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BA Athletics Club News Digest 8th September 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Tuesday 9th September - 'Round the Park' - Waterside 12:30 (see below)
  • Wednesday 17th September - 'Equinox' 5k - Concorde Centre 18:00
  • Sunday 28th September - Track & Field Championships and Family Fun Day at Eton track (see below)

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Newbury Triathlon

Congratulations to Janet Smith for completing here first Triathlon at Newbury on Sunday.

Club "Run of the Month" for September - Round-the-Park - Tuesday 9th September - Waterside Parklands

This year’s Round the Park race takes place on Tuesday 9th September 2014 at 12:30. Like last year the event will be hosted in the Waterside Parklands. The event starts near the wooden bridge behind the main car park.  It is a 2 lap course and is approximately 3 miles in length, so just a bit shorter than 5 Km. This is a fun event and ALL levels of runners/joggers are welcomed.

Those not at Waterside wishing to take part, will find it very difficult to park in the Parklands. Due to this, you are encouraged to use the bus to get to Waterside, where the start will be a 10 minute walk away. For people where this is not an option please let me know and I will try and arrange parking.

The entry fee is £1 per person and all proceeds goes to the White Lodge Charity. You can either enter the race as an individual or as part of a team. Teams are to be made up of 4 mixed runners, including at least one male and one female.

In an attempt to avoid too much of a rush on the day and inform the wardens of expected numbers, please could you let know if you are going to take part. If you are entering as part of a team, can you please complete the attached form and email it to me. We will hand out numbers and collect your entry fees on the day at the start so please arrive a few minutes early. Entries will still be taken on the day.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.


 Entry Form==> Paul Knechtl

Same course as last year (but on the 9th, not the 10th):

Magic Mile September 2014 Results

Hi All,

On near perfect conditions we had 8 people take part in 3 batches. A main group of 6 all run together, while Dave and Tom did individual runs for the anniversary event. There was 1 PB this week, with Roderick Hoffman going 4 seconds quicker than his previous time and now only 2 seconds away from his target time of 07:06 which was set back in 1999. There were also good runs for Dave Bird and Steve Taylor who managed to be within a couple of seconds of their best times.

Previous Best Time Previous Run Previous Time 04Sep14 Difference Best Time
Roderick Hoffman 00:07:12 07-Aug-14 00:07:20 00:07:08 -12 seconds 00:07:08
Dave Bird 00:05:52 05-Jun-14 00:06:04 00:05:54 -10 seconds 00:05:52
Simon Ashford 00:06:18 03-Jul-14 00:06:35 00:06:25 -10 seconds 00:06:18
Sharon Kassemzadeh 00:06:47 03-Jul-14 00:07:09 00:07:02 -07 seconds 00:06:47
Chris Kelly 00:05:43 03-Jul-14 00:05:51 00:05:50 -01 seconds 00:05:43
Steve Taylor 00:06:45 07-Aug-14 00:06:49 00:06:48 -01 seconds 00:06:45
Paul Knechtl 00:04:56 05-Jun-14 00:05:20 00:05:24 +04 seconds 00:04:56
Tom Palmer 00:06:25 06-Mar-14 00:06:25 00:06:42 +17 seconds 00:06:25
There may possibly be 2 events next month. The next date should be the 2nd October, but with most people traveling to Dublin for WARR there may be no one around. So will be making the next official event 9th October, but will probably still hold an official mile on the 2nd October as well!

Paul Knechtl

Results of the 6th and final Grand Prix of the season at Uxbridge, Monday 1st Sept 2014

  100m Hammer (5kg)
Steve Hillier 17.01 29.75m
Roderick Hoffman 17.39  
Eddie Giles 19.81 14.29m (MV65 record to be ratified)

The 6TH GP of the season was split in half, as our 1st session before the 100m, we welcomed Tom Rowley & Julie Barclay to the track for some warm up exercises (in the rain).  Warmed up sufficiently , Steve, Rod & myself ‘sprinted’ the 100m, the front 2 showing me a clean pair of heels.  Thanks to Tom for starting & Julie for timing the event.

Then on to the 2nd half of the training, distance & speed work was next and a very good session it was. Then on to the Hammer where Steve reigns supreme to get another win this season.  Again thanks to Tom & Julie for twice giving us a visit at Uxbridge this year, and to everyone who came to previous GPs , hope you all enjoyed them all, and see you all again next year.


Eddie Giles 

Track&Field Championships and Family Fun Day - Eton track - Sunday 28th September 12:00 to 17:00

Please put this date in your diary and plan to be there and bring your family, colleagues and friends.  The events will include most of those that you might like to try your hand at...and your legs too.  Free to enter but you must turn up to take part.

Provisional list of events:

Track Field Family and Fun
800m Discus Balloon and Egg and Spoon Race
200m Long Jump Wellie Wangling
400m High Jump Age 7 and under 50m sprint
3000m Shot Age 8-10 80m sprint
100m Javelin 100m backwards
1500m Hammer 3 legged race

[participants take part entirely at their own risk. Some advice may be given before each event]

