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BA Athletics Club News Digest 9th November 2015


  • Wednesday 11th November - BAAC Annual Winter Quiz - Heston Venue from 20:00 (optional club run beforehand)* (see below)
  • Wednesday 25th November - Club In-house Event, 5 mile handicap, at Heston Venue from 18:00 followed by social from 20:00.*
  • Thursday 3rd December - Dream Mile on the Bath Road from 12:45*. With mince pies and mulled wine promised! (see below)

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

*Club Event Map:

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BAAC Annual Quiz - THIS Wednesday at the Heston Venue from 20:00.

Just a reminder of our annual quiz, to be held at the Heston Venue/Concorde Centre on Wednesday 11th November at 8pm.  Bring along a team, or come and join a team on the night.  Questions will be hard, fiendish, less hard and possibly controversial, but not necessarily in that order.  Come and test your knowledge - everyone is welcome!  Entry is a token £1 per head, with all proceeds going to our club charity, White Lodge (you can donate more if you wish!)

Steve & Linda Hillier  

November Run of the Month - Dream Mile - Results 

 Hi All,

A somewhat overcast day, but exceptionally mild for November. Nilesh Mistry with only his 2nd run was our faster performer of the week. He run the course in a little over 6 minutes (6:02) and will breaking that barrier very soon. There was also another PB by Colin Russell who was not able to join the usual crowd for the event, but knocked off 26 seconds off his PB to record a time of 7:25. I did think this was suspicious, but this was witnessed by one of 2 new competitors this month. Steve Newell a long time BA Athletics club member, opened his account with a time of 8:57, while our witness Clare Regale-Day recorded a time of 10:25. Welcome to you both and hope to see you again next month.

Previous Best Time Last Recorded Time 05-Nov-15 Difference Best Time
Colin Russell 00:07:51 00:07:51 00:07:25 -26 seconds 00:07:25
Nilesh Mistry 00:06:19 00:06:19 00:06:02 -17 seconds 00:06:02
Richard Ruffell 00:05:59 00:06:10 00:06:05 -05 seconds 00:05:59
Steve Newell 00:08:57 00:08:57
Clare Regale-Day 00:10:25 00:10:25
Chris Kelly 00:05:42 00:05:52 00:06:12 +20 seconds 00:05:42
Derek Baker 00:07:42 00:07:42 00:08:02 +20 seconds 00:07:16
Steve Taylor 00:06:45 00:06:49 00:07:17 +28 seconds 00:06:45
Neil Frediani 00:06:34 00:07:07 00:07:44 +37 seconds 00:06:34
Vaneeta Cro 00:14:33 00:11:38 00:12:41 +63 seconds 00:11:38

Final event of the year will be on Thursday 3rd December 2015, with mince pies and mulled wine at the finish…

Paul Knechtl  

Updated results for the World Airline Road Race 2015 Dubai

Race Name G. Cat'y Airline Team Time Pos'n G. Pos'n Award
10k Knechtl, Paul M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:38:06 5 5 Men Masters : First
10k Barclay, Julie F Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:47:51 74 10 Women 50-54 : First
10k Keenleyside, Piers M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:49:25 88 73 Men 55-59 : Fourth
10k Bellars, Tim M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:49:53 91 76
10k Pritchard, Lissa F Open BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:50:45 102 18 Women 35-39 : Third
10k Snook, Gareth M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:51:10 108 89
10k Ashford, Simon M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:53:47 141 114
10k Alonso, Monica F Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:59:27 216 60 Women 45-49 : Fourth
10k Hoffman, Roderick M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:59:40 220 159
10k Green, Lisa F Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 01:05:14 276 89
10k Scaife, John M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 01:06:29 290 198
10k Scaife, Benita F Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 01:06:29 291 93 Women 60-64 : Third
10k Newell, Steve M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 01:14:30 323 212 Men 70 & Over : First
5k Knechtl, Paul M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:19:24 12 12 Men Masters : Second
5k Keenleyside, Piers M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:25:32 109 95
5k Ashford, Simon M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:25:40 113 97
5k Scaife, John M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:25:59 117 101 Men 60-64 : Fourth
5k Barclay, Julie F Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:26:47 140 23
5k Bellars, Tim M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:26:54 144 120
5k Snook, Gareth M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:28:27 187 149
5k Pritchard, Lissa F Open BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:32:20 315 94
5k Alonso, Monica F Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:32:21 317 95
5k Smith, Helen F Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:32:25 319 97
5k Hoffman, Roderick M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:35:25 385 259
5k Newell, Sue F Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:50:06 609 274
5k Newell, Steve M Masters BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:50:07 610 334

I'm going to highlight two outstanding results. 

  • Firstly Julie Barclay in the 10k - second BA finisher, out of sight from our second man.
  • Secondly Paul Knechtl in the 5k, running almost as fast as he did in the 10k.  Why am I highlighting that performance as outstanding? Because he ran it with a broken ankle! Upon finishing the 10k he tripped over the curb and had to be treated for ten minutes by two medical staff.  They tightly bandaged the foot and Paul set off to run the 5k.  Only during the subsequent week did Paul discover that he had a hairline fracture which has him sidelined from running for six weeks.

