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BA Athletics Club News Digest 11th March 2013

This News Digest

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Forthcoming Events

Don't forget the following priority club events:

  • Wednesday 13th March - Club In-house Event - Forrester Four-way Folly Variant! (see below) - Concorde Centre 18:00
  • Saturday 23rd March - Club Featured parkrun - Bedfont Lakes 9:00
  • Sunday 24th March - Track&Field Championships and Family Fun Day - Eton from 12:00
  • Wednesday 10th April - "Watersplash" 10k followed by social with food - Concorde Centre 18:00

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.

The full events diary is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. This has been updated to include events up to November.

Forrester Four-way Folly and Century Celebration Cake

Meet at the Concorde Centre at 18:00 whereupon you'll be paired up and given a challenge that will probably involve running around 5k.  Whatever we do it'll be slightly different from previous years since one of the pavement we normally run on has been dug up - but Brian has a cunning plan which has the code name of "Folly 2.5 way".

From eight in the Concorde Centre Club house there will be Cake and Celebratory Cheers for two Club members sharing equally a Century between them!

Running in the dark...

Fortunately, we're not going to have to do this much longer. The clocks will change, and apart from the most hardy late night trainers, at least twilight will be available. However, for the next few weeks, and from next autumn.....

I'm amazed by the number of cyclists who don't use lights, and even more by the number of runners who choose to wear black after dark. Reflective is best, yes, but white or light colours really help. I can't count the number of times that a speedy runner has shot past me, dressed in a fashionable ebony coloured kit, only to disappear into the night in a few strides. Come on folks, wear something light at night. It could save your life!!

Whinge over....

Steve Hillier

Perhaps now would be a great moment to check that your kit bag contains a white shirt and some Reflectives - Ed.

Run-of-the-Month Results - Berkhamsted Half and 5

Sunday 3rd March saw the annual lunch at the Ruffell's after a bit of running. This year we had Barry Walters running the 5 as he came back from injury, and Graham Taylor, Steve Taylor, Gary Rushmer, Natalie Ruffell and Richard Ruffell running the half. Richard swapped with Barry and is now the injured one (again), as his hamstring gave up half way round. The rest of the group faired better with some very solid runs, led home by Gary, followed by Graham with Natalie not far behind and finishing in the top ten ladies.

Everyone enjoyed a curry back at base after the race so a big thank you goes to Bridget who excelled in the well as being emergency chauffeur picking up the stricken runner on route.


Race Runner Time Position
5 Miles      
  Barry Walters 33.13 15th out of 328
  Gary Rushmer 1.32.46 117th
  Graham Taylor 1.34.01 137th
  Natalie Ruffell 1.34.54 147th. 9th lady
  Steve Taylor 1.53.25 558th out of 1003 finishers

Richard Ruffell

Round Norfolk Relay Sept 14/15th

The entry for the RNR is coming up at the end of the month so I need to know if we have 17 runners who want to enjoy a fantastic weekend together, running 200 miles round Norfolk over a 24 hour period?? Most of you know what this is all about, but if you want to know more just drop me a line at . It is a great race and everyone who joins us really enjoys themselves. Last year we ended up a couple short so we used "friends". It would be great if we could get a full BA team out this time.

Richard Ruffell

Volunteer Request for BUPA 10000m (Bank Holiday Monday, 27th May)

The 2013 BUPA 10000m is taking place on Bank Holiday Monday, 27th May. For the past few years Simon Turton has organised our marshals for this event, however, due to other commitments, he has decided to hand the baton over to me.

The London Marathon organisers have once again requested BAAC for 32 marshals to help at the event. At this point I would like to request for volunteers to put their names forward. If you are able to help, please can you email your name and mobile contact to me
( ) or to Paul Brandon ( ).

I will circulate more information as I get them from the organisers, although I believe marshals will receive a T shirt and a jacket and be provided with a free meal.

Thank you in advance.

Clara Halket

Race The Train (14 miles on Saturday, 17th August)

This is a 14-mile race held in Tywyn, a town in Mid Wales each year in August, with runners racing against a steam engine train over some tough but beautiful mountain terrains. The date for this year's race is Saturday 17 August. If anyone is interested in running this please contact me ( ).

Clara Halket

parkrun Update for 9th March 2013

parkrun position firstname lastname time
Bedfont Lakes 5 Gary RUSHMER 00:19:46
Reading 5 Christopher T KELLY 00:19:48
Bedfont Lakes 16 Scott DAVISON 00:22:13
Bedfont Lakes 26 Robert FLEMING 00:23:13
Gunnersbury 50 Eddie GILES 00:23:22
Black Park 109 Joe NOLAN 00:25:47
Gunnersbury 85 Kerstin LUKSCH 00:25:56
Reading 66 Alan FRIAR 00:26:02
Gunnersbury 98 Alan ANDERSON 00:26:49
Cannon Hill 210 Roderick HOFFMAN 00:29:08
Gunnersbury 128 Steve NEWELL 00:29:59

Eleven finishers in the BAAC team this week and very close at the top with Chris Kelly losing out to Gary Rusher by just two seconds - and both being credited with 5th place.

