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BA Athletics Club News Digest 6th October 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Magic Mile - One mile time trial on the Bath road at 12:45 on 9th October - tell Paul Knechtl to expect you
  • Saturday 11th October Surrey League Matches - see below
  • Wednesday 29th October - The nights are drawing in - first 5 mile winter handicap of the season

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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London Marathon 2015 Opportunities

Many of you will be thinking of pounding the streets of London next Spring.  Should your application be unsuccessful, there might be an alternative...... 

The BA Athletics Club provides the Virgin Money London Marathon with over one hundred marshals.  In return VMLM provide us with some additional places that we can allocate to our members. Therefore we have a limited number of places to hand out in December or early in the New Year. The decision as to who will be allocated places will be taken by the BA Athletics Club committee and priority will be given to those who meet the following criteria.

  • Those who have helped BAAC marshaling in previous years and been unsuccessful in the ballot,
  • BA Athletics Club members who regularly support club events,
  • Paid up BA Athletics Club members,
  • People who have been unsuccessful through the ballot,
  • Family or Friends of people who meet the criteria above.

If you want to be considered for a place, think about which of those categories apply to you!  Then contact me on

Information about running and marshaling is provided through the weekly digest which is available in the Running and Jogging Yammer group and to anyone on the mailing list - request addition to the mailing list by emailing

Anyone offered and accepting a club space will be expected to pay the normal entry fee for the Marathon and to provide a minimum of two marshals to the BAAC to assist with the 2015 London Marathon. 

Steve Hillier

WARR World Airline Road Race 2014 Dublin  - Results and write-up next week

The photo shows Adrian Haynes, Paul Knechtl and Dave Dixon ready at the start of the 10k.  But how well did they get on? Lets say for now this has been a most successful WARR both in terms of being a global event and also for BA's participation.

WARR Dublin 10k start

Roderick Hoffman

Surrey League Matches - Details of Men's events on 11th and 25th October

Dear BAAC members & non-members,

We have two British airways cross country events coming up:

The first is the men's cross country at Richmond park on the 11th Oct at 3.00pm.  The starting point will be a few hundred meters from the entrance to the Isabella plantation, across the road from Brookfield hill car park (in-between Kingston Gate & Robin Hood Gate which has no entry - see linked map: courses/2014MensXCMatch1Course.pdf).

Also again British airways A/C has been invited to run at Sandhurst Barrages on the 25th Oct at 2.30pm for the 6 mile cross country race. Last year BA came 4th on the day with some very good food at the end (same again this year I hear - food that is, hopefully result also).

If anybody is interested in this very good event can they please let me know as soon as possible at / with car reg, colour & names of people in that car please. [just in case there is any misconception we need to know the colour of the car NOT the colour of the people.  I hope that that clears that up. ED ;-) ]

Many thanks, Gary Rushmer

Track&Field Championships and Family Fun Day - Eton track - Results/Write-up

Hi Everyone,

The results of the BAAC Championships & Family fun day at Eton track Sunday 28th September 2014.

Event Position Athlete Distance or Time Comment
100m * 1 Steve Hillier    15.97
2 Neil Frediani   17.31
3 Derek Baker   18.65 MV70 ( Datchet Dashers)
4 Harry Wild       28.26 MV80 vacant record to be ratified
200m  (no takers)
400m * 1 Eddie Giles      1.21
2 Derek Baker 1.27 See below for the judges decision on the photofinish between 2nd and 3rd.
3 Neil Frediani    1.27.5
4 Alex Holman    3.26 7 years old
800m 1 Eddie Giles      3.08
2 Derek Baker  3.12
3 Neil Frediani   3.17
4 Roderick Hoffman 3.23
1500 * 1 Neil Frediani  6.35
2 Rod Hoffman  6.44
3 Derek Baker    7.03
3000m 1 Roderick Hoffman  14.02
High Jump 1 Nick Edge         1.10m  MV65 record to be ratified
2 Neil Frediani   1.00m
Long Jump * 1 Nick Edge          3.23m
2 Neil Frediani   3.14m
3 Derek Baker   2.51m
Hammer Throw 1 Steve Hillier      30.03m
2 Paul Brandon   14.83m
3 Nick Edge          13.77m
4 Neil Frediani     11.23m
5 Harry Wild         10.88m  MV80 vacant record to be ratified
Javelin * 1 Leigh Bosson  39.56m  ( Eton leisure centre staff member)
2 Steve Hillier     25.65m
3 Neil Frediani   21.29m
4 Nick Edge         20.79m
5 Eddie Giles       17.55m
6 Paul Brandon  16.68m
7 Harry Wild        16.50m  MV80 vacant record to be ratified
8 Derek Baker    10.50m
Discus  (Ladies) 1 Mel Holman       11.46m
Discus * (Men) 1 Eddie Giles   21.91m  MV65 record to be ratified
2 Martin Holman   21.89m
3 Nick Edge          19.75m
4 Harry Wild 17.71m  MV80 vacant record to be ratified
5 Neil Frediani  17.08m
6 Derek Baker     13.02m
Shot Putt (Ladies) 1 Mel Holman        4.50m
Shot Putt ( Men) 1 Eddie Giles       7.30m
2 Nick Edge 6.90m
3 Paul Brandon      6.28m
4 Neil Frediani    6.08m
5 Harry Wild            5.72m  MV80 vacant record to be ratified
6 Derek Baker   5.09m
Wellie Wanging (Ladies) 1 Mel Holman        12.66m
2 Philipa Holman 8.11m 4 years old
Wellie Wanging (Men) 1 Harry Wild           18.63m
2 Paul Brandon     8.49m
3 Nick Edge 18.02m
4 Roderick Hoffman 15.76m
5 Eddie Giles          15.59m
6 Derek Baker        15.17m
7 Alex Holman       12.96m

