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BA Athletics Club News Digest 3rd December 2018


  • THIS Thursday 6th December Bath Road Dream Mile (with Christmas treats) and/or Retired Runners' Lunch
  • Wednesday 12th December Five Mile Handicap at the Bedfont Club to finish at 19:00
  • Wednesday 19th December Mile Relay / Christmas Social at the Bedfont Club 18:00 / 19:30

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: First week of October.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 2nd week of October) / # Club Points event.

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Perivale Five 2nd December Results #

Stephen Norris 29:47 (20th)  (TVH)
Maria Jovani 34:56 (84th) just ahead of 35' pacer
Piers Keenleyside 42:41 (206th)  (Ealing Eagles)
Jasvir Singh Modaher 47:52 (263rd)
Steve Hiller 51:33 (302nd)

355 finished

Steve Newell

Ladies Cross-Country - changes to dates and venues

The next two Ladies Surrey League Cross-Country matches will now be held at:

9th February in Richmond Park (Kingston end) hosted jointly by Kingston & Poly and Fulham RC)

  • 11 am - Snr Div 1 
  • 12 noon - U15/U17
  • 12.30 - U13
  • 1 pm - Snr Div 2 (including BAAC)

2nd March in Lloyd Park hosted by Croydon H, Striders of  Croydon and SLH

  • 11 am - Snr Div 2 (including BAAC)
  • 12 noon - U15/U17
  • 12.30 - U13
  • 1 pm - Snr Div 1

Full match details will be on he website and sent out by the host clubs nearer he match dates.  I should like to remind you that the Seniors (both Divisions) race over 8kms for both matches.

I am sorry if these changes are inconvenient but it was the best I could do in order that we still had 4 matches.

Kind regards,

Ron Gobey, SLCCL Secretary

Club Quiz Result from November 21st

Following the club handicap event at Bedfont on November 21st, runners, families and supporters adjourned to the bar for a testing evening of quizzing.  Four teams scratched their heads over some testing questions (ABBA's last UK hit?  You'll be surprised!), with the Taylor family walking away with the coveted trophy.

Steve Hillier

London Marathon thanks

A small team of us were invited to represent the club at a thank you event last week.  London Marathon Events Ltd, led by CEx Nick Bitel, Volunteers Manager James Quinlan and a speaker from the London Marathon Charitable Trust organisation, gave some highlights from 2018 and the year ahead.

London Marathon is staffed by 75 paid employees, but the race relies on 6,000 volunteers every year, so THANK YOU!  The range of activities is huge, covering crossings, water stations, baggage and much, much more.  The effort put in by the volunteers ensures that the race gets a high enjoyment score from the runners each year.

The London Marathon is the most successful charity event in the world every year.  In 2018, 63.7 million was raised by participants.  Since the race started in 1981, 955 million has been raised for charities, so in 2019 the 1 billion mark should be smashed!

The Virgin London Marathon will be supporting Dementia charities in 2019.  Meanwhile, the London Marathon Charitable Trust will also continue to support facility and capital projects in London and Surrey, and providing grants, to encourage people to get active.  8 million was spent in 2018, including a bike trails project near our home patch in Osterley Park.  Over 50,000 people have been helped by the work of the trust.
Once again, thank you to all our volunteers, who manned our six crossing points, and helped at all of the other London Marathon organised events throughout the year.

