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BA Athletics Club News Digest 10th October 2016


  • Saturday 15th October - First Cross Country events of the season - Ladies Nonsuch* at 12:00, men Wimbledon at 14:00.
  • Sunday 16th October - Cabbage Patch 10 miler Twickenham 10:00 (late entries - see below).
  • Wednesday 26th October - Winter 5 mile handicap from 18:00 at Heston Venue

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [long Google-map hyperlink you would not copy]

Not for you, no longer interested?  remove me please.

Difficulty viewing this email?  Read it off the website instead - Latest.shtml. Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

Special Club events in November

Two events that you need to make sure are written into your diaries are:

Wednesday 9th November Winter Quiz Come on your own or with a crowd and see how many of Steve and Linda's fiendishly easy questions have you stumped.
Wednesday 30th November The Club's 35th Annerversary An opportunity to celebrate the fact that the Athletics Club has been in existence now for thirty five years.  Please make every effort to attend and bring with you anything to display that represents any of those 35 years - photographs, trophies, friends, medals, memories, whatever. We will also look forward to the next...well, let's take one year at a time shall we?

Also let us know if you would like to attend but would need help with transportation.

Both are at the Heston Venue with the main events starting at 20:00.  There are Wednesday evening runs beforehand, including the November handicap on the 30th.  Food will be ordered for both events - though the committee has yet to meet to decide if we'll need to charge for this.  There is a charge for the Quiz of a small donation to the club charity - The White Lodge.

Roderick OBO The Club Committee

Equinox 5km 5th October 2016 - Report and Write-up

There was a staggered start with slower runners starting first.  All the runners finished within a five minute band around sunset, as planned. 

John Taylor 20:01 M-1
Barry Walters 20:41 M-2
Richard Ruffell 20:42 M-3
Chris Kelly 21:02
Piers Keenleyside 22:11
Debbie Helsdon 22:45 F-1
Simon Turton 23:10
Neil Frediani 23:36
Denis Foxley 25:29
Eddie Giles 26:13
Trish McCabe 26:20 F-2
Roderick Hoffman 26:36
John Coffey 27:10
Alan Friar 27:51
Steve Hillier 29:50
Tony Barnwell 32:42
Christine Munden 32:46 F-3
Alan Anderson 34:39

Thanks to the marshals - Paddy O'Shea at the Field of Hope, Steve Taylor as Lead Bike for the first mile or so and then directing everyone down Roseville Road and Harry Wild turning everyone into the alley leading into Cranford Park.  At the finish line Paul Brandon manned the stopwatch
which bizarrely provided times accurate to a 100th of a minute.  Ann Coffey and Nick Edge were watching out for dead heats and outrageous vehicles maneuvers as the rush hour traffic ground to a halt.

Post race refreshments were provided by the Imperial College catering service and included salad, samosas, sandwiches, sausage rolls, chicken bits, chutney, tortilla chips and a fruit platter in more than adequate quantities.  We were advised to take advantage of this service because post run events will be moving to the pavilion or the Queen's Head in the New Year.

Historical Note

It is said that the origins of the Western International Market, looped round by the 5k course, can be traced back to the 1880s when a market gardener with a fertile plot in Cranford parked his wagon and horses outside the Express Hotel by Kew Bridge and sought refreshment.  Within minutes he found his cabbages were in demand and he returned with another load on a later date.  Other growers joined him and a regular three days a week market developed. 

By 1892 a formal site of 2.5 acres was enclosed and later extended in 1906 and 1921.  The market flourished and, after the M4 motorway was built, moved to the new site from Brentford in 1974 {Ed: Presumably quite close to the fields of that original gardener}.  Further modernisation has taken place since.

The old Brentford Market site will soon see the building of a 20,000 seater stadium as the new home for Brentford FC.

Steve Newell

Dream Mile results for 6th October 2016

On what is best described as an autumnal day the weather was pretty much perfect for running. It was cool, dry and the sun was shining, what more do you need… Oh yes a dream mile event :-) {Ed: and the wind was behind us all the way!}  Even though the conditions were good there were no PB’s this week. Iain Bell running in only his 2nd event, was only 10 seconds outside his best, by recording a time of 06:56. Colin Russell is inching back towards that 6 minute barrier with a time of 6:20. While Matthew Stratful takes his first victory in the event in a time of 6 minutes flat. 8 runners took part last week.

