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BA Athletics Club News Digest 8th May 2017


  • Wednesday 10th May - RunTogether Session 18:30 Heston Venue * (see below)
  • Monday 22nd May - Track and Field Club Grand Prix events 1000m and triple jump Uxbridge Track * (see below)
  • Wednesday 24th May - Heston Venue Last Use Wake (to be confirmed next week)
  • Monday 29th May (Bank Holiday) - Vitality 10,000 - Marshalling (see below and contact Clara)

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Updated May 5th.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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The links on the on-line version of the digest were sound.

RunTogether - please pass information on

We are having a second RunTogether event at Heston Venue from 18:30 on Wednesday 10th May.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend - starters and experienced runners alike.  Joe Nolan will be leading the session this time.

In summary:

1- briefing

2- warm up and dynamic stretches

3- strides

4- speed work session 20mins

5- warm down & stretches)

I will lay out a short form course for any new joiners and run/monitor them myself.

Cheers, Joe

The annual Harmondsworth "traditionally BA" Fun Run for Cancer Research UK has been confirmed for Thursday 20th July and we are currently proposing that we run a "Couch to 5k" programme under the RunTogether banner. This would be focused on meet-ups every Thursday at 17:30 at Waterside/Harmondsworth from May 25th.  Please let us know if this would interest you, and pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested in starter or refresher sessions leading towards 5k participation towards the end of July. See for details and how to sign-up (free).

As well as wanting volunteers to help with the marshalling for the Fun Run, because BA is not funding the event this year there is also a call out for other help:

  • Do we have any musicians, DJ's or entertainers who might like to do us a favour at this year's Fun Run?
  • We need Raffle Prizes this year. Can you help us? Perhaps you could put us in touch with an individual or company who might be in a position to help ?

Any suggestions to me in the first instance and I'll pass them on. 

mail to: Roderick Hoffman


For those who attend Heston Venue note that we now expect to retain access to the changing rooms and showers until the end of SEPTEMBER BUT we are still losing the clubhouse and its meeting rooms at the end of May.

We are now able to confirm that Imperial College has agreed that we can remain at Heston until 30 September 2017, supported by our current sports and membership team.  This means that all activities in the sports hall, pavilion, squash courts and including the gym and rifle and pistol, can continue until then.  This includes pay and play sessions.
The reason for this short period of continued use is that some of our sections are mid-season and Imperial are honouring our agreement until the season ends. There will not be any new season activity at Heston beyond 30 September 2017.
The bar will remain open on Wednesdays and Saturdays as usual until the end of May 2017.

Alison Hartigan

BA Clubs Limited

Concorde Club Trustee

Volunteers for Vitality 10k, BH Monday 29 May 2017

Volunteers are still being sought for the Vitality 10k. 14 have come forward and I am still looking for 26.

There will be a coach leaving the Heston Club in the morning to take us to the event, and drop us back afterwards. Final details of the event will be emailed when I have them.

If you are interested in helping, please email me your requirements by tomorrow (Tuesday 9th) if possible:

  • shirt size,
  • veg / non veg food,
  • coach or making your own way there.

Late volunteers may have to accept whatever sizes/food available as I need to let the organisers know of our requirements and will have to guess if I am not told specific preference.

Thank you.


mail to:

Also note the following:

Standard Chartered Great City Race 2017 - new date

Evening Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that the publicised date for the 2017 has now changed.

The new date for the 2017 event is Monday 24th July. The change is as a result of a State Visit banquet at the Guildhall having been moved following the announcement of the General Election last month.

Hopefully you’re keen to be involved in the event again this year and you can pencil Monday 24th July in your diary for now that would be great.

Many thanks,

James Quinlan | Volunteer Manager

{Simon Turton will ask for volunteers nearer the time}

Team Members needed for LBH Bridges Relay (Westminster) Wednesday 21st June, from 19:30.

The annual LBH Bridges Relay is being held this year on Wed 21Jun at 7.30pm from the Albert Embankment/Westminster Bridge.  Teams (Mixed or Women) are made up of 4 runners each doing a 2.3 mile leg.  Entry is £4 per runner which I would collect on the night.  It’s a good event, albeit with a rather chaotic start, and is one of the last surviving ‘LBH’ fixtures.

