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BA Athletics Club News Digest 10th June 2013

This News Digest

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Forthcoming Events

Don't forget the following priority club events:

  • Wednesday 12th June - CHANGE - Running fitness session at the Concorde Centre from 18:00 followed by free food - see below
  • Wednesday 26th - Bridges Relay Westminster from 19:00 - Richard Ruffell
  • Wednesday July 3rd - BA Hosted Rosenheim Track&Field - Eton - Competitors and Marshals needed

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.

The full events diary is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Advanced notice - Wednesday June 19th may be a very busy evening at the Concorde Centre because of another event taking place in the Pavilion.  Anticipate more problems finding a parking place than usual.

Concorde Five Thanks and Results

The first ever running of the British Airways Concorde Five Mile Road Race was held on Sunday and has to be considered to have been a great success.  I need to say a big thank you to everyone who helped make it so - it was truly a team effort with most people knowing exactly what was expected of them (I found that I had to tell some people NOT to do things - and some carried on and did them anyway).

Marshals were:
  • Paul Brandon, Anne Coffey, John Coffey, Ian Cunningham, Nick Edge, Brian Forrester, Denis Foxley, Joan Foxley, Ian Hudson, B J, Allan Morrish, Sue Morrish, Trevor Plows, Lissa Pritchard, John Scaife, Di Smith, John Taylor, Simon Turton, Harry Wild, Marion Woodhouse

and with specific duties:

  • Alastair & Maddie Heslop for managing all of the entries before and on the day and the results processing,
  • Steve Hillier for doing lots of communications to agencies such as councils and St Johns and for being the tail cyclist for the race,
  • Steve Newell for helping me set the course beforehand and Paul Knechtl for collecting in most of the course markers afterwards (and both being course marshals as well),
  • Neil Frediani for being the lead cyclist with lots of duties to perform not the least of which was cycling faster than a very fast runner!,
  • Jagjit for providing and handing out finish refreshments,
  • Laurie Kelly for acting as Race Referee and ensuring that we had accurate times and results for everyone,
  • Tom Rowley for setting up and running the Kids Race,
  • David Clarke for being the Event Adjudicator (in effect this is an audit role to help us make the event even better next year),
  • Joe Nolan and Fred Ashford for helping to publicise the event at various other parkruns and events (I know that others publicised the event also but Joe and Fred deserve special mention),
  • John Querstret for measuring the course,
  • St Johns for providing the first aid that fortunately we didn't need,
  • Also thanks to the dozen club members who sent me apologies so that I could prioritise getting helpers from others.

IMPORTANT - I'm also keen to enable this to be an even better event next year (and a bigger one too).  Please send me any feedback you have on how you thought the day went and how it could have gone better.

The list above is long but we also managed to have several runners in the race (and thanks to those of them who had said that they would marshal if needed).

And now a summary of the results:

Place Time Name Team Category RaceNo Award*
1 00:26:40 TUCKER, Peter Metropolitan Police SM 83 1stSM
2 00:27:37 MOHAMED, Jamal Victoria Tower Hamlets SM 75 2ndSM
3 00:28:20 NORRIS, Stephen Thames Valley Harriers MV40 82 1stMV
4 00:29:06 NISBET, Gary Hayes & Harlington Road Runners SM 71 3rdSM
5 00:29:13 DIXON, Dave British Airways MV40 76 2ndMV / 1st BAM
6 00:29:52 NAGI, Umar   JM 36  
7 00:30:14 ROWE, Nigel Metropolitan Police MV50 6 1stM50
9 00:30:56 KELLY, Chris British Airways MV40 51 3rdMV / 2ndBAM
10 00:32:22 AMBROSE, Christopher Road Runners Club MV60 4 1stM60
11 00:32:42 WALTERS, Barry British Airways MV50 20 3rdBAM
16 00:33:12 LIVESEY, Jenny Windle Valley SL 26 1stSL
17 00:33:21 FUDGE, Abigail Windle Valley SL 22 2ndSL
24 00:34:11 TAYLOR, Graham British Airways MV50 53  
30 00:35:59 HOCKIN, Lorayne Windle Valley LV45 54 1stLV35
40 00:38:28 TAYLOR, Steve British Airways MV50 47  
41 00:38:30 FUDGE, Paula Windle Valley LV55 23 2ndLV35
42 00:38:32 REID, Jacqui Metropolitan Police LV45 60 3rdSL
43 00:38:41 GREEN, Dee Windle Valley LV45 52 1stV45
47 00:40:04 CLARKE, Christina   LV35 45 3rdV35
51 00:41:22 FRIAR, Alan British Airways MV60 37  
54 00:43:15 ALONSO, Monica British Airways LV45 17 1stBAL

