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BA Athletics Club News Digest 7th December 2015


  • Wednesday 9th December - 5 mile handicap, at Heston Venue from 18:00 (see below for start times). *
  • Wednesday 16th December - Parkway Mile relay and Christmas social (see below).
  • Tuesday 29th December - Round Heathrow Airport Xmas Run (12 miles approx.) set-off from Waterside at 12:00.

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

*Club Event Map:

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Parkway Mile Relay and Christmas Social Wednesday 16th December

The Parkway Mile Relay (4 x 1 mile) will be held on Wednesday 16th December.  Meet at the Heston Venue pavilion at 6 p.m.

The event works best if entries are submitted in advance to Steve Newell with an honest estimate of your mile time.  Teams are chosen by the organiser to provide a close race. The course is out-and-back with gentle undulations.

Sometimes the total entry is not exactly divisible by four so there is a chance you will be asked to run twice but with a rest between your miles.

Post event there is a Christmas social in the club house. 

Perivale Five Sunday 6th December Results

1st     Andrew Pickett Dartford Harriers 27:04
2nd and F-1 Faye Fullerton Havering AC 27:16
74th     Kerstin Luksch Ealing Eagles 34:53
112th    Piers Keenleyside Ealing Eagles    37:08
154th    Neil Frediani         BA    40:00
250th    Jasvir Singh Madaher BA    46:34
262nd    Christine Munden     TVH    47:23
279th    Steve Hillier         BA 49:52
284th    Joe Nolan     BA,  Official 50 minute pacer     49:59
296th    Steve Newell     BA     52:22
308th    Petra Otto Thorney RC; back running/jogging now after braking a tibia last Easter. 53:57

326 finishers

Perivale Five 2015 Finishers

Left to right: Joe "Santa" Nolan (50 min pacer), Piers Keenleyside, Neil Frediani, Steve Hillier, Petra Otto, Kerstin Luksch, Steve Newell.

The weather was mild, dry and very breezy.
Steve Newell and Joe Nolan

Harrow Hill Race - Sunday, 14th February 2016, 10.30am

A chance for all of us to demonstrate our true love with a 10k road race taking in two laps including two challenging climbs of Harrow Hill.  The race starts on the playing fields of the famous Harrow School and continues through some of the old streets of Harrow on the Hill.

  • UKA Licence 2016-23021
  • Certified course No. 13/321
  • 10.00 attached/ 12.00 unattached
  • 15.00 on the day (subject to race limit)
  • Fully marshalled road race/parking, toilets, showers
  • Under UK Athletics rules

First three men, plus first Senior, M40, M50, M60. First three women, plus first Senior, W35, W45, W55. One prize per person. Additionally - King and Queen of the Hill Awards.

Organised by Metros Running Club

Roderick Hoffman

5 Mile Handicap Wednesday 9th December

No sooner have we run the November Handicap race the December run comes into view.  Be ready for six o'clock though start times will vary so that we all finish at around the same time, about seven o'clock.  Please run without checking your watch or timing/tracking device. These are the results from the previous run and the new handicap - deduct this from 19:00 to know your start time this week.

25-Nov-15 Handicap run time Time gap from handicap Rank this month Points this month Total points New Handicap
Alan Anderson 52:30 52:57 00:27 9 18 33 53:00
Scott Davidson 37:00 36:27 00:33 7 16 16 36:30
Dennis Foxley 48:00 42:00 06:00 1 10 23 42:00
Neil Frediani 42:00 40:36 01:24 4 13 13 40:30
Alan Friar 47:30 46:03 01:27 3 12 24 46:00
Steve Hillier 49:00 49:12 00:12 11 20 20 49:00
Roderick Hoffman 45:00 43:20 01:40 2 11 11 43:30
Piers Keenleyside 37:30 37:24 00:06 12 22 41 37:30
Richard Ruffell 37:00 36:14 00:46 6 15 40 36:00
Christine Runden 48:00 49:12 01:12 5 14 27 49:00
John Scaife 38:30 38:02 00:28 8 17 37 38:00
Simon Turton 34:30 34:07 00:23 10 19 41 34:00
Harry Wild 44:00 43:58 00:02 13 25 43 44:00