BAAC Road Racing Team at WARR 2015 Dubai

Left to right: John Scaife, Gareth Snook, Julie Barclay, Monica Alonso, Tim Bellars, Lisa Green, Paul Knechtl, Benita Scaife, Lissa Prichard, Helen Smith, Piers Keenleyside, Simon Ashford, Sue Newell, Steve Newell and Roderick Hoffman behind the camera. Ten of those pictured had just run both races in the Dubai heat, the others just the one.

There are now three sets of photographs on Facebook:

 Roderick Hoffman

Men Surrey League Cross Country Saturday 7th November Results

What a weird weather day. I visited the ladies at the end of their race in Esher on the way to Epsom and the weather was quite calm and balmy, having only minutes earlier been extremely wet. An hour  later I parked at Epsom in dark cloudy conditions and got out of the car into a gale. Well at least it wasn’t raining. We were all gathering and preparing quite happily and then John and Mark Taylor decided they had better leave the warmth of the car to join us and the heavens opened. I don’t mind that during the run but before when getting ready and handing out paper numbers etc. it is not good. Anyway it eased off and we started, some (well me) later than others. I was still at my bag sorting myself out thinking I had another minute or so when I looked up and saw they had departed. Before the race I had told one or two runners who weren’t so familiar with the course, the lay out only to discover that we were using the ‘old’ course but the basic topography was the same  just a bit more up and down. It had the usual muddy, slippery, stony, hilly (not too steep) stretches. The worst of the weather had gone and the sun came out for the second half of the race. Well done to Colin Haylock who stepped up and was our first scorer followed by what appears to have been a close battle between John Taylor, Richard Ruffell and Chris Kelly. I think a special mention should go to John Coffey our 9th scorer at the ripe old age of 7x years and welcome back to Denis Foxley. Coffee and cakes were enjoyed by most afterwards. It was good to get encouraging shouts from Tom Rowley (Woking) and Glen Mealing (of high flying Runnymede Runners) on the way round.

Next match is on January 16th  a little closer to home at Oxshott at the earlier time of 14:30. new and returning runners are welcome.  

Provisional Results are at and below :

Pos Num Name Age Group Club Time
1 954 Steven Blake SEN WOK 30:57
41 558 Colin Haylock V45 BAW 37:14
49 555 John Taylor V50 BAW 38:10
50 553 Richard Ruffell V50 BAW 38:17
52 559 Chris Kelly V50 BAW 38:23
67 556 Mark Taylor V55 BAW 39:48
76 565 Simon Turton V45 BAW 40:59
94 561 Scott Davison V40 BAW 44:52
98 566 Graham Taylor V55 BAW 45:22
105 557 John Coffey V70 BAW 47:05
109 563 Denis Foxley V65 BAW 49:50
113 551 Neil Frediani V55 BAW 51:59
115 564 Steve Hillier V60 BAW 56:44

Neil Frediani

Club AGM Write-up

The AGM was held on July 1st and the minutes were written up and reviewed a month or so after that date - and they have now surfaced to the top of the "remember to add to the digest" pile in the editors inbox: AGM2015minutes.doc

Club parkrun results for Saturday 7th November 2015

7th Nov 2015

Family, Friends,+





Alan Anderson 31:17 Gunnersbury run #383 67%
Alice Banks 26:52 Maidenhead 16th run at Maidenhead 70%
Tony Barrnwell 31:43 Northala Fields run #93 58%
Bill Byrne 21:26 Old Deer Park run #98 72%
Claire Byrne 26:41 Old Deer Park run #63 64%
Ben Chaytow 22:05 Crane Park 93rd run at Crane Park 61%
Jonathan Cox 21:48 Bushy Park run #254 70%
Ian Cunningham 22:07 Bushy Park 185th run at Bushy 68%
Scott Davison 24:37 Bedfont Lakes run #136, 124th at Bedfont 57%
David Duggan 28:59 Bedfont Lakes run #120, 83rd at Bedfont 53%
Joan Foxley 33:43 Harrow run #14 62%
Alan Friar 27:37 Reading run #179 65%
Gareth Hobby 27:19 Reading 20th run at Reading 51%
Roderick Hoffman 30:42 Brentwood BA park #206, park #129 50%
Piers Keenleyside 24:30 Chichester park #15 64%
Chris Kelly 22:12 Reading run #260 66%
Kerstin Luksch 21:11 Gunnersbury run #162 71%
Steve Newell 32:36 Aldenham run #108 55%
Joe Nolan 26:49 Black Park run #240 60%
Lissa Pritchard 25:43 Gunnersbury run #10 59%
Marion Taylor 30:01 Northala Fields run #44 57%
Steve Taylor 23:59 Northala Fields run #45 62%
Paul Timms 22:52 Crissy Field run #5, first in USA 66%
Neil Frediani volunteer Bedfont Lakes lead bike
Caroline Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director plus results
Monica Alonso volunteer Guildford barcode scanning

With cross country league meetings for both men and women several of our regular runners were taking it easy, volunteering and even avoiding parkruns altogether this weekend.  The real winner was the weather which made for heavy going on many of the courses and some parks were closed due to preparations for fireworks displays.

