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BA Athletics Club News Digest 5th October 2015


  • Saturday 10th October - Men's and Ladies Surrey League matches - both at Roundshaw Common (mapped*)
  • Saturday 17th October - Milocarian XC RMAS, Sandhurst (mapped*)
  • 20th to race day 23rd October - World Airline Road Race Dubai (mapped*)

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.  Updated 14th September.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

*Club Event Map:

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London Marathon 2016 Opportunities

Many of you will be thinking of pounding the streets of London next Spring.  Should your application have been unsuccessful, there might be a second chance...... 

The BA Athletics Club provides the London Marathon with over one hundred marshals.  In return LM provide us with some additional places that we can allocate to our members. Therefore we have a limited number of places to hand out in December or early in the New Year. The decision as to who will be allocated places will be taken by the BA Athletics Club committee and priority will consider the following criteria:

  • Those who have helped BAAC marshaling in previous years and been unsuccessful in the ballot,
  • BA Athletics Club members who regularly support club events,
  • Paid up BA Athletics Club members,
  • People who have been unsuccessful through the ballot,
  • Family or Friends of people who meet the criteria above.

If you want to be considered for a place, think about which of those categories apply to you!  Then contact me on

Anyone offered and accepting a club space will be expected to pay the normal entry fee for the Marathon, to provide a minimum of two marshals to the BAAC to assist with the 2016 London Marathon and will be invited to contribute to this digest with their aims and experiences training and running the Marathon. 

Steve Hillier

Heston Venue Essential Maintenance

Essential maintenance needs to be carried out over the next couple of weeks at the Heston Venue (Concorde Club). As a consequence:

  • The venue will be closed on Saturday 10th October,
  • From 5th to 17th October the main bar area and conference rooms will be out of action. The kitchens and bars WILL remain open with access via the entrance to the Foyer Bar (as if going to an event in the Hall),
  • The Athletics Club will reduce its use of club facilities during this time BUT will continue to meet for informal socials at the venue after Wednesday evening runs on 7th and 14th.

Dream Mile 1st October 2015

Hi All,

What a perfect day for a run! The conditions were perfect for some fast times as the wind was finally blowing in the right direction to give the runners a boost. Vaneeta Cro returned after missing September’s run with yet another PB, knocking off a further 18 seconds from her PB (11:38). There was no other PB’s, but Matt Stratful was only 2 seconds away with a time of 5:45, making this his second fastest time. It was also great to see 2 new competitors this month. Toby Houghton has been seen out practicing over the last few months, but never officially recorded a time until this month and come in at around 6:16. Colin Russell has been out recruiting runners for the mile and Nilesh Mistry opened his account with a time of 6:19. Hope to see you both back next month.

Runner Previous Best Time Last recorded time 01-Oct-15 Difference Best Time
Neil Frediani 00:06:34 00:07:16 00:07:07 -59 seconds 00:06:34
Toby Houghton 00:06:55 00:06:55 00:06:16 -39 seconds 00:06:16
Bernard Sexton 00:05:16 00:05:49 00:05:28 -29 seconds 00:05:16
Matthew Stratful 00:05:43 00:05:54 00:05:45 -18 seconds 00:05:43
Vaneeta Cro 00:14:33 00:11:56 00:11:38 -18 seconds 00:11:38
Chris Kelly 00:05:42 00:05:42 00:05:52 -08 seconds 00:05:42
Simon Ashford 00:06:18 00:06:18 00:06:45 -04 seconds 00:06:18
Nilesh Mistry n/a n/a 00:06:19 n/a 00:06:19
Paul Knechtl 00:04:56 00:05:06 00:05:29 +20 seconds 00:04:56

Paul Knechtl

Cross Country Events

Note that the first men's Surrey League match will take place at Roundshaw Common at 3pm on Saturday 10th October not the location previously promoted. This website would appear to confirm that although has little other information: . Men - please advise Neil Frediani of planned or possible attendance. Ladies advise Clara (

Also we have been invited to compete in the Milocarians Cross Country event at Sandhurst on Saturday 17th Oct. We will be competing against Milocarian AC, Thames Hare & Hounds AC, Runnymede Runners AC, Sandhurst AC and Bank AC.  This is a thoroughly enjoyable run over an undulating course of some six miles.  Teams need to arrive by 12:30.  There are shower and changing facilities.  Excellent refreshments will be provided after the match. Prizes will also be awarded after the event. In order to gain access to the site we need to supply details of competitors and their vehicles by the end of the first week in October. 

If you want to compete, please contact me or Neil Frediani by Wednesday 7th October at the very latest.

The post code for RMAS, Camberley is GU15 4PQ. The Staff College Entrance Gate is on the A30 and can be easily found once in Camberley. Persons driving into Camberley from the London direction will see this very prominent  entrance gate on the right hand side. There is a traffic light at this entrance. Persons attending the cross country event should enter RMAS by this entrance (shown as Staff College Gate). The attendance lists will be held at this gate. The route to the car park for the match will be well marked from the entrance.