* Superstars event

What a day for the BAAC Championships at Eton with glorious sunshine and not a hint of a breeze all afternoon.  11 BA member associated with the club + 2 others competed and everyone there enjoyed the challenges.

The Superstars event included 6 carefully chosen challenges !! of which Neil & Derek were on a battle to be crowned Superstars Champion.  In the 400m a dead heat was at first declared, but with another look at the situation using Roderick's finish photograph (see last week's issue) Derek was deemed the winner as his chest was above the finish line whereas although Neil had his foot over the line his chest was clearly behind the line. However that was Derek's only victory as Neil won the other 5 events so well done for Neil as Superstars Champ.

If there was a man of the match award, it has to go to Harry Wild, who not only was our Starter, Marksman, timekeeper he also chalked up a few MV80 records and won the acclaimed Wellie Wanging event.

A big thank you also to Paul Brandon & Lesley Giles for help with the timing & Roderick Hoffman for being around as well.

Nice to see the Holman family out in force, all enjoying the events, Philipa & Alex eating the eggs after the egg & spoon races, Haloween inspired Cadburys "Scream" eggs, yummy or what!!

When I asked how old they were, Philipa said "four", Alex said "seven", and they said Laurie in the push chair was "Zero", (he is actually eleven months).  They have grown up so fast.

On the day as I said, Neil won the Superstars and also competed in the most events 10 of 12, Eddie won the most event 4 of 12

Harry bagged the most club records & Roderick ran the longest distance, 5,300m.  Steve Hillier managed to get to the track at 4pm with Linda, as they had a Sunday lunch with some of her church parishioners on her sadly leaving the church. We all wish her well for whatever Linda goes on to do.  Roderick suggested that Linda had left her leaving for Eton having eaten but perhaps he shouldn't have.

That’s it for this year’s Track & Field excitement, see you all next year.

Eddie Giles

Club parkrun results for Saturday 4th October (parkrun's tenth anniversary)

parkrun field Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time Comment
Bushy parkrun 1705 340 312 Ian CUNNINGHAM British Airways AC 00:22:32
Reading parkrun 360 23 23 Christopher T KELLY British Airways AC 00:19:52
Reading parkrun 360 208 165 Alan FRIAR British Airways AC 00:27:23
Black Park parkrun 423 159 135 Eddie GILES British Airways AC 00:26:01
Black Park parkrun 423 191 157 Joe NOLAN British Airways AC 00:27:00 Let me guess…27 minute pacer.
Guildford parkrun 299 130 24 Monica ALONSO British Airways AC 00:25:59 Pre-WARR warm-up
Gunnersbury parkrun 255 82 10 Kerstin LUKSCH British Airways AC 00:23:45
Gunnersbury parkrun 255 168 134 Alan ANDERSON British Airways AC 00:27:42
Gunpowder parkrun 110 31 26 Tony HIRD British Airways AC 00:24:31
Malahide parkrun 407 156 120 Roderick HOFFMAN British Airways AC 00:26:15 Pre-WARR warm-up. Park #90
Malahide parkrun 407 249 163 Tony BARNWELL British Airways AC 00:29:32 Pre-WARR warm-up
Malahide parkrun 407 250 87 Benita Scaife Maidenhead AC 00:29:33 Pre-WARR warm-up
Malahide parkrun 407 251 164 John Scaife Maidenhead AC 00:29:34 Pre-WARR warm-up
Malahide parkrun 407 269 174 Steve NEWELL British Airways AC 00:30:12 Pre-WARR warm-up
Crane Park parkrun 97 20 19 Ben CHAYTOW British Airways AC 00:22:21
Upton Court parkrun 88 49 39 Sreeram SETHURAMAN British Airways AC 00:27:54
Marlay parkrun 486 117 103 Denis FOXLEY British Airways AC 00:24:16 First parkrun, also pre-WARR warm-up
St Anne's parkrun 223 100 18 Daniela MAYEROVA British Airways AC 00:26:33 parkrun pb
St Anne's parkrun 223 102 84 Neil FREDIANI British Airways AC 00:26:34 pacer / pre-WARR warm-up
St Anne's parkrun 223 103 85 Paul KNECHTL British Airways AC 00:26:36 pacer / pre-WARR warm-up
Northala Fields parkrun 115 32 30 Stephen Keith TAYLOR British Airways AC 00:24:15

