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BA Athletics Club News Digest 4th April 2016


  • Thur 7th April - Dream Mile on the Bath Road at 12:45*
  • Wed 13th April - Watersplash 10k followed by club social (see below)*
  • Sunday 24th April - London Marathon for runners and marshals (pre-event briefing on Thursday 21st from 19:00 at Heston Venue)

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map:

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2015/16 Series BAAC 5 Mile handicap results 30 Mar 2016

Handicap finishers Mar2016

11 runners took part in the final 5M handicap of the 2015 2016 season, It wasn't cold, it wasn't raining, and it wasn't dark, though the timekeepers still waited indoors after all it is a winter series handicap. Some impressive overall times with 3 runners beating their handicap by more than 3 minutes, though that does not help their handicap ranking.  The photograph shows that the handicap may have taken more out of some competitors than others!

30-Mar-16 Handicap run time Time gap from handicap Rank this month Points this month Total points Next Start time
Piers Keenleyside 37:00 36:55 00:05 11 25 106 37:00
Christine Munden 48:00 47:51 00:09 10 22 78 48:00
Graham Taylor 38:00 38:16 00:16 9 20 20 38:30
Chris Kelly 33:00 32:32 00:28 8 19 54 32:30
Roderick Hoffman 46:00 44:56 01:04 7 18 56 45:00
Steve Hillier 49:30 48:01 01:29 6 17 88 48:00
Harry Wild 42:00 43:44 01:44 5 16 96 43:30
Alan Friar 45:30 48:07 02:37 4 15 89 48:00
Steve Newell 54:00 50:54 03:06 3 14 64 51:00
Joe Nolan 43:00 38:53 04:07 2 13 13 39:00
Alan Anderson 58:00 52:27 05:33 1 12 81 52:30

Over the season we have had 25 different runners take part, the busiest month had 14 runners, and 4 runners completed all 6, with a further 2 runners completing 5.

Series Result

Series Result total best 5 Runs
Piers Keenleyside 106 6
Harry Wild 96 6
Alan Friar 89 6
Steve Hillier 88 5
Alan Anderson 81 6
Richard Ruffell 80 4
Christine Munden 78 5
Scott Davidson 65 4
Steve Newell 64 4
Roderick Hoffman 56 4
Chris Kelly 54 3
Neil Frediani 42 3
Simon Turton 41 2
John Scaife 37 2
Dennis Foxley 33 3
Gary Rushmer 32 2
Paul Knechtl 22 1
Graham Taylor 20 1
Steve Taylor 17 1
Eddie Giles 14 1
Steve Norris 14 1
Joe Nolan 13 1
John Taylor 11 1
Rina Vyas 11 1
Tony Barnwell 10 1

Congratulations to Piers who is a clear winner, with Harry and Alan F in second and third places.

Enjoy the summer, hope you all stay fit and healthy, and see you in October for the next winter series 5M handicap.

Paul Brandon

Ed: We will be awarding Piers the Handicap trophy but only when we next catch up with him. That might be some while since his winning run on Wednesday was performed half way through a 17 mile training run.

VMLM Update

Thank you to those have volunteered to support this year's London Marathon. I now have 126 helpers, which is excellent but have kit for 150 so if anyone is still keen to help, please drop me a line (but note I'm not in the office until the 11th April). Colin Bloomfield has kindly offered to take over team leading Barry's crossing point in Birdcage Walk, thank you. I'm still keen for others to be in position to team lead in the future so if interested please contact me.


Simon Turton (

BAAC marathon coordinator

Chicago WARR Hotels

The WARR host hotel will be the Hard Rock Chicago and a second (cheaper) hotel is also being promoted - The Hampton Inn Chicago Downtown.  Both hotels are shown on the club Google map: .

Details and booking:  

WARR event registration isn't yet open but this is expected this month.

