a combination of reasons.

Roderick Hoffman

Surrey League Cross Country Saturday 7th November

A reminder that the next two events in this season's Cross Country League fixtures are coming up on Saturday:

  • Men: Epsom Downs from 15:00. Contact Neil Frediani for further details [see below].
  • Ladies: West End, Esher from 12:00. Contact Clara to let her know to expect you [see last week's digest for details].

Men's Surrey League Cross Country at Epsom Downs @ 3pm on 7th November 2015

The second fixture takes place at Tattenham Corner, Epsom Downs on Saturday.

The closest postcode near the car park that I can find is KT18 5PP on the B290/Tattenham Corner Road [see club map]. There is more parking on Grandstand Road just off the B290 towards Epsom.  Tattenham Corner railway station is nearby.

If possible please let me know at  if you intend to turn up so that I can pre-register you for this race. It is easier to take you off after the event if you donít show up than to add you just before the race although that can be done.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Neil Frediani

Milocarian AC Home Match 17th Oct 2015 - 5 miles

As previously  reported by Simon Turton we took part in the Milocarians cross country race at Sandhurst on 17th Oct 2015. We put out our strongest available team but it was nowhere near representative of the strength that we can sometimes put out when injuries, leave, work and family/other commitments allow.  Even then we would have been hard pressed to affect the outcome with Thames Hare and Hounds taking the top three places and Milos having ten of the top twenty.  We need a youth policy! Maybe we should ask to borrow some Imperial College runners for an event like this in future. Anyway, we came last but only one place behind the current Surrey league Div 4 leaders Runnymede Runners. At least the cakes were lovely, I tried about four of them but lost count of Barryís selection. Is cake the secret that what has made him such an amazing runner for the last 40years?  

Selective Results:

1st  James Hoad                    TH&H AC                     26.59  
13th  Nick Wood                       Milos AC                       31.00      V
20th Dave Truepenney              Runnymede R.                3?.02        V60
25th Dave Breslin                         SJ AC                            33.43       V50
27th Elizabeth Stevreski               TH&H AC                    34.24      F
28th Neil Praine                           SJ AC                            35.00      V
33rd Barry Walters                        BA AC                           35.50      V60
39th Simon Turton                          BA AC                           37.20        V
44th Sally Stubbs                             Runnymede R.                37.51       FV
53rd Graham Taylor                           BA AC                             41.06         V50
54th  Kimberley Turner                      BA AC                              43.01         FV
56th Neil Frediani                                BA AC                             44.23         V50
57th John Coffey                                 BA AC                               44.42         V70
58th Mark Turner                                  BA AC                              44.51          V50


                        1st Milocarian AC                               44 points
                        2nd TH&H AC                                    59 points
                         3rd RMAS                                           106 points
                         4th Sandhurst Joggers AC                  199 points
                         5th  Runnymede Runners                   242 points
                         6th   BA AC                                        292 points

Thanks to all who turned out.

Neil Frediani

Club parkrun results for Saturday 31st October 2015

31st Oct 2015

Family, Friends,+





Monica Alonso 27:36 Guildford run #60 59%
Alan Anderson 30:34 Gunnersbury run #382 69%
Alice Banks 26:12 Maidenhead run #38, 15th at Maidenhead 72%
Tony Barnwell 32:25 Black Park run #92, 42nd at Black Park 57%
Ben Chaytow 21:41 Crane Park 13th/131 62%
Caroline Cockram 26:47 Kingston run #201 60%
John Coffey 25:03 Woking 8th run at Woking 73%
Jonathan Cox 21:38 Bushy Park run #253 70%
Scott Davison 22:36 Bedfont Lakes run #135 62%
David Duggan 30:04 Kingston 3rd run at Kingston 51%
Denis Foxley 24:45 Harrow 19th run at Harrow 68%
Joan Foxley 32:46 Harrow run #13, all at Harrow 64%
Alan Friar 26:12 Reading 125th run at Reading 68%
Colin Haylock 19:18 Bushy Park Fastest club runner 74%
Ian Haylock 20:05 Bushy Park 100th/1210 70%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford barcode scanning
Roderick Hoffman 28:15 Tonbridge BA park #204, park #128 54%
Piers Keenleyside volunteer Gunnersbury half way time caller outer
Chris Kelly 22:27 South Manchester 2nd run at South Manchester 66%
Kerstin Luksch 21:23 Gunnersbury points table winner (again) 70%
Steve Newell 33:04 Gunnersbury sore back from Friday golfing 54%
Joe Nolan 28:50 Black Park run #239 56%
Richard Ruffell 20:37 St Albans course pb; St Albans 200th. 74%
Benita Scaife 30:27 Newbury park #18 63%
John Scaife 30:28 Newbury park #19 53%
Marion Taylor 30:39 Brockenhurst run #43 55%
Steve Taylor 30:40 Brockenhurst BA park #205, park #9 49%
David Tyas 19:22 Bushy Park run #373 76%
Roger Vince 22:17 Black Park run #71 73%
Caroline Yarnell 23:19 Curl Curl run #9 77%
Sarah Gordon 36:17 Clumber Park park #50 51%

Richard Ruffell went along to Verulamium Park in St Albans to join in the celebrations for the 200th parkrun to be run round the course.  In joyous mood he zoomed round the lake and recorded a rare pb (20:37).

