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BA Athletics Club News Digest 10th February 2020


  • Saturday 23rd February - BA Cross-Country Championships, Cranford Park, 10:30 # (see below)
  • Wednesday 26th February - Five Mile Handicap at the Bedfont Club from 18:00 #
  • Wednesday 4th March - BAAC Annual Awards evening at the Bedfont Club from 20:00 (with food, and an ad hoc training run before)

Our next Bedfont Club meeting will be on February 26th (Five Mile Handicap). March club evenings will be 4th (Awards evening) and 25th (Handicap). All members are welcome.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at most of our events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 8th January.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 8th January 2020) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office", ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Reminder - Sunday 23rd February BA Cross Country 10:30 Start, Cranford Park #

Please let Gary know of runners and marshals for this event.

And please pass the massage onto other runners, including friends and runners from other clubs, who may want to join us on the day - email me with names (runners and marshal please). There is no entrance fee...but also no prizes.

Many thanks,

Gary Rushmer {}.

The Inaugural Parkland Mile was run on Thursday 6th February from 12:45 #


Event Date Runner Time Recent Dream Mile time
Parkland Mile 06-Feb-20 Matthew Stratful 00:06:25 c/w 06:30
Parkland Mile 06-Feb-20 Ian Cunningham 00:06:45 c/w 06:35
Parkland Mile 06-Feb-20 Jeremy Short 00:06:46 c/w 06:35
Parkland Mile 06-Feb-20 Steve Taylor 00:07:37 c/w 07:40
Parkland Mile 06-Feb-20 Roderick Hoffman 00:08:48 c/w 08:35
Parkland Mile 06-Feb-20 Steve Hillier 00:09:32 c/w 09:02
Parkland Mile 06-Feb-20 Simon Ashford 00:09:35 Late run

Parkland Mile runnersThanks to Steve for timekeeping at this inaugural event.

Most months the event will be self-timed so please do bring a watch / timing device.  For those based at Waterside meet outside the Gym @ 12:25 for a one mile warm-up to the start.

  • The Parkland Mile is run on the first Thursday of each month at 12:45 - next event 5th March,
  • Start & finish near the main entrance to the Hawthorns,
  • Start - at the post on the rise to the left,
  • Run - one lap of Hawthorns clockwise,
  • Finish - 20 yards from entrance (if you anticipate being sub-7minutes then please ask to have the finish pointed out to you before the start).

Please forward details to anyone else you think might be interested.

Ian Cunningham (Internal BA only)

Final Ladies Surrey League match result and report

Ladies' Cross Country team

Four ladies competed for the club in the final Surrey Cross Country League match in Richmond Park on Saturday 8 February. The morning was clear with bright sunshine and there was no sign of the storm that would arrive on Sunday and cause the park to close.

The five-mile two-lap course started near to the junction of Sheen Gate and Sawyer’s Hill. The race crossed fields before ascending the long uphill Queen’s Ride before turning and skirting the edge of Sidmouth Wood and continuing downhill to the Pen Ponds.  The ground was soft apart from muddy sections at the edge of the water. The course climbed steeply to White Lodge, home of the Royal Ballet School before taking two left turns and descending to the bottom of Queen’s Ride to start the second lap. Although spikes were recommended for the course, many of the paths were sandy and trail shoes would have been a better choice. 

Christine Munden


Pos# Num Name Age group Club Time
1 ... ... ... ... 33:08:00
31 1754 Maria Jovani (running for 1st claim club) V40 RMDRMD 37:55:00
55 1238 Emma Moreton V35 BAWBAW 39:38:00
75 1253 Tanya Snook V45 BAWBAW 41:19:00
208 1240 Christine Munden V45 BAWBAW 58:21:00
212 1233 Kelly Davis V35 BAWBAW 59:58:00
215 ... ... ... ... 61:33:00

In the team competition, on the day, BAAC finished 20th of 23 "A" teams. Overall for the year we appear to have finished 21st of 25 "A" teams (in the 2nd division).

Kelly adds...

This year I managed to join 3/4 of the matches and I really enjoyed myself. Although it was usually a little cold and/or muddy the rain held off and we stayed pretty dry.

We had a fantastic turn out at Wimbledon Common and meeting the rest of the lovely ladies has been a pleasure. I feel like the hills of some of these courses will make the London Marathon seem like a walk in the park.

Thanks especially to Clara for making sure we all knew where, when and what we were doing.

Thanks for letting me join in. I have really loved it and look forward to next year.

