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BA Athletics Club News Digest 5th January 2015

Forthcoming Events:

  • Thursday 8th January - Magic Mile - Heathrow Bath Road 12:45 [or meet outside the Waterside gym at 12:15]
  • Saturday 10th January - Ladies and Men's Surrey League Cross Country - Wimbledon / Oxshott, 12:00 / 14:30 [Men see below]
  • Wednesday 14th January - Forrester 4-way Folly followed by club social - Heston Clubhouse 18:00 / 20:00

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Associate Membership review

You are probably aware that for 2014/15 the BA Athletics Club has introduced an Associate membership trial.  This is a one year trial and we (by which I mean the BA Athletics Club committee and its members; both Full and Associate) need to decide whether to make this a permanent arrangement and if so whether the fees charged for Associate membership should be higher, lower or the same as Full membership. Some facts to consider:

  • In recent years membership of the club has decline by about five members each year.
  • Since we introduced the Associate membership scheme the TOTAL membership of the club has increased, compared to last year, from 86 to 96 members.
  • The number of Full members has actually dropped - from 86 to 76. 
  • Seven full members have downgraded to Associate membership and four have left. 
  • The club has attracted new members - one has joined as a Full member and 13 have joined as Associate members.
  • Full membership costs £9 in addition to the membership fee of BA Clubs. Because they are a member of BA Clubs they are entitled to use the facilities of the Heston Centre AND some subsidies for other running related activity (e.g. Track&Field costs).
  • Associate membership for this year only has also cost £9 but membership of BA Clubs has not been required - consequently they are not entitled to use the facilities of BA Clubs other than as an occasional guest.  This means that Associate members don't get the events and free food provided at club evenings up to six times each year.

If you have views on this topic then please respond below. If there are strong and varying views then we will organise a member's meeting to make a decision for next year. If no views are expressed, or mainly agree with each other, then the Committee may decide a recommendation to be discussed and voted on at the next AGM. But please do reply - to: Associate membership survey

You might like to copy and paste the following into an email reply:

  • We should cease the Associate membership arrangement because…
  • OR We should make Associate membership a permanent arrangement because…
  • The Associate Membership fee, compared to that of Full membership, should be less, the same or more because…
  • My other thoughts are…

Roderick Hoffman OBO the BAAC Committee

Men's Surrey League Cross Country Oxshott match details

Hi guys, hope you all had lovely Christmas and a good New Year.  Now's a good time to get out and lose some of those extra pounds you've put on over this time. Below are the details of our 3rd Surrey League cross country race of the season at Oxshott on the 10th January 2015. Don't forget this race STARTS at 2.30pm.

Look forward to seeing most of you there.

Gary Rushmer

Surrey XC League Race 3 10/01/2014

(Please note the start time, the 2XU Surrey web site reports the incorrect time). 

Time: Men 14:30, 10th January 2014

Parking: Oxshott National rail station KT22 0TA (free parking on Saturdays)

Toilets: Until 14:00 at Oxshott National rail station

Start:  1 minute walk from Oxshott National rail station Car Park (signed)

Course: The course has been designed, marked and marshaled by Elmbridge Road Runners.  It starts on a wide grassy area but quickly narrows to a (three person width) bridleway. Fast runners are urged to establish an early lead in the first 75 meters. The course then meanders through a mixture of bridle ways, single track paths until you reach a sharp hill. Marshals will urge you to stay right as you climb the hill. There are several sharp bends. The course continues along wider paths until 100 meters to the end which narrows to a single path track until the wide start/finish area.  The course will be marked using tape and flour. Runners should be aware of roots and stones along paths. We do not have priority over other users of the woodlands, please respect their rights.

Men: Three laps (approx. 5.1 miles)

Declaration Sheets: Please hand your declaration sheets to the marshal close the Elmbridge Flag

Questions or queries please contact: Adam Hecquet, Elmbridge Men’s Captain {via Gary}

