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BA Athletics Club News Digest 3rd August 2015


  • Thursday 6th August - Magic Mile, Bath Road at 12:45
  • Monday 10th August - Track & Field Grand Prix 200m and Discus at Hillingdon Track from 18:00
  • Wednesday 19th August - Cranford Park Relay and BBQ - see below

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.  Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Wednesday 19th August - Cranford Park Relay and BBQ

Joe Nolan is taking responsibility for the relay and will probably throw in some exercises around the event so you might not get bored waiting for your team mates.  All are welcome, we'll try to put everyone in to equally matched teams.  The leg distance is about 3k or 2 miles.

Afterwards there is to be a BBQ at the Heston Venue (Concorde Centre as was). The food will be complementary for all members and potential members* who sign up in advance.  So you need to sign up in advance!  And tell us what your food preference is.  The main choice is between a Beef Burger in a bap with cheese and fried onions or a Falafel and Spinach burger in the bap with cheese and fried onions.  There will also be salad and coleslaw and either Lemon Tart or chocolate fudge cake.

So click on the link to send me an email and tell me if you are likely to run, if you want to come to the BBQ and your choice of meat or veg berger.


* If we have a large number of potential members attend we'll be delighted but we might need to charge a nominal fee to help cover costs. Also the Heston Venue do charge an entry fee of about £1.50 for non-members. But please don't let this put you off!

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Have you signed up recently?  WARR 2015 - Dubai powered by The Active Network

Let me know or ask for details. Roderick Hoffman

Ruffell Runaround Outcome

On Wednesday 29th July Richard paced out a 100 meter course (so 200m out and back) and a 150 meter course (300m out and back) and divided us into three teams each of which had to cover 12k with two of the three running at all times - with the other grabbing a quick breather before setting off again.  The biggest challenge was on the marshals who had to try to work out which of the teams got to 12k first.  But afterwards Richard said that that wasn't the point - what would really tell would be how much faster we would run parkrun at the weekend.  So here are those results...

Runner Pre Post venues Comment
Roderick Hoffman 27:35 24:31 Reigate Priory / Fulham Palace 124 second improvement (but Fulham has a reputation for being a fast course)
Steve Newell 31:17 30:16 Highbury Fields / Gunnersbury 61 seconds faster (and I think of Highbury as being a fast course)
Richard Ruffell 21:18 21:21 Aldenham / Maidenhead 3 seconds slower
Alan Anderson 28:33 28:47 Gunnersbury / Gunnersbury 14 seconds slower
Tony Barnwell 30:28 31:05 Black Park (27June) / Wycombe Rye 37 seconds slower - but Wycombe is probably slower than Black Park.
Chris Kelly 22:26 24:58 Reading / Reading 152 seconds slower. Perhaps he was the 25 minute pacer - or pacing a friend to a PB.
Steve Hillier n/a n/a    
John Taylor n/a n/a    
Mark Taylor n/a n/a    

We had all thought that it was a good intensive session - I personally found that on ever leg I did I was chasing down Steve Newell but even after the legs on which I'd overtaken him I'd still find him ahead of me at the start of the next leg.  But from Steve Newell's point of view he was clearly getting less recovery time AND he always had me breathing down his neck.

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 1st August 2015

1st August 2015 Family, Friends,+ Time parkrun Comment Grade
Alice Banks 25:58 Maidenhead Still holds the highest club grade at Maidenhead with 73.66% 73%
Alan Anderson 28:47 Gunnersbury 73%
Richard Ruffell 21:21 Maidenhead club course record time, park #44 71%
Piers Keenleyside 22:36 Gunnersbury 70%
Denis Foxley 24:32 Harrow run #12 69%
Petra Otto 30:56 Harrow first ever parkrun 64%
Roderick Hoffman 24:31 Fulham Palace run #166 63%
Scott Davison 22:30 Bedfont Lakes 63%
Ian Cunningham 24:17 Bushy Park run #206 62%
Joe Nolan 26:02 Black Park 26' pacer 62%
Monica Alonso 26:30 Guildford run #56 61%
Neil Frediani 26:10 Bedfont Lakes 60%
James Glover 24:46 Alice Holt Forest course pb, club record 60%
Kimberley Turner 26:40 Chichester run #6, pb 60%
Chris Kelly 24:58 Reading run #247 59%
Tony Barnwell 31:05 Wycombe Rye run #84 59%
Steve Newell 30:16 Gunnersbury 2015 parkrun pb 59%
Kevin Holland 29:04 Poole 445th out of 675 59%
Tony Hird 25:54 Gunpowder Gunpowder 104, others nil 57%
Sreeram Sethuraman 27:40 Upton Court 59th out of 95 48%
Kerstin Luksch 42:51 Gunnersbury tailrunner, run #150 35%
Benita Scaife volunteer Maidenhead backup timer
Caroline Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director and results
David Duggan volunteer Bedfont Lakes Run report writer
Ian Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes pacer
John Scaife volunteer Maidenhead timekeeper

July 2015 may have been a Blue Moon month in UK (two full moons observed at Greenwich) but August will be a five parkrun month, arguably far more important.  The next Blue Moon is not expected until January 2018, followed by another in March 2018, so we could get quite blasť about them, not really that rare at all.  Then another gap of over two years till 2020.

Chris Kelly seems destined to make it a good month and now expects to run his 250th parkrun on 22nd.  He is now on 247.

The best performances this week were at Maidenhead where Richard Ruffell (21:21) became the first BA man to run faster than Alice Banks (25:58, course pb 25:15).  John and Benita Scaife were on timekeeping duty at the finish.