Previous Best Time Recent time 06-Oct-16 Difference Best Time
Simon Ashford 00:06:18 00:07:42 00:06:50 -52 seconds 00:06:18
Roderick Hoffman 00:07:08 00:08:06 00:07:42 -24 seconds 00:07:08
Vaneeta Cro 00:11:38 00:12:33 00:12:12 -21 seconds 00:11:38
Colin Russell 00:06:05 00:06:31 00:06:20 -11 seconds 00:06:05
Ian Cunningham 00:05:52 00:06:20 00:06:12 -08 seconds 00:05:52
Neil Frediani 00:06:34 00:06:57 00:06:58 +01 seconds 00:06:34
Matthew Stratful 00:05:43 00:05:57 00:06:00 +03 seconds 00:05:43
Iain Bell 00:06:46 00:06:46 00:06:56 +10 seconds 00:06:46

The next event will be 3rd November 2016.

Paul Knechtl

Cabbage Patch Ten Miler - This Sunday 16th October

I have access to three Cabbage Patch (10 flat miles) entries which will not be used. If anyone is interested in them let me know ASAP at and I will provide details. Official transfers can be done for a fee of £5 (to the organisers not me!!).

Neil Frediani

Bucks Fire & Rescue Cross-Country at Stowe

Thanks to a tip-off from our TVH friends Stevie Norris & Christine Munden, we attended the 39th Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Cross Country race today, 9th Oct 2016, in the awe-inspiring parkland around the world-famous Stowe School, Buckingham. The undulating terrain was spike-suitable, and very testing, with a 4 lap course of 5.32 miles for the Men and three laps of 3.96 miles for the Women. It was a glorious early autumn afternoon, and we all survived the many molehills out to trip us up. We were very glad to have put that difficult-first-cross-country of the season under our belts, and even gladder to slip some sausages, chips and beans down there to keep it company.

Stevie picked up the 1st guest award, and Sarah managed to keep Mia from joining in, just, and got some snaps of us, the organisers, and some of the architecture.


  • 1st   32:47    McMILLAN, Brendan   Tyne & Wear Brigade   SM    1st
  • 9th   36:59    NORRIS, Stephen    Thames Valley Harriers  M45  1st Guest
  • 17th 39:53    KELLY, Christopher  British Airways                M50


  • 1st   28:47    VALLANCE, Claire     Guest                             F35   1st Guest
  • 10th 48:42    MUNDEN, Christine  Thames Valley Harriers  F35   Endeavour



Chris Kelly

Milocarian Race 29th October - adjusted start time

Due to RMAS scheduling it has become necessary to bring the start of the race on 29th Oct forward by half an hour. The start of the above race is now 1400 hrs.

Timings are now:

  • Teams arrive RMAS 1230 hrs
  •  Team Briefing Oman Hall 1330 hrs
  •  Race Start 1400 hrs

Club parkrun results for Saturday 8th October

8th October family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Alan Anderson 31:57 Gunnersbury run #428 67%
Simon Ashford 23:33 Chichester run #19, 7th at Chichester 60%
Ben Chaytow 24:53 Crane Park run #147, 124th at Crane Park 55%
Ian Cockram 25:52 Bedfont Lakes run #364 57%
Chris Cowell 38:10 Rushmoor NM run #369, total parks #169 47%
Jonathan Cox 22:39 Osterley run #286, 1st run at Osterley 68%
Ian Cunningham 22:09 Bushy Park run #259 69%
Scott Davison 22:25 Bedfont Lakes run #181 63%
Linda Dodsworth 27:11 Sunderland run #81, 30th at Sunderland 58%
Steve Dodsworth 22:23 Sunderland run #86, parkrun pb 68%
David Duggan 31:07 Bedfont Lakes run #167, photographer 50%
Neil Frediani 27:28 Bedfont Lakes run #154 58%
Alan Friar 27:36 Reading run #212, 142nd at Reading 66%
Sarah Gordon 35:54 Brierley Forest run #125, park #72 53%
Roderick Hoffman 27:19 Brierley Forest run #225, park #170 57%
Andrew Jordan 20:24 Bushy Park run #119 72%
Chris Kelly 21:48 Reading run #305, 241st at Reading 68%
John Lennon 27:33 Bedfont Lakes run #223 56%
Kerstin Luksch 20:33 Gunnersbury run #199 73%
Trish McCabe 26:00 Maidstone BA park #289, UK parkrun pb 58%
Steve Newell 36:32 Gadebridge run #237, park #77 50%
Richard Ruffell 20:44 Cassiobury run #110, 8th at Cassiobury 74%
Colin Russell 22:32 Oak Hill run #29 61%
Benita Scaife 30:29 Maidenhead run #47 64%
John Scaife 30:30 Maidenhead run #57 54%
Sreeram Sethuraman 26:57 Upton Court run #93, 85th at Upton Court 49%
Paul Sinton-Hewitt 22:22 Gunnersbury NM run #304 69%
Janet Smith 33:44 Upton Court course pb 51%
Steve Taylor 24:59 Northala Fields run #48, 22nd at Northala 61%
David Tyas 19:49 Bushy Park run #421 75%
Paul Watt 20:36 Rushmoor parkrun pb 72%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford finish tokens
Caroline Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director, results process

No staggeringly fast runs to report this week but some noteworthy performances nevertheless.

