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BA Athletics Club News Digest 6th January 2020


  • Saturday 11th January Men's and Ladies Cross Countries - (ladies - see below) #
  • Wednesday 22nd January Five Mile Handicap at Bedfont Club from 18:00 #
  • Tuesday 28th January - Round-the-Block at Cranford/Heston at 12:30 # (see below)

Our next Bedfont Club meeting will be THIS Wednesday 8th January for ad hoc runs and 22nd (Handicap). All members are welcome.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at most of our events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 1st November.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 18th November 2019) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Ladies Cross Country THIS Saturday #

First of, Happy New Year to you all.

Sat 11th Jan 1pm, Ladies Surrey League XC 3rd Match. This is to be held at Wimbledon Common. Division 1 starts at 11.00am and Division 2 starts at 1.00pm.

The hosts are Belgrave Harriers and Hercules Wimbledon (joint hosts) and they have the minimum number of volunteers to help out on the course as marshals. I have volunteered myself as they expect each club to at least contribute a volunteer.

The info for Saturday's match at Wimbledon Common follows. The location map can be found on the league website,

We are in Division 2 and starts at 1.00pm. I hope to see many of you there. I'm marshalling on the day, likely have to help out from the start. I'll see you there though and will take my blue table. I propose we use that as our meeting point although I may not be there when you arrive but will see you on the course :)


The start finish is adjacent to The Causeway and West Place on Wimbledon Common. The nearest post code is the nearby Fox and Grapes pub on Camp Road, SW19 4UN. 

11.00;  Senior Ladies Division 1

(Two large laps), Start-A-B-C-D-E-A-B-C-D-E-Finish.  Not less than 8km.

12.00;  U15/17 girls

(One large lap), Start-A-B-C-D-E-Finish. Not less than 4km.

12.30;  U13 girls

(One small lap), Start-A-B-D-E-Finish. Approx. 3km.

1.00;    Senior Ladies Division 2

(Two large laps), Start-A-B-C-D-E-A-B-C-D-E-Finish. Not less than 8km.

Toilets (T) and cafe at the Windmill carpark a five or ten minute jog from the start. 

First Aid at the Start/Finish with the nearest hospital at Kingston.

Clara Halket

Parkland Mile inaugural event on Thursday 6th February

The Parkland Mile will be launching on Thursday 6th February at 12:45. One clockwise lap of the Hawthorns in the Parkland near Waterside. The trial event was successful last week and Steve Newell kindly measured the course. This event follows on from the A4 Dream Mile providing a mile time trial challenge each month.

Ian Cunningham

ED: "Clockwise" and "Anti-clockwise" are archaic terms relating to clocks with faces - so not readily understood by some youngsters. However the direction "Clockwise" dates back even earlier - it is the direction taken by the shadow of the pointer on the dial as it goes round a sundial in the Northern Hemisphere.  Had clocks with faces been invented first in the southern hemisphere then "Clockwise" would be the other direction.

Monday 30th December - Round the Airport

Information on Facebook suggests that this was run, but so far I've not received any reports so I don't know how many ran and whether they completed the whole circuit.