Club parkrun results for New Year's Day and Saturday 3rd January

name parkrunner 1st Jan (1) time comment grade 1st Jan (2) time comment grade 3rd Jan time comment grade
Monica Alonso Guildford 30:12 54%
Alan Anderson Bushy Park 32:05 9am. 64% Gunnersbury 31:10 66%
Alice Banks Black Park 26:47 9am. 69% Upton Court 27:26 10.30am. 68% Reading 28:08 run #15 66%
Julie Barclay Guildford 23:03 10.00am. 74% Woking 22:58 run #39 74%
Tony Barnwell Wycombe Rye 31:39 57%
Ben Chaytow Panshanger 33:46 9am. 40% St Albans 22:24 10.30am. 60% Crane Park 22:05 61%
John Coffey Bushy Park 24:07 9am. 73% Bushy Park 25:03 run #167 72%
Ian Cunningham Nonsuch 27:40 10am. See below. 54% Bushy Park 23:57 run #179 63%
Janet Cunningham Nonsuch 27:40 10am. 63% Guildford 29:12 60%
Scott Davison Crane Park 23:22 10.30am. Course pb 60% Bedfont Lakes 23:21 run #104 60%
Neil Frediani Bushy Park 27:06 9am. 57% Crane Park 29:03 10.30am. 54%
Tony Hird Gunpowder 24:47 10am. 60% Gunpowder 24:29 60%
Roderick Hoffman Ipswich 26:35 8.45am. BA park 150, park #101 57% Colchester 25:40 10.30am. park #102. See below. 59% Northala Fields 24:49 61%
Melanie Holman Basingstoke 27:56 run #11 55%
Piers Keenleyside Gunnersbury 24:28 64%
Chris Kelly Woodley 20:14 9am. 72% Reading 21:16 10am. 69% Reading 20:32 5th/202 71%
Geoff Miles Osterley 25:37 run #222 64%
Steve Newell Gunnersbury 33:10 run #163 53%
Joe Nolan Black Park 28:13 9am. 56% Upton Court 26:57 10.30am. 59% Black Park 26:03 26' pacer's mentor 61%
Richard Ruffell Grovelands 22:27 9am. Club rec, park #33 67% Oak Hill 22:42 10am. Club rec, park #34 67% Hampstead Hth 22:24 park #35, club record 67%
Sreeram Sethuraman Black Park 29:29 9am. 45% Upton Court 32:29 10.30am. 41% Upton Court 30:30 run #31 43%
Jeremy Short Bushy Park 19:17 9am. 78% Crane Park 20:30 10.30am. 74% Osterley 20:58 1st. Course pb 72%
Helen Smith Guildford 30:49 60%
Janet Smith         Upton Court 37:30 10.30am. 45%
Steve Taylor Northala Fields 23:09 parkrun pb 64%
David Tyas Bushy Park 19:55 9am. 73% Crane Park 21:53 10.30am. 67% Bushy Park 20:21 run #331 72%

Several members took advantage of pairs of runs, geographically not too far apart on New Year's Day and with start times at least an hour apart.  The one new venue for the club was Ipswich with a curious 8.45 a.m. start which attracted Roderick Hoffman - this made it club parkrun #150 and the first parkrun starting with the letter "i"!  He then moved on to Colchester Castle where Neil Frediani has also run in the past.  Richard Ruffell stuck closer to home and checked out a couple of runs near the north and east extremity of the Piccadilly Line (Grovelands and Oak Hill).  He was very even paced.  Ben Chaytow who ventured further afield to Panshanger and St Albans clearly held something back on the first run.  Other popular choices were Reading and Woodley, Black Park and Upton Court, Bushy Park and Crane Park.
Come Saturday, our members were generally more inclined to stay closer to home.  Steve Taylor is finding Northala Fields increasingly to his liking and recorded a parkrun pb of 23:09 this week.  Melanie Holman appeared at a parkrun for the first time time since midsummer with her first visit to Basingstoke.  Jeremy Short recorded a notable first place at Osterley.  Richard Ruffell lowered the club record at Hampstead Heath to 22:24 - that's park #35 for him.

PS We failed to report last week that Natalie Ruffell also ran on Christmas day at Panshanger (22:23).  Richard managed to beat her for once!  Another occasional parkrunner who hasn't been given the mention he deserves is Adrian Haines who has appeared three times at Tilgate in recent weeks, being first to finish one week and setting a pb of 17:52 on another.   Groundwork for the upcoming indoor vets track season.