Kelly Davis

Men's Surrey League match result #

Pos# Num Name Age group Club Time
1 ... ... ... ... 27:43:00
39 1113 Paul Knechtl V45 BAWBAW 32:41:00
129 1109 Chris Kelly V50 BAWBAW 37:48:00
132 1106 Mike Dennison V60 BAWBAW 37:56:00
150 1105 Mark Taylor V60 BAWBAW 38:43:00
152 1116 Ross Davies V40 BAWBAW 38:46:00
164 1111 John Taylor V50 BAWBAW 39:26:00
199 1120 Matthew Stratful V40 BAWBAW 41:15:00
218 1108 Simon Turton V50 BAWBAW 42:17:00
272 1100 Michael Ball (2C) V55 BAWBAW 51:06:00
275 1107 Neil Frediani V60 BAWBAW 55:03:00
279 1114 Steve Hillier V65 BAWBAW 60:53:00

On the day the team finished 7th of 11 teams and overall across the season 9th of 12 (having been in 10th place going into Saturday's match).

For the series Paul Knechtl appears to have finished 5th overall and 2nd 50+ runner, and Mike Dennison was 1st V60 with Barry Walters 4th.

World Airline Road Race update

Details are beginning to fall into place for this event.

Although Race Registration has not yet been opened up the host hotels have been announced and a post-race event has been announced.

The host hotels are described on this page: but cannot be booked before you have registered for the race.

The post-race event is an Hawaiian Dinner Luau on Sunday 25th from 5pm. Note that all WARR race awards will be presented shortly after the races. The Dinner Luau is a show with dinner that is also open to the general public.

Fuller details will be provided once registration has opened.

Also I'll set-up a Facebook Event for WARR attendance - but in the meantime you can register your interest through me.

Roderick Hoffman

Last week's long distance training coaching session

Good turnout at the club last Wednesday evening for the session: ‘Interval Training for Distance Running’ where we had some first timer marathoners as well as others who already wear dozens of marathon medals, as well as other members up for some punishing training as well !  I hadn’t planned to actually run beforehand but thought I’d better share the pain, running, timing and blowing my whistle, and must admit to quite a lot of muscle twinges the next day.

The session comprised a series of high intensity workouts interspersed with recovery periods. Full speed running for 4 minutes followed by 2 minutes recovery by jogging slowly on the spot to save getting too cold, repeated 4 times ! The high-intensity periods are typically at or close to anaerobic exercise, while the recovery periods involve activity of lower intensity. Varying the intensity of effort exercises the heart muscle, providing a cardiovascular workout, improving aerobic capacity and permitting the person to exercise for longer and/or at more intense levels. This is particularly useful session for developing distance running capability, and similar sessions should carry on in between your longer runs.  There is a danger that if you only do the long runs you may find yourself plodding slower and slower with no ‘headroom’ being developed/maintained. Many thanks to Steve Hillier for leading the warm-up and warm-down.

We had a useful chat afterwards in the clubroom about many other issues/concerns/anxieties about the big day and preparations before !

Joe Nolan CiRF (

parkrun Review Saturday 8th February 2020

8Feb Member parkrun Place Time Grade PB Comment
TRUE Bob Bannister Bedfont Lakes 31 00:23:55 68.85% run #382, 306th at Bedfont Lakes
TRUE Anne Bannister Bedfont Lakes 126 00:30:52 64.69% run #221, 173rd at Bedfont Lakes
TRUE Ian Cockram Bethlem Royal Hospital 21 00:26:02 57.55% club rec (time and agegrade%), park #88
TRUE Caroline Cockram Bethlem Royal Hospital 37 00:29:33 56.74% club rec (F), park #89
TRUE Joe NOLAN Black Park 332 00:30:00 55.39% 30' pacer trial run
TRUE Zoe OSTLEY Brooklands 252 00:35:51 51.19% 9th run at Brooklands
TRUE Andrew William Jordon Bushy Park 286 00:23:32 64.73% 127th run at Bushy, 4th in 2020
TRUE Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 692 00:27:54 56.03%
TRUE Scott DAVISON Crane Park 43 00:22:56 63.30%
TRUE Paul TIMMS Crissy Field 36 00:23:19 66.48% 5th annual run (2015, 2017-20)
TRUE Sarah GORDON Daventry 224 00:34:11 58.41% run #256, 12th at Daventry
TRUE Christopher T KELLY Dinton Pastures 309 00:39:54 38.18% and XC at Lloyd Park later on
TRUE David DUGGAN East Park 79 00:29:41 54.01% BA park #566 ,"E"  (just needs "Q" and "Z")
TRUE David Williams Fulham Palace 219 00:24:45 55.96%
TRUE John Lennon Guildford 461 00:36:50 43.17%
TRUE Alastair Heslop Guildford Barcode Scanning
TRUE Denis Foxley Harrow Barcode Scanning
FALSE Joan FOXLEY Harrow Timekeeper
TRUE Julie BARCLAY Hazelwood 22 00:22:56 78.92%
TRUE Paul WATT Hazelwood 18 00:22:26 67.90% PB   Course PB by 12s
TRUE John COFFEY Hazelwood 85 00:30:36 65.63%
TRUE Alice BANKS Higginson, Marlow 53 00:27:16 73.23% River level has fallen at last
TRUE Trish MCCABE Highbury Fields 336 00:28:42 54.41% stopwatch bingo full house and club rec(F), park #63
TRUE Adrian Haines Ifield Mill Pond 1 00:19:20 77.50% First finisher (and did XC race later), 2020 challenge point
TRUE Ben Chaytow Kingston 160 00:26:25 52.87% 1st run at Kingston, park #25
TRUE Mike Dennison Lloyd 5 00:22:00 73.56% M-5, club rec(m) an stuck around for XC, park #45
TRUE Benita Scaife Maidenhead 296 00:32:57 61.51% 92nd run at Maidenhead
TRUE John Scaife Maidenhead 297 00:32:57 50.89% 96th run at Maidenhead
TRUE Petra OTTO Manor Field, Whittlesey 68 00:35:23 59.96%
TRUE Maria Jovani Old Deer Park 62 00:26:46 58.78% 2020 challenge - second point
TRUE Steve NEWELL Osterley 377 00:46:12 41.02% 4 mph
TRUE Roderick HOFFMAN Portsmouth Lakeside 99 00:28:35 55.63% 299th different parkrun
TRUE Jain Reid Richmond Park 230 00:26:53 65.59% PB   Course PB by 9 seconds, 5th PB in a row! Total improvement 61s.
TRUE James Shoulder Rushmoor 6 00:18:42 68.98% PB   M-6, parkrun pb, course pb by nearly 7 minutes, club rec(m)
TRUE Keith Johnson St Albans 167 00:25:27 57.96% run #45, 22nd at St Abans
TRUE Janice Jones Tilgate 283 00:30:39 56.82% PB   2minute PB
TRUE Harjit Jhooti Wimbledon Common 336 00:32:47 52.41% 1st run at Wimbledon Common, park #21
TRUE Alan FRIAR Woodley 362 00:32:31 5858.28% run #276, 92nd at Woodley, 2020 sb
TRUE Tony BARNWELL Wycombe Rye 540 00:46:40 42.14% run #199, 95th at Wycombe Rye

