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BA Athletics Club News Digest 7th August 2017


  • Monday 21st August, Track&Field Grand Prix, Uxbridge/Hillingdon Track - 400m, Hammer, Long Jump from 18:00*
  • Wednesday 23rd August, Club-In-house-Event, BBQ on Harmondsworth Moor from 18:00* (see below)
  • Tuesday 5th September, Run-of-the-Month, Round-the-Park at Harmondsworth Moor at 12:30*

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Updated July 17th.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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Club Facebook Page "BARunner"

Wednesday 23rd August, Club-In-house-Event, BBQ on Harmondsworth Moor from 18:00

We are going to repeat our successful BBQ event of last year.  This is on Harmondsworth Moor, but not in the usual place - we'll use an area just north of Moor Lane - it is shown on the club map and has easy parking in Moor Lane available from 16:30.  We'll have a fun relay event which is likely to involve running, jumping and throwing from 18:00, then the BBQ from about 19:15.  Neil Frediani and Joe Nolan will plan the fun relay, Clara is mastering the BBQ.  Food and drink will be provided for all who tell us to expect them - please bring "potential members" (however unlikely they are to actually join the club) but please tell us in advance so that we can better guess numbers.

Roderick Hoffman obo Neil, Joe and Clara

Start training for...

  • Round-the-Park at Harmondsworth Moor on Tuesday lunchtime 5th September.
  • Orienteering on Saturday 9th September at the Barbican - for details see but expect the course to require navigation across three dimensions!
  • The Equinox 5k 20th September using the Heston Venue changing rooms and the Queen's Head for chat, food and drink afterwards.

Roderick Hoffman (team captain,

August Dream Mile - 3rd August 2017 result

Chris Kelly 00:06:23
Matthew Stratful 00:06:24
Toby Houghton 00:06:44
Roderick Hoffman 00:08:04
Simon Ashford 00:08:06
Fighting a strong SW sidewind which tended to hit us head-on on the unsheltered stretches of the Bath Road course.  It was good to welcome back Toby Houghton running for the first time for 364 days - he didn't do his best time, nor his worst.

The next Dream Mile will be on September 7th.

Roderick Hoffman obo Neil Frediani

Uxbridge Grand Prix, 31st July

The latest event in this summer's hard fought Track & Field Grand Prix series took place on Monday.  Simon rolled back the years with a sub-3 minute 800m run, including a negative split and a battle with a lively headwind to the tape.  The runners were cheered to the line by a group of sixty boot camp participants, preparing to go into action.

The BAAC competitors then moved to the throwing cage for a bit of plate spinning.  This time Steve held sway, with a season's best in the discus competition.  The boot campers were by this time groaning their way though press ups, so the cheering had subsided.


31/07/2017 800m   Discus  
Simon Turton V50 1st 02:57 2nd 16.16m (1.5kg)
Steve Hillier V60 2nd 03:47 1st 22.79m (1kg)

You are welcome to join us for training on the next two Mondays, prior to our next Grand Prix (400m, Hammer and Long Jump) on August 21st.