Our fastest runner this week was Colin Haylock (19:18) at Bushy Park.  Ian Haylock was also there, part of a field of over 1200.  There was an eye-catching run (14:56, 86.38%) by Mohamed Mohamed of Thames Valley Harriers.  He is in the 20-24 age group and was also first home at Northala Fields a few weeks back in 14:43.  That time at Bushy puts him only 16th in the all time list at Bushy but time is on his side.

At Gunnersbury there was a Halloween theme as well as a birthday cake as volunteers and runners celebrated four years of parkruns there.
Kerstin Luksch was presented with her prize for the winning the female points competition for an extraordinary third year in a row but for once failed to record a new pb.  With encouragement from Alan Anderson and others she has improved her 5km time from 27:07 to 20:52 in the years since 2011.

With winter approaching, Gunnersbury parkrun will be switching to the all tarmac winter course from this coming week (7th November). 

Our tourists broke new ground in SouthEast England with Roderick Hoffman (28:15) at Tonbridge(BA #204) and Steve (and Marion) Taylor (30:39) at Brockenhurst (BA #205).  That takes Roderick up to 128 different parkruns (worldwide).  Chris Kelly (22:27) was at South Manchester but he has run there once before.

Benita and John Scaife (30:27) visited Newbury for the first time.

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

"After a rather late night at the excellent Didsbury Beer Festival (followed by a curry and a club) I struggled to get up for the South Manchester parkrun on Saturday, but it was well worth it - to see my Dad (feeling much better after last years heart attack and triple bypass) marshalling his 4th parkrun (he is currently 253rd out of 2287 in the male points table!). He is setting a reasonable timescale for his first actual run (when Labour return to power), but in the meantime, heís getting involved.   

My time was encouraging compared to recent efforts (due to lack thereof), but I trail my Dad by ~1508 positions in the male points table."

Chris Kelly

Club Tourism

Wherever you ran on Saturday you probably noticed quite a few runners getting into the Halloween spirit with fancy dress running costumes. The shocks were nothing like the one they had at Maidstone in Kent where the previous weekend they discovered that Maidstone Council were pulling out of running the location that is critical for the start and end of the parkrun hence Saturday's 136th running of the parkrun could have been the last. There was an enormous uproar and they quickly gathered many supporting voices including their MP and the Sports Minister. Matters improved when the company that was taking over the site from December made it clear that not only were they keen to continue to allow the parkrun to operate but they could also point to another site they operate, Conkers in the Midlands, which already hosts parkrun (and a recommended one if you are in that area).  There still remains a potential issue over Maidstone parkrun for November but at least the longer term future seems assured.  It is not surprising therefore that Maidstone parkrun had a record attendance last weekend, as did nearby Tonbridge which I had switched to to give myself an extra ten minutes in bed on Saturday morning.

I had considered getting up considerably earlier to travel up to Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire where my sister Sarah Gordon completed her 50th different parkrun (a "half-cowell"). She and Richard Ruffell had been neck and neck to reach that target but in recent weeks she has sprinted for the line leaving Richard on 46.

Roderick Hoffman

Meet the Committee - Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor 

Iíve been working for BA since I left school at 16, originally as an engineering apprentice and I now work in IT Networks. Iím married to Marion and we have two children, Marcus and Laura, the youngest, Marcus has just left home to go to university. Neither of my children have particularly taken up running, Marcus insisting that thereís no such thing as a Ďfun runí, the two words shouldnít exist in the same sentence.

Iíve been running since 2004 and started my running log in 2005 so that must have been when I started taking running a bit more seriously. Before that I had played quite a bit of basketball, no surprise there given my height, as well as tennis and badminton. I also cycle and swim a bit and did try a sprint triathlon once for the experience. My first parkrun was on New Yearís day 2011 and Iíve run occasional ones since then. Iím still not up to 50 yet so itís taken me a while to really get into it. My wife often joins me on parkruns and youíll most often find us at Northala Fields.

My first marathon was in 2008 and Iíve run seven since then, each year my time has improved and this year, 2015, was my first time under four hours. Itís always great to see the BA Marshalls on the last part of the London course. Iíve also run a few half marathons, Berkhamsted was my first so itís always nice to go back there for the event.

Iím based at Waterside and itís great to go out for a run a couple of times a week, even if itís just to hang on the back of some of the faster runners.