There were a total of 73 starters...and 73 finishers. Peter Tucker's winning time sets a new course record (sorry Mark Taylor) and this is equivalent to five consecutive miles of 5 minutes 20 seconds each.  Jenny Livesey gets the Ladies course record.

* note - some of the "Awards" above may be inaccurately noted here - Alastair will correct me for the website.

Windle Valley won the Ladies' Team (unopposed - but a good performance nonetheless).

The Men's Team result with seven teams was first Metropolitan Police, second British Airways and third Hayes & Harlington Road Runners.

The Kids race was won by Laurence Edwards from Harrow with eleven other competitors.

Individual Results

Ladies' Team Result

Men's Team Results

Kids Fun Run Results

And some quick feedback...

'Thanks a million for yesterday,

I was one of the two girls at the back, and would not have come out at all had I not seen the 75 minute cut off mentioned, and known how friendly you all are.

I will be back next year'


Roderick Hoffman (Race Director)

Club In-house Event for Wednesday June 12th - Concorde Centre from 18:00 (change from that previously advertised)

Wednesday's session will be a general speed & endurance development session that will be graded for differing levels of runner. It will comprise a warm-up, main session and warm-down, with extra tips & tricks thrown in for good measure ! Because of the experience within the Club it will be 'interactive' in the sense that I will call upon members at random to help demonstrate some established routines. In the usual spirit of CIE events I will decide on criteria for a prize and would like to present this as part of a 10/15 minute feedback session afterwards at 'food time' {free food is being provided this evening for club members - Ed}. Although I don't have any particular duties for officials, their presence is welcomed as observers particularly as this is my 'rookie torture training session'. The event will use the outer perimeter of the Concorde field.

Cheers, Joe Nolan

parkrun Stats and plans

Gareth Snook 21:07 Cardiff pb
Ian Cunningham 21:15 Bushy  
Chris Kelly 21:31 Reading  
Piers Keenleyside 21:48 Gunsbury  
Robert Fleming 23:14 Bedfont  
Kerstin Luksch 24:45 Gunsbury pb
Alan Friar 25:09 Reading  
Roderick Hoffman 26:02 Crane Pk cb
Alan Anderson 27:18 Gunsbury  
Neil Frediani 27:16 Bedfont  
Steve Newell 28:40 Gunsbury sb
Tony Hird 23:51 Gunpowder
Geoff Miles 24:23 Gunsbury  

A pb for Gareth Snook at Cardiff this week.
A pb for Kerstin Luksch at Gunnersbury too where she tops the female league table.

Two of our club member's age-group records have been topped this week;

  • Barry Walters at Crane Park
  • Brian Bennett at Upton Court.

Return visits necessary to re-establish supremacy! Upton Court club visit is scheduled for August.

Piers Keenleyside was sporting his new BA "tech" running vest at Gunnersbury. {He was probably wearing it in prior to running the St Albans half marathon on Sunday which he finished in a very credible 154th place out of 2,570 and with a time of 1:34:01.  He thinks that that is about the same time as when he first ran the same event 30 years ago - Ed}

I clocked my best run at Gunnersbury this year in spite of playing golf on Friday afternoon which normally leaves me heavy-legged! Geoff Miles was making one of his occasional appearances.

Steve Newell

Roderick adds - I was in luck because not only were conditions at Crane Park much cooler than when we ran it as a club in August of last year but also it happened to be their one year birthday and they had lots of cakes after the run.  They also had a record turnout with 167 runners - twice their recent normal.  I knocked 1:43 off my course time (and only 9 seconds of that was because I was given the time of the finisher in front of me).

