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BA Athletics Club News Digest 10th March 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Wednesday 19th March - Club In-house Event - "Mad March Twister"
  • Saturday 22nd March - ASCA Cross-Country and BA Championships - Cranford Park (see below)
  • Wednesday 26th March - Final Winter 5 Mile Handicap (see latest results below)

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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ASCA & BA Cross-Country Championships, Cranford Park, 22nd March 2014

Hi all,

On Saturday 22nd March British Airways AC is hosting the annual British Airways Cross-Country Championships with the ASCA (Airlines Sports & Cultural Association) Cross-Country where teams from other European airlines race against each other.

  • Race day: 22nd Match 2014.
  • Course: Cranford Park, just a short walk from the Concorde Centre, two or three laps over grass and on prepared woodland paths..
  • Ladies race: 11.00 am start, distance: 2 laps for 4.70km or 2.91 miles
  • Men's race: 11.45am start, distance: 3 and a bit laps for 8.24km or 5.12 miles

After the race there will be the presentation and a hot lunch served at the Concorde Centre. For the run and lunch there is no charge for BAAC members or their supporters (who are likely to be roped into acting as marshals), but there is a 5 charge for non-BAAC runners and their supporters for the hot lunch served afterwards.

We need to know (approximate) numbers for the meal a week before the event.

Food menu:

  • Main Course:  Fish, chips & mushy peas or
  • Chicken breast wrapped in bacon & chips or
  • Vegetarian option (veg lasagne, veg nuggets)
  • Puddings: Apple crumble & custard or
  • Fresh fruit salad & cream

We need to know food orders before 14th March for the catering. Food orders please send to:

 Many thanks Gary

February Winter Handicap Result - Wednesday 26th Feb 2014

Richard Ruffell 33:16 33:30 00:09 33:21 00:05 17 63 33:30
Piers Keenleyside 33:04 33:00 59:49 33:11 00:07 16 42 33:00
Denis Foxley 41:00 41:00 00:14 40:46 00:14 15 15 41:00
Barry Walters 33:53 34:00 00:40 33:20 00:33 14 39 33:30
Gary Rushmer 31:53 32:00 00:51 31:09 00:44 13 50 31:00
Joe Nolan 38:15 38:00 58:35 39:25 01:10 12 15 39:30
John Coffey 39:08 39:00 58:38 40:22 01:14 11 32 40:30
Jeremy Short 32:00 32:00 01:36 30:24 01:36 10 12 30:30
Mark Taylor 33:00 33:00 01:41 31:19 01:41 9 9 31:30
Neil Frediani 40:20 40:30 02:04 38:26 01:54 8 18 38:30
Paul Knechtl 30:00 30:00 02:02 27:58 02:02 7 7 28:00
Eddie Giles 37:30 37:30 02:20 35:10 02:20 6 6 35:00
Helen Smith 49:30 38:00 45:42 52:18 02:48 5 7 52:30
Steve Newell 52:17 52:30 03:06 49:24 02:53 4 30 49:30
Alan Anderson 47:35 47:30 55:17 52:13 04:38 3 5 52:00
Alice Banks 46:30 46:30 53:22 53:08 06:38 2 2 53:00
Harry Wild 50:00 50:00 09:16 40:44 09:16 1 11 40:30

Results for five February non-runners not shown. Full results from the website. The next and final winter handicap of the year will be on Wednesday 26th March

Paul Brandon

Magic Mile Result for March

A fantastic day for a run! Apart from the cross wind it would have been perfect conditions. The warm sunshine at the end of the event meant that nobody wanted to leave! There were a number of PB's today. Helen Lawrenson shaved the most of her time going 5 seconds quicker. That might have explained why you felt so bad :-). Tom Palmer managed to go 4 seconds quicker than his PB, while Richard Ruffell managed to finally break that 6:00 minute barrier. No holding him back now! Matt Foden also managed a 1 second improvement on his best.

