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BA Athletics Club News Digest 6th April 2015


  • Wednesday 8th April Watersplash 10k Heston Venue sports-ground for 18:00pm start followed by social with food (see below)
  • Are you up to a half marathon at the weekend?  Hillingdon Half - see below
  • Monday 13th April Track & Field Grand Prix Hillingdon Track Uxbridge (1000m + Triple Jump) - Be ready at 18:00.
  • Wednesday 6th May - Speedbird Ladies 5k - Harmondsworth Moor 19:00

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Watersplash 10km and 5km Wednesday 8th April 2015 reminder

The annual Watersplash 10km event will be held on Wednesday 8th April with wave starts designed to bring everyone to the finish line in the Field Of Hope (M4 junction 3 pedestrian area) by 7.15 p.m.  There will be a 5km (running) option starting at 6.40 p.m.  Those wanting to walk a 5km should wait at the end of Church Road and set off up the bridge when the first wave of runners have come past.

Start times

  • "10 minute milers"   6.12 p.m. and 5km (walking)
  • "9 minute milers"     6.18 p.m.
  • "8 minute milers"     6.24 p.m.
  • "7 minute milers"     6.30 p.m.
  • elite start                  6.35 p.m.
  • 5km (mass start)     6.40 p.m.

The 10km course will be the "figure of 8" one used many times before with an anticlockwise circuit of the Western International Market site followed by a clockwise loop through Cranford Park, through the archway, along the alley, up Roseville Road, along North Hyde Road and returning to the start finish area via the Parkway (A312) cycle track. Map of course:

Entries in advance please (for catering purposes) to:

Steve Newell

April Mile Results (part 1)

Hi All,

Considering the recent wind and rain, we had a reasonable settled day with just a slight head wind. The air was cool, and the ground was dry (just!), but still no PB’s, but some very good times… Derek Baker is proving to be Mr. consistent, with all of his three runs being within 4 seconds of each other. He was also only 1 second outside his PB with a  time of 7:47. Steve Taylor (6:49) and Bernard Sexton (5:25), both had good runs too, falling just 4 seconds and 7 seconds outside their bests.  It was also good to see Tim Hawkes join us after a long absence. Currently training for the London Marathon he decided to add some speed to his training and recorded a time of 5:29.

Previous Best Time Last Recorded Time 08-Jan-15 05-Feb-15 04-Mar-15 02-Apr-15 Difference Best Time
Steve Taylor 00:06:45 00:06:52 00:07:06 00:06:49 00:06:55 00:06:49 -06 seconds 00:06:45
Bernard Sexton 00:05:20 00:05:49 00:05:51 00:05:32 00:05:27 -05 seconds 00:05:20
Derek Baker 00:07:46 00:07:50 00:07:47 -03 seconds 00:07:46
Paul Knechtl 00:04:56 00:05:06 00:05:15 00:05:08 00:05:25 00:05:23 -02 seconds 00:04:56
Simon Ashford 00:06:18 00:06:18 00:06:40 00:06:38 00:06:43 +05 seconds 00:06:18
Tim Hawkes 00:05:19 00:05:19 00:05:29 +10 seconds 00:05:19
Dave Bird 00:05:52 00:06:24 00:06:07 00:06:00 00:06:23 +23 seconds 00:05:52
Carl Pierce 00:08:19 00:08:45 00:09:13 +28 seconds 00:08:19

Since a lot people were away this week due to Easter, there will be another chance at the mile next week on the 9th April – if you missed today or fancy another go.

The May event will be on Thursday 7th May 2015.

Paul Knechtl

BAAC New Membership Year - Subscriptions Due - Reminder

The club's membership year runs from April through to March and that means therefore that a new year's subscription is now due. The membership fee has been frozen at £9 for full members and associate members alike.  For those who affiliate to England Athletics their annual affiliation fee has increased from £10 to £12 but the club has decided not to pass on the England Athletics fee increase to any existing club member who renews automatically through direct debit or promptly with cash, cheque or money transfer by the end of April.