 Steve's parkrun stats

The next Club Featured parkrun is due to be on July 13th at Richmond but plans are subject to change.  There is also the "Longest parkrun" on Sunday 23rd June. Details in short are that on the Sunday following the longest day of the year there is a "just for fun" (i.e. not recorded) attempt to link up as many nearby parkruns in an area and see how many you can do.  Starts are planned 90 minutes apart to allow you to do a leisurely run and then travel by bike, car or other to the next parkrun.  Ian Cunningham is lining himself up to attempt the whole of the SW London set (consisting of Bushy (anti-clockwise), Crane Park, Old Deer Park, Richmond Park, Wimbledon, Kingston then back to Bushy (clockwise)).  I'm thinking I might try the first three to five. Steve N is thinking of doing some of the later ones (so perhaps a Roderick-Steve relay!). Let me know if you are mad enough.

The SW London run is described here -

General details including the Longest parkrun in other areas are here:

Roderick Hoffman

BAAC AGM (Wed 10th July)

The AGM is approaching fast! This regular highlight of our calendar will give members the opportunity to find out what we have been doing with our money, and hear our captains talk about our sporting successes over the past year. Make sure it's in your diary: July 10th, Concorde Centre, 8pm, shortly after the Concorde Mile.

We are looking for nominations for next year's committee. If you know of a likely candidate, or would like to put yourself forward, please contact Steve Hillier before June 29th. Just to remind you, the committee posts are:

  • Chairman
  • Deputy Chairman
  • Hon. Treasurer
  • Hon. Secretary
  • Menís Captain
  • Ladies' Captain
  • Track & Field Captain
  • Membership Secretary
  • Communications Secretary
  • Events Secretary
  • Statistics Secretary
  • Special Committee members

{If you want to get more involved but aren't sure of a specific post just contact Steve and he can advise you on how you could fit in - Ed}

Steve Hillier

Standard Chartered Great City Race (Thursday 11th July)

We are now looking ahead to the Standard Chartered Great City Race which this year takes place on Thursday 11th July at 7:15pm.  This is the event where we travel into London and traditionally meet up outside Bank and then go and marshal in the pouring rain for just an hour before finding ourselves treated to free food in a local pub and in the knowledge that the Club gets a generous donation for our efforts.  Note that the pouring rain has NOT been guaranteed for this year.

Volunteers are needed - please advise Simon of your availability, T-shirt size and mobile phone numbers.

Simon Turton

BA Fun Run and Little Legs (Thursday 25th July)

As usual I'm keen that we provide marshals for this event.  In aid of Cancer Research UK every penny raised goes to the charity.  This means that this is the only marshalling event the club does each year where our efforts are purely magnanimous (we do get fed and watered but that is thanks to the catering vendors being equally magnanimous).

This year there is an additional theme of "Carnival".

Please let me know if you are able to help this year. Volunteers are needed from as early as 15:00.  Obviously you could register to run the 5k instead (BA Fun Run registration).

Roderick Hoffman

Ride London Weekend Opportunity (Sat/Sun 3rd/4th August)

They said it would never happen again, but it was so good, it will happen again this August!

The Olympic cycle race from London to Box Hill, and return, managed to shut down North West Surrey for two days, but was widely received as a spectacular Olympic event. This year, the masses will be riding the same course.

Some BAAC members were lucky enough to marshal the event last year, rubbing shoulders with triathletes and cyclists. They taught us a great deal about cycle racing, while we were able to bring to bear our knowledge of handling the London Marathon.

In 2013, the London Marathon organisation will again be involved in supporting the race, and this is where YOU come in. The LM have a commercial interest in making the weekend a success, and they are keen that we support them. Aside from the goody bags, we all know what helping out London Marathon means to the chances of securing guaranteed entries for the club!

Please would you consider giving up some time on Sat 3rd August, Sun 4th August, or both, to support these major events. We are likely to be based in London, so public transport should not be a problem.

Lots more information on the event is available at: 

If you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible at . I will pass on more detail as and when it becomes available.

Many thanks, Steve Hillier

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Please let us have your ideas for how club communications can be improved and please send us items for inclusion in the next Digest.  Results, news, feedback, jokes, stories - send it to us at,uk.

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