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BA Athletics Club News Digest 5th May 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Wednesday 14th May - Speedbird Ladies 5k @ Waterside - 19:00 - pass the message on to all ladies you know or wish you knew
  • Sat/Sun 17th/18th May - Green Belt relay - all around London
  • Monday 19th Track&Field Grand Prix 1500m & Shot Putt - Uxbridge Track

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Marshals needed for Speedbirds and London BUPA 10000 Volunteer

More volunteers are needed to help out at the Speedbird Ladies event on Wednesday, 14 May from 6:00pm onwards.  Please can you let me know if you can help.
I'm also in contact with the organisers about our roles at the London BUPA 10000 taking place on Sunday, 25 May 2014. I am looking for 35 volunteers to come along on the day to help out. There will be a coach leaving from the Concorde Club at 8:00am and we should get back by about 1:00pm. Some of our regular volunteers have already informed me that of their availability, but I still need more to put their hands up.  Please can you let me know as soon as possible by email, together with your shirt sizes, whether you require vegetarian for your pack lunch and whether you are taking the coach or making your own way there. I'll have more firm information to distribute once the organisers firm their plans, however, below is a draft of what our roles are likely to be this year.

  • 4 volunteers at Embankment plus a team from Queen Mary's University
  • 4 volunteers at the Mall/Horseguards, and the crossing will be closed while the start waves go through & then operational for the rest of the race
  • 12 volunteers (4 on each crossing) on 3 new crossings on Birdcage
  • Remaining 15 volunteers to assist in the start waves

On each of the crossing point there will be a steward to manage the crowds and volunteers to assist with the crossing of pedestrians.  #
Clara - email:

 Club featured parkrun results for Saturday 3rd May - Bedfont Lakes

BA parkrunners at Bedfont Lakes May 2014

Left to right - Janet, Neil, Roderick, Alice and Graham [edited photo].  Scott must have been camera shy.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time Comment
1 1 David EDWARDS Unattached 00:18:34
6 1 Lauren SALISBURY Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC 00:20:56
11 9 Graham TAYLOR British Airways AC 00:21:51 Run #002
35 31 Neil FREDIANI British Airways AC 00:24:30 Run #102
38 6 Alice BANKS British Airways AC 00:24:50 Club course ladies record
40 33 Scott DAVISON British Airways AC 00:24:54  
47 39 Roderick HOFFMAN British Airways AC 00:25:39 Course best
114 49 Janet Smith Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC 00:34:18  

Five BA runners met up for the run at Bedfont Lakes and were led home by Graham Taylor completing the course (and any parkrun) for only the second time, almost three years since his debut.  Alice Banks achieved a course ladies best.

Elsewhere new club records were set by Chris Kelly at Upton Court (19:46) and Ian Cunningham at Old Deer Park (21:23).
Steve Newell ran the inaugural Rushmoor parkrun (Aldershot) where the muddy, puddly and often narrow course was barely adequate for the 450 runners.  The field was boosted beyond expectations with nearby Frimley parkrun being cancelled this week.  Unusually there were four others in his age category and he beat all of them and so for at least a week will hold the age category record (don't tell Brian Bennett or John Coffey!)

Updated parkrun stats:  

Steve Newell

Rosenheim Results...

The performances at the Rosenheim Lge. meeting were good for the first serious T&F fixture. And what a wonderful way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 4 minute barrier being broken by Sir Roger Bannister.  After Steve Newell finished his event he came back to the group and said "I have just broken the 4 minute barrier for the first time".  That was for the 800m finishing in 3:51.6.

Steve Hillier was competing in the Hammer and his best was 21.50 and then contested the Shot Putt with a best of 6.65.

Gary Rushmer running the 1500m he slip streamed a young 18 year old and 5'10" for 3 laps then the youngster's longer strides changed gear with Gary's shorter stride (and age difference) unable to respond but Gary's last 100m sprint very impressive to run 5.22.0   I left before his 3000m that he ran in 11.54.4.

Julie Barclay running the 800m and although against younger girls ran a PB of 2.46.7 and well pleased as Julie prefers to lose running a PB than winning in a disappointing time.

Well done every one.

The event finished as a pleasant evening with BA/Woking all sitting together chatting in a nice friendly group.

Tom Rowley

First Track & Field Grand Prix - 28th April 2014 Results

Athlete Category 1000m time 1000m place Triple Jump length Triple Jump Place
Gary Rushmer v50 3.12 1 7m 13cm 2
Neil Frediani v55 4.06 2 6m 20cm 5
Eddie Giles v65 4.16 3 6m 65cm 3
Rod Hoffman v50 4.19 4 n/a camera
Danny Trehorne jn 4.47 5 9m 33cm 1
Steve Hillier v55 4.58 6 6m 49cm 4
Steve Newell   v70 5.06 7 n/a rake
Tony Barnwell v70 5.37 8 5m 0cm 6

 A good turnout for the 1st Grand Prix of the season.  Neil brought along Danny who did a good run in the 1000m, but took over in the Triple Jump with over a 2 metre beating to 2nd place Gary.  A 1st time ever Triple Jump for Tony (there’s always next year).  Potential age category triple jump record for Eddie - to be ratified.

