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BA Athletics Club News Digest 10th September 2018


  • Wednesday 12th Sept - Equinox 5k - new course at Bedfont Lakes for 18:10, see below *#
  • Monday 17th Sept - T&F Grand Prix 100m and Long Jump - Hillingdon Track from 18:00 *
  • Saturday 22nd Sept - Club Featured parkrun - Homewood parkrun at Ottershaw at 09:00 *#

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: First week of August.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] / # Club Points event

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Reminder Equinox 5K - Wednesday 12th September #

Equinox 5k CourseRunners should try to be at Bedfont Lakes by 6.10 p.m. ready for a warm-up/familiarisation jog (i.e. leave Bedfont Club at 6 p.m.).  You can jog the 2.5k to Bedfont Lakes but please allow enough time to get there for 6:10 p.m..  We should use the (larger) car park off Bedfont Road - near postcode TW14 8BF.  Also the H26 bus from Hatton Cross station stops very close (stop: "Bedfont Lakes").

The run start and finish will be by the gates to the cemetery (from the carpark, not from the road).  The course will use most (but not all) of the paths (and little hills) used for the Bedfont Lakes parkrun (short lap) but in an anticlockwise direction.  Our 5km course will start with a short meander from the cemetery gates to the Motte, two laps of the main loop and back to the cemetery gates by the same route (avoiding the narrow wooden bridge). The course is shown on the club Google map.

We are not seriously challenged by the sunset this year, nevertheless I plan to have all runners completing the 5km before 7 p.m.

Wave start times:

  • 6.20 p.m. (expected 5km time 35-39 mins)
  • 6.25 p.m. (30-34 mins),
  • 6.30 p.m. (25-29 mins)
  • 6.35 p.m.(under 25 mins).

Volunteers to help rather than run please contact Steve Newell.

After the run we'll return to the Bedfont Club for showers, to change and for drinks in the bar. Please note that the Bedfont Club changing rooms are unlikely to be open before the run - please arrive changed or change in your (or anyone's) car.

Steve Newell {}

2018 Round the Park runnersResults Round-the-Park Tuesday 4th September Harmondsworth Moor #

Below are this year's results.

Chris Kelly held onto the title with a time 3 secs faster than last year, Matt was 11secs faster than his last run 2 years ago, Ian Cunningham was 3 secs faster than last year and Alex Lyons was almost a minute faster than her last run two years ago.

We welcomed 3 new runners, Jim, David and Maria and well done to Maria on splitting the speedy men with what I believe is a new ladies course record of 21:10.

Hope to see everyone again next year and maybe with a bit of luck a few of the absentees will turn up and we can get to 15, still a long way off the 79 runners of 1990!!


Neil Frediani

Number M/F Name 2018 Time 2018 Pos 2017 (6 runners) 2016 (12)
1029 M Chris Kelly 20:51 1 20:54 / 1st
1025 M Matt Stratful 21:01 2 21:12 / 2nd
1022 F Maria Jovani 21:10 3
1024 M Ian Cunningham 21:13 4 21:16 / 2nd
1027 M Jeremy Short 21:26 5 21:17 / 3rd 0:22:23 / 4th
1030 M Jim Greaves 23:11 6
1028 M Neil Frediani 26:51 7 35:12 / 11th
1023 M David Duggan 28:21 8
1031 F Alexandra Lyons 29:17 9 30:11 / F1
1026 M Roderick Hoffman 29:45 10 26:56 / 5th 28:55 / 7th


I would like to thank Neil and Roderick again for organising such a great little event.

I really enjoyed the course, a little gem between M25 and M4. Iíve run the Speedbird Ladies 4 times before and although I should be familiar with the course that wasnít the case. I was glad we had Chris leading the race and pointing out the directions. Overall a nice race in a beautiful location. Only a shame the low numbers of participants. It would be nice if we can bring numbers up for next year.