Alan Friar has returned from non-parkrun land and ran his 100th parkrun at Reading. Kerstin Luksch reached 50 (including 49 so far at Gunnersbury).  Joe Nolan is half way to his 250th.

Steve Newell has confirmed that Brian Bennett holds ten age category records at the moment (and only needs a three second improvement at Killerton to make it eleven).

Three "Club Featured parkruns" have been added to the club diary for March 23rd, April 27th and June 1st.  More will be added every four to six weeks thereafter - contact Neil Frediani or Steve Newell if you want to suggest we come down your way.

Steve's Club parkrun stats:

London Marathon Training

BAAC will have 20 plus runners pounding the London streets in three months time. Training is continuing...

After walk-jogging just 4 short runs over a 3-week period due to some stress in the right shin, I have managed to complete a 10-mile race last Sunday (03 March) - Surrey Tempest - in a time of 1:38. The niggle is still present but I'm planning to get on track with a 18 miler this Sunday (10 March). To avoid further injury issues I'm sticking to 3 runs a week, one short and 2 longer ones, and a couple of cross training activities - spin class and boxercise or gym workout.

It's 3 weeks to my longest run before VLM - I'm running the Northampton Marathon on Easter Sunday, and I've just found out that the course is 12 laps of a 3.5km course. This is going to be interesting! I had thought the course was 26.2 miles of the 35-mile course around Northampton countryside I did last year with the same organisers. After this long run I would be cutting back in the run-up to VLM. My aim is to complete VLM without too much pain and since everyone seems to have a target time, I hereby declare that I will be very happy to be anywhere under 4:30!

Clara Halket

Let me start by saying a big thank you for the chance to run in the London Marathon again and I will be running for the British Heart Foundation. This is my 7th London having started back in 1988 and to date my fastest time is 3:43 which was 5 years ago and the slowest 4:15 the year after !!

The endurance is starting to come along as I've built the mileage up slowly to about 40-45 miles per week with the longest run being 16 miles. I'm following a tried and trusted training plan I've used before which has gradually increased my mileage by about 10-15% per week that has helped to reduce the risk of injury. I'm focussing more to spend time on feet rather than achieving a mins/ mile target. There have been a few ups and downs in mileage some for weather especially the snow and others due to work commitments. As I'm 55 years old now I do find its increasingly difficult to hold onto the endurance, even a few days off need real effort to get back to previous levels

The next 3-4 weeks will be key with the aim of maintaining this mileage and stepping up the long runs to about 20 miles ( but no further !!). I'll shortly be starting to introduce some speed reps to sharpen up a little more to improve the mins/ mile. For the last two weeks I'll be tapering the runs down and certainly no long runs.

I've also introduced some non running activity to increase upper body strength including sit ups, and arm and chest reps with weights. I find that my arms get tired on the longer runs and as my legs will always follow what my arms do then the more I can do to keep my arms swinging the better. It seems to work for me.

Wishing all the other runners an injury free run up to the 21April

Michael O'Hagan

Well, Iím over the moon about being able to run the London marathon. A really big THANK YOU to BA. And itís about time I provided an update on my training.

First, however, I need to explain a little bit of background. I ran the Bedford Marathon back in 1984 and have always wanted to do the London. Iíve been rather intermittent in my running over the years but applied in earnest 9 years ago. In the last 9 years, Iíve applied 8 times and never got a ballot place! Now I'm thinking Iím getting too old (now Iím 55). However, I marshalled last year and now have an amazing place for 2013, thanks to BA.

I ran the Reading Half in 2005 and have just done short runs since. I started training just before Christmas and have a good plan put together by my son who is now a Personal Trainer. Due to the snow and 2 weeks away in India, Iím still building up, a bit slower than planned! Iíve been running once a week at lunchtime with a kind work colleague, once a week in the evening in the dark (from our village down to the town and back), then a longer run at the weekend. Iím still only at 8 miles (my original plan was for 12 miles this week) but positive that the next 8 weeks will let me build up enough! Iíve also been doing circuit training and, in India, I ran 4 miles down the beach at 7am before it got too hot! Also, we used the gym every other day. Today I managed 8 miles in 1 hr 40 mins so Iím slow but steady and realistically have to expect my time to be about 6 1/2 hrs; so donít wait for me!!!

Iím going to raise money for 2 charities, cancer care and Alzhemerís Society.

Looking forward to more runs in the daylight now that spring is on itís way Ė 10 miles next week for me!

Sarah Peterson

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