Steve Hillier, Simon Turton, Melanie Holman, Alan Friar

Club parkrun results for Saturday 1st December 2018

1st Decemberparkrunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
Adam Moquet 17:49 Fulham Palace (cfp) M-4, club record 73%
Steve Taylor 25:10 Fulham Palace (cfp) 1st run at Fulham Palace, park #11 61%
Steve Newell 34:21 Fulham Palace (cfp) run #335, 12th at Fulham Palace 54%
Roderick Hoffman 28:39 Jells (Melbourne) park #253, BA park #457 55%
Charlotte Habgood 40:03 Jells (Melbourne) run #35, park #10 44%
Maria Jovani 22:51 Brooklands run #250, F-2, park #33 68%
Ian Cockram 23:55 Brooklands 1st run at Brooklands 62%
Bob Bannister 24:29 Brooklands 1st run at Brooklands 67%
Paul Watt 24:58 Brooklands run #93, 2nd at Brooklands 61%
Caroline Cockram 25:52 Brooklands 1st run at Brooklands 64%
David Duggan 28:14 Brooklands 1st run at Brooklands + report writer 56%
Trish McCabe 28:19 Brooklands 1st run at Brooklands 54%
Anne Bannister 29:05 Brooklands 1st run at Brooklands 67%
Zoe Ostley 52:28 Brooklands 1st run at Brooklands, tailwalker companion 35%
Danny Norman 23:22 Brooklands run #617, park #271 58%
Chris Cowell 41:15 Brooklands run #448, park #201 44%
Emanuel Brousse (LCY) 22:48 Southend run #49, 31st at Southend 62%
Denis Foxley 28:42 Harrow 100th run at Harrow 61%
John Coffey 29:33 Hazelwood run #307, 31st at Hazelwood 65%
Petra Otto 32:19 March run #67, 51st at March 65%
Ben Chaytow 22:28 Crane Park run #212, 183rd at Crane, only 110 runners 62%
Sarah Gordon 33:15 Houghton Hall 1st run at Houghton Hall, park #103 58%
Alan Anderson 46:31 Gunnersbury run #535, 297th run at Gunnersbury 49%
Chris Kelly 20:38 Reading run #408, 318th at Reading 73%
Chris Evans 24:21 Bedfont Lakes run #220, M-23, only 90 finishers at Bedfont 62%
Scott Davison 27:01 Bedfont Lakes run #276 53%
Ian Cunningham 26:02 Bushy Park run #353, 286th at Bushy, only 697 runners 60%
Kay Trinder 21:26 Woking run #112, 87th at Woking 81%
Benita Scaife 33:00 Gladstone run #137, 6th at Gladstone 61%
John Scaife 33:25 Gladstone run #154, 7th at Gladstone 50%
Piers Keenleyside 26:24 Stratford on Avon 2nd run at Stratford, much quicker 61%
last week Pymmes attendance record 109, this week 45
Alice Banks volunteer Higginson Marlow run director

Parkrun is not a race but in the UK the weather was the winner this week with plenty of rain is SE England deterring parkrunners in their droves.  Attendances at many parks dropped by at least 50% but our members will still out there in force.  The club featured parkrun at the sometimes crowded Fulham Palace (Bishops Park) was in some ways all the more enjoyable without the congestion and its a pity only three members took part.  Adam Moquet (17:49) lowered the club record previously held by lifelong Fulham supporter Gary Rushmer.  Steve Taylor (25:10) and Steve Newell (34:21) both arrived on bikes.  (photo without bikes).  The next cfp in the diary is at Black Park on 2nd February 2019.

Roderick Hoffman (28:39) completed his southern hemisphere tour in warm sunshine at Jells in eastern Melbourne taking his total onto 253 parks and the club figure edged up to 457.  Readers should be reminded that this reporter will stop counting when 500 is reached.

After last week when the Woking based runners tried out the new parkrun at Brooklands this week was the turn of our regular Bedfont Lakes runners to escape from the home puddles.  Maria Jovani (22:51) was the pick of the bunch this week.  Chris Evans (24:21) and Scott Davison (27:01) were two out of only 90 finishers at Bedfont.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

 Largest parkruns

With an attendance of "only" 697, perhaps the first time ever, Bushy parkrun drops out of the top ten worldwide parkruns in terms of attendance - and slips to 13th place behind twelve South African parkruns. North Beach, with 1505 attendees, was over twice the size of Bushy!  There were also more parkrunners outside the UK last Saturday than there were in the UK (though that is not the first time that has occurred). But also I've done some 'work' for the Facebook 'parkrun Statsgeek' group that shows that at each parkrun country's peak attendance, that per head of population there were more parkrunners per 1,000 population in Ireland than in the UK, and also more parkruns per 1,000 population in Ireland and Australia than in the UK.

Roderick Hoffman

Running shorts...

  • Dear Ed, Today ( 2Dec) my extended XC time was 40.04 (slightly slower than last time). No need to clarify conditions underfoot but aquaplaning or straight through the deep puddles was the order of the day.  Andy Rayner.

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