Maria Jovani

September Dream Mile results

Established by Paul Knechtl in September 2013, last week had the 61st Dream Mile as the event enters its sixth year.  There were seven runners last week, half the fourteen who ran at the inaugural, a total that has been equaled once but never exceeded.
Participant Sept 2018 Runs Total Best Time
Chris Kelly 00:06:09 30 00:05:42
Matthew Stratful 00:06:10 34 00:05:43
Ian Cunningham 00:06:23 29 00:05:52
James Greaves 00:06:23 5 00:06:21
Toby Houghton 00:06:25 9 00:06:16
Steve Taylor 00:07:11 24 00:06:45
Neil Frediani 00:07:27 40 00:06:34

Over the years there have been a total of 489 miles run by 45 different participants and the current organiser Neil Frediani has been the most regular participant with 40 runs followed by Matthew Stratful with 34. Simon Ashford and Paul Knechtl are next on 33 and then with Ian Cunningham is Roderick Hoffman on 29 and Dave Bird and Jeremy Short on 27.  Paul Knechtl remains as the only runner to have beaten the five minute mile on the course with a time of 04:56.  The next best time is by Dave Dixon with 05:06.

Last week despite a headwind there was a clear improvement by Steve Taylor, everyone else was slightly slower than on their previous runs.

The next Dream Mile will be on the 4th October.  Please note that rocket powered roller skates are barred, as is getting a pull from an aircraft taking off.

2018 Dream Mile results

Surrey League Cross Country Ladies Fixtures

Ladies (and male supporters),

Surrey League Ladies XC dates, venues and start times are:

  • Match 1.    13 Oct.   Putney Vale/Wimbledon Common.      1.00 pm
  • Match 2.    11 Nov.  Nonsuch Park, Cheam.                       11.00 am
  • Match 3.    12 Jan.   Happy Valley, Coulson.                         1.00 pm
  • Match 4.    09 Feb.  Richmond Park (Kingston End).         11.00 am

I will not be there on the 1st and 2nd matches due to other events that I have committed to earlier this year. Could someone who plans to be there at the 1st match please let me know as we need to collect the race numbers on the day from the league.

Clara Halket {}

Club parkrun results for Saturday 8th September 2018

8th Septparkrunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
Steve Taylor 42:11 Northala Fields Lead bike (V#25), then run #100 ! 36%
Jonathan Horan 16:47 Northala Fields 1st finisher, 5 secs off pb 78%
Marion Taylor 31:17 Northala Fields run #71 56%
Natalie Ruffell 18:59 Burgess Park F-1, run #54, parkrun pb 78%
Chris Kelly 19:41 Reading run #396, best time at Reading this year 77%
Julie Barclay 22:02 Frimley Lodge missed pb by 1 second 81%
Paul Watt 23:57 Frimley Lodge run #84, 15th at Frimley 63%
Richard Ruffell 21:01 Cassiobury run #150, 11th at Cassiobury 74%
Kay Trinder 22:14 Homewood F-1, 3rd run at Homewood 77%
Jonathan Poole 14:52 Gunnersbury pb, course record 89%
Piers Keenleyside 25:54 Gunnersbury best at Gunnersbury this year 62%
Alan Anderson 34:27 Gunnersbury run #525, 288th at Gunnersbury 66%
Steve Newell 34:52 Gunnersbury best parkrun so far in 2018 53%
Kathryn Keenleyside 41:01 Gunnersbury run #66, 46th at Gunnersbury 47%
Tony Barnwell 37:21 Rickmansworth best run at Rickmansworth this year 52%
Sarah Gordon 31:30 Braunstone run #204, best run at Braunstone this year 62%
John Lennon 31:03 Blackhill run #276, park #30, BA park #439 50%
Petra Otto 32:26 Manor Field, Whittlesey inaugural, PA park #440 64%
Bob Bannister 23:19 Bedfont Lakes run #327, 272nd at Bedfont 70%
Maria Jovani 23:19 Bedfont Lakes run #240, 119th at Bedfont 66%
Scott Davison 25:16 Bedfont Lakes run #266, 221st at Bedfont 57%
Jonathan Cox 24:23 Crane Park run #367, 72nd at Crane 64%
Ben Chaytow 24:59 Crane Park run #204 55%
Trish McCabe 28:22 Crane Park run #251 54%
Roderick Hoffman 30:59 East Grinstead first run at East Grinstead, park #243 51%
John Coffey 27:53 Hazelwood run #295, 21st at Hazelwood 69%
Monica Alonso 32:28 Hazelwood run #78, first at Hazelwood 52%
Helen Smith 32:31 Hazelwood run #42, 4th at Hazelwood 61%
Benita Scaife 32:14 Maidenhead run #125, 66th at Maidenhead 62%
John Scaife 32:14 Maidenhead run #143, 67th at Maidenhead 52%
Ian Cunningham 21:36 Upton Court first run at Upton Court, park #33 72%
Janet Cunningham 28:16 Upton Court first run at Upton Court 64%
Neil Frediani 33:42 Whitley Bay first run at Whitley Bay, park #40 48%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford run director