So a summary of the fees due:

  Membership only Membership with EA affiliation paid promptly Membership with EA affiliation paid after April Comments
Full Member £9 £19 £21 BA Clubs (London) membership required.
Associate Member £9 £19 £21  

Full details of membership including payment options:

Shortcut to this year's membership form: membership form

Note that new Direct Debits are no longer being accepted.  Electronic transfers are possible for renewals - contact the treasurer for details.

These digests are sent to a distribution list that includes many non-members. You are more than welcome to continue to receive these digests and to meet us and run with us without joining.  But £9 isn't much to ask for you to say that you are a British Airways Athletics Club runner!

Roderick Hoffman, Alan Friar, Chris Kelly

London Marathon Volunteers

Thank you to those that offered to help at this year's Virgin Money London Marathon on Sunday 26th April. As always the response has been excellent and I've now got the required number of marshals, I don't require any more. Final details have been e-mailed out but just as a reminder, the pre-race brief will be on Thursday 23rd April from 19:00 at Imperial College - Heston Venue (formerly known as the Concorde Centre).

BAAC also supports other London Marathon organised events (BUPA 10km, City Race & Ride London) and it would be great to have your help for these races too. Requests for help will go out in due course.


Simon Turton

Club parkrun results for Saturday 4th April 2015

4th Apr 2015 Family & Friends Time parkrun Comment Grade
Stuart Hayes 16:41 Crane Park Olympic Triathlete 2012 80%
John Coffey 24:42 Bushy Park run #173 74%
Alice Banks 25:52 Maidenhead course pb 72%
Alan Anderson 30:06 Gunnersbury run #358 68%
Kerstin Luksch 22:02 Gunnersbury 4th female 68%
Eddie Giles 26:09 Northala Fields run #55 65%
Roderick Hoffman 25:24 Beeston (Notts) BApark #159, park #108 60%
Tony Barnwell 31:13 Northala Fields run #76 58%
Steve Newell 30:58 Gunnersbury run #172 57%
Marion Taylor 30:00 Gunnersbury run #31 57%
Ben Chaytow 24:31 Crane Park run #99 55%
Monica Alonso 29:51 Guildford run #51 54%
Sarah Gordon 34:27 Beeston (Notts) run #64, park #35 54%
Chris Cowell 33:35 Maidenhead run #301, park #142 52%
Joe Nolan 31:53 Black Park 32' pacer mentor ? 50%
Sreeram Sethuraman 28:23 Upton Court run #40 46%
Gareth Hobby 30:34 Reading run #9 45%
Neil Frediani 35:27 Bedfont Lakes run #114 44%
Janet Smith 38:01 Queen Eliz CP run #30. seriously hilly 44%
Alice Banks volunteer Maidenhead pre-event setup
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal

After almost missing the start at Maidenhead last week, Alice Banks arrived at Braywick Park so early this last Saturday she had time to put in a volunteer shift and set up the course first and then zoom round for a new pb and a new club female course record only six seconds slower than Roderick's all gender club mark.  Also running at Maidenhead was Chris Cowell, the exceptional parkrun tourist, increasing his tally to 142 [ED: I've added a "Most parks" tab to the club parkrun stats for this week only.  Chris was the first to achieve 100 tourist parkruns and all those who have followed him to the hundred now claim to be in the "Cowell" club.  There are now 41 in that club and the leader in the table has now run at 239 different events.  Chris is lagging behind in 8th place with his 142.  Roderick is struggling to stay in the top 35 hence his sudden tourism burst over the last few weeks!  Others in the club are further down the list - including Steve Newell in 134th place and Richard Ruffell in 302nd.]
Is Janet Smith on a new mission?  After two runs in the Bushy Park Time Trial in 2006 and some periods in hibernation in the intervening years she has now run at four different parks in the last four weeks and her run total is up to 30.  Her latest venture was at Queen Elizabeth Country Park near Horndean in Hampshire which is seriously hilly at the best of times and muddy and slippery as well after rain.
At Crane Park, Ben Chaytow moved on to 99 runs but faced stiff competition from Stuart Hayes who was the third man in the GB triathlon team in 2012 and helped nurse the Brownlees through the bike leg to launch them on to their medal winning runs.
Marion Taylor was delighted to finish ahead of Alan Anderson at Gunnersbury where the course reverted to the "summer" routing after almost five months,  Husband Steve was reported to be putting in a long marathon training run.
On tour in the East Midlands at Beeston (Nottingham), Roderick Hoffman ran at his 108th different parkun and moved the club total up to 159.  Or maybe that should be 160.  John Bagley ran at Reigate Priory but his membership status needs to be clarified.  Roderick's sister (Sarah Gordon) was also at Beeston, she had run there before, one of the 35 parkruns courses she has completed.

