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BA Athletics Club News Digest 4th September 2017


  • Tuesday 5th September, Run-of-the-Month, Round-the-Park at Harmondsworth Moor at 12:30*
  • Thursday 7th September, Dream Mile, Bath Road from 12:45*.
  • Monday 11th September, Track & Field Grand Prix, Sprints & Javelin, Uxbridge Track 18:00*

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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Round the Park course 2017Round-the-Park Tuesday 5th September Harmondsworth Moor start 12:30

The event starts near the wooden bridge beyond the main car park.  It is a two lap course and is approximately three miles in length, so just a bit shorter than five km. This is a fun event and ALL levels of runners/joggers are welcomed.  If you are not quite up to the full course you can do it as a one lap, two mile run.

Due to staff being turned over, this is likely to be the last running of this event.  It was previously held in Cranford Park but in recent years has been regularly held at Waterside. If you think you can make it then please let me know, although you won’t be turned away if you just turn up! Full details are on the Running and Jogging group on Yammer for those still within BA.

Any questions, please ask.

And bring a friend!  Get to the start ready for a 12:30 off.

Neil Frediani

BA Men's Surrey League Cross Country Dates for season 2017-8 and Milocarian's (Men and Ladies) info.

It will soon be time to get your muddy shoes on again for the cross country season, although the mud doesn’t usually make an appearance until after Christmas.

The following are the men’s Surrey League fixtures for the coming season, the races are approximately 5miles long:

  • Oct 14th Wimbledon Common @ 3pm (after Div 2 fixture at 1:30pm so parking may be difficult) – hilly hopefully not too long this year!
  • Nov 11th Epsom Downs @3pm – a hilly gallop and not just for thoroughbreds
  • Dec 2nd  Roundshaw Downs @ 3pm – a nice mostly flat one
  • Feb 10th Lloyd Park (of course) @ 2pm  (before Div 2 fixture at 3pm) – usually muddy (or frozen) and always hilly

Anyone planning to run the league fixtures who has not run in the last 2 years then please let me know along with your date of birth so that I can add you to our team list. Just because you are on the list doesn’t mean that you have to turnup, it just makes the admin. easier on the day. Also if you unexpectedly decide that you fancy a bit of mud partway through the season then feel free to just turnup.

Also we have the Milocarian fixture at Sandhurst Military academy on the 28th October. This is a popular event with teams of 6 if my memory is correct and is followed by sandwiches and cakes laid on by the hosts. Again, let me know if you are interested in taking part. This is open to ladies and men.

Neil Frediani (

Ed: And don't forget the ASCA Cross Country in Dublin on Saturday 4th November.

Club parkrun results for Saturday 2nd September

2nd September family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Joan Foxley 35:58 Rickmansworth run #70, course pb 60%
Denis Foxley 26:12 Rickmansworth run #81, 4th at Ricky 66%
Steve Newell 34:45 Old Deer Park run #279, 16th at ODP 53%
Roderick Hoffman 28:30 Westmill Farm run #267, park #205 55%
Jeremy Short 22:22 Osterley Park run #88, 14th at Osterley 69%
Benita Scaife 32:23 Heritage Harbor, IL F-1, first US parkrun 61%
John Scaife 32:24 Heritage Harbor, IL M-8, first US parkrun 51%
Ben   Chaytow 22:01 Crane Park run #175 62%
Piers Keenleyside 27:20 Fulham Palace run #176, 2nd at Fulham Pal 59%
Janet Smith 34:40 Rother Valley 1st run at Rother Valley 50%
Paul Watt 20:51 Rushmoor run #53 72%
Julie Barclay 20:58 Rushmoor course pb 84%
James Shoulder 22:16 Lonehill, ZA BA park #359 58%
Chris Evans 23:45 Bedfont Lakes run #176 63%
Caroline Cockram 24:55 Bedfont Lakes run #281 66%
Trish McCabe 27:14 Bedfont Lakes run #199 56%
David Duggan 29:25 Bedfont Lakes run #215 53%
John Lennon 32:15 Bedfont Lakes run #260 48%
Neil Frediani 41:02 Bedfont Lakes run #176  39%
Anne Bannister 25:59 Bedfont Lakes run #147, parkrun pb 74%
Ian Cunningham 24:38 Bushy Park run #299 62%
John Coffey 25:24 Bushy Park run #251, 2017 sb 75%
Chris Kelly 19:42 Reading Reading celebrates 400th 76%
Alice Banks 25:42 Black Park run #95, 11th at Black Park 75%
Joe Nolan 33:01 Black Park 33' pacer 49%
Tony Barnwell 33:01 Wycombe Rye run #149, 70th at Wycombe 57%
Alan Friar 27:31 Woodley run #241, 72nd at Woodley 66%
Steve Taylor 24:51 Northala Fields run #71, 42nd at Northala 61%
Richard Ruffell 23:32 Beeston (Notts) park #67, club course record 66%
Barry Walters 22:00 Cranleigh run #70, 1st at Cranleigh 74%
Sarah Gordon 33:08 Burnham&Highbridge 1st run at B&H, park #86 58%
Eddie Giles 27:31 Salisbury run #88, 12th at Salisbury 63%
Petra Otto 31:50 March run #24, 21st at March 65%
Mark Turner 26:04 Clover Point run #9, 1st at Clover Point 58%
Kimberley Turner 26:11 Clover Point run #16, 3rd at Clover Point 62%
Bob Bannister volunteer Bedfont Lakes
Ian Cockram vol Bedfont run director
Jonathan Cox vol Crane Park backup timer
Alan Anderson volunteer Osterley finish token support