This was possibly the lull before the storm as the vast majority of the Saturday 5km parkruns were run as scheduled but almost all the 2km junior parkruns on Sunday were cancelled because of the severe gale force winds (actual or forecast).

Jain Reid (26:53) continued her gradual and steady improvement at Richmond with a fifth consecutive pb.  James Shoulder (18:52) knocked one more second of his parkrun pb, this time at Rushmoor as he set a new club record (time).  Adrian Haines(19:20) was first finisher at Ifield Mill Pond having only managed 3rd or 4th there before.  With a first place Atholl in South Africa a couple of weeks ago he will be on a hat trick next time out.  He went on to compete in cross country later in the day. “IMP” as it is known locally is looking out for more volunteers if anyone feels like helping out some time.

Mike Dennison (22:00) ran at Lloyd Park for the first time early on and lowered the club record there and then re-emerged later on to feature in our Surrey League team (see details elsewhere).  Chris Kelly, denied his run at Reading yet again because of the flooded course, ran at Dinton Pastures before setting off for Croydon.

Trish McCabe (28:42) continued her tour of London parkruns and tried the five and a bit laps at Highbury Fields for the first time setting a female club record.  There are 56 parkruns in the London Boroughs and ten more inside the M25 so she still has a long way to go!  Roderick Hoffman (28:35) was at Portsmouth Lakeside to chalk up his 299th different parkrun.  David Duggan (29:41) went to East Park in Wolverhampton to take the club total to 566.  If he was really only looking for an “E” then Ellenbrook Fields (Hatfield) would have been a lot nearer.

Steve Newell

Steve's parkrun stats - club parkrun stats (updated to 4th Jan)

Full club parkrun database - {read access to new club parkrun database} - Download and explore.



42 being the answer to life, the universe and everything.

Today I visited Highbury Fields for the first time. I finally achieved stopwatch bingo as I managed to hit 42 seconds. Who would have thought it would take 5 and a bit lap course to do so.

Catch up soon.

Trish McCabe

Tourist parkrun update

I will be celebrating my (arbitrary) 300th different parkrun on Saturday week (22nd February) at the UK's smallest parkrun - Girvan Prom in Ayrshire. All are welcome to join me - you can be almost guaranteed cake and a top twenty finish.

The week after, the first ever 29th February parkrun, parkrun Netherlands starts up with six events starting on the same day. I'll be flying out to take part in one of them and if anyone wants to join me then let me know.

Roderick Hoffman

Message from Andy Rayner

Dear Ed,

No run reports recently following a health scare in November. However, I can report that I did my Cookham walk yesterday which involved Winter Hill and muddy terrain. It is a 6.25 mile 'journey.' Post my hospital visit end this month I hope to resume jogging.

Andy Rayner

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