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for New Year's Day 2020

Member 1st January parkrun GMT Time Grade PB Comment
TRUE Roderick HOFFMAN Coburg 21:29 31Dec-19 00:29:59 53.03% run #379, park#293, BApark #550
TRUE Roderick HOFFMAN Darebin 23:04 31Dec-19 00:34:14 46.45% run #380, park#294, BApark #551
#N/A Charlotte HABGOOD Darebin 23:10 31Dec-19 00:40:34 44.04%
TRUE Paul WATT Pole Mokotowskie 08:21 01-Jan-20 00:21:41 70.25% park #35, BApark #552
TRUE Julie BARCLAY Pole Mokotowskie 08:21 01-Jan-20 00:21:45 83.22% F-1, park #40,  BApark #552, age cat rec
TRUE Paul Davis Henley-on-Thames 08:53 01-Jan-20 00:23:15 58.28% 0830 start, park #31
TRUE John Scaife Dinton Pastures 09:07 01-Jan-20 00:37:14 45.03% 0830 start
TRUE Benita Scaife Dinton Pastures 09:07 01-Jan-20 00:37:18 54.33% 0830 start
TRUE James Shoulder Crane Park 09:18 01-Jan-20 00:18:52 68.37% PB   course pb by 1 sec
TRUE Mike Dennison Crane Park 09:20 01-Jan-20 00:20:05 80.58% 32nd run at Crane Park
TRUE Barry WALTERS Andover 09:22 01-Jan-20 00:22:23 74.24% 1st run at Andover
TRUE Ian Cockram Littlehampton Prom 09:24 01-Jan-20 00:24:00 62.43% park #84, BApark #553
TRUE Maria Jovani Crane Park 09:24 01-Jan-20 00:24:07 64.75% run #298
TRUE Bob Bannister Crane Park 09:24 01-Jan-20 00:24:31 67.17%
TRUE Ian CUNNINGHAM Greenwich 09:24 01-Jan-20 00:24:44 63.21% club record, park #51
TRUE Ben Chaytow Crane Park 09:24 01-Jan-20 00:24:55 56.05%
TRUE Caroline Cockram Littlehampton Prom 09:24 01-Jan-20 00:24:55 67.29% 1st run at Littlehampton, park #85
TRUE Scott DAVISON Crane Park 09:25 01-Jan-20 00:25:04 57.91% 4th New Year at Crane
TRUE Paul TIMMS Stonehouse 09:25 01-Jan-20 00:25:51 59.96% run #42, park #13, BA park#554
TRUE Anne Bannister Crane Park 09:28 01-Jan-20 00:28:07 70.01% PB   course pb by 59 secs (4 years ago)
TRUE David DUGGAN Harwich 09:28 01-Jan-20 00:28:36 55.59% park #79, BApark #555
TRUE Denis Foxley Canons Park 09:28 01-Jan-20 00:28:38 61.58% PB   course pb by 46 secs
TRUE Neil FREDIANI Rushmoor 09:30 01-Jan-20 00:30:25 53.64% park #54 at 9 a.m.
TRUE Joe NOLAN Black Park 09:30 01-Jan-20 00:30:44 54.07% 314th run at Black Park
TRUE Sarah GORDON Hanley 09:35 01-Jan-20 00:35:37 55.26% club rec (F), park #115
TRUE Petra OTTO Snowden Field 09:36 01-Jan-20 00:36:10 58.66% 3rd run at Snowden Field
TRUE Janet Smith Black Park 09:36 01-Jan-20 00:36:21 49.15% 46th run at Upton Court
TRUE Piers KEENLEYSIDE Highbury Fields 09:38 01-Jan-20 00:38:32 42.34% 4th run at Highbury Fields
FALSE Joan FOXLEY Canons Park 09:38 01-Jan-20 00:38:55 58.16%
#N/A Sarah KELLY Tring 09:43 01-Jan-20 00:43:52 44.22%
TRUE Christopher T KELLY Tring 09:43 01-Jan-20 00:43:53 34.71% park #52
TRUE Trish MCCABE Deerpark Forest 09:59 01-Jan-20 00:29:09 53.17% 2s slower than Saturday
TRUE Eddie GILES Bournemouth 10:27 01-Jan-20 00:27:15 65.50% 10.00 a.m.start, park #21
TRUE Denis Foxley Harrow 10:30 01-Jan-20 run director
TRUE Benita Scaife Maidenhead 10:30 01-Jan-20 timekeeper
TRUE John Scaife Maidenhead 10:30 01-Jan-20 timekeeper
TRUE Neil FREDIANI Frimley Lodge 10:32 01-Jan-20 00:32:50 49.70% park #55 at 10 a.m.
TRUE James Shoulder Osterley 10:49 01-Jan-20 00:19:14 67.07% PB   course pb by 7 secs
TRUE Mike Dennison Osterley 10:49 01-Jan-20 00:19:59 80.98% 6 secs better than at Crane Park
TRUE Paul Davis Upton Court 10:51 01-Jan-20 00:21:23 63.37% PB   course pb by 13 secs
TRUE Frankie HOGGE California Country 10:52 01-Jan-20 00:22:12 66.67% PB   course pb
TRUE Murray HOGGE California Country 10:52 01-Jan-20 00:22:13 71.57% PB   course pb (18"), club record (M)
TRUE Barry WALTERS Southampton 10:52 01-Jan-20 00:22:14 74.74% 1st run at Southampton, park #45
TRUE Ben Chaytow Osterley 10:52 01-Jan-20 00:22:21 62.49% PB   course pb by 52 secs
TRUE Bob Bannister Osterley 10:53 01-Jan-20 00:23:37 69.72% faster than at Crane
TRUE Maria Jovani Osterley 10:53 01-Jan-20 00:23:38 66.08% run #299
TRUE Jacqueline MUSSELWHITE Woking 10:54 01-Jan-20 00:24:23 69.58% 72nd run at Woking
TRUE Ian CUNNINGHAM Bexley 10:54 01-Jan-20 00:24:24 64.07% club record, park #52
TRUE Ian Cockram Bognor Regis 10:55 01-Jan-20 00:25:39 58.41% 1st run at Bognor, park #86
TRUE Stephen K TAYLOR Osterley 10:56 01-Jan-20 00:26:08 59.31% 4th run at Osterley
TRUE Caroline Cockram Bognor Regis 10:56 01-Jan-20 00:26:13 63.95% 1st run at Bognor ,park #86
TRUE Paul TIMMS Stratford Park, Stroud 10:57 01-Jan-20 00:27:46 55.82% run #43, park #14, BA park #556
TRUE Keith Johnson St Albans 10:56 01-Jan-20 00:26:41 54.84% run #40, 18th at St Albans
TRUE David DUGGAN Clacton Seafront 10:59 01-Jan-20 00:29:49 53.33% park #80, BApark #557
TRUE Anne Bannister Osterley 11:00 01-Jan-20 00:30:42 64.12% only one pb today, sorry
TRUE Janet Smith Upton Court 11:05 01-Jan-20 00:35:46 49.95% 10th run at Upton Court
FALSE Joan FOXLEY Harrow 11:08 01-Jan-20 00:38:53 58.21%
TRUE Petra OTTO March 11:10 01-Jan-20 00:40:13 52.76% 63rd run at March
TRUE Jain Reid Richmond Park 11:10 01-Jan-20 00:40:52 43.15% very very crowded
TRUE Sarah GORDON The Wammy 11:10 01-Jan-20 00:40:55 48.11% run #252, park #116, BApark #558
#N/A Sarah KELLY Wendover Woods 11:17 01-Jan-20 00:47:02 41.25%
TRUE Christopher T KELLY Wendover Woods 11:17 01-Jan-20 00:47:02 32.39% park #53
TRUE Alan & Ann ANDERSON Osterley 11:18 01-Jan-20 00:48:34 56.18%