There was more pioneering tourism this week.  The day started early at 8 a.m. in South Africa with James Shoulder (22:16) running at Lonehill in Greater Johannesburg.  A few thousand miles and two hours later Roderick Hoffman (28:30) was at Westmill Farm near Ware in Hertfordshire.  He warns that it is not the flattest of courses and could be particularly challenging come the winter.  A couple of hundred miles further north but in the same time zone found Janet Smith (34:40) at Rother Valley in South Yorkshire {see below}.  Finally, across the Atlantic, Benita (32:23) and John Scaife(32:24) who not so long ago were running in New South Wales made their outing at an American parkrun at Heritage Harbour in Ottawa, Illinois and that takes the club total to 362 different parks.  Curiously just one week earlier (26 Aug) former members Steve and Linda Dodsworth were also at Heritage Harbour and grabbed first male and first female (3rd overall) placings.  What might have been.  Just to keep the sun moving over to the Pacific coast we then had Mark Turner (26:04) making his debut at Clover Point on Vancouver Island while Kimberley Turner (26:11) was just a few seconds behind.  Kimberley still holds the overall club record with 26:01.

Paul Watt (20:51) and Julie Barclay (20:58) were in good form at Rushmoor.  That is Julie’s best ever time at Rushmoor and the age-grade score of 84% is impressive.  Both of them intend to run at Black Park next week and improve on the times they ran there last month.  Joe Nolan was back in action this month as a pacer (33 minutes) at Black Park for the first time in over a year and his squadron helped 129 out of the 672 runners to a pb.  Maybe next time (7th October) he will be the 32 minute pacer.  parkrun is not meant to be too serious but there is an undoubted culture of ever ongoing improvement always lurking in the background.  That is not sinister – the human race has always been like that.

Richard Ruffell (23:32) set a new club record at Beeston (near Nottingham).  He has now run at 67 different parkruns.  New York City Marathon entrant Chris Kelly (19:42, 76.06%) maintained his recent run of good form (equalling his 2017 age grade best) at Reading where they were celebrating the 400th run.  Chris has been there for 277 of those and is our most loyal member when it comes to running at home.  Joe Nolan (Black Park) on 271 is not far behind.

John Coffey (25:24) who completed his 250th parkrun at Bushy Park (214 runs) last week was back for more and recorded his best time of the year.  With its long history, Bushy Park is the one run where club age group records have some meaning.  In the VM75-79 group Alan Anderson’s best there was 24:58.  Moving on to the VM80-84 group, the mark set by Derreck Brion (29:47) has stood for almost a decade.  He only ran there once as an 80-year-old.  Alan Anderson’s best at Bushy since turning 80 is 30:32.

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

parkrun records and movements

Late Friday or early on Saturday Whistler parkrun in Canada finally published their results for the previous Saturday, 26th August. This was significant because this was the 1,000th parkrun result for that Saturday, the first time that the 1,000 runs figure has been reached.

Several parkruns had record numbers last Saturday.  Jersey parkrun had had a record turnout of 347 the previous weekend, for their 99th run, but for the 100th the record was exceeded again with a massive 515 participants.  Jersey has only been going for 100 runs, Wimbledon Common had a new record of 578 participants on its 563rd run. 

Hatfield Forest (a National Trust property near Stansted Airport) had a record 363 participants and may get another record at the next planned event on September 16th. This is ahead of their last planned event on September 23rd (and a request has been published asking for this to be a "locals only" event).  On September 30th the whole team move to Castle Park in Bishop's Stortford where a new parkrun will start up from event number 1.  The reason for the closedown and startup is that the existing venue cannot cope with the numbers, particularly during the winter months, and the replacement venue is too far from the original venue for the same name to be retained (and "Hatfield" itself is 40km away, next to Ellenbrook Fields parkrun course!).