Alan Anderson remains the only 80 year old to run at Gunnersbury and he was close to a 2015 best this week with 28:47.  Piers Keenleyside (22:36) and Steve Newell (30:16) had their best outings at Gunnersbury this year.  Kerstin Luksch who is leading the female points table again had a relaxing week as tail end sweeper.

Roderick Hoffman had a quickish outing at Fulham Palace (24:31) just one second quicker than Denis Foxley at Harrow.
Our old friend Petra Otto (30:56) was also at Harrow making her very first appearance at a parkrun. Denis points out that Petra had come down from Peterborough where she now lives and that her performance was "All the more impressive as she is still recovering from a broken ankle which she suffered when she fell during a run in April."

James Glover scored with a pb (24:46) at Alice Holt Forest and that is a new club record.  Kimberley Turner also recorded a pb (26:40) at Chichester.

At Bedfont Lakes, Scott Davison (22:30) and Neil Frediani (26:10) were in action under the watchful eye of Caroline Cockram (run director and results processor) and David Duggan (report writer).  Former member Gill Westbrook (28:47) clearly enjoying the school holidays ran for the second consecutive week.  She is now with Elmbridge RRC.

And finally, whatever happened to parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt's efforts to keep under the radar for his 250th run.  Well his team staged a surprise appearance at Worcester for him. He placed 13th out 545 in 19:28 (78.25%) so it was a good day out. His baby is in good health.

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

I was at Fulham Palace to celebrate the 100th parkrun and 100 tourist parkrun of a parkrun friend Gregory Bailey.  Gregory had chosen the venue believing it to be fast and managed to do a parkrun PB on his 100th run (22:24).  I've done some analysis of the times run by the 48 parkrunners who, like Gregory and I, have done 100 different parkruns. This shows that 4 of us (me, Gregory and two others) have done our best times at Fulham BUT none of the other 29 who have run at Fulham have done a particularly fast time there.  47 of the 48 had visited Bushy and 7 had done their best time there and many others had done one of their top ten times there also. So Fulham can be fast...but doesn't have to be.

Another incident to report is that all of the group with Gregory had remembered to bring a barcode...but Gregory's partner had accidently bought a spare one of his rather than hers!  That nearly disrupted BOTH of their results but fortunately they spotted the mistake and the Run Director allowed a correction for the missing barcode.  The moral remains #DFYB! "don't forget YOUR barcode!"

Roderick Hoffman

British Masters Results

British Masters Athletics Fed-Outdoor - Organization License
2015 BMAF Outdoor Championships - 25/07/2015 to 26/07/2015  
Alexander Stadium                      

Event 17T  M45 1500 Meter Run

 1st Adrian Haines            M48 SCVAC                  4:23.54
  2 Darren Symes             M46 SCVAC                  4:23.84
  3 David Smith              M47 MMAC                   4:30.60
  4 Andrew Ronald            M47 SVHC                   4:31.12
  5 Mark Havenhand           M48 NVAC                   4:31.91
  6 Calvin Scoltock          M46 MMAC                   4:37.48
  7 Stephen herring          M47 EVAC                   4:43.85
  8 Wayne Lillis             M48 OPEN                   4:53.46

Event 7F  W50 Hammer Throw

 1st Janet Smith              W50 SCVAC                    43.68m
  2 Ingrid van Dijk          W53 OVERS-NED               42.41m
  3 Marion Loveridge         W52 MMAC                    41.33m
  4 Diane Smith              W54 NVAC                    38.80m
  5 Jacquelyn Brett          W50 OPEN                     35.98m
  6 Julie Wilson             W52 SCVAC                   34.09m
  7 Kim Weir                 W53 VAC                     32.82m
  8 Karen Llewellin          W51 WMAA                    31.99m
  9 Gaye Clarke              W54 EVAC                     227.81m

Event 27F  W50 Weight Throw

 1st Janet Smith               W50 SCVAC                   14.48m
  2 Ingrid van Dijk          W53 OVERS-NED               13.99m
  3 Julie Wilson             W52 SCVAC                   11.35m
  4 Karen Llewellin          W51 WMAA                    10.10m
  5 Kim Weir                  W53 VAC                      99.26m

Event 37F  W50 Discus Throw

 1st Janet Smith              W50 SCVAC                   28.34m
  2 Julie Wilson             W52 SCVAC                   27.75m
  3 Karen Llewellin          W51 WMAA                    222.58m

So congratulations to Adrian and Janet on their victories over the best in Britain.  They are both now in Lyon representing Britain at the World Masters. Both have BAAC as their second claim club.

Running Shorts

Spotted on Yammer...Eurofleet Richmond Half (Sept 6th)

"We have managed to get a donation page created, to help raise money for flying start. Please get your plastic out and help us raise £2015,00 for Flying Start by clicking on the attach link:

Please do donate generously as we all know this goes to a fantastic cause."

Hi Steve,
               My name is Priam and I found your email on the Surrey Athletics website.
I am a university student doing a project on Male Health, and am in need of Men to complete my Online Anonymous 8 minute (literally) Questionnaire on Mens Body Image, Exercise, and Diet/ Supplementation.
Here is the link to my study
Please would you be so kind as to forward this onto the Males in your club?
It would be helping research in an increasingly important area of Mens Health, given that much of the research on body image and exercise has been conducted on Females. I hope to publish my work if I can get enough men to do my study, and every response counts.
Thank you very much in advance,
MSc Psychology (Conversion)
University of Surrey

Editor: Note that this is was an unsolicited email to club secretary Steve Hillier but the survey has been tested and appears genuine and harmless (well, mainly harmless. After the survey you might need to hide your mirror).

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