Paul Brandon

Club parkrun results for Saturday 5th December 2015

5th Dec 2015

Family, Friends,+





Julie Barclay 23:10 Frimley Lodge F-5, run #56 74%
Richard Ruffell 20:43 St Albans run #96,  22 at St Albans 74%
Alice Banks 26:10 Maidenhead and pre-event set up 72%
John Coffey 25:30 Bushy Park run #192, 174th at Bushy 72%
Kerstin Luksch 21:00 Gunnersbury F-4, run #165 71%
Piers Keenleyside 22:41 Gunnersbury run #117 70%
Ian Cunningham 22:03 Bushy Park run #219, 188th at Bushy 69%
Alan Anderson 30:46 Gunnersbury run #387 68%
Joe Nolan 25:02 Black Park pacer quality assurance (see later), run #244 64%
Oliver Mathai 25:47 Gunnersbury run #33 63%
Alan Friar 28:19 Reading run #182, 129th at Reading 63%
Scott Davison 22:56 Bedfont Lakes run #140, 128th at Bedfont 61%
Kevin Holland 28:23 Poole course pb, 11th run at Poole 60%
Chris Kelly 24:56 Reading run #264 59%
Roderick Hoffman 26:05 Highlands BA park #212 59%
Mike Lawrence 27:04 Gunnersbury run #12 58%
Mark Turner 27:03 Chichester run #5, all at Chichester 55%
Ian White 26:44 Bedfont Lakes run #29, all at Bedfont 55%
Sarah Gordon 36:07 Highlands run #87, park #53 52%
David Duggan 32:14 Bedfont Lakes run #124, 85th at Bedfont 48%
Daniela Mayerova 32:07 Hamilton Victoria park #16, BA park #213 46%
Charlotte Habgood 36:51 Highlands run #3, park #3 46%
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow Timekeeper
Joan Foxley volunteer Harrow Finish token Support
John Lennon volunteer Bedfont Lakes pre-event setup
Neil Frediani volunteer Bedfont Lakes marshal
Steve Newell volunteer Gunnersbury finish tokens
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal
28th Nov 2015
Caroline Wilson 28:10 Valley run #20 54%
Claire Killen 27:07 Valley course pb, F-3, BA park #211 59%

The main feature of the weather in the southeast of England this week was strong winds which made really fast times difficult to achieve.  At Holkham in Norfolk, near Wells-next-the-Sea, the long planned for inaugural parkrun was cancelled as the park was deemed to dangerous to run in. [Ed: Also at Rother Valley the Run Director was blown off his bicycle and hospitalised whilst making the course safety check . The course was deemed safe for running - but not for cycling!]

The best runs were by Richard Ruffell (20:43) at St Albans, only 6 secs of a course pb and Julie Barclay (23:10) at Frimley.  Kevin Holland(28:23) achieved a course pb at the flat and popular Poole parkrun.

On the tourism front some results last week were delayed and missed the earlier-than-usual cutoff for the digest.  Claire Killen (27:07) and Caroline Wilson (28:10) ran at Valley parkrun at Newtonabbey just north of Belfast.  That was the first time that they had run their since become members so Valley became the 211th BArunner parkrun.

This week the attention switched to the other side of the world,  Roderick Hoffman (26:05) ran at Highlands parkrun in Melbourne accompanied by his two sisters Sarah Gordon (36:07) and Charlotte Habgood (36:51).  A few miles over the west Daniela Mayerova (32:07) was at Hamilton parkrun, Victoria, so the total has moved on to 213.  This story will be followed until we reach 250 and will then fade into the background.  That means there are just 37 more opportunities for you to leave your footprints in the sands of time so act fast because Roderick Hoffman will probably bag half of them before Ascension Day.

Christmas Day and New Year's Day offer opportunities to put in extra parkrun appearances maybe at other than your usual park.  One interesting challenge is for Alan Anderson at Bushy Park where the club MV80 best time (29:47) at parkrun HQ was set by Derreck Brion on 6th October 2007.  Watch this space.

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

Ed: It was also International Volunteer Day on Saturday so it is good to see that eight of our family get volunteer mentions.

Parkrun Tourism - #DFYB

Daniela's result in Hamilton was in part thanks to me meeting up with her on the Thursday (we did a "Freedom Walk" around the Phillip Island parkrun - a better parkrun to run than walk because you'll be more likely to keep one step ahead of the Australian flies!).  I reminded Daniela that all of the parkruns are shown on the club running map ( ) and that you can use Google Maps to get directions to any of them.

Getting hold of a copy of her barcode was a bit trickier and involved us travelling from the bar with the free WiFi but no print capability, to the tourist information office which had a printer but no WiFi, so back to the bar to send an email to the tourist office and then back to the office to pick up the by then printed barcode.

So it is easier to always take one (or two) parkrun barcodes with you.

 [#DFYB is the popular tag reminder "don't forget your barcode"].

Roderick Hoffman

Running Shorts

From Black Park parkrun - Event Director:

" 62 new PBs yesterday means our pacing team must be doing it right. Well done to them and to all the runners who set a new best"

I'm going to have low availability throughout December so please send me digest submissions in plenty and early - preferably on the Sunday.  I will continue to generate weekly digests provided there is material to include.

Roderick Hoffman

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