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BA Athletics Club News Digest 11th May 2020

Events - see below:

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Solo Events Calendar

Week of MondayÖ Midweek Challenge Weekend Challenge Weekend Solo Run
4th May Solo Mile [results below] none Best weekend exercise achievement
11th May Solo Pairs Scrabble Scramble [see below] Green Belt Relay solo
team run # [ROM]
Best weekend achievement (if not in relay)
18th May Track-on-Field [T&F GP day]
1500/800/400/200/100 # [CIE]
none Best weekend exercise achievement
25th May Virtually 5k none Best weekend exercise achievement
1st June Solo Mile none Best weekend exercise achievement
8th June tba Street Spelling? none Best weekend exercise achievement
15th June Track-on-Field
Run-of-the-Month # (tba) Best weekend exercise achievement
22nd June tba I Spy? none Best weekend exercise achievement

All side-by-side races are off until at least the end of June, but the club continues to operate with the Solo runs listed above - these ARE still permitted but see the Coronavirus footnote at the end of this digest.

* Please suggest formats for runs with the "tba" in the above table.

Roderick Hoffman

Legislation Update

There is no update. The law in England was reviewed last week but remains exactly the same as it was, although the government has issued a new guidance document on how the law could be interpreted. This confirms that in England we can exercise more than once and can drive to a place for exercise (provided that place isn't in Wales or Scotland).

Roderick Hoffman

Midweek Challenges

This week Steve Hillier is organising a Scrabble Scramble challenge:

This week's midweek challenge involves running, or walking, and a bit of word construction.  I'll put you into teams of two, so you will have plenty of moral support!  Please sign up as soon as possible, and enjoy!

Here are the details:

This midweek challenge is designed for runners and walkers, turbo cyclists and rowers.  Your team's aim will be to collect as many Scrabble tiles as possible, then turn them into the highest scoring word or set of words.  Hereís the plan:

  • Tuesday 12th:  Let me know you want to enter by 17:00 at the latest:  By midnight I will have let you know who your partner is.
  • Wednesday 13th:  Each of you should run for 40 minutes (or cycle for 20 mins, row for 30 mins or walk for an hour).  As soon as you have finished your run, email me your distance covered in kilometers (including fractions).  I will send you one Scrabble tile for each km completed by the pair, together with a template board to fill in.
  • Thursday 14th:  As a team, fill in the Scrabble board with the highest scoring combination of words you can think of, and return to me by midnight.  Maximum individual word length is seven letters.

I hope that makes sense!

Steve Hillier

Ed: The last communication from Steve suggested that we currently had entrants of: AB, AC, BW, GR, JR, JS, MS, MD, PB, PKe, RH, SG, STu and TM.

Next week the midweek challenge will be a repeat of the Track-on-Field exercise. This is to conduct a single exercise occurrence to include each of 1500m, 800m, 400m, 200m and 100m and record each of the times. More details next Monday.

And the following week we'll celebrate what would have been the Vitality 10k week with a Virtility 5k race, that Steve Taylor will be organising. Expect details for this next week.

I've started to pencil in events for June also, but let's not worry about them yet.

Roderick Hoffman

Green Belt Relay (virtual) 16th / 17th May #

This weekend we are running the Virtual Green Belt Relay. We've got two teams with members running all of the GBR stages with the correct start times and distances. Runners will be conforming with the spirit as well as the letter of the current legislation hence will be running locally.

We have runners for a total of 38 stages but we still need runners to volunteer for the following stages:

Day Stage Start Distance (miles) (kms) Cut-off Time
Sat 7 14:56:00 11.6 18.67 02:07:00
Sat 8 16:03:00 10.65 17.14 01:55:00
Sat 9 17:02:00 10.2 16.41 01:52:00
Sat 10 18:02:00 9 14.48 01:38:00
Sun 17 12:54:00 10.5 16.90 01:55:00
Sun 18 13:53:00 9.7 15.61 01:49:00

We can accept anyone, including friends-of-friends and treadmill runners and walkers. The prime objective is to complete the distance, the secondary objective is to beat the cut-off time but being slower is no problem. This is a club points scoring event.