Iíve very recently joined the committee so I havenít picked up any major roles yet but Iím sure that theyíll find something for me to do. I enjoy marshalling events like the BUPA 10k and Ride London, especially when itís not raining.

Steve Taylor

Running Shorts and not so Shorts

Hammersmith Handicap

I went along to the Hammersmith for the last Tuesday-of-the-month 3.295km handicap run last week just to gauge the current standard.
Plenty of old folk running quite slowly so I think I'll give a go at the end of November.  I haven't been for a few years.  It has been going since 1981 and John Williams used to be a regular.  They were short of helpers so ended up recording on the finish line.  Its the kind of place you are likely to bump into Laurie Kelly or even Ron Hopcroft.  Most of the runners do parkruns as well these days so handicaps for a first outing are based on a recent 5km time.  I'll let Piers know about it for his retirement!  12.30 p.m. from Furnival Gardens.

Steve Newell

New York Marathon Results (unofficial)

  • Ian Cunningham    3hr 34min 05secs
  • Lissa Prichard    3hr 48min 49 secs

Results from Sundayís Marlow Half Marathon

  • Piers Keenleyside            1:46:52
  • Steve Taylor                     1:57:50
  • Jas Modaher                     2:25:46 *

Slightly changed route from previous years meant that the last mile to the finish was not quite as fast as before. All the other hills, ups and downs, were still there though!


* I've also heard from Jas this week that he ran the Venice Marathon on 25th October finishing in about 5:35. A scenic flat course and no, you don't need to swim.

The Rugged Radnage 10k

The Rugged Radnage 10k is a challenging mixed terrain 10K race, taking place in the Chiltern Hills around the village of Radnage, 5 minutes from junction 5 on the M40. The race start is at Radnage Village Hall, Radnage Common Road, Radnage, Buckinghamshire, HP14 4DD, UK (also on club map).

The course involves sections on road, trails and footpaths; through woods and fields and includes off-road descents and ascents.

This is the sixth year of this highly successful fundraising event organised by the School P.T.A. Over the previous years it has raised in the region of £25k, with all funds going to the school. All funds raised from the 2016 event will be spent on improving resources for the year 6 class.

The course is set in the Chiltern hills surrounding the school and involves sections on road, trails and footpaths; through woods and fields, including off-road descents and ascents.

Details and entry:

Harvey Tate

5K/10K local charity run opportunity - Victoria Park 29th November

I hope this finds you well. I am writing to you from Positive East, Londonís largest community-based HIV charity, providing practical and emotional support to those who are diagnosed with HIV. Positive East holds a range of fundraising events around World AIDS Day, one of these is our 5k/10k Red Run in Victoria Park on 29th November. Positive East were wondering if any of the BA Athletics members were interested in participating in the run (either as runners or volunteers)? Even simply publicising the run on your social media or through some flyers that we can send to you would be fantastic. We are aiming to raise around £25,000 from this yearís Red Run and so all participants in any way would be fantastic to have on board.

Many people think HIV has gone away. Sadly, last year more gay or bisexual men were diagnosed with the virus in the UK than ever before.  There are 50,000 people living with HIV in London alone, with 10,000 people coming to Positive East every year for support. The charity helps people to overcome the crisis many face when first diagnosed, to get back on their feet and to get on with the rest of their lives. Without access to such support, for many people stigma, isolation and poor self-esteem remain.

If you would like any further information Positive East or the Red Run, it would be fantastic to hear from you. You can also visit or

We look forward to hearing from you!

With very best wishes,

Pooja Kawa

Beachy Head Marathon - 24 October 2015

Well,  I was hobbling around Sainsburys on Saturday evening buying some medicinal beer after a very demanding day when I heard Ďmind out for the old staggering foolí when I looked up and saw Graham T Ö.with admiration, he took his words back after I told him I had just done the gruelling Beachy Head marathon that day, having not fully recovered from the Chicago marathon 2 weeks before (my middle name is not Piers by the way !).

My gosh 1Ö.one of the toughest courses around Ė I was originally going there to support  2 ladies (one aged nearly 73) from my local parkrun pacer team who had chosen this as their first marathon (!) Ė I was going to just run the 10k but that was full up so entered the main event with them and about 1500 others!

My gosh 2Ö.look at the course elevation profile, madness:

The famous Seven Sisters hills towards the end were nothing compared to the mountains and huge climbs on steps, steep and stony downhills. At least I could run at a more leisurely pace than usual, but had to drag both of them up the last 6 mile hills holding their hands crossing the finish line at 6h28m Ė that was the long ever time run Iíve done !

That all aside it was a great event, course and organisation, the scenery was amazing and many of the checkpoint/waterstops included tea/coffee/juices/sausage rolls/biscuits/cakes and chocolates that necessitated quite lengthy pitsops !

Iím aching all over now and going through the usual NEVER AGAIN, that is of course if I can ever run again !

Joe Nolan

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