Steve Hillier

The Royal Borough of Kingston 10 Mile Results

This was the inaugural run of the rather grandly titled Royal Borough of Kingston 10 Mile race.

For many there it was a rare opportunity to race a 10mile event (of which there are too few) despite the absence of the Cabbage Patch 10 due to the rugby world cup effect on Twickenham. The weather was absolutely perfect no wind, no rain just sunshine and a slight chill in the air.

The first 2 miles were as they say in cycling ‘technical’ in that we did lots of twists, turns, unders and overs before escaping Kingston and setting off along the tow path to Hampton Court and over the neighbouring bridge. The next few miles involved a number of side road crossings which were marshalled well when required and included a left turn back towards Kingston along the Portsmouth Road. The last mile or so took us back along the river before diverting towards the market square for the finish.

I have never known so many of the other runners at an event as there were a number of people from BA (see below), Runnymede Runners and Bedfont Lakes parkrun and just about everyone did a good time. I was so amazed to knock nearly 6mins off my previous recorded pb that I kept checking the distance on my watch. I recorded it as a tiny bit over distance.

Finishers included:

Finisher Gun Time Chip Time Place
(of 489)
Club / Comment
Lissa Pritchard      1:21:37   chip time  1:21:26 in 180th BAAC
Neil Frediani        1:24:02    chip time  1:23:42 (pb by nearly 6 minutes!) in 219th BAAC
Piers Keenleyside 1:18:53 chip time 1:18:34  Representing Ealing Eagles and having run 9 miles to the start!  
Craig Lunnon  1:19:51 chip time 1:19:40 BA
Chris Evans 1:22:32 chip time 1:22:24   BA
Emma Parkes  1:23:27 chip time 1:23:16 BA

I hope it takes place again next year.

Neil Frediani


I ran the new 10 mile road race in Kingston today. The course was very similar to other races held in the area - e.g. Kingston Breakfast Run, Harry Hawkes 10, Hampton Court Place Half etc. being basically a loop over Kingston Bridge along the towpath to Hampton Court Bridge and then back along the road to Kingston. A very flat course. We had cool but sunny weather with the start at 8:30 from Kingston Market Place. I was doing some last minute distance training for the York Marathon next weekend so opted to run from my home in Ealing to the start. This meant getting up before 6:00am and leaving the house for a gentle jog to the start just after 6:30 - it turned out to be just over 8.5 miles. I got the 65 bus back home.

Piers Keenleyside

Report of the Berlin Marathon 27th September

Hi Guys,

I rocked up to Berlin for the 42nd official Berlin marathon, which considering there was 42km to run seemed quite appropriate.  It was quite hot in the sun, so I spent most of the time trying to find shade.  

I took the first half at a steady pace and came in at 1:45:55, knowing I would have to push to get under 3:30.  After 32km I pushed to see what I had left in the tank, but couldn't improve my 5min/km pace by much.  Going into the 40km mark I was very close, but cramp got the better of me, and I had to stop for a minute.  In the end I got a negative split and finished with an official PB of 3:31:04*.

It's a great race for getting a good time, but there isn't much to see during the race, and the km markers are quite hard to see.  Can't beat getting an Erdinger (non-alcoholic) Beer at the end though!


Ben Chaytow

Ed: *Perhaps the additional 195m after the 42k took you the extra 1min 5?

Club parkrun results for Saturday 3rd October 2015

3rd Oct 2015

Family, Friends,+





Alan Anderson 31:46 Gunnersbury 1min better than last week 66%
Tony Barnwell 30:53 Wycombe Rye 59%
Caroline Cockram 42:16 Bedfont Lakes 38%
John Coffey 25:01 Woking run #185 73%
Jonathan Cox 21:40 Bushy Park 70%
Ian Cunningham volunteer Bushy Park funnel manager
Scott Davison 23:07 Bedfont Lakes run #131 61%
David Duggan 42:18 Bedfont Lakes run #117 36%
Denis Foxley 25:05 Harrow run #18 68%
Joan Foxley 32:56 Harrow run #10 63%
Neil Frediani 34:25 Bedfont Lakes handicapped by slow dog 46%
Alan Friar 25:31 Reading run #174 70%
Adrian Haines 17:54 Horsham third week in a row 81%
Colin Haylock 18:52 Bushy Park all time parkrun pb 76%
Roderick Hoffman 28:35 Tring the steep hill is still there ! (though the cows were elsewhere) 54%
Kevin Holland 28:53 Woking run #25 59%
Sharon Kassemzadeh 22:35 Casssiobury run #9 86%
Piers Keenleyside 23:09 Gunnersbury run #113 68%
Chris Kelly 19:54 Reading plus barcode scanning 74%
Kerstin Luksch 21:03 Gunnersbury leads female points table 71%
Geoff Miles 25:57 Osterley run #249 64%
Steve Newell 29:45 Gunnersbury 30' pacer 60%
Joe Nolan 37:00 Black Park 37' pacer 43%
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal
Richard Ruffell 20:15 Cassiobury parkrun pb, run #90 75%
Sreeram Sethuraman 25:45 Upton Court 51%
Jeremy Short 23:19 Crane Park 65%
Fiona Smith 29:41 Harrow pb, run #16 52%
Janet Smith 32:11 Black Park best WMA score at Black Park 52%
Steve Taylor 23:15 Northala Fields run #40 64%
Graham Taylor volunteer Savill Garden Jun

The weather was generally ideal for running this weekend with cool and calm conditions and generally dry underfoot.