Roderick Hoffman (email me or use Facebook)

Midweek SOLO Mile Results

Participant Apr May Improvement
Adrian Haines 00:06:05 n/a
Anne Bannister 00:09:08 n/a
Barry Walters 00:13:54 00:08:40 00:05:14
Bob Bannister 00:07:11 00:06:48 00:00:23
Chris Kelly 00:06:34 00:06:02 00:00:32
Christine Munden 00:08:16 Ran on 2nd break at 2:30 am!
Denis Foxley 00:08:11 n/a
Gary Rushmer 00:06:28 00:05:58 00:00:30
Harjit Jhooti 00:08:59 n/a
Jacqui Musselwhite 00:07:41 00:07:39 00:00:02
Jain Reid   00:8:52 n/a
Janet Smith 00:10:36 n/a
Joe Nolan 00:09:50 00:10:11 First run since 12 April, bit sluggish !
Julie Barclay 00:06:51 n/a
Kelly Davis 00:10:35 n/a
Maarten Stenham 00:10:25 n/a
Melanie Miller 00:10:56 00:12:00 n/a
Michael Ball 00:09:03 n/a
Mike Dennison 00:05:47 00:05:45 00:00:02
Neil Frediani 00:09:03 00:08:03 00:01:00
Paul Prescott 00:05:43 n/a
Paul Watt 00:06:32 n/a
Piers Keenleyside 00:13:23 n/a
Roderick Hoffman 00:08:34 00:08:14 00:00:20
Sarah Gordon 00:11:12 00:12:08 Entirely laps of the Garden
Simon Turton 00:07:09 00:07:00 00:00:09
Stephen Taylor 00:07:55 00:07:32 00:00:23
Steve Hillier 00:09:48 00:09:28 00:00:20
Tim Bellars 00:08:11 Not fast but it is the taking part...
Trish McCabe 00:08:41 A few seconds improvement on VM mile time

24 of us posted mile results last week and that included 11 of us with improved times and only three with worse times. Fastest run was Mike Dennison with 5:45 and for the ladies Julie Barclay with a new event record of 6:51. Mike was just two seconds behind the time set by Paul Davis last month. Best improvement was by Barry Walters returning from injury.

We can anticipate having another solo mile event next month, scheduled for the week of June 1st. 

Roderick Hoffman

SOLO activity achievement weekend 8th to 11th May 2020

Interesting weekend for running. Some ran on Saturday when it was both hotter and parks and paths were more crowded. Others chose Sunday afternoon when it was cold and blustery but at least the parks and paths were emptier. From Wednesday we should expect to have more people sitting around in parks or passing footballs between them so we may have to adapt our courses.

Colleague Activity Distance Course Start Time Run Time Comments
Adrian Haines Running 15.19km Hawth Woods Fri evening 01:00:00 One hour challenge. 15x1k laps. "Deteriorated after 10k"
Amanda Coombs Triathlon Indoor and local Sat Ironman virtual duathlon. 3km treadmill, 40km indoor bike, 10k run in 51minutes.
Andy Rayner Running 4miles XC Fri 00:48:52 20 seconds slower than Tuesday - perhaps due to carrying the Union Flag it being VE day. I felt patriotic!
Barry Walters Running 5k The Lookout, Bracknell Sat am 00:29:49 Nearly all steady running
Benita Scaife Running 5miles Bisham Woods / Cookham Dean Common Sun 00:51:37
Chris Stockwell Walking 8.19miles Fifield and Holyport Sat am 00:02:20
Christine Munden Walking 12k Perivale/Pitshanger Park/PitshangerVillage/Ealing Centre/West Ealing/Hanwell/Greenford. 02:08:00 Knee hurting a bit due to parcel falling on it
Clara Halket Running 10.8k Sat am #irunwithmaud
Denis Foxley Running 5miles Sun am 00:51:00 I luckily went out early this morning before the weather changed.
Emma Moreton Running 5k Bedfont Lakes Sat am 00:24:22 Marking Bedfont Lakes parkrunís 11th anniversary. I got a segment crown (all-time female).
Gary Rushmer Running 9.08miles Staines Road Sun pm 01:11:03 Running after work, good practice for next week's green belt relay.
Harjit Jhooti Running 6.15km Bedfont Sun pm 00:37:00 FaB relay #18
Jacqui Musselwhite Running 10.83k Woking Golf Club 01:03:43 To, return from and between the 18 holes. Also did a 26:40 5k later than ideal on Saturday.
Jain Reid Running 8.79km Richmond Park Sat am 01:04:45 My weekend run getting slightly disoriented in a new bit of Richmond Park. In my defence - itís BIG
Joe Nolan Running 5k Sunnymeads Sat am 00:33:29 Struggled, even 5 walks, but pleased to have crossed the line at the end .... wasnít that long ago that I found 10mins quicker easy !
John Scaife Running 5miles Bisham Woods / Cookham Dean Common Sun 00:51:38
Julie Barclay Running 5k Crane Park Sat am 00:21:50 Course record
Keith Johnson Running 5k Non ParkRun Course Around Highfield In St Albans 00:25:00 Still using my original course from the first week of lockdown for continuity.
Maarten Stenham Running 10km Ashford Sun pm 00:49:27 Tried to incorporate hillwork by running over the footbridge over the railway 4 times, only managed 33m elevation though ....
Michael Ball Running 1mile Woking Sun am 00:08:20 Weekend mile better than midweek mile
Mike Dennison Running Bushy Park Sun am 00:23:41 Strava reported the distance as 2,246.16km which is the distance from the UK to Marathon in Greece.
Neil Frediani Running 8.03miles Round Queen Mary Sat am 01:31:33 Part of the Shepperton Running Group 10k (min) relay.
Paul Brandon Turbo Cycling 10.6m/16.9km My Garage Sun PM 00:42:02 Steady ride with music
Paul Watt Running 5k Crane Park Sat am 00:20:57 Course record. We were both meant to have run a parkrun in Moscow this week!!!! One day maybe.
Petra Otto Running 5.4k Whittlesey Manor Field Run twice plus walks.
Roderick Hoffman Running 8.18miles A40 loop Sun pm 01:30:02 I luckily went out this afternoon after the weather changed. I also did a 30:39 5k on Saturday.
Sarah Gordon Running 5.06k Shuttleworth Lane out and back, Cosby, Leicestershire Sat am 00:32:52 Not a parkrun
Scott Davison Running 13.1miles Crane Park Sun 02:05:00 To, 3 laps and return to meet half-marathon challenge.
Simon Turton Running 8.44miles West End & Know Hill Sat am 01:16:42 Rather warm conditions
Stephen Taylor Running 12miles Canal / Brent River loop Sun am 02:03:30 Starting to get busy with cyclists later in the morning.
Steve Hillier Running 5.1k Roxbourne Park and Eastcote. Sun evening 00:33:44 I avoided the heat and chose to run in the wind last night.  The cold conditions meant that the streets were deserted.
Steve Newell Indoor Rowing 6800m Home Sat am 00:28:08 8 second improvement
Trish McCabe Running 7.01miles Heston Sun pm 01:18:25 At least the wind today kept more people at home so not too many about.

