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BA Athletics Club News Digest 6th August 2012

This News Digest

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The idea of this communication is to consolidate some of the news items that would otherwise be forwarded individually to all club members.  This should reduce the total number of emails landing in your inbox whilst highlighting all of the running related news.  We will still send out prompt announcements for key events as separate emails. Please let us know if you think that this Digest is a good idea or on how it could be improved.  And please send us some items for inclusion in the next one.  Contact us at

Forthcoming Events

August is quiet because of some other sporting event taking up our time and resources but don't forget:

Wednesday 15th August Rosenheim Track&Field FINAL at Tooting. Starts 18:45. Club event champion Eddie Giles

Saturday 18th August Run-of-the-Month: 5k parkrun at Hanworth Park, Hounslow.  Start time 09:00. Club event champion Roderick Hoffman

Wednesday 22nd August Club In-house Event: Cranford Park Relay - meet at the Concorde Centre at 18:00.

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are particularly welcome on the 18th and 22nd. The full events diary is on the club website at:

BAAC National Champion

The club has a BRITISH CHAMPION in its ranks! Adrian Haines competed in Derby in the British Masters Championships on 21-22 July.  On Saturday he came 2nd in the 1500 in 4min 11.11 and on Sunday went one better in the 800 winning in 2min 03.37.  Adrian is really pleased with his successful weekend.  So are we - though we would have been even prouder had he been wearing our shirt rather than that of his first claim club!

Action photographs:

Adrian's no1 ranking:

Paralympics Marshalling Opportunity

"I know that a lot of you may have helped marshal at the road cycling events for the Olympics but may not be listed for the Paralympics.  If any of you now feel that you wish to participate in the road cycling events which will be held at Brands Hatch, then please let me know and I will forward your name on to the appropriate person.

I am afraid that I will no longer be participating in the Paralympics as my course work must come first as I am so close to finishing my degree, but I have really enjoyed being part of the cycling team, and I have had some unique experiences.

Thanks for your support I know it has been really appreciated by the team."

Natalie Lang (

The Windsor Great Park Dash 10k Vet2012 Results: Saturday 14 July

Running for British Airways AC Susan Cover recently received a First Prize Trophy for the Datchet Dash 10k held at Windsor Great Park for my Veteran 55 Age Group. Susan came 170th overall in a time of 1:01:50.  Since this was a 10k you will not be surprised to learn that Joe Nolan also represented British Airways - finishing in 166th place in 1:01:37.

PS it was wet and muddy - as shown in the photograph:

BAAC Event Champions

These 18 annual events all have club event champions to make them happen and enable us all to have a good time: Round-the-Block, Cross Country hosting, London Marathon marshalling, The Concorde 10k, Speedbird Ladies Race, BUPA 10,000 marshalling, The Green Belt Relay, Bridges Relay, The BA Fun Run, Great City Race marshalling, Rosenheim T&F, Round-the-Park, Woman's Challenge marshalling, Club T&F Championships, The Norfolk Relay, The World Airline Road Race, Winter Handicap, The Winter Quiz.  And there are probably others that I have missed.  These are in addition to the multitude of smaller internal and external events that individuals champion.

So the $64,000 question: How many of those events do you take part in and how many are you the club event champion for?  If at this point you are feeling guilty then we'd love you to step forward and offer your services because a couple of existing champions need to step down.  In most cases you just need a little bit of spare time, a willingness to swap a few emails before the day and run around a bit on the day of the event.  We will offer you all of the help and support you need.

Contact Steve Hillier at

Rosenheim West Woking 18th July Results

The Results of the 6th Rosenheim T&F league match at Woking on 18th July are on this link:

Just 3 of us turned up for this event, Steve Hillier, John Coffey & Eddie Giles on a cold & wet evening.  We kept the pressure on competing in 8 events, with 20 points to our credit we have managed to Get to the final again for the 2nd year running with the Eastern Division at Tooting Track on Wednesday 15th August.

Well done to everyone that has supported us in the league this season.  Hope to see you at Tooting. Eddie Giles

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