parkrun review New Year's Day 2020

A truly astonishing New Year's Day for parkrun in UK with 390 events and close to 160,00 completed runs (not sure how many without barcodes!).  After the huge crowd at Bushy Park (2545) on Christmas Day many regulars and irregulars (including all our members) chose to go somewhere else for a change.  Our members were part of record attendances (or helping out) including Barry Walters (22:14) at the biggest of all - Southampton (1331), Eddie Giles (27:15) at Bournemouth (967), Richmond Park (913), Osterley (744), Bexley (721), The Wammy (674), Dinton Pastures (656), Maidenhead (625), Hanley (507), California Country (495), Wendover Woods (475), Greenwich (467), Woking (439), Stonehouse (383), Stratford Park, Stroud (320), Harrow (308) and Littlehampton Prom (295).  (see table above for individual details).  The panic request for extra finish tokens at Osterley was well justified – the 744 required was more than 150 than ever before and 230 more than 1st January last year.

Our biggest groups were the seven at Crane Park (9 a.m.) and eight at Osterley (10.30 a.m.)  Of the seven at Crane all but Scott Davison moved on to run at Osterley as well.

We added no fewer than nine new parks to our collection in the space of a morning (albeit across several timezones) moving the total onto 558.  The details (taking timezone, advertised start time and run time into account) and the new club course records are – Coburg Vic, AU (Roderick Hoffman 29:59), Darebin Vic, AU  (Roderick Hoffman 34:14), Pole Mokotowskie, Warsaw (Paul Watt 21:41 and Julie Barclay 21:45), Littlehampton Prom (Ian Cockram 24:00 and Caroline Cockram 24:55), Stonehouse, Glos (Paul Timms 25:51), Harwich (David Duggan 28:36), Stratford Park, Stroud (Paul Timms 27:46), Clacton Seafront (David Duggan 29:49) and The Wammy, Newcastle under Lyme (Sarah Gordon 40:55).  Julie Barclay’s run in Warsaw where she was the first lady to finish lowered her age category record by three quarters of a minute.
Some club records were improved including Greenwich (Ian Cunningham 24:24), Bexley (Ian Cunningham 24:24) and California Country (Murray Hogge 22:13 – male record only!).

