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BA Athletics Club News Digest 3rd February 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Saturday 8th February - Surrey Cross-Countries - Ladies Lloyd Park, Croydon 12:00 / Men Newlands Corner, Guildford 15:00.
  • Wednesday 12th February - Club In-house Event Heartthrob Hash/Pokerchase - Concorde Club 18:00 onwards.
  • Wednesday 26th February - Run of the Month 5 Mile Handicap followed by Club Annual Awards Evening - Concorde Centre from 18:00

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Saturday's Cross Country Reminder - Ladies Lloyd Park, Croydon 12:00 / Men Newlands Corner, Guildford 15:00

I know that the ladies are well prepared for their trip to Lloyd Park but more would always be welcome - details of the event and contact Helen Smith who is coordinating the team in Clara's absence.

And for the men - over to Gary...

Hi guys,

Linked are the details of our last X/C match at Newlands Corner, near Guildford, 8th February 2014 with a start time of 3.00pm.

Here we go the with last cross country of the season and not in a bad position - at the moment we lie in 3rd place and only 12 points behind Epsom Oddball, so just like the last two matches a good turnout is vital. On the principle of "Don't Ask, Don't Get" I'll ask for anyone else to join us just for the run and the party afterwards.  And if anybody knows of anybody else who would like to run please ask. It would be great to have a real good turnout for the last match, which would give us a real good chance of promotion. 

Cheers Gary Rushmer 

Round-the-Block 28th January 2014 Results

The weather was surprising kind on the day. While it was a bit windy in places the sun was very welcome and warm! While the weather didn't influence a few others to join us, it didn't dampen the spirits of those there!

Gary Rushmer was this year's winner in a time of 19:45. He was 40 seconds ahead of Chris Kelly (20:25), who is in serious training and ran down from the Amadeus HQ, did the event and then ran back to get in a few more miles!  In 3rd place was Simon Turton in 21:31.  Good to see Simon back running regularly again. Unfortunately there were no ladies taking part this year, which also meat no teams.

Thanks to Brian Forrester & Paul Brandon for their timekeeping and on the day coordination. Thanks to Paul Brandon for his First Aid support, which thankfully nobody needed, and special thanks to Tom Rowley for his marshaling duties on route on his birthday!  And finally thanks to all of the participants for turning out and raising funds for the White Lodge Charity.

Position: Name: Time:
1 Gary Rushmer 19:45
2 Chris Kelly 20:25
3 Simon Turton 21:31
4 Scott Davison 22:55
5 Steve Taylor 23:40
6 Neil Frediani 23:45
7 John Scaife 24:06
8 John Coffey 24:58
9 Roderick Hoffman 25:14
10 Steve Newell 32:39

The 'Round the Park' race is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 9th September 2014, so don't forget to put the date in the dairy.  Details will be announced nearer the time.

Paul Knechtl

January Winter Handicap Result - Wednesday 29th Jan 2014.

The 4th of 6 in the winter series 5M handicap, and the first in 2014 took place on a wet rainy evening in late January. The timekeepers spent as much time as possible indoors taking shelter while the 11 hardy runners not deterred by the weather were out getting wet, this included our first lady runner of the series so far. With the cold damp weather only 4 of the 11 bettered their most recent run time, and those all by less than 30 seconds.  The much warmer and drier lounge annex awaited where the usual drinking eating and gossip discussions took place.

Runner Handicap Actual start Clock at finish run time Time gap from handicap Points this month Total points Next Start time
Richard Ruffell 33:20 33:30 00:14 33:16 00:04 11 46 33:30
Gary Rushmer 32:01 32:00 00:07 31:53 00:08 10 37 32:00
Chris Kelly 32:03 32:00 00:19 31:41 00:22 9 18 31:30
Piers Keenleyside 33:31 33:30 00:26 33:04 00:27 8 26 33:00
Simon Turton 33:11 33:00 58:51 34:09 00:58 7 20 34:00
Roderick Hoffman 42:16 42:30 59:06 43:24 01:08 6 21 43:30
Steve Hillier 49:12 49:00 58:32 50:28 01:16 5 17 50:30
Barry Walters 31:55 32:00 58:07 33:53 01:58 4 25 34:00
Neil Frediani 37:55 38:00 57:40 40:20 02:25 3 10 40:30
Helen Smith 49:30 49:30 57:24 52:06 02:36 2 2 52:00
Steve Newell 49:31 49:30 57:13 52:17 02:46 1 26 52:30