Colin Haylock has been an occasional parkrunner since 2008 but he had never previously run faster than he did (18:52) at Bushy Park on the 11th anniversary run this Saturday.  Bushy regular Ian Cunningham put in a volunteering shift as funnel manager and probably had a busy time with over 1100 runners.

Richard Ruffell returned from holiday and made a beeline for Cassiobury Park (20:15) for his 90th parkrun and produced his best ever time there or any of the other 44 parkruns he has visited on tour.  Sharon Kassemzadeh who certainly used to be a member and must be thinking of rejoining, surely, put in another excellent performance (22:35) and a WMA score of 85.9%.

We are getting used to hearing of Adrian Haines in running quickly on Saturday mornings and he was only four seconds off a course pb at Horsham this week (18:54).

Chris Kelly ran without a dog at Reading (19:54).  We have sometimes wondered in the past if he has been towed round.  Neil Frediani introduced his canine companion to Bedfont Lakes (34:25) for a first outing.  It can only get better.

Pacing guru Joe Nolan rostered himself for a walk/run/jog group at Black Park (37:00, on the nail) and Janet Smith finished ahead of him by nearly five minutes and registered her best ever WMA score (52.1%) at Black Park.

Former BA staff member, Geoff Miles - event director at Osterley Park, is closing in on his 250 vest.

Our club has never had a flourishing junior section but with the junior parkruns becoming more popular there might be new opportunities.  We will probably need someone to coordinate the compilation of results which I suggest are forwarded by the parents (or grandparents!).  Melanie Holman's children have run at Woodley recently and Graham Taylor was a volunteer at Savill Garden this weekend.

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

International parkrun day

It was parkrun's eleventh birthday last Saturday. Our attendees listed above represent less than 0.02% of the 118156 parkrun runners worldwide and 0.03% of the 10118 volunteers. But we did run at 2.37% of the 718 parkrun venues worldwide.

All non-junior parkruns worldwide are now shown on the club map - including additions like Rutland Water. I've also added a hyperlink to each parkrun website and postcodes for the UK parkruns. Those shown in red have been run by club members - click on them for details. Those in green haven't yet been run by club members - use Google maps to get directions. Reminder:

Roderick Hoffman

The 11th anniversary of parkrun, celebrated by International parkrun day, on Saturday 3rd October coincided with our pacer day (first Saturday of every month) at Black Park. We extended the 19-33 squadron with the addition of 35 and 37 pacers after many requests helping many more to new PBs and fastest times in a while !  Pacer day attracts many more runners every month (531 total this week).  I ran as 37 pacer 'training' some new recruits - we still had 71 runners behind so we are hoping to add a 39 before long as well.  See pic by George Mardall.

Joe Nolan

Ed: Three UK parkruns, including nearby Aldenham, had fewer than 30 runners last Saturday. Joe is close to having more pacers than those parkruns have runners!

Meet the Committee...

No space this week, should be back next week {thanks Joe, SteveH and others!}.


Upper body mechanics can make or break an efficient run. For starters, imagine a line being drawn straight down the centre of your body dividing your body from right to left. This is called your midline. Swinging your arms, or as little as your hands over that midline, usually causes your upper body to follow in a twisting motion back and forth over the midline. This is energy that could be used to run quicker. Holding your arms a bit wider than your hips can help eliminate the hands and upper body torque over the midline. Another energy saving tip with your arm movement, is the range of motion in which your arms swing. Think, pocket to socket. Holding your arms at 90 degrees, bringing your thumb from eye socket to pocket in a continuous repetition. That is about the range of motion your arms should swing in movement to help decrease any extra energy expenditure. Too much arm swing creates too much lateral motion, taking you off your course. Efficient arm swing and upper body rotation will help you travel in a straight line and get from A to B faster.

Joe Nolan

Coaching Opportunities - Coach & Officials Education Programme - South East and East Area - October Update

England Athletics are offering a range of coaching and officials training programmes in the coming months.  If you want to apply for one of these courses, BAAC are happy to consider helping with the fees for club members.  Let me know if you are interested. courses flyer October 2015.pdf Course flyer October 2015.pdf

Steve Hillier

Better Times - BA runners get quicker with age, and the clock helps !

Well, I don't know what's going on ....after taking 4mins off my half marathon PB a month ago in Maidenhead, I ran my fastest parkrun for 4 years a fortnight ago and then on Sunday, in excellent running conditions, the South Bucks 10k ran my fastest 10k this year (had set my PB just last year at this event) - great to see the BA clock greeting me again yesterday with a pleasing 47m34s.

Joe Nolan

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