I will argue that some classic doubles are easier than others with the severity of the courses and the distance between them needing to be considered.  I congratulate Chris Kelly and his wife Sarah who tackled the undulations at Tring at 9 a.m. and then made their way up to the summit of Wendover Woods to do it all again at 10.30.  A tough workout even without the seasonal mud!

As an alternative to the Wilson Index chase which is restricted to those who have run at an inaugural (which was once promoted by parkrun HQ but now subtly discouraged) Steve Newell is issuing a new challenge just for this year 2020.  The idea is to run (or volunteer) at as many parkruns with a run number that is a multiple of 20 (e.g. 20,40,60, 700, etc).  Surprisingly, nobody was at one on New Year’s Day.  Runs to aim for in the LHR area will be mentioned in the coming weeks.  The usual pint of Fullers beer of the winner’s choice is being offered as the prize with a brewery tour ending up in the tasting room for anyone reaching double figures. 2020 will be a special year for parkrun as 29th February is on a Saturday for the first time since parkrun started.  It won’t happen again until 2048 so realistically this is probably your only chance.  Start planning now.

Steve Newell

PS: See next week's digest for the results from Saturday 4th January (as well as for the 11th, for those not doing the cross-countries)

Steve's parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

Full club parkrun database - {read access to new club parkrun database} - Download and explore.

New Year's Day Doubles

So, who travelled from where to where, how far and with how many others? 22 BA runners undertook a New Year's double. Ian Cunningham had least to travel between the two, but you can be sure that he did run between the two. Others also ran but obviously I've only got hearsay evidence of that. Sarah Gordon ran from Hanley to The Wammy and in total 355 went between the two - the largest crowd any of our runners experienced. Elsewhere 600 parkrunners travelled from Scunthorpe to Normanby Hall (and slightly more between a pair in South Africa).

Barry Walters travelled the furthest of us, about 25miles between Andover and Southampton (the world's largest parkrun on New Year's Day with 1331 attendees). I don't know if Barry travelled with the only other person to do that pair. But someone did manage to exceed the 25miles by running their first parkrun in Australia and their second in Canada - permitted on New Year's Day. Note that these numbers exclude volunteers - for example as well as the 304 runners at Coburg and Darebin I've calculated that a further 10 had a non-running volunteer credit at one and ran at the other. For the map showing all of the flows:

From To Number Distance
Greenwich Bexley 240 1.7m
Rushmoor Frimley Lodge 237 2.6m
Hanley The Wammy 355 2.7m
Stonehouse Stratford Park, Stroud 208 2.7m
Tring Wendover Woods 233 2.7m
Canons Park Harrow 119 2.9m
Black Park Upton Court 241 3.3m
Crane Park Osterley 179 3.5m
Coburg (au) Darebin (au) 304 5.9km
Scunthorpe Normanby Hall 600* 3.9m
Littlehampton Prom Bognor Regis 112 5.6m
Dinton Pastures Maidenhead 68 8.7m
Harwich Clacton Seafront 127 12.4m
Snowden Field March 7 13.6m
Henley-on-Thames Upton Court 2 18m
Andover Southampton 2 25m
Zillmere (au) Richmond Olympic (ca) 1* lots

* not BA

Roderick Hoffman

My version of Groundhog Day for new year was to finish in the same position at both Greenwich and Bexley this morning. Mind you the times were 20 seconds apart so it will have to be put down as “could do better”.


Ian Cunningham

The records tumbled in Berkshire as Benita and I ran then queued at Dinton Pastures which attracted a record 656. Queued because there was a huge overflow leading back from the finish line which meant that folk in the mid-field bulge had to wait five minutes to get across the line and into the funnel. We then hared off to Maidenhead where we were the timekeepers, and another record field of 625, just beating Christmas Day’s 623. It was also Maidenhead’s 250th parkrun and a one-off course was engineered to finish adjacent to Braywick Court school which kindly opened up their premises where coffee and cake were served. I fear the caretaker will be cursing parkrun as he/she spends the next couple of days scraping dried mud off the floor.

John Scaife

Prison Break disguised by park run activity

"Three prison escapees were quickly recaptured after they made a break for freedom from Lower Drummans prison in Northern Ireland on New Year's Day during a park run event organized by the inmates. They were quickly recaptured when alert park run staff spotted them at the nearby Derry City park run just one hour later."

Ed: Well, I did say that I would have to make up false news if insufficient real news was sent in - or maybe there is some truth to this?.

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