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BA Athletics Club News Digest 9th December 2019


  • Wednesday 11th December - Five Mile Handicap at the Bedfont Club from 18:00 #
  • Wednesday 18th December - CIE mile race and Xmas social at the Bedfont Club #
  • Monday 30th December (proposed) - Round Heathrow Airport Run (see below)

Our next Bedfont Club meeting will be on Wednesday 11th December for the Five-Mile Handicap and 18th for our Christmas Run and Social. January club evenings will be on 8th (ad hoc) and 22nd (Handicap). All members are welcome.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at most of our events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 1st November.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 18th November 2019) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Xmas Dream Mile 5th Dec 2019

The 76th, and potentially last, Bath Road Dream Mile was held last Thursday and produced the following times:

Date Participant Time Total Runs Course PB
05-Dec-19 Matthew Stratful 00:06:30 44 0:05:43
05-Dec-19 Jeremy Short 00:06:35 34 0:05:36
05-Dec-19 Simon Turton 00:07:00 (1st run, last finisher) 1 0:07:00
05-Dec-19 Iain Bell 00:07:51 5 0:06:46
05-Dec-19 Roderick Hoffman 00:08:35 40 0:07:08
05-Dec-19 Steve Hillier 00:09:02 17 0:08:28
05-Dec-19 Joe Nolan 00:08:58 5 0:08:18
05-Dec-19 Melanie Miller 00:10:51 (pb) 2 0:10:51

Dream Mile RunnersNeil Frediani was on hand at the finish to dish out festive mince pies and hot juices. Neil has previously run the event 50 times and has a PB of 0:06:34.

In total 55 different participants have run a total of 581 Dream Miles on the Bath Road course and the records set were 0:04:56 by Paul Knechtl on the first running on 5th Sep 2013 (and equaled by himself the following month) and for the ladies 0:06:11 by Helen Lawrenson on 6th March 2014.

The highest turnout was 14 on the first event and on 8th January 2015.

There will NOT be an equivalent event in January 2020 BUT there are plans to introduce an event from February based on one lap of the Hawthornes in the Waterside parklands.

AGM Minutes

The club's AGM minutes have visited the scrutineers, they have been checked by the censors, and they have completed the redaction process.   They are now available for members to read at their leisure.  Enjoy!

BAAC AGM2019 minutes.docx

Steve Hillier

Five-Mile Handicap THIS Wednesday from 18:00

Feltham BridgeTwo things to be aware of this Wednesday, the first bad news though with a silver lining, the second perhaps good news.

The bad news is that from a pedestrian's point of view the Feltham Bridge works has got worse for Christmas. See "WAIT, Pedestrians, Footway Closed" photo. Now instead of just sticking to the pavement turning right pedestrians are expected to cross THREE carriageways, each at lights. This is not considered safe to do in a hurry and in the dark so for this month, and potentially next also (since I can't see rapid improvement) there will be a diversion to the five-mile handicap route. Pass Tesco and then cross over the Staines Road traffic lights as normal. Then, halfway to the next traffic lights, turn right down Helen Avenue (clearly signed). At the far end of Helen Avenue there is a left/right path WITH streetlights. Turn left and then immediately right, follow the streetlights and at the end again turn left and then immediately right to be back alongside Feltham Station in New Road. The silver lining is that this path is about 110 meters shorter than the normal path!

After the handicap run, we'll break from tradition and go for a drink and meal at The Duke of Wellington, opposite the Bedfont Club.  Food menu - .

Roderick Hoffman obo Steve Newell

Proposed Round Heathrow Airport run for end December

For the last few years Neil Frediani has organised a circumnavigation of the airport between Christmas and New Year, taking advantage of the ability to stretch the definition of "lunch hour" to allow a 11 to 13 mile run. This year Christmas Day and New Year's Day fall very awkwardly for arranging this. At the moment it is pencilled in for Monday 30th December but if you could be interested please visit the Facebook Group where there will be a poll asking people to say what days they can make. For the event to go ahead it only needs two people to agree the day and how to meet up (which could be halfway round!).

Please visit: [or if this doesn't work, probably because you are not yet a member, please search for the group "BA Runner", join and then find the Poll.

Roderick for Neil Frediani

Christmas Shopping Reminder

The Christmas mile and club party is fast approaching - it is on Wednesday 18th December. There will be a Santa's Sack (optional). Please buy a present of £5 value, wrap it and bring it on the night. And tell Steve Hillier to expect you on the night.