Steve Hillier

Club parkrun results for Saturday 5th August

5th August family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Paul Knechtl 17:54* Black Park M-1, club record 80%
Paul Watt 20:49* Black Park run #50 72%
Julie Barclay 21:33* Black Park F-1, run #100, club record(F) 82%
Chris Evans 23:33* Black Park run #172, 1st at Black Park 64%
Bob Bannister 24:18* Black Park run #282, course pb 67%
Alice Banks 24:44* Black Park run #91, 10th at Black Park 77%
Steve Taylor 25:19* Black Park run #69, 5th at Black Park 60%
Trish McCabe 26:24* Black Park run #195, course pb 58%
John Coffey 26:54 Black Park run #248, 1st at Black Park 70%
Roderick Hoffman 27:15 Black Park run #263, 5th at Black Park 57%
David Duggan 27:50 Black Park run #211, 4th at Black Park 56%
Unknown Runner 28:50 Black Park #DFYB n/a
Kevin Holland 30:52 Black Park run #83, 1st at Black Park 56%
Helen Smith 31:25 Black Park run #36, 1st at Black Park 62%
Alan Anderson 32:06 Black Park run #469, 2nd at Black Park 69%
Janet Smith 32:54 Black Park run #71, 38th at Black Park 52%
Steve Newell 36:43 Black Park run #275, 3rd at Black Park 50%
Sarah Knechtl 45:26 Black Park run #2, parkrun pb 34%
Tom Rowley 00:00 Black Park short course, not timed
Joe Nolan 00:00 Black Park short course, not timed
Scott Davison 23:52* Bedfont Lakes run #214, 183rd at Bedfont 60%
Ben  Chaytow 22:12* Crane Park run #172, 148th at Crane 61%
Benita Scaife 28:49 Dolls Point run #84,1st at Dolls Point 68%
John Scaife 28:49 Dolls Point run #97, BA Park #349 57%
Simon Scaife 28:50 Dolls Point run #7 45%
Saasha Scaife 31:00 Dolls Point run #1, with Charlotte (see below) 37%
Piers Keenleyside 27:36 Evesham run #173, 5th at Evesham 58%
Andrew Keenleyside 27:44 Evesham Piers' brother, run #1 58%
Kathryn Keenleyside 43:54 Evesham run #38, 3rd at Evesham 44%
Sarah Craggs Keenleyside 43:56 Evesham Piers' sister, run #5 38%
Daniel Keenleyside 46:00 Evesham Piers' nephew(junior), run #1 50%
Richard Ruffell 22:14* Gadebridge equals course pb 69%
Colin Russell 26:26* Oak Hill first run since February 52%
Chris Kelly 20:04* Reading run #347 75%
Alan Friar 27:50 Reading run #238 65%
Steve Waite 28:32 Riddlesdown run #10, all at Riddlesdown 60%
Eddie Giles 27:38 Salisbury run #86, 10th at Salisbury 62%
Ian Cockram 25:12* South Norwood BA park #350 59%
Caroline  Cockram 28:14 South Norwood BA park #350 58%

* Ed: Runners having completed the 5k course faster than Mo Farah had completed the 10,000m the previous evening. Our parkrun challenge for next Saturday is to run quicker than Mo over his two 5,000m runs combined.

The first parkrun “run of the month” at Black Park was a great success and more fully covered below.  If in reality the club members have shifted their prime activity from Wednesday evenings to Saturday mornings then there could be more gatherings like this in the future.  Paul Knechtl(17:54) was first home and set a new club record.  He was literally out of sight of the next runner towards the end.  Paul Watt (20:49) was next in and has qualified for his “50” vest.  Next came Julie Barclay (21:33) to set a new club record for our ladies and places her 8th out of a staggering 692 in her age group at Black Park (Ed: see: Her 81.83% also puts here in 74th place in the Black Park "age graded" league - although Brian Bennett remains higher at 56th with 82.57% ).

Elsewhere the Benita and John Scaife continued their tour of the Sydney area both finishing in 28:49 at Dolls Point.  Four of Benita’s best five runs have been in Australia.  Five Scaifes went round the course - see below. That was the 349th park our members have visited.  Ian (25:12) and Caroline Cockram (28:14) made it 350 with a run at South Norwood Country Park which has been going now for 5 weeks.  One of two in South London which started up recently and the least hilly of the runs on offer in the Croydon borough.  Only a little  further eastwards and in Bromley Borough is the possibly aptly named Hoblingwell which is now four weeks old and so far not too crowded.  There is the odd contour line on the course map!

Another family turnout - Piers Keenleyside(27:36) was one of five Keenleysides at Evesham this week,  Piers has now run there five times.  It could be a tricky sequence to maintain but with Piers you can’t rule anything out!

Richard Ruffell (22:14) equaled his club record at Gadebridge (Hemel Hempstead) but improved his WAVA score slightly having had a birthday or two since his previous visit.

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

August ‘Run-of-the-Month’ - Black Park parkrun 5th August - report

Black Park parkrun team photoWhat a great morning at the World Athletics Championship's satellite support event at Black Park last Saturday (5 August) -  'Super Saturday' parkrun and BA club Run-of-the-Month. Black Park is an amazingly scenic one lap woodland trail course, alongside Pinewood Film Studios where often we run through film scene zones !

We had every generation of runner taking part amongst the 668 attendance and got a great group picture showing the age range that included our Tom, Alice and Alan A amongst the local parkrunners.

We had a tremendous turnout with at least twenty members involved. Some missing the official team photo before the start but caught in other snapshots and certainly on route by the course photographer George Mardall.  Left to right in this picture - Joe, John, SteveN, Trish, Chris, Julie, PaulW, Kevin, Alice, PaulK, Tom, David, Roderick, SteveT, Janet.