Name Previous Best Time 06-Mar-14 Difference from previous
Simon Ashford 00:06:18 00:06:18 -38 seconds
Martin Connor 00:05:28 00:05:33 -07 seconds
Helen Lawrenson 00:06:16 00:06:11 -05 seconds
Tom Palmer 00:06:29 00:06:25 -04 seconds
Richard Ruffell 00:06:03 00:05:59 -01 seconds
Matt Foden 00:06:49 -01 seconds
Dave Bird 00:05:52 00:05:55 +03 seconds
Matthew Stratful 00:05:44 00:05:53 +05 seconds
Jeremy Short 00:05:49 00:05:46 +10 seconds
Neil Frediani 00:07:04 00:07:00 +26 seconds

Full results on the website. Times in yellow are the ones I have recorded. If you have anything different please let me know and I will update. There are now 2 tabs in the spreadsheet. Last years results have been put into sheet 2013 and the best time brought forward into the 2014 sheet.

Next event - Thursday 3rd April.

Paul Knechtl

Club Featured parkrun Guildford Saturday 8th March for 09:00

Monica Alonso 29:10 Guildford 1st BA, run#28 55%
Helen Smith 30:21 Guildford course pb, run#11 61%
Steve Newell 31:14 Guildford park#30 56%
Alastair Heslop 35:25 Guildford first ever parkrun 45%
Julie Barclay volunteer Guildford
Tom Rowley volunteer Guildford

Well done to Guildford parkrun regular Monica Alonso for her first BA placement and to Helen Smith second BA on her second visit and running a PB time.  Also well done to Steve Newell and especially on his first ever parkrun Alastair Heslop on conquering the undulating course.  Julie Barclay and myself were marshaling and tried to help all four by sending the other 198 the wrong way If any consolation the temporary course is about 270m over 5k.

Tom Rowley

parkrun update

Other notable parkruns at the weekend was Alice Banks running a parkrun pb at Wycombe (25:04).  That was her fifth parkrun at her fifth different parkrun venue (only another 48 to go to beat Roderick's record!).  Meanwhile Ray Hampton has added to the club park total at Delamere (Cheshire). We have how run at 92 different parkruns.  We are not yet ready to sprint across the "100" line but we anticipate adding a few more parkrun venues this coming Saturday (15th).

Updated parkrun stats:    Roderick Hoffman / Steve Newell

March Run-of-the-Month Berkhamsted Half Marathon and Five Miler Sunday 2nd March Results

Sunday was a good day for running, cool, but dry. We had a few less runners than planned as unfortunately the trains from Euston were playing up so Daniella did not make it, then Carol's car broke down and Graham Taylor was unwell so they did not start. Our number of finishers was reduced further as Mark Taylor pulled his hamstring half way round the 5 so did not finish.

For those that did make it round we had some good runs, Barry showing a good turn of pace in the 5, with Jeremy producing a great time in what is a very testing half. The results of all the BA runners and friends are below.

After the runs 14 people joined us for lunch, including a few from Clapham Chasers as well as the usual BA crowd. Many thanks to Bridget for all the hard working putting on a great spread for everyone.

First the five miler:

Position  gun time  name  age cat  chip position  chip time
13  0:32:35 BarryWalters M55   13 0:32:32
58  0:38:54 Debs Helsdon F35 59  0:38:41
122  0:43:07 Neil Frediani                          119 0:42:29
148  0:44:18 James Ruffell                  149 0:44:05
157  0:44:51 Monica Alonso F45 158 0:44:37
224  0:47:27 Helen Smith F55                   226 0:47:13

Then the half, 2 BA and one Clapham Chaser.

49  1:25:39  Jeremy Short  M50  49  1:25:28
209  1:36:43  Natalie Ruffell  F 209  1:36:31
278  1:40:33  Richard Ruffell  M50 283  1:40:16

Richard Ruffell

Surrey Half Marathon, Guildford, Sunday 9th March Result

Julie Barclay was 550th and ran a PB in 1.38.42 nearly 5 minutes of her previous best.  Sister Janice Jones was 3330th in 2.16.03. 