More details - email Eddie Giles

Club parkrun results for Saturday 6th September

6th Sept 14 runner time parkrun comment grade
Barry Walters 19:28 Woking age category record 81%
John Coffey 23:50 Bushy Park 76%
Chris Kelly 19:42 Reading run #202 74%
Colin Haylock 19:25 Bushy Park 73%
Piers Keenleyside 21:28 Gunnersbury 73%
Alan Anderson 28:15 Gunnersbury 73%
Eddie Giles 24:33 Upton Court run #49 68%
Alan Friar 25:36 Woodley 6th consecutive performance improvement 68%
Ian Cunningham 23:20 Bushy Park 64%
Tony Barnwell 28:46 Wycombe Rye pb at Wycombe Rye 63%
Janet Cunningham 27:36 Guildford run #100 62%
Roderick Hoffman 24:28 Netley Abbey park #86, BA park #127 62%
Steve Taylor 23:55 Gunnersbury run #19 62%
Ben Chaytow 21:47 Crane Park 62%
Kerstin Luksch 24:20 Gunnersbury leads female points table 61%
Steve Newell 29:42 Gunnersbury 30' pacer 59%
Joe Nolan 27:06 Black Park 59%
Tony Hird 25:23 Gunpowder run #72 58%
Marion Taylor 29:17 Gunnersbury all time parkrun pb 57%
Sreeram  Sethuraman 30:44 Upton Court new associate member 43%

Pride of place this week goes to Barry Walters who tried out the recently inaugurated parkrun course at Woking and set an excellent MV55-59 age category record of 19:28 which is also the new club course record.  His WAVA score was 80.99%.
Alan Friar (25:36 at Woodley) and Tony Barnwell (28:46 at Wycombe Rye) both maintained an improving trend over recent weeks.
It was a notable day for two spouses of club members with Mrs Ian Cunningham (Janet) completing her 100th parkrun at Guildford (27:36) and Mrs Steve Taylor (Marion) achieving her best parkrun time ever (29:17) at Gunnersbury. 
At Upton Court, Eddie Giles completed his 49th run in 24:33, let's hope he doesn't leave his score there as long as Gary Rushmer did!  Also at Upton Court, one of our new associate members, Sreeram Sethuraman (Amadeus) appeared on the radar for the first time.  He has a parkrun best of 27:43 set at Black Park.
Roderick continued his tour with a visit to Netley Abbey in maritime Hampshire (24:28).  That makes it 127 different parkruns for the club and 86 for Roderick.
With only six weeks of the season to go Kerstin Luksch (holder) leads the female points table at Gunnersbury.  In a desperate bid to lose the title she has volunteered for lead bike duty next Saturday!  Following the London Mela the grass has just been mown quite short.
Steve Newell

Tom Rowley adds:

Just a SMALL  report of a BIG  club performance.  On Sat 6th Sept. I was lucky enough as a marshal to witness a wonderful BA club record.  Barry Walters turned up at the Woking Park 5k looking really mean, more so than normal.  As a marshal I had to restrain him to wait for the other 116 runners to start.  My marshal position was perfect for (non-official) timing of the start/finish of each of the three laps.  Barry came round 1st lap in 6/7th place in a 5.58 and still with looking mean.  2nd lap was 13.01ish and he was running very relaxed and comfortable.  3rd lap in 18min with 150m to tape I told him to hurry-up (he took no notice) and he finished in 19.28.   NOT the end of the story...
The 50/55 course record of 19.51 was broken, well done Barry, BUT still not he end of story...
The record was held by BA staff member Mike Waine, a very good mate of Barry's and many BA lads over the years plus for the forthcoming XC season will see them clash many times.  Well done lads, may be one day Mike and Barry will turn-up together at Woking and give us another brilliant performance.  NO NOT finished yet...

 Barry's age performance of 80.99% was the best on the day PLUS is the highest of ALL age groups Woking course record holders     Congratulations Barry.  I loved it, please come again Barry.

Tom Rowley

Updated parkrun stats: 

ASCA T&F Event - Dublin

Two weekends after WARR in Dublin Aer Lingus are also hosting the ASCA Athletics event with the main events being on Saturday 18th October.  Please let us know if you might be interested in representing the club and airline at this event.

 Steve Hillier

Coach Development FREE Workshops Save the dates 2014-2015

Dear All,

I am pleased to announce the South London Local Coach Development Programme of FREE workshops.

Please see below annual programme 2014-2015, book your free place and save the dates, please be aware there are limited places for workshops so book early to avoid disappointment.

Please see attached upcoming workshop flyers for September and October. List of workshops

LCPD Heath flyer 2014.pdf

11th October workshops Woodcote High School.pdf

Poster-Marathon wksp.pdf

LCPD Workshops Sevenoaks School 26Oct14.pdf

Julia Bailey - Club and Coach Support Officer - South London - England Athletics

Again - let Steve Hillier know if you might be interested in any of these.

Concorde Club Rebranding

As previously advised the Concorde Club property and administration was taken over by Imperial College last Monday 1st October.  Officially the sports ground is now called the "Imperial College London Heston sport ground" but it is likely that we'll continue to refer to it by its old name until we get new membership.  Some contact details have changed:

For Sports bookings: 0207 594 6866,

Main Reception: 0207 594 6868.

 Note that BA Clubs continues to be a British Airways unit. 

BA Enquiries (situated at reception): 0208 51 32000 / 32001 and note that Pat French's email is now .

"I've bin here before!"

Following Joe's recollection last week of finding himself running in the same place again...

In the late '80s I was running for the club in a cross-country race in the woods at Ruislip.  We had had a good turn out so I would be a non-scorer.  I was struggling round the fallen tree obstacles and through the thick mud and the only thing keeping me going was that I was running directly behind Jane Herbert. My mind wondered and I remembered that ten or so years earlier I had made some appearances for my school at cross-country events, again to make up the numbers in case anyone of the elite dropped out, and on one occasion I had run round these very same woods at Ruislip.  And I had hated it then as well.  At that point Jane, as a lady, finished her second and last lap...and so did, even though I should have done a third, and I retired from cross-country racing on the spot.  I haven't run a cross-country race since.  A few muddy parkruns perhaps but never cross-country.

Roderick Hoffman

So what is your earliest memory of running or have you had a realisation recently about having run somewhere before?  Please email it in.

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