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 2nd April 2016

2nd April family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Barry Walters 20:20 Woodley M-8, first run at Woodley 79%
Alice Banks 25:18 Crissy Field age cat record (WV55) 75%
John Coffey 25:17 Bushy Park run #207 74%
Kerstin Luksch 20:23 Gunnersbury run #179 74%
Natalie Ruffell 20:37 Edinburgh run #42, club course record 72%
Jonathan Cox 21:29 Bushy Park run #268 72%
Chris Kelly 21:26 Woodley 29th run at Woodley 69%
Alan Anderson 31:19 Gunnersbury run #404 67%
Benita Scaife 29:07 Cassiobury first run at Cassiobury 66%
Paul Watt 22:47 Rushmoor run #10, parkrun pb 65%
Alan Friar 28:00 Woodley 51st run at Woodley 64%
Ian Cunningham 23:57 Bushy Park run #238 63%
Chris Evans 24:22 Bedfont Lakes run #140 61%
John Lennon 26:19 Crane Park course pb 58%
Roderick Hoffman 26:39 Pymmes run #200 58%
Kevin Holland 29:59 Woking run #46, 23rd at Woking 58%
Emily Warburton-Brown 26:02 Peckham Rye run #13 57%
Steve Newell 31:41 Pymmes run #215 56%
Ben Chaytow 24:07 Crane Park pacer, run #128 56%
John Scaife 29:08 Cassiobury first run at Cassiobury 56%
Sarah Gordon 34:00 Leicester Victoria run #101, 4th at Leicester Vic 55%
David Duggan 28:07 Bedfont Lakes run #142 55%
Sreeram Sethuraman 29:33 Upton Court 45%
Joe Nolan 35:57 Black Park 36' pacer, 531st/621 45%
Caroline Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow marshal
Piers Keenleyside volunteer Gunnersbury marshal
Bob Winning 39:02 Llyn Llech Owain run #106 53%
Linda Winning 38:04 Llyn Llech Owain run #97 57%

I'll start this week with wrapping last week's mystery regarding Neil Frediani, Poppy the dog and the rabbits at Eastbourne.  The rabbits were never really part of the story.  Neil and Poppy were staying in a guesthouse in Eastbourne with inflexible breakfast hours and the only option was to wolf down cereal, toast, marmalade and a full English breakfast platter before setting off for a parkrun in an unfamiliar location and as it turned out an overfull car park.

parkrun is a run, not a race and in any case in spite of missing the shout of "GO" at 9 a.m. by at least 7 minutes Neil towed Poppy round in a doggy pb of 29 minutes.  The dividends of this training will come in years to come when Poppy will tow Neil round Bedfont Lakes at an amazing pace.

Two excellent runs to report on this week.  Barry Walters (20:20, 78.85%) made his first visit to Woodley and immediately went to no 2 out of 65 runners in his age group record book there.  

Alice Banks (25:18, 74.57%) who has received an award for all the help she has put in helping set up the course at Maidenhead parkrun in its first year ran at Crissy Field in San Francisco and established herself as the record holder in her age category.

Roderick Hoffman (26:39) made a pilgrimage style visit to Pymmes to celebrate his 200th run and Steve Newell (31:41) helped to eat a customised fruit cake brought along to mark the occasion and shared by the 46 runners and volunteers.

No new parks visited this week at a club level but I suspect it is the lull before the tsunami and I fully expect the 250 to be achieved this month, maybe even next week.  Check out the map and see if there is an unvisited one you fancy travelling to.  There are still new runs springing up at the rate of one or two every week.

Steve Newell (

Updated parkrun stats:

Parkrun Tourism

I thought I'd be announcing the big push for 250 parkruns for next weekend but with no new parkruns added last Saturday perhaps it will take a bit longer. But it is only a matter of time.  I was at my home parkrun for a change (though Pymmes is a forty minute drive away for me compared to Northala Fields which would be a fifteen minute warm-up jog) where I also got a volunteer credit for the write-up (  At least half of the runners were tourists due also to another Pymmes loving tourist having a birthday party there. But over in parkrun du Bois de Boulogne over 90% of the record 176 runners were tourists - over in Paris for Sunday's Marathon.

Elsewhere there have been one to two new parkruns every week across the UK and Ireland yet amazingly Ireland's second city, Cork, has had to officially put it's only parkrun, Tramore Valley, on indefinite hold because the council cannot provide public access to its public park and Little Stoke in Bristol is still under threat because the Parish Council don't understand that a free event means there cannot be a per person charge. You do wonder how (and why) these people get voted in.

parkrun Sweden is moving forward with the first event expected around August/September of this year.

