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BA Athletics Club News Digest 3rd November 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • 6th November - Magic Mile, One mile time trial on the Bath Road at 12:45
  • Saturday 8th November - Men's Surrey League second Match for 3pm (see below)
  • Wednesday 19th November - Club Winter Quiz - Concorde/Heston Centre (individuals and teams welcome)

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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First 2014/15 Winter Handicap 29th October result

Name Handicap Run Time Time from handicap Position Points this month
Harry Wild 43:00:00 42:59:00 00:01 1 25
Steve Taylor 39:00:00 38:53:00 00:07 2 22
Alan Anderson 50:00:00 50:10:00 00:10 3 20
Richard Ruffell 35:30:00 35:14:00 00:16 4 19
Graham Taylor 36:30:00 37:05:00 00:35 5 18
Alan Friar 45:00:00 46:25:00 01:25 6 17
Barry Walters 33:00:00 34:29:00 01:29 7 16
Steve Hillier 48:00:00 49:44:00 01:44 8 15
Steve Newell 48:00:00 49:54:00 01:54 9 14
Chris Kelly 31:00:00 36:54:00 05:54 10 13

On a mild October evening the first 5 mile handicap of the 2014/15 season got under way. There were 10 participants including Harry doing his (shorter) walk, not the biggest turnout but hopefully there will be more next month (Wed Nov 26th). The evening was fairly uneventful with most runners within 2 minutes of their handicap time, not bad for the first run of the season. It did spit on to rain near the end before the runners went for a shower and the marshalls (Paul, Brian, Paddy and Andy Eynon junior) adjourned to the clubhouse waiting for the runners to join the usual chat and gossip.

Paul Brandon

Surrey League Matches - Details of Men's events on 8th November

Dear All,

The second match of the men's Surrey X/C League takes place on Saturday 8 November at Epsom Downs hosted by 26.2 RRC.  The race starts at 3pm. The start and finish are located near Tattenham Corner, just inside the race course.  Attached is a map showing the course route which will be 2 laps of about 2.5 miles.  There are several car parks on Epsom Downs near to the start and public toilets close by.

Please remember all new members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are all welcome at this event.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Gary Rushmer


Club parkrun results for Saturday 1st November

1st Nov parkrunner time parkrun comment Gender Pos Grade
Natalie Ruffell 22:51 Tring (inaugural) BA park #138 2 65%
Daniela Mayerova 27:44 East Coast Park run #18, park #11 2 53%
Sarah Gordon 32:17 East Coast Park run #43, park #22 5 57%
Dave Tyas 20:15 Crane Park run #322 9 72%
Roderick Hoffman 26:00 East Coast Park park #94, BApark #137 12 59%
Kimberley Turner 29:22 Chichester run #2 15 54%
Ben Chaytow 21:57 Crane Park run #86 17 61%
Jeremy Short 22:16 Crane Park run #49 18 68%
Chris Kelly 20:26 Wythenshaw BA course record 20 72%
Richard Ruffell 23:29 Tring (inaugural) park #28, inaugural #5 42 64%
Mark Turner 26:53 Chichester run #2 54 55%
Simon Ashford 22:53 Black Park run #12 82 61%
Alan Friar 26:43 Woodley run #146 84 66%
Tony Barnwell 29:30 Wycombe Rye 127th/206, run #60 99 61%
Janet Smith 34:48 Black Park run #25 101 48%
Steve Newell 29:16 Gunnersbury agegroup course pb 142 60%
Alan Anderson 29:55 Gunnersbury 30' pacer, run #334 144 69%
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal

Unseasonal exceedingly mild weather extended in November (in southeast UK anyway).  Natalie and Richard Ruffell ran at the well attended inaugural Tring parkrun with Natalie establishing the club record (22:51).  Earlier, at 7am in Singapore, Roderick and Daniela (and Roderick's sister Sarah) were our first runners at Singapore's East Coast Park parkrun.  That takes the club's worldwide total to 138 parks and Roderick's score to 94.  Expect both to edge higher during the coming month.

Meanwhile, at Gunnersbury, Alan Anderson complete with Halloween costume and a 30' minute pacer's vest was keeping up with the 27' and 28' pacers for the first km but overall finished very close to his target.  Up North, Chris Kelly took the Wythenshawe club record (20:26) from Ray Hampton.  Down South, newish members Mark and Kimberley Turner ran at Chichester, the recent haunt of Simon Ashford who switched to support his father's efforts at Black Park and where Janet Smith ran for the third consecutive Saturday.
Tom Rowley was mentioned is dispatches for volunteering as a marshal at Woking where there were 143 runners.

Steve Newell

With several club parkrun "Tourists" extending their tourist parkrun counts this month it is probably worth mentioning that any parkrunner who appears on the parkrun "most events" table is able to join the facebook parkrun tourist page UK parkrun tourists. There were raised voices this last week on that page and on the equivalent "New Parkrun" page because the organisers at Tring went public on discouraging Tourists from their inaugural event.  This polarised views between those who believe that the parkrun spirit is such that everyone should be equally welcome at every parkrun and those who agree with the view that too many parkrun tourists at inaugurals risk overwelming and putting locals off.  I don't think we have the answer yet - several parkrun tourists went to Tring anyway - many like the Ruffells because Tring is a new local parkrun for themselves.

Don't forget that parkruns are not just for life, they can also be run at Christmas.  Several parkruns are having special runnings on Christmas Day including the following West London parkruns. Everything is as normal though don't expect the café to be open afterwards.  Then on New Year's Day there are even more - and the start times vary.  One parkrun result per parkrunner is allowed on Christmas Day and two on New Year's Day - Black Park followed by Upton Court perhaps?  With Saturdays as well this gives you the opportunity to boost your parkrun count by 6 in 15 days. Or you can have breakfast with the in-laws.

List mapped here (with some missing):

Parkrun Christmas Day New Year's Day
Northala Fields 09:00  
Richmond 09:00  
Reading 09:00 10:30
Woodley 09:00 10:00
Bushy 09:00 10:30
Black Park   09:00
Upton Court   10:30
St Albans   10:30
Kingston   10:00
Gunpowder   10:00

Many parks are still to announce their intentions - see for the updated official list.

Roderick Hoffman

Updated parkrun stats: 

Updated BA parkrun map: Parkruns 2014.jpg {some parkruns may have been missed}

Running Shorts

New York Marathon results

Well done Ian Cunningham and Piers Keenleyside as ever New York City threw up its own Weather challenges and watching the race leaders running 20 secs/mile slower than usual showed how tough it was going to be.

Ian Cunningham - 3:41:29

Piers Keenleyside - 3:53:06

Mike Thorne

Any updates on this year's new year resolutions and/or information on the resolutions that you SHOULD have set?

Roderick Hoffman

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