Paul Brandon

Club family parkrun results for 1st February

BA Family & Friends parkrunner time parkrun G.Pos Pos Comment Wave
Jeremy Short 18:42 Crane Park 3 3 course pb 80%
Natalie Ruffell 22:25 Wolverhampton 4 35 66%
Julie Barclay 24:40 Guildford 5 35 68%
Chris Kelly 20:47 Reading 5 6 run #175 70%
Alice Banks 26:26 Reading 8 62 69%
Tim Hawkes 19:38 Lower Hutt 8 8 run #50, Wellington, NZ 66%
Dave Tyas 21:05 Crane Park 15 15 69%
Kerstin Luksch 26:54 Gunnersbury 23 116 55%
Piers Keenleyside 21:27 Gunnersbury 24 26 72%
Marion Woodhouse 33:48 Bedfont Lakes 25 93 50%
Richard Ruffell 22:25 Wolverhampton 32 36 park #17, club park #89 67%
Colin Haylock 19:54 Bushy Park 33 33 71%
Ian White 27:01 Bedfont Lakes 42 46 54%
Robert Fleming 28:29 Bedfont Lakes 50 56 49%
Steve Newell 30:37 Crane Park 77 99 having a slow week! 57%
Alan Anderson 30:02 Gunnersbury 125 172 run #296 67%
Janet Smith 35:34 Black Park 132 380 run #14 47%
Roderick Hoffman 24:41 Brighton&Hove 140 160 park #65, club park #90 61%
Ian Cunningham 22:30 Bushy Park 141 151 66%
Joe Nolan 27:08 Black Park 155 192 run #160 58%

Six women we follow ran this week including Alice Banks at her third venue in three weeks - and the ladies rank well in the table above. Last week Richard posed the question of where he would be running and given the clues Steve Newell guessed Walsall Arboretum and Roderick Hoffman guessed Kingsbury Water.  So Richard fooled both of us and dead-heated with Natalie at Wolverhampton.

With Roderick also running at Brighton the club family have now experienced 90 different parkruns (not including Lower Hutt in New Zealand since we currently classify Tim as a friend not family).  We are roughly averaging a new parkrun every week so the Club 100 is in sight.  What we thought would be good is a sprint across the finish line by getting the total up to about 95 and then have several of us (i.e. more than 5) doing new parkruns all on the same Saturday.  There is a map here showing in Yellow the runs that are still available - there are many reachable in East London - Lloyd Park for instance where the Ladies are doing the Cross Country on Saturday.  And lots of choice further afield. "When will this be?" you ask.  If I were to float the date of Saturday 15th March who would be up to the challenge?  Let Roderick and/or Steve know.

Roderick Hoffman / Steve Newell - Parkrun stats: ba_parkrun_park_totals.xls

Wings For Life World Run on Sunday May 4th...

Something different for those who can for those who can't...

There are around 40 locations worldwide including Silverstone in the UK.  The events will be simultaneous - start local time 11am in the UK, 3am California, 9pm in Auckland (borrow a club head-torch).  Back to the UK this is NOT a cheap one (£40) but 100% of the entry fee will be spent on spinal cord research projects - the running of the UK event is funded by Red Bull.  The course includes the Silverstone track and will extend into the countryside and the event is a chase so the distance will vary according to how fast you run - if you run 6min kms then you can expect to run 15k before you are caught, 5min kms then you'll need to keep going for 27k!  Want better value? Run at 4min pace and the event will cost you £1 per mile or 3:49 pace for 50p per km. Check out the website for details and entry...I've entered so let me know if you'll be there too (we may be able to share transport).  May the 4th be with us.

Roderick Hoffman

PS I managed to read the Terms & Conditions.  You are not allowed to enter if you live in Quebec - I googled this to find out why and I think it is probably because the time, paperwork and fees necessary to comply with Quebecís contest laws outweigh the benefits of opening the event to Quebec residents. I'm glad I don't live in Quebec!

Photo caption competition

caption competition photograph

Piers Keenleyside (29) and Daniel (6). Captions please - just for fun, no prize - either email or add the caption to the facebook page.  Best (printable) entries next week.

Heston Pool - "A gem in the heart of Heston" (ref LB Hounslow website)

After 77 years Heston swimming pool is closing on Friday 14th February.  The current building is to be demolished and a replacement pool is promised for November 2015.  It'll be sad to see it go BUT let's be honest - a major refit has been required throughout the 30 plus years club members have been using the pool for triathlon training and fitness!  The facility will be open until 6pm on its last day and an all day party is being promoted.

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