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BA Athletics Club News Digest 8th December 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Wednesday 10th December - December 5 mile handicap 18:00
  • Wednesday 17th December - Parkway Mile and Club Christmas Social at the Heston Clubhouse 18:00 / 20:00 (see below)
  • Saturday 10th January - Ladies and Men's Surrey League Cross Country - Wimbledon / Oxshott, 12:00 / 14:30

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Perivale Five Mile 7th Dec 2014 Results

Kerstin, Piers, Steve H, Roderick, Petra, Santa [holding up the marker suggesting the team's average age - and it would have been 55 without Kerstin], Neil, Steve T, Steve N [we couldn't find Joe - he must have been changing]

POS Race # Time First Name Last Name Club AG AG%
1 368 26:15 Jamie Taylor-Caldwell  Ealing Southall & Middlesex SM 81.27%
40 175 31:13 Leigh James  London Heathside SW 77.61%
101 187 35:08 Piers Keenleyside  Ealing Eagles M50 73.57%
127 213 36:55 Kerstin Luksch  Unattached SW 65.99%
147 366 38:27 Stephen Taylor  British Airways M50 63.95%
181 104 40:28 Neil Frediani  British Airways M50 63.87%
183 154 40:36 Roderick Hoffman  British Airways M50 62.07%
249 276 45:49 Petra Otto  Thorney Running Club W55 70.24%
270 261 49:05 Steve Newell  British Airways M70 59.38%
278 151 49:53 Steve Hillier  British Airways M60 53.17%
279 267 50:00 Joe Nolan  British Airways M50 52.59%

"I competed in this race on Sunday - we had a good turnout from BAAC.  I chose to stick close to the Santa running at fifty minute pace, and he dragged me round to a pleasing time, with some accurate splits at the mile markers.   Joe Nolan would have been impressed by this quality pacer, whoever he was.  I didn't get a chance to talk to Santa after the race - after the team photo he hopped on his sleigh, and headed north across the park."

Steve Hillier

Checking the results it would appear that Santa did a disappearing act after Steve crossed the line but before Joe himself did. Neil and I can confirm that the 40 minute Santa also did a great pacing job though we were not able to keep up - and similarly Petra with the 45 minute Santa.

Roderick Hoffman

Magic Mile 4th December Results

Hi All,

Runner Previous Best 06-Nov-14 04-Dec-14 Improvement from previous
James Morris 00:08:10 00:08:10 00:07:39 31 (new best)
Jeremy Short 00:05:49 00:06:20 00:05:56 24 seconds
Neil Frediani 00:07:04 00:07:31 00:07:16 15 seconds
Simon Ashford 00:06:18 00:06:28 00:06:18 10 & matched best
Steve Taylor 00:06:45 00:06:59 00:06:52 07 seconds
Sharon Kassemzadeh 00:06:47 00:07:16
Richard Ruffell 00:06:03 00:06:20 00:06:15 05 seconds
Roderick Hoffman 00:07:08 00:07:11
Bernard Sexton 00:05:39 00:05:38 00:05:49 +11 seconds
Dave Bird 00:05:52 00:06:07 00:06:24 +17 seconds

We had a good turnout for the last event of the year considering the weather conditions. Mind you it could have been worse, I think the idea of mince pies and mulled wine waiting at the finish lined spurred a few of you on as there were lots of quicker times this week and one PB. James Morris ran a time of 7:39, which was 31 seconds quicker than his previous best. If he carries on like that he will be under 7 mins in February… Simon Ashford managed to equal his PB (6:18), showing that his half marathon training has paid off, but for the wrong event!

Next event will be Thursday 8th January 2015, not to sure we would get many takers for the 1st!!!

Paul Knechtl

Club parkrun results for Saturday 6th December

6th Dec parkrunner time parkrun comment Grade
Julie Barclay 22:14 Woking course pb 76%
Dave Tyas 19:18 Bushy Park run #326 76%
Jeremy Short 19:59 Crane Park 76%
Gary Rushmer 20:01 Bedfont Lakes 8th/133 76%
Colin Haylock 19:20 Bushy Park 73%
John Coffey 24:46 Bushy Park 73%
Chris Kelly 20:16 Hanley 14th/129, club course rec 72%
Ian Cunningham 21:10 Bushy Park 71%
Kerstin Luksch 23:12 Gunnersbury 64%
Richard Ruffell 24:04 Tring 10th/87 (winner > 20 mins) 63%
Scott Davison 22:27 Bedfont Lakes 17th/133 62%
Steve Newell 30:17 Gunnersbury 30' pacer 58%
Roderick Hoffman 26:59 Lloyd Park park #99, club course record 56%
Alan Anderson 38:50 Gunnersbury late start/course setup delay 53%
Joe Nolan 31:04 Black Park pacer pacer 51%
Piers Keenleyside volunteer Gunnersbury marshal
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal
Linda Winning volunteer Llyn Llech Owain
Bob Winning volunteer Llyn Llech Owain

parkrun numbers were down a little this week with counterattractions such as the ladies cross country, Perivale 5 and Christmas shopping diverting people away.  The cooler weather may have had something to do with it as well.  Fewer than 800 runners turned out at Bushy Park.

Serial course set up volunteer Alan Anderson was unlucky to be sent off round the re-introduced alternative "winter" course at Gunnersbury without all the signs he usually carefully hammers into the ground.  Several had been left in the cafe the previous week.  After spending time exerting initiative and defacing centuries old trees with spray paint he arrived back at the start to find everyone had gone without him.  Undaunted he gave chase and after about a mile caught up with the back markers. {Ed: A more devious non-parkrunner might have allowed the course directions to filter out and would then have "won" the "race" by being the first finisher to have followed the correct course. But this was a parkrun and Alan].