The ever improving Paul Watt  (20:36) ran a parkrun pb at Rushmoor.  He really does seem to like that course.  Steve Dodsworth (22:23) also achieved his best time at a parkrun, this week he ran at Sunderland.

Trish McCabe (26:00) maintained the good form she showed at the Equinox 5km by setting a new UK parkrun pb at Maidstone.  That was the first time she had run there since joining us so that took the club total onto 289 parks.

The 290th park followed a minute or two later as Roderick Hoffman (27:19) and Sarah Gordon (35:54) finished at the recently introduced Brierley Forest parkrun in Nottinghamshire.

parkun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt (22:22) dropped in at Gunnersbury to check on Alan Anderson (31:57) and his progress towards a "500" T-shirt.  Alan is up to 428 so no need to get weaving quite yet.  Former member Dave Tyas (19:49 at Bushy) remains just 7 runs behind so little has changed since New Year's Day. 

A new parkrun started at Canons Park in northwest London (Harrow Borough). There were 117 finishers including 18 taking part in their first ever parkrun.  This week Homewood Park in Chertsey gets underway, only 6 miles from Bedfont Lakes and 9 miles from Bushy Park so it is likely to attract a loyal following.  Car parking available at 80p/hour at nearby St Peter's Hospital.  It may be best to let it get over any early teething troubles.  

The Christmas Compendium ( is beginning to take shape.  Some junior parkruns are offering 2km on Christmas Day which is seen as controversial or maybe just innovative.  There will be opportunities to get an extra run in on Sunday 25th December run and even two on Sunday 1st January as start times will vary.  More details nearer the time.

Updated parkrun stats:

Steve Newell

 parkrun Tourism

By running my 170th different parkrun I'm now in twentieth place on the International leaderboard having just overtaken Chris Cowell who has settled down and now runs regularly at Rushmoor and Basingstoke.  Chris was the first parkrunner to have run at 100 different parkruns hence his name has become associated with all those who have done 100 or more different - the unofficial Cowell Club, which now has exactly 100 members.  When Chris did his 100th I was only on 31 so with me adding 139 to his 69 his travelling days have clearly become fewer.  But the International Table remains very competitive - the two leaders have each done over 300 different parkruns and add new ones most weeks and I predict that despite my ambitious plans to add new parkruns and parkrun countries I'll be overtaken by the person in 22nd place before the end of the year.

Last month I added Canada to my list of countries by running at the inaugural Nose Hill parkrun in Calgary.  I'm glad I got that out of the way on the first Saturday of last month - on the first Saturday of this month they had their first subzero run of the year at -2 degrees C.  A third Canada parkrun has been announced - Richmond Olympic in Vancouver. This isn't in the popular Stanley Park (give them time) but it is alongside the waterway just across from the airport.

One of my early parkruns was Gunpowder, near the M25 and Waltham Abbey, run on 4th February 2012 and at minus 5 (after the first lap runners stopped to put an extra layer ON for the second lap!). If you fancy a spot of tourism yourself you might like to think about doing this one on the first Saturday in November - Nov 5th at Gunpowder? Should go with a bang.  Do not expect the local MPs to attend!

Roderick (nobody mention my middlename) Hoffman

PS Some of us know Susie Tawney (even if just on Facebook).  On Saturday at Daventry she was not only first finisher by over a minute (16:57) but she achieved an age grade of 106.78% (VW55-59). She has been quick to say that it doesn't count as a world record since it is an assisted run - assisted by her new canicross dog.  Her recent unassisted times have been five minutes slower!  Puts Mia to shame Chris?