Updated parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

Ipswich and Colechester Castle parkruns

So I started the New Year the same way I ran most of the old one by doing two new parkruns.  The first was at Ipswich. A ninety minute drive away and with an 08:45 start on New Year's Day. Why???  Well, it was on my list to do because it is the first parkrun for me and the club that starts with the letter "i" (and much easier to get to than Inverness (Scotland), Izmailovo (Russia), Inverloch (Australia) or the other Ipswich (also Australia).  So I got up at 6am and got myself ready for the drive - and rushed out of the house because my Sat Nav had changed its mind overnight and now said that it was a 105 minute drive away!  Fortunately that was a false alarm - the Sat Nav was predicting that British workmen would be setting up roadworks on the M25 at 7am on New Year's Day - so I got to the park 15 minutes before the off. 

Ipswich parkrun is a straightforward two laps on paths and grass with a few contours including having the finish 10metres higher than the start.  The grass was soft and slippery in places.  Some of the locals were celebrating park-one day by running in onesies. I didn't.

Having finished I had sufficient time to walk across the far side of the course to take my tourist parkrun photograph (I put in a facebook album a single picture that reminds me of each different parkrun I have run), and then drive to the local Tesco to use the bathroom and pick-up a takeaway coffee.  I thought of doing some shopping but wisely I didn't because getting to Colchester Castle parkrun wasn't as easy as my Sat Nav suggested it would be.  The event postcode takes you to a walled car park in a private estate.  I found somewhere nearby to leave the car and then found I had to walk the length of the park and half way up the castle hill to get to the parkrun gathering area. But I arrived with five minutes to spare and then the parkrun started five minutes late. 

The Colchester Castle parkrun course is an odd one.  Although described as "two laps" it had significant lengths run once, twice and three times. Starting at the bandstand you run up the hill and looped round the castle, then you go down to the bottom of the hill and run a lap of the field.  There is then a long out and back segment before you climb back up the hill to complete "lap one".  My Garmin was already reading 3k at this point so I was wondering what the total distance would be. We then did a second lap of the castle, a second run round the field BUT didn't have the out and back segment.  We then had a final third lap of the castle before having a 300m downhill and flat segment to finish alongside the bandstand.  The odd laps and the undulations made pace judgement difficult but I was pleased with my time - especially since it was faster than the Ipswich time (and Neil's previous time at Colchester ;-) ).

But then I had a long drive home before going back to bed.  I was happy on Saturday to be able to lie in and do my local Northala Fields parkrun - I jog out to that one since the nearest part of the course is only 1.5k from where I live.

Roderick Hoffman

BA parkrun map: {some parkruns may have been missed}.

Flitch Way Marathon...

In a weak moment after completing the New York Marathon a friend suggested I might like to join them running the Flitch Way Marathon (the Flitch Way is a long distance path in Essex along an old railway line) on New Year’s Eve.. And before I thought too hard about it I had submitted my online entry – hey ho! Having only ever run big city road marathons a small local trail marathon was quite a change. 200 runners rather than 50,000. Run on trails (and some mud) rather than non stop roads. Friendly aid stations where you could stop for a quick chat and pick a sweet of choice (Freddos please!) before carrying on. I ran without all the usual time pressures and enjoyed it much more as a result – I got to half way in just under 2 hours as planned and then the 2nd half I pushed on a bit to finish in 3:53:07. The winner was just under 3 hours to give a feel for the pace of the field. Next year they’re planning a double header on NYE and NYD!! I don’t think I’ll be doing that but another trail run seems likely…

This should explain why my New Year's Day parkrun time was a touch slower than usual!!


Ian Cunningham

Details of Coaching and Officials Courses provided by England Athletics

Don't forget, BAAC encourage to take part in these courses, and will be happy to help foot the bill.

South Course flyer 01.01.2015 onwards.pdf

Officials Course flyer 01.01.2015 onwards.pdf

Steve Hillier

Running Shorts

World Airline Road Race memorabilia

Over the Christmas/New Year period I've started building a new site for World Airline Road Race memorabilia.  Initially this is an extension from my personal website and I've held back from building in bells and whistles. The sub-site is available at  Initially I've got loaded pages for 2010, 2013 and 2014 and more pages will be added as time and enthusiasm permit.

Roderick Hoffman

Newlands Corner Cross Country runs on Sunday 8th February 2015

Wondered if this would be of interest to Club members? It's an inaugural run and only accepting up to 100 runners.

Here's to a Happy and Successful year for BAAC.

Best wishes,

Helen Smith


Choose 3 km, 6 km, 9 km, 12 km or 15 km for medal, 3 x protein bars, goody bag & free HD photos. Cost £15 in advance or £18 in the week leading up to the event. Strict limit of 100 spaces. For full details visit the website .

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