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell


No official parkrun for me yesterday.. but I did the test run of the new Bushy course this morning. It went well and should be up and running "soon". The new course is a touch more varied and gets into the heart of the park so feels quite a different run, but should be fairly swift as there is a good stretch on the tarmacked Cobblers Row. If there's anyone left who hasn't run the current course, get in there fast as its days are numbered!

Ian Cunningham

Running Shorts

Good Friday Marathon


I completed the Good Friday Marathon yesterday in a slowish time of 4:27:59 - I came 20th out of 85 finishers. The course was very much off-road. About 60% on canal towpaths, 20% road and 20% on rural footpaths. It rained most of the time and had been wet the previous day making conditions wet and muddy.

There were 5 start times between 8:00 and 9:00am with people going off in groups every 15 minutes. You could choose when to start it was not based on your expected finishing time. I went off with the first wave and after a couple of miles found myself in 2nd place!  It didn't last because at around mile 4 I followed the guy in front and it soon became apparent that we had gone the wrong way. We retraced our steps and found another group of 4 or 5 looking lost as well! After a couple more minutes someone spotted the yellow arrow pointing the correct way down a narrow alleyway between some houses. I think my detour had added about 10 minutes to my time and well over half a mile to the distance. The course was an out and back affair following the Stratford-upon-Avon canal north from Stratford towards Birmingham and I managed to stay on course for the rest of the race and caught most of the 8:00am people who overtook me whilst I was doing my bonus mile. I was 3rd or 4th finisher of the 8:00am starters but it seemed quite a few later runners were faster so I ended up 20th overall. I was still troubled by my recovering torn ham-string and recurring groin strain so a sub 3:30 at either Manchester or London is not looking very likely.

Regards Piers Keenleyside

Hillingdon Half Marathon Sunday 12th April

Piers, Jasvir Singh Modaher and I are early entrants in next Sunday's Hillingdon Half Marathon.  If your London training needs a competitive half distance practice or if you simply fancy a challenge just longer than four of your usual parkruns then entries are still open - online entries only until "Midday Friday 10th April 2015" from the website .  They may still be in need of "Event Makers" for the race and this could be personally rewarding - there are details on the website or you can email saying that you are available.

The course consists of two 5.4 mile laps on the roads around Brunel University following a smaller lap around the campus. Given Piers' various injuries he may be pleased to know that the course is never more than 1 mile away from the entrance to Hillingdon Hospital. Largely flat though there is an undulating section taken at 6 and 11.5 miles - though you may notice the downhill more than the up.  The biggest challenge may be the start time of 9:00.

Roderick Hoffman

Vitality British 10K London Run, 12th July 2015

Hi Everyone,

My charity ( has 6 places up for grabs for the Vitality British 10K London Run, 12th July 2015 (, around the great London landmarks (from Wellington Arch to Tower Bridge). We're willing to give them to anyone who will commit to fundraising on our behalf.

See attached flyer for detail of how to register with us - and please do pass this on to other communities that may have interested folks!


Andy Dutton

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