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BA Athletics Club News Digest 8th October 2012

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Forthcoming Events

Don't forget the following priority club events:

Saturday 20th October - Surrey League Cross Country - First events. Contact Clara Halket (Ladies) and Barry Walters (Men) for details

All Wednesdays 24th October to 28th November - Sports Hall Fitness Session -18:00 to 19:00

Wednesday 31st October - Winter 5 mile Handicap run - starts early from 17:00

Sunday 4th November Run-of-the-Month - Marlow Half-Marathon - starts 9:30 - enter in advance:

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. 

The full events diary is on the club website at:

Club parkrun Results Wycombe Rye 6th October 2012

The Park Run BA road train went to the 10th running of Wycombe Rye on Saturday 6th October.

A fine sunny day with blue sky but the conditions underfoot made this a very challenging course to run.

Seven BA runners + Roderick, timekeeper for the morning’s race, gathered at the start for team photo then right on 9am, we were off across the grass. Now the night before, the rain hammered down and settled big time over the Rye, so as we ran towards the middle of the park, we were up to our ankles in water and as we turned and turned again, we were faced with a flooded pathway. Some runners went straight through, some to the left, some to the right, chaos sort of reigned. Then after about 1.5k, gentle slope up on a pathway, ran along a tree lined path, with the river to the left hand side, very picturesque. Then down on to more grass perimeters before climbing up Hitchcock’s 39 steps (well maybe 15). The course would normally go up a bank but because of Health & Safety issues of the slippery conditions, steps it was. Then back along the path we had just come from, to finish on the grass area, a welcome sight.

Afterwards Roderick invited us in for a coffee at the cafe, and we watched as 2 swimmers were taking an early morning dip in the open air Lido, I think Steve Newell was tempted!!

A really good run by all our runners, also Simon’s first ever Park Run, and I am tempted to do it all again at Wycombe Rye next week.

Eddie Giles.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Grade Gender Pos Club Note Runs
1 Steven BREALEY 18:18 SM30-34 71.31 % M 1 Marlow Striders First Timer! 3  
4 Barry WALTERS 20:04 VM55-59 77.91 % M 4 British Airways AC First Timer! 14  
6 Christopher T KELLY 20:06 VM45-49 71.64 % M 6 British Airways AC First Timer! 117
12 Simon TURTON 21:43 VM45-49 65.77 % M 12 British Airways AC First Timer! 1  
27 Eddie GILES 23:53 VM60-64 68.95 % M 26 British Airways AC First Timer! 28  
37 Alan FRIAR 25:01 VM65-69 68.95 % M 35 British Airways AC First Timer! 91
55 Neil FREDIANI 27:11 VM55-59 56.53 % M 48 British Airways AC First Timer! 62
78 Steve NEWELL 30:27 VM65-69 56.65 % M 60 British Airways AC First Timer! 66

88 finishers in total. Roderick Hoffman also represented the club as a volunteer - second timekeeper. 

Left to right: Alan Friar, Steve Newell, Barry Walters, Neil Frediani, Eddie Giles, Roderick Hoffman, Simon Turton, Chris Kelly. Thanks to Samantha Amend for taking the photograph as well as being the parkrun Event Director.  For the record Sam ran an 18:36 5k on 30th September - as the first five km of the Berlin Marathon in which she finished in 2:45:50 as 12th lady (4th European).  She's off to the Toronto Marathon this weekend - though sadly not flying BA.

PS Four other club runners had solo runs at parkruns last Saturday. Come join the club crowd at the next featured parkrun - expected to be Richmond on 17th November.

Equinox 5k 3rd October 2012 Results

This wandering annual fixture reverted to the 2010 course featuring a mile of the Parkway cycle track, two crossings of the river Crane, Roseville Road, St Dunstans Alley, the path from St Dunstans Church through Cranford Park and Avenue Park and the best part of the last mile of the Concorde 10km course to the finish line. Mostly pretty flat and fast.

Weather rather overcast with a chilly breeze at times. Recent rain had left a large puddle (water jump) on the Church Road entrance into the Field of Hope which runners took in their stride.

The traditional staggered starts allowed Di Smith to get away early for her comeback run. Clara Halket was best of the women and Graham Taylor was the fastest man on the night.

Times   03 Oct 2012 15 Sep 2010 Difference
Graham Taylor 21:00   20:30 00:30 a bit slower
Simon Turton 21:42        
John Coffey 22:41   21:54 00:47 a bit slower
Eddie Giles 23:14   24:16 01:02 faster
Denis Foxley 23:24        
Steve      Taylor 24:17        
Alan  Friar 24:38   22:06 02:32 quite a bit slower
Roderick Hoffman 26:44   26:57 00:13 slightly faster
Alan  Anderson 26:57   26:21 00:36 same time this year as Roderick in 2010
Clara Halket 28:58        
Steve      Hillier 29:00        
Steve      Newell 29:05   32:57 03:52 much much faster !
David  Barnard 30:38   28:57 01:41 slower
Di Smith 36:04        

Thanks to the officials Brian Forrester, Paul Brandon, Paddy O'Shea, Alastair Heslop and Ann Cofffey

A post run social featuring panini with a variety of fillings was enjoyed in the Kennedy Room.

Steve Newell.

6th and Final Track&Field Grand Prix Results

Hi Everyone,

The 6th and final Grand prix of the year took place at Uxbridge track Monday 1st Oct. 100m & Discus was on the menu. Because of the football posts & nets up for the coming season, we could not hold the Discus comp.

Just 2 of us for the 100m sprint , myself & younger son Paul. Paul has just come back from Sidmouth theatre for 3 months acting in 11 out of 13 different classic plays. While he was there, he ran a lot of the Sidmouth area , so he keen to give me a good thrashing!! We decided to make a training session out of the event , after warm ups. We would run 4 x 100m each alternate with a starter at the finish which was a battery powered double Claxton horn unit.

Paul was first off and ran a mid 16 sec, I ran a long 16sec. Then came the power of youth in the 2nd run off when Paul ran a Superb 14.98sec . Over the next 3 runs I got down to 16.09sec , so Paul won the sprints and enjoyed the challenge.

Thanks to all who came out to the Grand Prix this season and hope to see you all next year.


Ealing Half Marathon Results


A quick update from the inaugural Ealing Half Marathon run on Sunday 30th September. Whoever designed the course managed to find every hill in Ealing and ensure we went up and down each one at least twice! (see

Ian Cunningham   1:35:29
Adam Hughes   1:38:56
Piers Keenleyside   1:46:28
Lissa Pritchard   1:50:19

Apologies if I missed out any other BA runners

Ian Cunningham

Hever Castle Triathlon

Monica Alonso says:

My triathlon went really well, it shows my finish time as 1h32, but it is wrong for some reason it didn't count my swim which I think it took 12min.  It was in Hever castle in Kent and I did the sprint distance which is 500m swim, 20K bike and 4k run. I did very well on the swim 12min and the bike not so well 1h05 and the run in 22min. My weakest discipline is always the bike. It is such a nice event and we are always very lucky and get really nice weather.

More information and to enter for next year:

News for the next BAAC News Digest? Thanks to Ian and Monica this week as well as Steve and Eddie for their regular contributions.

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