The cooler weather this weekend encouraged some faster running.  At Northala Fields Steve Taylor began his morning as lead bike (volunteer shift #25) and was chased home by ESM member Jonathan Horan (16:47) who came within 5 seconds of his pb.  Steve then set off round the course in catch-up mode having given everyone a 17 minute start and came home to complete his 100th parkrun with an official time of 42:11 and placing 327th out of a field of 367.  An energetic way of running and volunteering on the same morning*.

Former member Natalie Ruffell achieved a parkrun pb of 17:59 at Burgess Park (Camberwell) with pacemakers from her suitably named new club, Clapham Chasers.  Chris Kelly (19:41) achieved his best time at Reading this year, Julie Barclay (22:02) missed a course pb at Frimley by just one second.

Richard Ruffell (21:01) and Kay Trinder (22:14) were going well at Cassiobury and Homewood respectively.  At Gunnersbury the course record holder, Jonathan Poole of Serpentine RC, improved his time by another four seconds down to 14:52.  Piers Keenleyside (25:54) and Steve Newell (34:52) recorded their best time this year.  Sarah Gordon (31:30) at Braunstone and Tony Barnwell (37:21) at Rickmansworth also recorded seasonís bests over courses they run quite frequently.

Two more parks were added to our ever-growing list.  John Lennon (31:03) was the first to try Blackhill and Consett Heritage park in County Durham while Petra Otto (32:26) attended the inaugural at Manor Field, Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

* Starting a parkrun late is permitted at the discretion of the Run Director, and provided the late starting runner catches and passes the tail walker.

Volunteers and Inaugurals

So "Steven K Taylor" becomes the latest club member to achieve 25 volunteer stints. Steve will probably never catch Ian Cockram who is currently on  281, so 256 ahead.  David Duggan is just four behind Ian on 277.  But both could be accused of dragging their feet compared to non-member Rory Marriott who this weekend got his 651st volunteer credit on his 500th volunteer instance.

Petra's home address is in Whttlesey, about a mile from the start of the new parkrun there. So she is excused having gone to her third inaugural event this year (after nearby Littleport in June and Hasenheide in January). The other inaugural last Saturday was at Henstridge Airfield, on the way to Yeovil, no one from BAAC was there but I've asked Jack Nesbit of Hayes and Harlington Road Runners how it went since he was there with his family.  The start and finish is on, or at least right by, the live airfield.

Roderick Hoffman

Great North Run

Results include:

Name BIB Club Pos Finish Time
Neil Frediani 22908 British Airways AC 21322 02:23:28
John Lennon 9769 British Airways AC 31043 02:40:45
Tracey Mills 37096 British Airways AC 36631 02:55:26

Running Shorts (and longs)...

  • Just seen the World Mega Marathoners ranking list and Jagjit Singh is just on it with 300 marathons (as of 30th June)! The #1, a guy from Germany aged 62, has an unbelievable 2,691 to his name! Piers Keenleyside (Facebook)
  • My last XC before I go to Rhodes for two weeks and challenge The Colossus to an unlikely dual!? Time =36.30, so happy to be consistently in 36s or 37s. Andy Rayner
  • Benita was 1st in her age group and 3rd overall in the Flushing (Michigan) 10k on Sunday, in 1:02:40. Yes I do mean 3rd overall. Out of 12. I was 4th. There were more in the 5k but numbers appear to have been impacted by a thunderstorm which preceded the event. In the end the storm passed over and we finished in sunshine. John Scaife (Facebook)
  • Street-O - the first of this season's events is tomorrow evening at West Norwood (Tuesday 11th Sept). See for details. This season's locations include Teddington (November), Ealing (January) and Brentford (March).

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