Steve Hillier

Club parkrun results for Saturday 7th December 2019

Member 7th December parkrun Pos Time Grade PB Comment
TRUE Roderick HOFFMAN Aldenham 56 00:29:52 53.24% Repeat run, not a PB
TRUE James Shoulder Bedfont Lakes 6 00:19:40 65.59%
TRUE Paul Davis Bedfont Lakes 16 00:22:08 61.22%
TRUE Paul PRESCOTT Bedfont Lakes 10 00:21:06 61.22%
TRUE Scott DAVISON Bedfont Lakes 68 00:26:27 54.88%
TRUE Ian CUNNINGHAM Black Park 79 00:23:36 66.24% First visit - now on 50 different events
TRUE Janet Smith Black Park 459 00:35:21 50.54%
TRUE Joe NOLAN Black Park Volunteer Coordinator (pacers)
TRUE Sarah GORDON Braunstone Marshal
TRUE Kevin Holland Brooklands 200 00:39:44 44.92% PB   Over two-minute improvement vs last week
TRUE Zoe OSTLEY Bushy Park 976 00:34:13 53.63%
TRUE Paul TIMMS Cirencester 31 00:24:45 62.63%
TRUE Ben Chaytow Crane Park 28 00:23:14 60.11%
TRUE Trish MCCABE Crane Park 110 00:28:43 53.98%
TRUE Mike Dennison Harrow 3 00:19:49 81.67% 3rd finisher / now fastest BA (was RichardR) & best age grade
TRUE Maria Jovani Harrow 14 00:21:11 73.72% 1st lady / now fastest BA lady (was CarolineC)
TRUE Denis Foxley Harrow 109 00:28:19 62.27%
FALSE Joan FOXLEY Harrow 185 00:36:23 61.20% Best time this year
TRUE John COFFEY Hazelwood 58 00:31:42 62.04%
FALSE Melanie MILLER Hazelwood 77 00:38:29 44.65%   (see below)
#N/A Paul SINTON-HEWITT Jersey Farm 4 00:20:58 75.83% Weighed down by the RSA Albert Medal?
TRUE Caroline Cockram Jersey Farm 54 00:26:09 64.12% Now fastest BA lady (was JanetS) & best age grade
TRUE Ian Cockram Jersey Farm 47 00:25:47 58.11% Now fastest BA man (was RoderickH)
TRUE Benita Scaife Maidenhead 229 00:32:28 62.42%
TRUE John Scaife Maidenhead 230 00:32:30 51.59%
TRUE Alan & Ann ANDERSON Osterley 263 00:44:58 60.67% (assisted)
TRUE Maarten Stenham Osterley 61 00:24:31 56.49% First time at Osterley
TRUE Murray HOGGE Reading 29 00:23:11 68.58%
TRUE Frankie HOGGE Reading 28 00:23:10 63.88%
#N/A Sarah KELLY Reading 177 00:40:31 47.88% PB   Another two-minute improvement!
TRUE Christopher T KELLY Reading 178 00:40:31 37.60%
TRUE Jain Reid Richmond Park 246 00:27:54 62.43% PB   19 seconds improvement
TRUE Bob Bannister Rickmansworth 75 00:24:17 67.81% PB   109 seconds improvement
TRUE Anne Bannister Rickmansworth 220 00:29:42 66.27%
TRUE David DUGGAN Rickmansworth 193 00:28:47 55.24% PB   112 second improvement
TRUE Eddie GILES Salisbury 135 00:26:05 68.43%
TRUE Julie BARCLAY Sandhurst Memorial 43 00:22:25 80.74% Busy inaugural run, 337 finishers, 2nd highest age-grade
TRUE Paul WATT Sandhurst Memorial 46 00:22:43 67.06%
TRUE Keith Johnson The Leas 24 00:24:29 59.77%
TRUE Kay Trinder Woking 16 00:20:52 84.50%
TRUE Micheal BALL Woking 86 00:26:00 60.13%
TRUE Tony BARNWELL Wycombe Rye 378 00:44:56 43.77%
TRUE John Scaife Maidenhead 101 00:26:30 63.27% LATE result from last week

Steve's away this long-weekend so a brief update from me...

Some good results above, particularly for Kay in Woking, Julie at the inaugural in Sandhurst and Mike and Maria in Harrow. Ian Cockram takes off me the club record at Jersey Farm I only set last week!