Roderick Hoffman

Pacer day at Black Park parkrun 2nd September

Joe at Black ParkAnother very successful pacer squadron sortie at Black Park parkrun last Saturday - in the words of the Event Director 'Well done to the 129 runners who recorded a new PB this morning - sounds like the pacing team did a top job'. We had 672 runners in total, and I was really pleased to re-join the squad properly (on 33 minute duty) after a year absence due to injuries. Nearly every pacer amazingly managed to be within just 1 second of target, and steady all the way, receiving so many words of thanks.

More good news is that Paul Watt and Julie Barclay, who enjoyed the course so much on the club run of month day in August, are coming back again next week for another go - everyone is most welcome again.

Joe Nolan {}

Orienteering Challenges

Remember that this weekend there are three opportunities to Orienteer in London - Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  For details see: and note that Simon Turton and I will be running the Saturday event from the Barbican. There are different distances depending on your age and experience including a 4k course for "Newcomers" (of any age). Enter via the website and meet us in the Barbican OR parkrun at Highbury Fields and travel in with me from there (once I've scanned your parkrun token).

Also note that this season's first Street-O event will be in Fulham on the 19th September (a week later than previously planned, due to a football fixture on the original date).

Roderick Hoffman

A day in the life of...........Janet Smith.........

Janet Smith at Rother ValleyOnce upon a time, a few months ago anyway, I decided to enter the British Masters Weight Pentathlon Championships. This year they had moved to Sheffield which would require an overnight stay due to the distance from home. Like all good parkrun tourists, I had a thought. Can I fit a parkrun in before competing in 5 throwing events in the afternoon!

I started to look at the parkruns in the area and then what hotels on the M1 were close by. I of course then consulted the BA parkrun stats to find out if there were any parkruns in the vicinity that had not yet been run. I came up trumps with Rother Valley.

Having arrive in Sheffield late on the Friday night, I found the venue quite easily the next morning. It was £1 to park for parkrun runners. The course was around a couple of lakes and was stunning. It was 1 lap on tarmac and limestone paths and was pretty flat. Very friendly people and they did a great bacon and egg bap in the café afterwards. I would definitely recommend this one if you are in the area. Lots of parking and plenty of toilets.

It was then on to Sheffield Woodburn stadium for the afternoon's event and I managed to leave with a gold medal!  British Champion for 2017. The end of the athletics season for me and looking forward to a bit of a rest. Of course, I will still be turning up at parkrun :)

Janet Smith

Tom's Running Days

On Wed. 30th Aug. Paul Watt and Julie Barclay headed to Portsmouth to run in the Lakeside 5k (series of 5) involving two laps around the North Harbour complex.  Having to run 3 of the 5 to be among prizewinners.  Owing to shift pattern Julie/Paul had ran two before so this was their 3rd run.  They like the course, plus can visit Paul’s parents who live in the area.

Their training was geared to explode any minute.   And they took advantage of feeling in great shape and went off with the very fast leaders  hoping to stay as long as possible with them.  Paul lead Julie, as planned, knowing they can run the same pace.

The result was Paul finished 1st 0/50 (60th o/a) in a PB time of 20.15 with Julie still in Paul's slipstream to finish 1st W0/50 also in a wonderful PB time of 20.30  Age graded of 86% (national standard).  Julie also won the ladies prize for her three top wins.  The race had some real class lads running 16/17 mins. and the last runner of the 146 finished in 33.00.
Sat. 2nd Sept.  Both ran the Rushmoor park run before going to work a late shift and both still feeling in the hurry-up mode again went out fast.  I was able to time them with 400m to end of first lap and to the funnel.   And the first lap was very fast in 10min and kept their pace going with Paul placed 29th in 20.51 (best being 20.28).  Julie in great form and moved up slightly up to Paul to finish 2nd lady (1st 0/50) in 20.58.

 Two PBs in 3 days so it’s now rest week until they are hoping to return to Black Park next Sat. as they liked the course (More Cakes ??).

Tom Rowley

Regents Park Summer 10k series, Sunday 3rd September 2017

Place Name Bib No Gun Time Net Time Category Categ Pos Gender Gender Pos Club Lap 1 Time Lap 2 Time Lap 3 Time
197  Oliver Mathai   2813   00:51:10.0   00:50:06   V60   4   Male   164  BAAC   00:17:38   00:16:56   00:16:37 
 285  Roderick Hoffman   1768   00:55:38.0   00:55:12   V50   24   Male   214  BAAC   00:18:12   00:18:24   00:19:03 

This well organised regular event has a three lap course and this includes the timing mat at the end of each lap - note that Oliver got faster on each lap whereas I got slower.  I didn't have a problem with that - my target was to get under 60 minutes which I did easily.

Roderick Hoffman

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