We hope to have two teams. Please let me know IMMEDIATELY if you consider yourself a definite or maybe.  Entries close soon and I intend to send our entry away this week as it tends to fill up.


mail to: Simon Ashford

Speedbird Ladies Race May 2017 - Results

Place Name Team name Category Time Comment
1 Lydia O'Donoghue West 4 Harriers F Senior 20:17.3 First finisher
2 Kay Trindo Woking AC F 45 21:04.1 First over 45
3 Maria Jovani Runnymede Runners F 35 21:11.9 First F35
4 Julie Barclay Woking AC F 45 21:29.1 Running for Woking AC
5 Deborah Helsdon British Airways AC F 35 21:37.6 First BA finisher
6 Stephanie Muzzall Datchet Dashers F Senior 22:25.5  
7 Helen Bolt Datchet Dashers F 55 22:31.1  
8 Carol Jones Ealing, Southall & MIddlesex AC F 55 22:58.5  
9 Jane Hounsome Datchet Dashers F 45 23:17.2  
10 Patricia Thomas Ealing, Southall & MIddlesex AC F 45 23:24.4  
11 Veronika Fikackova Datchet Dashers F Senior 23:54.2  
12 Fiona Jane Bishop Woking AC F 55 23:59.3  
13 Louise Prince Ealing, Southall & MIddlesex AC F 45 24:44.0  
14 Louise Rachel Flisher Datchet Dashers F Senior 25:03.3  
15 Mel Holman British Airways AC F 35 25:05.8 Second BA
16 Angharad Price Walton Athletics Club F Senior 25:09.3  
17 Alice Banks British Airways AC F 55 25:30.4 Third BA
18 Danijela Spasojevic Shepperton Running Group F 45 26:39.0  
19 Helen Clifton Shepperton Running Group F 45 26:43.6  
20 Sharon Crichton F 55 27:28.5  
21 Sarah Baggs Shepperton Running Group F 45 27:48.5  
22 Alison Joyce Shepperton Running Group F 55 28:17.8  
23 Christine Mundon Thames Valley Harriers F 45 28:33.4  
24 Helen Smith British Airways AC F 55 29:19.2 Good packing by the BA second team!
25 Monica Alonso British Airways AC F 45 29:22.9
26 Linda Baker British Airways AC F 55 29:27.4
27 Becky Langford F Senior 29:47.6  
28 Anne Bannister Runnymede Runners F 55 29:49.3  
29 Tara Spasojevic Shepperton Running Group F Senior 30:15.3  
30 Nikki Crawford Shepperton Running Group F 55 30:18.6  
31 Janey Harris Shepperton Running Group F 45 30:20.5  
32 Victoria Everest Shepperton Running Group F 45 30:30.3  
33 Annette Williams Shepperton Running Group F 45 30:41.5  
34 Janet Smith Datchet Dashers F 45 32:30.8  
35 Alison Allan Datchet Dashers F 35 32:40.9  
36 Nicola Dean F Senior 33:11.1  
37 Kelly Davis Shepperton Running Group F Senior 33:48.5  
38 Ann Chandler Datchet Dashers F 45 34:38.5  
39 Clare Regale-Day Burnham Joggers F 35 35:18.6  

Woking won the team prize followed by Datchet Dashers and then Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC.  The rules under which we compete are quite clear that Julie has to run for her first claim club Woking. Had she been in the BA team then the BA team would have come first to Datchet Dashers by just one second!
Speedbird Ladies Start

Wings for Life World Run results

A summary for those who haven't been listening - This event started on the dot at 11:00 UTC (12:00 BST) at 25 locations worldwide.  There were over 100,000 registered to start and 100,745 recorded as having started.  We all had a thirty minute head start before catcher cars set off after us, initially driving at 15km/hour but speeding up each hour.  When the catcher car overtook you your race is won and you are bussed back to the start to enjoy a beer whilst watching the leaders on the big screen still pounding the road.

And some highlights from the results...

Rank Full name Nation Location Rank2 Cat. Cat. Rank km Caught (est.) Pace m/km (est.) stnr Comment
1 Anderson, Aron SWE Dubai 1 M25 1 92.14 17:42:25 03:42:59 54548 Global male winner
16 Stelmach, Dominika POL Santiago 1 F35 1 68.21 16:30:38 03:58:03 30003 Global female winner
19935 Banks, Alice GBR Cambridge 3020 F60 10 20.13 13:49:14 05:25:36 26039 10th in gender age category worldwide (vs 425)
41945 Howard, Paola GBR Santa Clarita, CA 10717 F50 510 14.35 13:27:24 06:05:26 53935 Long standing friends of the club.
35109 Hoffman, Roderick GBR Cambridge 27122 M55 817 15.75 13:32:49 05:53:34 21362
11479 Gordon, Richard GBR Cambridge 10130 M25 1671 23.86 14:03:13 05:09:52 95396 Roderick's nephew.
100934 Howard, Philip GBR Santa Clarita, CA 55782 M55 1863 0 13:56:15 05:17:03 53996 Philip says he did 22k but appears to have been missed being caught by the car.