KLM Beach Race - SATURDAY 17th December 2016 at the “Langevelderslag” Beach + Dunes

This event is highly recommended and I'm not expecting to be the only BA runner there.  It is free to enter and with free prizes and free ground arrangements.  Let me know if you are entering.  Non-airline members - let me know before you enter since I may need to check that we don't exceed our guest quota. Roderick ( 

Dear airline colleagues,

You are hereby invited for the KLM Road Runners 2016 club championships.  The location of the beach/dune run is Langevelderslag +/- 20 km south west of Schiphol airport. The race distances are 6km and 10km. The start of our event is at 15:00 for the 6km and 15:10 for the 10km (14:30 children's run). Directly after the start, the race goes north following a winding footpath. After a few kilometers and a challenging climb over the dunes and the race returns to the finish following the sandy beach.

The 6km runners finish at the beach centre; the 10km runners will run an additional smaller loop.

There are awards for male seniors and masters, female seniors and masters on both distances and every finisher will receive a special KLM Road Runners souvenir.

All runners take part in a free lottery with many fine prices. The award ceremony starts at 17:00.

A free bus service will be available. It will pick-up runners from Schiphol airport (AMS) at 13:30. We will also take care of transport back to the airport. The bus will return at 17:30 to Schiphol airport.

If you want to join us for our run on the beach and dunes than please sign up via

Participating in the race for invited airline runners and family is FREE!! [note - click on the "prepared to pay" box even if you will have nothing to pay]

After the Race we continue with a buffet BBQ dinner and if you decide to stay for this dinner you can sign up also via

The costs are €25,- for the buffet dinner per person. (Children under 13 are € 12,50)

Payment: This year we ask the attendance for the dinner to pay upfront. (no cash payment on race day) This can be done via a normal EU bank transfer (Swift / iban), see registration website for details.

Also for those runners who will stay for the dinner we will organise transport to Schiphol Airport.  Hope to see you at the beach and dunes on the 17th of December.

Met vriendelijke groeten / kind regards,

Cornelis van der Pol + Frank Jegers

KLM Road Runners


Chicago Marathon - Sunday 9th October

I did the Chicago Marathon yesterday in a time of 3:31:52 - a couple of minutes slower than my target time of sub-3:30. Still had Berlin in my legs and never really managed the pace needed. At one time just after half-way I thought I would be slower than 3:45 but managed to pick things up again after doing one mile in close to 10 minutes. The skyscrapers played havoc with my Garmin and after only 2 miles it was showing 2.2 miles and than at about 12 miles it switched off after not being able to pick up the signals! Only got it going again at 15 miles when I stopped to let it locate satellites. Flew over on Thursday with Jasvir Modaher (who was in a jump seat) and then saw him again at the start when we both found the same bit of hedge-row to have a last minute pee against! I found the course much less crowded than Berlin due to the wider roads and a 2 wave start - it meant I could run the pace I wanted from the start without getting boxed in. Jasvir finished in 5:32:12 despite a bad back. 

Piers Keenleyside

The Rowley Report

Hi,  Hoping all is well and had a good week-end running. A little report from deep down south.
Paul Watt ran a course PB of 20.36 at Rushmoor on the 8th. Unfortunately Julie Barclay was unable to attend having been off work all week and still in bed with a really bad flu virus.

On Sunday 9th both had entered the Croydon 10k that Julie won last year.  Again Julie was absent through dizziness but Paul went along to run with Julie’s sister Janice, also a BA staff member.   Whether the “Windy City” WARR air is still lingering in Paul but he ran another PB  today of 46.17  by over 1m.50s.  This also inspired Jan to run 57.20, her first time under 1 hour for 5 years.

Julie visits her doctor on Monday for a serious check - I  am sure you all wish her well again.

A personal thank you to all BA Chicago WARR-iors for making my daughter/granddaughter very welcome on the 24th and not feeling strangers.  They both enjoyed themselves.  Daughter ran 4 minutes faster than her previous 5k.  Granddaughter ordered to take snaps of any one in a BA vest these I have had developed and will bring along to XC meetings or when we meet up.

My own WARR experience was made excellent with your help, John Coffey, for walking every stride alongside me, Roderick passing by then stopping with camera to snap, Steve/Sue Newell stopped their run to encourage me then flew away.  I did see Julie ahead - she was passing 2 mile as I passed the 1 mile mark.

With 800m to go Roderick popped up again with camera so I had to pretend to run, then running thro’ the BA gauntlet with 200m to go and Lissa/Ian giving the final push up the small mountain when turning left.

Julie/Paul on the finish line to stop me running over the distance.

 But the final act - two weeks previous I bet JC a MARS BAR that I would run my 5k faster than he would run his 10k.  Unfortunately John had little mishap the prevented him from running the 10k but Anne changed the rules and because I crossed the 5k finish line 1 inch before John she handed me a MARS BAR. Loved it.

thank you every one for a memorable great time

Tom Rowley

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