The next GP of the season is the 19th May 6pm at Uxbridge when we go a bit further in the 1500m and do a bit of weight lifting and dropping in the Shot Putt!!  Also the Monday 12th May, a week before, we are in the Vets League match at Battersea starting around 6.30pm if you can make it.

Hope to see you there.

Eddie Giles

Marathon Write-ups

Happy with the pace I went off at touch under 8 min / miles.  Hit 13.1m in touch under 1 45 ( vs 1 43 guidance) but couldn’t get through the crowds. Wanted to bag 2 mins at 7 min 50 pace to allow for the 2nd half.

Saw Wilson Kipsang and later Mo at 22m (I was at 14m).

2nd half the heat got me. Hit the wall at 16m.  Think I overdosed on sugar/gels/lucozade and was doubling up with a stitch by mile 23, the Tower. Had to walk for  minute as I couldn’t shake it and felt sick from sugar overdose. Then 23-26miles were nasty – blooming long.  By this stage the 3.30 target was well gone and I adjusted my expectation from a 3.30 finish to  to 3.35… by now I was down to 9 .30 min miles, legs were falling apart. Expectation then went to 3.39 pretty quick.  Then I saw Michael Owen at 24m … 3.39 guidance was now out as I was in bits… but he was even worse shape than me… so I thought I’ll stay with him and at least do the TV sketch!  Then I thought, blimey you‘re at 10 min miles, so I thought, I’ll leave you and try for my PB… so legged the last bit down birdcage and the palace and PB'ed by a few secs and got 3.42.

Got to the line and collapsed. St Johns offered to wheel me away but I sorted myself..fancied the ride mind you.  Then slept on the pavement in Whitehall/Birdcage but too many crowds… so got up and made my way home… got as far as Embankment Gardens and fell asleep till 4 pm on the grass…zzzzzzzzzzzzz…

I was happy with my training and perhaps overcooked it maybe. 3.30 is still possible but the heat took its toll on me. I’d like to thank you Steve for giving me this opportunity and well done everyone else , I hope you all enjoyed the day….

Many Thanks

Ian Haylock

Well my aim was to get to the start line in one piece and then get round. This goal was achieved, and I am still, touchwood, in one piece a few weeks on and for those that know my injury record this is a pleasant surprise.

How was it for me? Well I knew I had not done the faster training work needed to get any sort of time I might want to shout about, and add to that I had a bad cold the week leading up to the big day, and I was still coughing on my way to the start line, and then of course it was quite warm, so my PW (personal worst) was no great surprise. But all that said I achieved my aim and apart from a hard period around 17-20 generally enjoyed the day. I have to thank Colin Haylock, life was getting hard at 17 miles, with still a way to go and it was struggle. At which point Colin appeared from nowhere. "How are you Rich?" he asked, "not so good" was the reply. Colin then ran with me for the next 3 miles, while on the run he mixed me a magic potion from a sachet he had in his pocket, and he just helped me along chatting away. By mile 20 it did not seem so far, the potion had worked, and Colin pressed on to get to his target time, which he did. By then I was over this bad patch, and while the last 6 miles was hard, it felt achievable. So thank you Colin.

Having recovered from cramps that set in on my way to the baggage buses I finally got to my bus, (why is mine always furthest away?), to find my daughter sitting there with a big grin on her face waiting for me. She had been there 25 minutes and knew my time before I did, but it was good to see her even if I had been well and truly "Dorrised". (For those not sure "Dorrised" means beaten by a lady!) The next 3 hours were spent at the marshalling post helping out where I could, watching so many runners going past, wondering how they keep going for so long. I do always think their ability to keep going is as good as if not better than those who skip round in half the time {Ed: see my Wings for Life write-up below}.

It was good to finally set off home about 5pm and rest my weary legs.

Richard Ruffell


Thanks to the club...

Just to say on behalf of the Ridge Off-Roader team thanks to your club for agreeing to loan the clock to us this year. It was returned to Brian Forrester on Friday morning.
Best wishes  Jameel Mohammed

Ed: We loan our clock out several times a year to local races for a fee that pays for batteries and maintenance.

Fairoaks 5mile XC 27th April.

Very/very muddy the course being almost around the perimeter, even running across the main runway.

BA staff running: Julie Barclay 1st 0/50 in 38.39; Joe Nolan 35th male in 41.47;  Mark Gardener 45th male in 45.01 

Tom Rowley

The Wings for Life World Run results

This was a very successful event.  Personally I covered 17.23k (10.71 miles) before I was caught by the catcher car.  This meant that I came 302nd out of 646 finishers at Silverstone (there were a total of 35,396 competing at simultaneous events worldwide).  One of my competitors was Mark Webber so I can claim to have raced around the Silverstone track with him - though he proved his fitness by covering 28.36k.  The winner at Silverstone covered 69.37k and worldwide the best was in Austria with 78.57k - perhaps the car had had to stop to fill up with petrol.

You’ll have to visit Facebook to see my pictures from the day. and thank you to those who did (or will) sponsor me at

But thinking about this event and comparing it with half-marathons and marathons - in traditional races the less-able competitors carry on for far longer than the elite and in doing so probably push themselves further and even to damage to which they are not prepared.  With this chase challenge the more casual runners reach the end of their race quicker and it is the elite who are able to go on-and-on proving their fitness and capability.  Perhaps there should be more "chase" events or at least races the aim of which being to cover the most distance in a set time.

Roderick Hoffman

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