A good club turnout on parkrun's tenth birthday celebration event.  Ten club family ran a pre-WARR parkrun at three different Dublin parks and at Guildford.  Most of those achieved slower than normal parkrun times but Daniela was chased round by Neil and PK to easily her best parkrun time and Denis ran his first ever parkrun ahead of an award winning result in WARR.

Steve Newell / Roderick Hoffman

While most of the BA team were doing some parkrun tourism in Dublin I was (as ever) at Bushy Park to get the full-on 10th anniversary experience. The atmosphere was really quite special with 1705 (!!) runners and a large team of marshals. Paul Sinton-Hewitt was there, wearing his CBE, as well as the original 13 runners from 10 years ago.

Given the astronomical growth in the last few years who knows what the next 10 years will bring!!

Ian Cunningham

Updated parkrun stats: (later this week)

Updated BA parkrun map: Parkruns 2014.jpg {some parkruns may have been missed}

Running Contributions

Berlin Marathon Result Details

Hey fellow runners,

I participated in the Berlin Marathon on Sunday and achieved a 3:32 print PB – yippee de do da yippee .., with a negative split of 6 minutes 1:49 vs 1:43, which is a little too high.  I thoroughly enjoyed the event, very well organised with wide roads, so no congestion from the start.  There was not a cloud in the sky, however, I’d say 2/3rds of the course was shaded.

Having researched and read the water stations distributed cups rather than bottles, which just doesn’t work, I decided to run with a camel pack (1.5 litre), knowing this would initially slow me down but would later yield benefits by staying fully hydrated.  This really was a good decision as there were only three water stations for the first 8.5 miles; the number of stations increased significantly towards the last 8 miles. Not sure if this is to protect the runners sodium levels by stopping the intake of too much water but then there is the added danger of dehydration which I know all about!  The European marathons should take note from London and at least give the runners the option of fuelling as we all have different levels of hydration.

I knocked my watch at mile 11ish (hit the lap pace), at which point I then tried to work out pace and remaining distance, rather than just relax and simply reset the watch, which eventually I did at mile 12ish.  It’s important to remember, things may not always go to plan but to adapt is part of the job.

Anyway, very happy with the time, but back to the drawing board as my goal is a 3:29...I know, should have made more of an effort.

Rgds Colin Haylock

Ran my all time 10k PB today (South Bucks 10k) with a 46m48s  - life in m'ageing bones yet !  Pleased with that (previously 47m25s at Brighton in 2011)

Cheers, Joe Nolan

50 Years Running Reading

"50 years running", subtitled “on the sport of long distance running”, by Edwin (Eddie) Oxlade, published last year, describes the roughly parallel upward & downward curves of his own running career (born 1947, so slowing down seriously) & that of British distance running, which he demonstrates is in similarly bad trouble, in part because of the rise of the mass participation road races, where (he argues) the organisers cater for the elite & for the fun runner, taking little account of the serious club runner, & are seriously controlled by the sponsors (e.g. the British team were required to wear Adidas footwear at all times in the 2012 Olympics, including on the podium).

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it, & I am sure many of the club would agree about the decline, well demonstrated in his figures, & enjoy reading it too.

His sixteen chapters document the rise & the decline, & give his own views of the why.

296 pages, £12.89 including postage, from the author, whose email is

David Barnard

Home Farm, Cholesbury,

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