One new park for the club this week with Roderick Hoffman making his way over to Brentwood in Essex (just outside the M25 ring).  That takes us to 206.  Roderick found 3.1 miles of cross-country more than enough and it was his slowest time of the year (or any year ?).

Piers Keenleyside joined the growing list of members (now 5) who have run the course at Chichester.  Gareth Hobby made his first appearance (at Reading) since August.

Joe Nolan is now just 10 short of being eligible for a 250 vest.  Former member Bill Byrne is on 98 after another run at Old Deer Park.  Just 100 behind Steve Newell who had a rare top 20 placing at Aldenham on the 49th anniversary of  his joining BOAC.  Enough numbers for one week ?

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

Meet the Committee - Brian Forrester, Chairman

Brian Forresterr 

Brian is one of the founding members of the club which, for those who have forgotten or never knew, means that he has been involved since 1981. Or perhaps earlier. My "Round the Block" newsletter records go back to Sept 1988 and in that issue John Williams congratulates Brian for being elected Chairman again. I don't think that he has been Chairman every year since, John took a turn at least one year, but it has been Brian just about all of the way apart from that.

His main duties are to keep the more active members of the committee in order. And he constantly reminds us of the need to communicate to members of the club who don't have smart phones and 24x7 internet access.

He also manages the club equipment, Heston Venue bookings and starts and finishes for many club events.  He also uses his Tesco vouchers to ensure that we never run short of energy on a Wednesday evening.

Whilst Brian's best running days are behind him he could yet surprise us with a parkrun appearance.

Roderick Hoffman obo Brian Forrester

Running Shorts and not so Shorts

New York Marathon 2015

Both Lissa and I had unfinished business at the New York Marathon after our 2014 experiences. Freezing cold weather, a strong head wind and an unfamiliar course left us both disappointed with our times and keen to give it another go in 2015. Fortunately the weather was much kinder this year and we were both able to significantly improve on our times. I clocked 3:34:05 having reached half way in 1:47:58, so a negative split and a strong last 10 miles (mile 26 was my fastest!). Lissa recorded 3:48:49 with an even pace throughout. I'm not sure either of us followed a recommended training regime but it seemed to work out!

The sheer scale of the NY Marathon is pretty stunning - 50,000 runners running through the 5 boroughs of New York - and there's a slick operation, but they could do with some guidance on crossing points!

Ian Cunningham / Lissa Pritchard

   Have you noticed? It's dark in the evenings. So don't forget your hi-vis kit!

Invitation: KLM CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS SATURDAY 12th December 2015 at the “Langevelderslag” Beach + Dunes

Dear airline colleagues,

You are hereby invited for the KLM Road Runners 2015 club championships. The location of the beach/dune run is Langevelderslag +/- 20 km south west of Schiphol airport [see Club map]. The race distances are 6km and 10km. The start of our event is at 15:00 for the 6km and 15:10 for the 10km (14:30 children's run). Directly after the start, the race goes north following a winding footpath. After a few kilometers and a challenging climb over the dunes and the race returns to the finish following the sandy beach.
The 6km runners finish at the beach centre; the 10km runners will run an additional smaller loop.
There are awards for male seniors and masters, female seniors and masters on both distances and every finisher will receive a special KLM Road Runners souvenir. All runners take part in a free lottery with many fine prices. The award ceremony starts at 17:00.
A free bus service will be available. It will pick-up runners from Schiphol airport (AMS) at 13:30. We will also take care of transport back to the airport. The bus will return at 17:30 to Schiphol airport.

If you want to join us for our run on the beach and dunes than please sign up via
Participating in the race for invited airline runners and family is FREE!!

After the Race we continue with a buffet BBQ dinner and if you decide to stay for this dinner you can sign up also via The costs are €25,- for the buffet dinner per person. (Children under 13 are € 12,50)

Payment: This year we ask the attendance for the dinner to pay upfront. (no cash payment on race day) This can be done via a normal EU bank transfer (Swift / iban), see registration website for details.

Also for those runners who will stay for the dinner we will organise transport to Schiphol Airport. Hope to see you at the beach and dunes on the 12th of December.

Met vriendelijke groeten / kind regards,

Cornelus van der Pol + Frank Jegers

KLM Road Runners


This is a highly recommended event - and when it says "free" it means it.  You just have to get yourself to Schiphol and pay for the dinner and/or drinks. Although I can't be there myself this year please let me know if you plan to attend. Roderick Hoffman

And on the subject of airline events please note in your diaries that the ASCA Cross-Country this year will be in Hamburg, hosted by Lufthansa, on 2nd April 2016.

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