So in the Cambridge leg, running during the afternoon with a nice running temperature though an occasional headwind, I managed to run for 15.75k before being caught.  That was equivalent to 5:53 minute kms for the 15.75k and slightly exceeded my realistic target of 15k (last year I didn't manage 12k, the year before I was fitter and slimmer and managed just over 18).  Alice did really well, covering over 20k before she was caught and therefore being first in her category at Cambridge and internationally tenth.

Now, look at the top two.  Winning lady, Stelmach, running at a faster pace and keeping on going, kept ahead of the catcher car in Chile for 68km!  And someone who wasn't chilly was Alan, no sorry, Aron Anderson, a Swede running in Dubai.  Yes, the Dubai leg, starting at 3pm local time and with an average temperature of 34C (the hottest of all 25 venues).  I would have jogged to the end of the start road and then waited under a shady palm to flag down the catcher car 31 minutes later.  Aron ran 92km at an average pace of 3:43 minutes per k (18 consecutive 18:35 parkruns). Inhuman.  I was glad to be enjoying my beer watching him out there.

The event is to raise funds for research into cures for spinal injuries.  The event itself is paid for by Red Bull and other sponsors so that 100% of the money raised can go into the research. The entry fees alone will be about £4m and sponsorship is on top of that so a good day's fundraising all round.

Next year's event will be on 6th May (subject to confirmation of the dates of next year's F1 Grand Prix dates).  It'd be good to see some more club colleagues taking part - including our faster distance runners. If you can keep up a pace of 4:50 minutes per km then you could expect to cover an impressive 31k before being caught. At 4:23 pace you'd do 48k.

Roderick Hoffman

Club Track & Field Grand Prix Events

Each year we'll have a series of track evenings which will each feature two or three events.  Everyone is encouraged to attend and give the events a try. Over the season we'll keep track of the best performer and give them a trophy at the annual awards evening.  This year we are kicking off on Monday 22nd May with the 1,000m and the triple jump.  The venue is Hillingdon Athletics Stadium in Gatting Way (UB8 1ES).

World Airline Road Race update

"270 of 600 rooms blocked at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore have already been booked as of May 3, 2017.  If you are thinking of attending this year's WARR event in Singapore October 5 - 8 and want to take advantage of the generous WARR discount offered you will need to act fast.  If you are currently unsure of your plans please note that you can cancel your reservation prior to September 12, 2017 without charge.  Also, the breakfast for children under the age of 12 will SGD25 net. This is a special rate from the norm of SGD45++.

Dinner capacity 650 paxs-will now be at Host Hotel Pan Pacific instead of Suntec Convention centre. So all the events will now take place at the host hotel.

Remember, you must register first in order to obtain the discount booking code for the Host Hotel Pan Pacific Singapore."

World Airline Road Race comms

Let me know that you've entered and I'll put together a team list nearer the time. Thank you to those who already have.

mail to: Roderick Hoffman

Dream Mile May 2017 - results

A nice temperature for running, dry and with an occasional tailwind. Five of us ran.

04-May-17 Chris Kelly 00:05:56
04-May-17 Matthew Stratful 00:05:56
04-May-17 Jeremy Short 00:05:59
04-May-17 Simon Ashford 00:07:29
04-May-17 Roderick Hoffman 00:07:41

Whilst none of us were close to breaking our historic records at least four of us can talk about recent improvements.  We'll let Simon think of something else to talk about.  The next Dream Mile is on Thursday 1st June.

Dream Mile Results

Green Belt Relay

The next big event for eleven of us led by Chris Kelly (and driven by Nick Edge and ourselves) is the Green Belt Relay which is the weekend of 20th/21st May. As a team we'll circumnavigate the whole of London.  Anyone is welcome to come and cheer us on and if you do so at the following places and times then you can help us operate the marshalling points that we are required to deliver as we run round...

Day Stage Mileage From 1stRunner Until Location Postcode Comment
Saturday 1 0 08:00 Hampton Court KT8 9AS Start
Saturday 4 11 12:25 12:35 13:30 A4128 crossing to Boss Lane, north of High Wycombe HP14 4PE High risk, water
Saturday 9 7 17:25 17:35 18:15 Corner of Godwin Close and A112, south of Waltham Abbey. EN9 3QQ Low risk, water
Sunday 16 4.75 11:45 11:55 12:20 Rose&Crown, near Dunton Green (Seven Oaks) TN13 2TH Medium risk, no parking at pub
Sunday 21 4.5 16:25 16:35 17:00 Byfleet / New Haw KT15 3JH High risk, water
Sunday 17:55 Hawker Centre, Kingstone upon Thames KT2 5BH Finish

This map: may show you you all of our stage starts and marshaling points.  Let me know if you are prompted for access.