Julie Barclay improved her age group record (V50) at Woking with a 22:14.  Gary Rushmer matched her 76% performance with 20:01 at Bedfont Lakes.  Also running at Bedfont was Scott Davison who is now just one short of his black "100" shirt. Dave and Jeremy also achieved 76% performances. At Bushy Colin and John were neck and neck by grade - though over five minutes apart on time.

Chris Kelly popped into Hanley and bettered the time run by Richard Ruffell just over a year ago.  Richard meanwhile was having another go at Tring and like everyone else found it hard work.  Even the winner failed to get inside 20 minutes.

Joe Nolan has developed a new role mentoring pacers at Black Park and by the finish was keeping a close eye on the 31 minute apprentice (see below).

Roderick Hoffman ran his 99th park, his latest at a rather frost-bound Lloyd Park in Croydon.  

Updated parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell (mainly)

BA parkrun map: {some parkruns may have been missed}.

Brilliant pacing by my new team at Black Park with 61 new PB's reported by the Event Director.  Pacing was provided in pairs for every minute between 20-32mins.  I started with the 24 and dropped back progressively shadowing 25-31 to keep a check on proceedings !  First Saturday of every month now planned.

Joe Nolan

"parkrun  much more than just a run in the park" by Debra Bourne

This was supposed to be a review of the book but it is a lengthy volume, 345 pages, and I'm only half way through it so let's tell you about the author instead. At school Debra preferred the 1500 and mile distances but in her late thirties she got into long-distance running.  She did her first half marathon as recently as 2009 and her first Ultra Marathon in January 2012.  She runs cross country including finishing Saturday's Surrey League Cross Country in 29:45.  In 2011 she found parkrun and admits that it has changed her life - she is Event Director at Lloyd parkrun and on Saturday, before the Cross Country, she was also the Run Director. I changed my plans for that morning so that I could meet up with her and ask her how the book got written.

I had first heard that the book was to be written twelve months ago.  Debra had posted a request in the weekly parkrun newsletter asking people to send in their stories. The plan then was to have the book ready for the parkrun 10 year anniversary but on Saturday she told me that it became obvious that not only did the book need more time, but also it made more sense to include within the book statistics and photographs of the tenth anniversary itself (thus also reporting on Paul SH's CBE) - and to have the book out in time for Christmas (she didn't say that…but it's obviously a great opportunity of a stocking filler for parkrunners and non-parkrunners the world over). Debra told me that she had been spending twenty hours a week on the book in the first four months of this year - including travelling to meet lots of the people featured in the book and spending an hour talking to each.  Then she lost her job; and from then onwards she took on writing the book as a full time occupation.  Now that it is out she will be able to look for a new job. So for Debra the day job clearly comes second to parkrun. Such is the power of parkrun.

The book is a narrative of everything to do with parkrun.  It explains how the first Bushy Time Trial was set up including interviews and "where are they now"s with each of the participants of that first event. It documents how, when and why the event changed from "Time Trial" to "parkrun". It lists the people who work for parkrun and says what they do and how they got sucked in. It covers the growth since that first event, including how it spread to each country that parkrun is to be found in today.   It talks about the individuals that make each parkrun event happen, the jobs that they do, the equipment they use, and how the computer systems evolved.  It talks about the runners and includes lots of stories of the fast and the slow and the inspirational.  It discusses the parkrun communities, including the community of parkrun tourists. It covers the kids, dogs, buggies and anything that you would expect to be covered. Including cake.  It covers awards and the future and it even includes listing some of the things that have gone wrong - for instance it exposes who it was at the inaugural parkrun at the third venue, Banstead Woods, who managed to wipe all of the results data before it had been transferred.

The book is clearly the result of a labour of love so please return the love by buying a copy.  Each copy sold generates a contribution for parkrun.  It is available through retailers like Amazon (including an iPad version) but please note that parkrun gets a bigger contribution if you buy it from the official parkrun merchandiser - . I'd say more, but I've still several chapters to read.

Roderick Hoffman

Please note that the websites say that the book isn't currently in stock but is expected soon.  That may be standard for new books these days - they are actually printed and distributed on demand.  I got my copy within days of ordering it.

Ladies Cross Country

I've got several photographs from last Saturday's Ladies Surrey League Cross Country but so far no results or write-up.  Hopefully I can include a full report next week. But just a quick taster of one of our runners suffering on the way round the cold, muddy, exhausting cross country course:

Parkway Mile Relay 17th December followed by Social including Santa's Sack

The following have entered so far -

Gary Rushmer, Chris Kelly, Barry Walters, Eddie Giles, John Scaife, Neil Frediani, Denis Foxley, Alan Friar, Steve Newell, Tony Barnwell, Alan Anderson and Steve Hillier - so we have basis for a good race. [ Ed: Perhaps if the ladies cross country team asked Steve he'd allow them to be a single team to take on each of the men's teams. ]

Harry Wild expects to be at the halfway turn point as usual.

Please contact Steve Newell by 16th December if you are planning to run.   Nobody will be turned away.

The party in the clubhouse afterwards is for runners and non-runners alike, all members, potential new members and anyone associated.  Try to let us know in advance so that we can arrange enough mince pies. Santa's Sack is optional but encouraged - the guideline price range for gifts in Santa's sack is between five US dollars and five pounds.

Steve Newell

Running Shorts - The Cooks

I've got a new email address for Dorothy and Martin Cook and a Christmas message from them.  Please let me know if you'd like me to forward that to you.

Roderick Hoffman

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