Same again next weekend, unless you are doing one or two stages in the Virtual Green Belt Relay which I'll include as your achievement.  Submit your best exercise achievement of the weekend by filling in the following form and sending it to me OR replying to the message on Facebook (or any other messaging format to me).

Your Name Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

Roderick Hoffman {submit by 5pm on Monday}

parkrun Update

parkruns may have been suspended but anniversary dates come and go regardless.  We shouldn't forget that the Earth is still relentlessly orbiting the sun even if our aircraft are grounded and our usual 5km circuits are just not happening at the moment.  This week we should have been celebrating at Bedfont Lakes (11 years), Curl Curl in Sydney (7 years) and Gorky Park (Moscow) (6 years).  With flour in short supply there might have a cake shortage.  The latest word from parkrun global is that any resumption is out of the question while governments recommend social distancing so it could be quite a while yet.

Steve Newell

Coronavirus Warning Footnote [one change - third bullet point]

In the UK exercise outside is still permitted because it will boost physical and mental health. The relevant law in England states, "No person may leave the place where they are living without reasonable excuse...a reasonable excuse includes the take exercise either alone or with other members of their household". The word "need" is not defined, and you could be challenged on your interpretation. In line with government guidance; whose purpose is your health, the health of those around you and reducing demand on NHS and other services; we advise you as follows:

  • Do not conduct a solo run if you are unwell, particularly if you have symptoms of the coronavirus such as a fever, or if you share a house with someone who has these symptoms,
  • Do not conduct a solo run if you consider yourself to be, or others consider you to be, vulnerable, such as being elderly OR with pre-existing health conditions,
  • Do not travel unnecessarily far to a location for a run, use a local or nearby park or leisure route. Your judgment is needed on this point, for instance it could be that your nearest park is busy with other people, but you live a short drive away from empty open countryside, From Wednesday 13 May, you may drive to outdoor publicly accessible open spaces irrespective of distance, but should follow social distancing guidance whilst you are there,
  • Do not meet up with others to conduct a solo run,
  • As you run keep 2m away from all others - by default diverting around them (don't leave it up to them to avoid you),
  • Do not push yourself too far, this may weaken your defences against the virus and/or increase the probability of requiring assistance. We all have different limits so you need to judge what would be too far for you. For club solo events we will not include running distances of more than 15mile length (25km),
  • If government instructions are updated to limit or prevent exercising outside your homes please respect such instructions - we should be fighting the virus, not authority.

If you are unwell yourself, potentially with the virus:

  • Put your needs first...
  • but please let me (Roderick Hoffman) or Steve Hillier know of your condition/status, BUT we will keep it to ourselves UNLESS you ask us to pass information on.

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