Not one of the 5000 runners had trained in this warm weather conditions since last year so many suffered. If running a 1/2 marathon is hard ask Paul Brandon who was tail cyclist. At the seven mile point he had already been trailing for 2 hours and said he was hoping to reach the finish line in 4 hours.  Has he made it back yet? He had to go so slow he needed stabilisers on his bike.

 Well done Paul, brilliant job

Roving Rowley

And Marathon training updates

Steve and all fellow LMers,

My training has been ticking along. I know I can't do the miles I have in the past and would really like to, so I am just settling for what I can do and will see what happens. In the past I have often peaked too soon, but his time I know due to various circumstances I am a bit behind where I should be, but that touch wood, I am at least not injured. So for me the next there weeks will be a real test with 3 20 milers lined up. Let's hope I am still in one piece after those. After those it will be time to wind down. One thing I have found this time around, I have run 8 marathons before, is now being a bit older my recovery takes longer than it used to after the long efforts. In the past I could get out the next day, or certainly feel good to push within 2 days, now it is 3 days before I am even starting to feel okay, but I think the lesson I am learning is listen to your body and do what you can and don't panic or push it beyond it's limits.

2 weeks ago I managed my longest run to date, an 18 miler run in Langkawi, with the temperature over 30 degrees with high humidity. So if it decides to be hot on 13th April I will be ready!! It was an interesting run, heading out while it was still very dark to do as much as I could before the sun came up I ran down a very dark road which runs across the middle of the island. For company I had monkeys in the trees next to me, a few cows sitting by the roadside often startled as I approached, and lots of locals wondering what on earth I was doing. I tried hard not to think about the snakes that might just be dozing on the road side, I did an out and back run, and on the way back as it was getting light I got several big smiles and loud calls of  "morning" as I jogged by. The locals really were very friendly, far more so than here in England when people often just ignore you as you say good morning as you jog past.

Anyway back to more standard long runs for me this weekend with the Finchley 20. {results added below...}

Pos Forename Surname Time
118 Paul Knechtl 02:21:47
145 Chris Kelly 02:25:03
239 Richard Ruffell 02:43:20
362 Stephen Taylor 03:02:58

Richard Ruffell

Hi Steve and all,

Just a quick and short update on my Marathon training. Longest run so far-18 miles and managed to survive, still .....I could not have gone a metre forward which really left me very very worried for April 13th......

Managed a PB at the Silverstone half marathon on Sunday 2nd was 02.04.26.....given I was absolutely frozen solid and had to drive two hours to get there, getting up virtually at the crack of dawn I was happy

 Today I should have flown to Cape Town for my 109km cycle ride......however few weeks ago my cycling buddy decided to come off his bike and break his I will be heading to Abu Dhabi to rest, eat and sun myself by the pool........forget about long runs on the corniche....I have been told that my running attire would probably guarantee me to be arrested by the local police, so I might - just might - drag myself down to the gym for yet more "dreadmill runs"....I swear I will never go anywhere near a treadmill in my life after LM.....

Did a de-stress, unplanned 6km last night and I didn't even build up a sweat...does it mean I am getting fitter...or just slower??

I have scheduled a 20 miles run for 14th March ......I will need it after all the great Lebanese food I am planning to eat

"Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn't matter whether you're a lion or gazelle - when the sun comes up, you'd better be running."

Happy running all lions and gazelles out there M :0) Marzia Coltelli

Running related picture

BA Skiers including Trevor Plows, Ian Monk and Jane Harbert
Since no one has submitted any running related photographs here is a skiing one - featuring Paul Turner of the BA Ski Club, Trevor Plows of that club and the BAAC and former BAAC members Ian Monk and Jane Harbert.

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