Paul Knechtl leadSee all the day's pictures here (all freely downloadable):

And, what's more and real icing on the cake, we had first place finishers male and female with Paul Knechtl (17m 54s) and Julie Barclay (21m 33s - also celebrating her 100th parkrun). Paul Watts celebrated his 50 parkrun as well. They both brought lovely cake for us all too ! PK [pictured] was a phenomenal two minutes ahead of the second place runner Ciaran Crean who is the 'Active Slough' Communities Officer who also were promoting a health, fitness and wellbeing initiatives by participating in sporting activities.

I headed off with Tom, who after 100m he asked where the finish line was, so I pointed to the left, so he said we'll shortcut to the end now, a secret trick he taught me years ago so in fact we were the 'real first finishers' and then cheered in everyone else !

BA Black Park givawaysAs a BAAC promotion we supplied a bottle of water and a banana to every finisher which was very well appreciated by everyone there helping towards a fantastic atmosphere for the day.

Mustn't forget to mention that being first Saturday of the month it was my pacer squad day who did their job with precision as ever, helping a few of our members to new PBs as well !

I'd like to remark that I have parkran Black Park 267 times, and have attended/volunteered many times there as well, but last Saturday was my proudest day there welcoming so many of our members to see where 'I live' although I may of forgotten to point out which tree !! Many thanks to everyone.

Job done - cheers all - Joe Nolan

Joe Nolan {}

Dolls Point parkrun

Not for the first time the Scaifes made up almost 10 per cent of an Australian parkrun field, with five (including non-scoring Charlotte, two and a half) out of 61 participants at the 8th running of Dolls Point parkrun. On the west side of Botany Bay and within sight of the main runways at Sydney airport, it's dead flat and almost all on good sealed paths. Benita pleased with her 28:49, followed next day with a 41:23 at the annual 7k Bay Run at Iron Cove. Next Sunday it's City to Surf 14k, one of the world's biggest races with around 80,000 entrants and finishing at Bondi Beach.

John Scaife

BA staff Fun Run

Little Legs startThe official photographs are now available at:

There is a good one of me and Trish together but incase her partner reads this I'll post this one of the start of the Little Legs race instead.

As an aside you may be interested to learn that the photos enabled us to prove that one of the 10k Medalists could not have run the full second lap hence we've had to disqualify him.

Without corporate funding the Fun Run has still raised over £15,000 for Cancer Research UK.  There is also a silent auction underway - visit on Facebook but do so quickly 'cos it is due to end at 12:00 on Wednesday. Lots include, taking one at random, a tour for four of the Fullers Brewery.

Roderick Hoffman

34th International Airport Race in Hamburg 3rd September 2017 - free entry!


On September 3rd we will have our 34th Int. Airport Race a 10 miles race (16.1km) around HAM airport.  All airlines runners are invited to take part for free!  If you or some of BA runners are interested to take part in this event please contact me.  The Int. Airport Race is one of the most attractive races in northern Germany with approx. 2,000 participants.

Best regards,

Ralph Behrens {}

If anyone is interested then please contact Clara Halket or if you know Ralph contact him directly.

Ride London 2017

We fielded a team of sixteen marshals in Whitehall this year to man a crossing close to the Cenotaph.  As well as seasoned crossing team members, several new volunteers joined us to make the day a success.  Thank you to all of our marshals.  Here's some feedback from the London Marathon events team:

Overall the event has been a big success and everyone’s really pleased with how the weekend went. There’s also been a huge amount of positive feedback about the volunteers, see the comments in the link below as one really good example:

I wanted to say a big thank you from myself, Lucy and everyone on the team for all of the hard work in pulling things together and of course the time dedicated to the event on Sunday. Hopefully you enjoyed working with Tyrone and the additional volunteers who were in the area to support in the pedestrian crossing and yellow flag team roles.

James Quinlan, Volunteers Manager, London Marathon

Let's not forget the performances of our riders in completing 100 grueling miles during the day.  

Tejinder Modaher 07:28:17
Tim Bellars 05:52:47
Kevin Dargue 05:11:46
Marzia Coltelli 08:00:31
David Duggan 06:43:23
Lisa Green 07:23:10
Ian Cockram 06:43:24
Caroline Cockram 06:43:25

Thanks again, and well done,

Steve Hillier

From Facebook

I was at the Gloucester City Marathon yesterday. A nice reasonably flat course starting and finishing at the Quays. There were some issues with the organisation - not enough toilets (as usual for most!) and some water stations ran out of water. Some people also complained that the mile markers were wrong - I had no idea as I left my Garmin in Ealing! I was 2nd in my age group finishing in 3:42:23

Piers Keenleyside

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