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 6th May

6th May family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Chris Evans 22:55 Bedfont Lakes run #164 65%
Scott Davison 26:04 Bedfont Lakes run #202 54%
John Lennon 26:17 Bedfont Lakes run #250 59%
Caroline Cockram 28:38 Bedfont Lakes and photographer 57%
David Duggan 29:12 Bedfont Lakes run #199 54%
Trish McCabe 30:00 Bedfont Lakes run #183 51%
Ian Cockram 33:41 Bedfont Lakes run #390 43%
Gary (junior) Rushmer 35:38 Bedfont Lakes run #3 55%
Gary (granddad) Rushmer 35:41 Bedfont Lakes run #67 43%
Joe Nolan   Black Park Pacer Squad Organiser  
Janet Smith 33:08 Brueton run #66, 1st at Brueton 52%
John Coffey 26:30 Bushy Park run #237, 205th at Bushy Park 72%
Jeremy Short 20:20 Crane Park run #82 76%
Ben Chaytow 21:39 Crane Park run #166 63%
Jonathan Cox 22:13 Crane Park run #310 70%
Kerstin Luksch 21:08 Gunnersbury F-3, run #223 71%
Piers Keenleyside 23:42 Gunnersbury run #164 68%
Alan Anderson 31:26 Gunnersbury run #456 69%
Denis Foxley 28:37 Harrow run #71 65%
Joan Foxley 38:20 Harrow run #60 56%
Benita Scaife 30:58 Maidenhead run #72, 35th at Maidenhead 64%
John Scaife 30:59 Maidenhead run #85, 37th at Maidenhead 53%
Alice Banks 51:07 Maidenhead tail runner 37%
Steve Taylor 25:24 Northala Fields run #61 60%
Chris Kelly 19:37 Reading best time at Reading for years 76%
Sharon Kassemzadeh 23:22 Rickmansworth age cat rec 85%
Roderick Hoffman 26:13 Rickmansworth course pb 59%
Becky Thurtell 28:34 Rickmansworth run #400, park #200 63%
Steve Newell 36:08 Rickmansworth course pb 51%
Chris Cowell 1:01:18 Rickmansworth run #395, park #182, tail runner 29%
Barry Walters 20:46 Rushmoor 1st run at Rushmoor 78%
Paul Watt 21:26 Rushmoor run #45 70%
Julie Barclay 21:53 Rushmoor run #95 80%
Eddie Giles 26:13 Salisbury run #81, 6th at Salisbury 66%
Crusher McBones 26:15 Salisbury first timer 56%
Sarah Gordon 33:06 Shipley (Derbys) 1st run at Shipley, park #81 58%
Alan Friar 27:36 Woodley run #229, 66th at Woodley 66%

This week saw another record attendance, exceeding 120,000, across the nation with Cannon Hill in Birmingham and Southampton both joining Bushy Park and playing host to more than a 1,000 runners.  Some runs may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed and needing to rethink course design to provide adequate space at the start and over the first few hundred metres.  Chip timing is NOT the solution!  Running on redundant golf courses could be.

We had a good group of runners in the field of 274 at Bedfont Lakes (second highest attendance ever) where John Lennon (26:17) became the latest club member to earn his green “250” vest.  Check out the Bedfont Lakes parkrun website to see the many excellent photographs of the celebrations taken by Caroline Cockram (28:38).  Gary Rushmer senior (35:41) is still recovering from his London Marathon and the best pictures of his five-year-old grandson (also Gary) (35:38) are taken from behind!

The best run this week came from Chris Kelly (19:37), his best time at Reading for years.  The recent dry weather can only have helped.  Barry Walters (20:46) made his debut at Rushmoor and he is now ranked 4th out of exactly 100 in his age category there.  That time was not good enough to snatch the club record from Paul Watt whose best time at Rushmoor is 20:28. Jeremy Short (20:20) also had a good run at Crane Park.  Former member Sharon Kassemzadeh (23:22, 84.84%) set a new category record at Rickmansworth.