Roderick Hoffman

Black Park Pacer Squad major success

Black Park parkrun Pacer Squad major mission success on Saturday (2nd April) – what a day, wonderful weather, record attendance of 621 and 109 new PBs!  Pictured below are the squad and Ciara Williams (friend of Harry Wild) celebrating her 100th parkrun by pacing, having achieved a sub 20 PB last week, making it look easy leading a pack.  Lots of thanks to the pacers including this one from many recorded which says it wonderfully…”Thank you to all the pacers today especially the lady pacing 28 min. I got a new PB today of 27:41 something I've been trying to achieve for a few years! She was very encouraging not just to people pacing her but everyone around her, it was a pleasure to run with you today xx” – Very pleasing to get feedback each month.

Black Park pacers April 2016

Joe Nolan

And now for something completely different - Feltham Street-O - Tuesday 12th April 2016

Event Details:

Entry fee is £1 for SLOW (South London Orinenteers) members, students and juniors; £2 for others.

  • Registration Between 1815 and 1930
  • Start Times Between 1830 and 1930

The Street-O format has clues located at various points on a map. You have 60 minutes to visit as many of these as possible, in any order, and return to the finish. This guide provides general information about street orienteering.  Don’t forget to bring a pen to write down your answers to the clues as you go around, an SI card if you have one, and a watch so that you aren’t late back! You may find a torch/head-torch and compass useful too, although many don’t take one.

Please RSVP to the event via Facebook to let us know you are coming.

Full details:

Roderick Hoffman / Simon Turton

News from March (both the month and place)

Petra Otto wrote on 27th March...

Things are slowly beginning to take shape, after two weeks away from the anniversary of my fibula fracture last year. It’s been an incredibly testing year with regard to ‘running’.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the Harrow Hill Race, as I had suffered the loss of a dear old friend of mine prior to the race – I just didn’t have the energy to drive down to Harrow, never mind taking part in a race.

My local (March) Parkrun has most certainly contributed to me becoming, and feeling more positive again. Yesterday’s (March) parkrun saw me only one second out from last week’s parkrun. It could/should have been another PB, had it not been for me spotting two small Easter eggs up a tree, which had me reach up on my toes for them, which cost me a few seconds. Before you ask – yes, they were worth it!!! As usual, a great atmosphere at this parkrun, and I can only encourage the B.A. runners to give that one a try.

Trying to keep on riding on the current wave of cautious optimism, I have entered the Muenchener Stadtlauf, taking place on the 26th of June in Munich, my old home town . Me being me, it ‘had’ to be half-marathon, as that will include the whole length of the so-called Englischer Garten (English Gardens). I have three months to work myself up to the distance, which should be sufficient. Admittedly, I have already managed to jog just over 10 miles last week.

The Concorde 5 will be a nice warm-up for my Munich run, so I will enter that in due course. It will be good to see everyone again. Early days, but at least I’m sort of back, even if it’s just at jogging pace. I will just have to keep the Plantar Fasciitis in check now! It never rains... springs to mind. But – onward and upward, I will be back, all fingers and toes crossed.

With kind regards


The Rowley Report

A little report from down south Rushmoor.   New member Paul Watt  was running his fourth parkrun and this being his second run at Rushmoor.  Paul’s time last week (26th May) was 23.50 in very cold weather.  Today achieved a PB reducing his time by over a minute to 22.43. Over a short distance that is a wonderful improvement.

Julie Barclay pulled out prior to the start, not chancing a small niggle, but gave Paul plenty of verbal encouragement.

Tom Rowley

Running Shorts of Marathon Training

Kingston Breakfast Run 3rd April

Good to see marathon runners this morning on final long runs before tapering for London.  Marzia Coltelli and Rena Vyas doing the 20miler and Neil Frediani, Dave Duggan, Ian Cockram, Ian Cunningham and myself on the 16miler.  Excellent weather for it and well organised.

Joe Nolan

Reading Half Marathon

Managed my best HM time for about 2 years I think - 1:36:48.  I had thought I might have been sub 1:35 as I was with the 1:35 pacer from the start - only they did not do a very good job!

Piers Keenleyside

Training update from the other Chris Evans

The other Chris Evans, the one on the radio, is running the London Marathon and revealed on his show this morning that this had been the weekend of his last big run - a twenty miler. Unfortunately though he didn't have a premeasured course or his distance measuring watch with him so when he got back sooner than he expected, and feeling in surprisingly good shape, he felt the need to measure the distance run by redoing it in his car. He found it to be 5.5 miles short!  So he now has to find the opportunity for another "last big run"!

Roderick Hoffman

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