Ian Cunningham has now run at 50 different events (known as "A Cow" in the UK Tourists Facebook group) and for most clubs that would be worthy of celebration. But not this club.  Ian joins Chris Kelly on 50 with Neil Frediani just ahead on 52, Trish on 56, Benita on 64, John Scaife on 73, David Duggan on 78, Caroline and Ian Cockram on 83 and Richard Ruffell on 89. Then with the full Cowell (100+) comes Sarah Gordon and Steve Newell on 113 and then me, Roderick Hoffman, on 290 different events. The Cowell (and therefore the Cow) is named after the first person to run 100 different events, Chris Cowell, who, coincidently, was at Sandhurst Memorial with Julie Barclay and Paul Watt. Chris Cowell is now "only" on 234 events but also at Sandhurst was Paul Freyne who has run, wait for it, 499 different events [and they call me mad - Ed].  I doubt if Paul Freyne will return to his "home" at Bushy Park next Saturday given that he has done 414 different events in a row.

Note that the numbers in the paragraph above may not be quite accurate but there are also several reports that the numbers sent out in the parkrun results emails last Saturday also had errors.

Roderick Hoffman for Steve Newell

Steve's parkrun stats - club parkrun stats [not updated this week]

Full club parkrun database - {read access to new club parkrun database} - Download and explore.

Steve Newell & Roderick Hoffman


Yes, you are correct Steve, as you have spotted that Julie and I are chasing down the alphabet. You stated that Jersey Farm and Upton Court would soon appear on our result pages and today was the day that Upton Court was pencilled-in but a curve-ball appeared last week.....nearby Sandhurst Memorial had its first run this weekend. Neither of us had done an inaugural event and so plans were rapidly changed. Against what many have said, we decided to join 300+ others and enjoy a new course. Very wet and multi-terrain but nevertheless a very good morning. Needless to say that as we were the only two BA members there, we have the club records, but Julie has now taken the VW55 course records on three successive weekends...Victoria Docks and Alice Holt before today and she is in form.

Top coach Tom Rowley also changed his plans and went with us. A perfect course for him to spectate as the runners pass him three times.
This has not put us behind our alphabet schedule as we still plan to finish early next year but if we can remove some of the weekends that we have to unfortunately work, then we may complete it sooner.

Paul and Julie

Melanie Miller (see Dream Mile above) sent in a report of her run at Hazelwood

"Heavy Going"

When a friend asked me to do Hazelwood I said "Sure" as it is the most local to me here. When looking at the course set it did say it tends to get muddy but thinking nothing of it, I turned up in trainers. Big mistake, especially as it had been raining the night before and at the race briefing we were advised to wear trail shoes. "Nah", me thinks, I’ll be fine despite having purchased a pair that still need breaking in.

Anyway, the gun went off and we were off like racehorses. It was a multi-lap course. First lap started fine, a bit of mud but nothing I couldn’t cope with. Once round the first field we had to run around the far field...that's when the fun and games started...once into the second field it felt boggy. It wasn’t long before my friend pulled away from me leaving this racehorse to a trot whilst my friend galloped into the sunset! For me it was more like dodging the swamps and making it round the outer rim of the field as there was no place to hide, no place to dodge the drudgery of the soaky marshland....with the thought that we then had to repeat it all before we could ‘race’ into the finishing straight. The second lap was surprisingly easier, though I got soaked thru and thru. I finished 1 or 2 minutes outside my normal finishing time. Boy that was a hard one but glad I did it and finished a surprising 4th in my age group, but I won’t be repeating it before late spring at the earliest!



Marathon Results

Lanzarote Marathon (stolen from Facebook)

Finished the Lanzarote Marathon today in 4:33:29. Was hoping to get near to 4:15 but my knee played up again - time to see a physio I think as this has been going on since April. At least I was 6 minutes quicker than my time here last year. Was my 169th marathon - one more to do this year at Walton-on-Thames to bring up 170 on 28th December.

Piers Keenleyside

Running Shorts

  • Kay Trinder regularly runs the midday Brooks Serpentine 5k (held on the last Friday of the Month) at Battersea and has some excellent results.  On Friday 29th Nov. she ran a course PB of 19.44 giving her a age grade of 87.5%, just 2.5% off world class.  Her whole year has been littered with weekly PBs. Tom Rowley

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