Tourists at RickmansworthRoderick Hoffman (26:13) and Steve Newell (36:08) returned to Rickmansworth after a gap of a few weeks to try it again, this time round what will become the regular two lap course.  The visit was partly triggered by the knowledge that Becky Thurtell (28:34), onetime pacer for Alan Anderson at Bushy Park, would be running her landmark 400th run and 200th different park.  Chris Cowell (61:18) who was the first to run at 100 different parks made a cameo appearance.

Sarah Gordon (33:06) ran at Shipley (Derbyshire) to break new ground for herself and the club.  A couple of seconds ahead of Janet Smith (33:08) at Brueton (Solihull) which become the female club record there.

Lastly, Eddie Giles thought he was settling well into his new home parkrun at Salisbury (26:13) until he saw in the results that he was only a few seconds ahead of a certain Crusher McBones.  Now some people have a sense of humour and birth certificates are not required when registering for parkrun but Eddie challenges everyone to check out the names of people chasing them and let us know if there are any more scary named rivals to keep well ahead of!

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

The photograph shows a selection of the tourists at Rickmansworth on Saturday. To help you put some names to faces, Becky Thurtell is holding her cake. I've got my new green 250 shirt on, Steve Newell is behind me in the red. Chris Cowell has the blue cap on.  His 100 parkruns led to the tourist achievement being called a Cowell which led to Kathy Brown (directly to Becky's left) designing the yellow Cow Cowl that many of us are wearing. Photo from Nicola Tarrant's camera (Nicola has her hand up high). Of those featured Rosemary Egbe (middle front) is probably the most travelled with 226 parkruns run at.

If you want to promote a special parkrun then let Steve or I know.

Roderick Hoffman

Pacer Day at Black Park

BP parkrun pacer day again last Saturday - 118 new PBs, 672 runners (included the 34 pacers) - job done again this month.

I often encourage members of the pacing squad to 'take a month off' and either go help 'quality check' the team or even 'see how the pacers work for them'. I've had a few feedbacks before on this but here is another received after Saturday:

"Having been a regular of the pacing team over the last couple of years, it was an interesting experience on Saturday to hang up the pacing flag and to try following one of the pacers, and I have to say it was great! Many thanks to the 22 minute pacer for both setting a really steady pace around the 5 kilometres and also for his words of support and encouragement in the last kilometre when the going was getting tough. I both managed a PB and ran a time I didn’t think I was capable of – so pacing definitely works! As well as the physical benefit of having a steady pace to follow, I found psychologically that focusing on the pacer made me think less about how hard it felt!" 

Joe Nolan

 Tom's Diary

On Thursday evening, 4th May, Paul Watt entered the Dave Clarke 5k at Nonsuch with Julie Barclay as cheer leader   Paul had a great run to finish 12th out of 94 in a 20.26.  A figure of 8 course so able to see the runners 4 times in the middle of the 8. This was after a 1 mile swim earlier at Guildford Sports Park.

Sat.6th both Paul/Julie nipped along to Rushmoor and had a nice surprise to find Barry Walters looking fit and well after 2 years away retired.
Barry was running the course for the first time    After a chat about the 2 lap course from Paul/Julie and I reminded Barry to stay behind them both out of the wind and don’t pass them at all. But Barry forgot and got off to a flying start that he said latter was just a bit to fast but came past me twice in complete charge of his pace to finish 1st over60 (33rd overall) in 20.46.

Paul said he felt the second lap was all uphill and glad to finish in 45th spot with a time of 21.26; Julie now back into serious training and beginning to run more relaxed with better performances followed Paul into funnel in 21.56 and 1st over50 (4th lady).  Today 477 finished. Come again Barry.

Sun.7th May both Paul/Julie returned to Nonsuch  to run the Sutton 10k, another excellent viewing event for spectators over a longer figure of 8 course.  Well organised event with goodie bags/medals/traffic free. 460 ran and results on web in same evening.

Paul’s chip time was 44.36 to finish 174th and pleased with performance after Sat. plus today it was windy across the open space for over a 1k; (Julie said).  Julie keeping Paul in her sights as a good pace setter and looked comfortable all the time then over the final 400m had little sprint to finish 187th in 45.15.  End a of week of racing so now both of on holiday for a while.

No first claim BA members ran Sutton, hope to see the regulars next Sunday at the Staines 10k.

Tom Rowley

Running Shorts

  • Nicola Hinxman (W45), who joined the club last autumn (also a Runnymede Runner) completed the Prague Marathon yesterday in a chip time of 3h 46m 35s.  Nicola was 1680th out of 6509 finishers.
  • More England Athletics courses for Leaders, Coaches and Officials are available - see and talk to Roderick or Steve Hillier about what you'd be interested in doing.

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