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BA Athletics Club News Digest 11th September 2017


  • Wednesday 20th September, Club In-house Event, Equinox 5k, Heston Venue from 18:00 then Queens Head from 19:30.*
  • Wednesday 27th September, Hayes and Harlington Runners Invitation evening, Hayes Community Centre, run from 19:30*.
  • Saturday 7th October, World Airline Road Race 5k/10k, Singapore*

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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Club Facebook Page "BARunner"

Club Events

The club diary has been updated today (11th September) and is available from the link above.  The club diary tries to focus on the club's own events and also provide details for other events that members may be interested in (that don't clash with club events).  I'm interested in getting some feedback and ideas of how we could produce the diary differently - particularly if you have an example of another website or group who maintain or present a diary in a better way. We are interested in a diary that anyone could propose additions to but that is easy to maintain and easy to use including with the highlighting of club events.  Let me know: Roderick Hoffman {}

Some interesting additions to the diary this month...

Wednesday 11th October - We want to hold our popular "5 mile" handicap winter series again this year, from October 25th, but will have lost access to the Heston Venue changing rooms by then.  So we thought it would be a good idea to find a better circuit to run and around Bedfont/Hatton is a good candidate.  For that reason we'll meet on 11th October at 18:00 at Bedfont Green "ready to run" and explore the local streets to plan or practice likely circuits.  The more the merrier.

Saturday 21st October - Club featured parkrun at Nonsuch SM3 8AL.  Also an opportunity for the ladies to check out the park ahead of November's Cross Country fixture.

Sunday 3rd December - Run-of-the-Month, Perivale Five.  This event regularly fills up before all members wanting to run it have registered so don't miss it this year. Entry link from the diary - and I know it works 'cos I've registered through it today!

Roderick Hoffman

Round-the-Park, Tuesday 5th September, Harmondsworth Moor: Result

Round The Park start group

NAME Pos Time
Chris Kelly 1 20:54
Ian Cunningham 2 21:16
Jeremy Short 3 21:17
Toby Houghton 4 22:28
Roderick Hoffman 5 26:56
Simon Ashford 6 30:18

On a rather humid and overcast day we had 6 runners for the latest installment of the nomadic race around a park. It used to be in Cranford Park with dates moving from early September to the very end of October and then back to what became its regular slot in the first week of September. 4 years ago we moved it to Harmondsworth Moor next to Waterside as fewer and fewer people wanted to make the trek to Cranford Park. It was good to see most of the lunchtime regulars along with escapee Roderick Hoffman taking part and Chris Kelly, the man in form, took the spoils in 20:54.

Thanks to Roderick for helping set up and doing the ‘take down’ at the end.

Neil Frediani

I did some research and found evidence of the first Round-the-Park race in the November 1990 "Round-the-Block" club newsletter. The item didn't include the full results nor even the date of the event, but there were 79 runners and Keith Goldsworthy was first man home. The original event director was David Barnard and Harry Wild was noted as one of the marshals.

Roderick Hoffman

Dream Mile, Thursday 7th September: Result

07-Sep-17 Chris Kelly 00:06:03
07-Sep-17 Jeremy Short 00:06:26
07-Sep-17 Colin Russell 00:07:24
07-Sep-17 Roderick Hoffman 00:07:50
07-Sep-17 Clare Regale-Day 00:09:25
07-Sep-17 Neil Frediani 00:09:25

Six participants at this month's Dream Mile and Chris Kelly, the last to arrive at the start, was first to get to the finish.  Looking at trends in the results from this year Neil should be concerned, it's looking like he'll be running twelve minute miles next year, but of course he was pacing Clare this month.

Dream Mile Results trends

Roderick Hoffman

Ladies' Surrey League Cross Country Information

Our first match is scheduled for 14 October at Priory Park in Reigate. The start time for Division 2 Senior ladies is 1.00pm due to the large number of participants in the combined Senior races for this match. Once the host club sends out the final details, I will circulate.

 Other dates for your diaries are: (start times may vary at each match)  

  • 11 Nov        Nonsuch Park
  • 13 Jan        Wimbledon Common
  • 10 Feb        Richmond Park

 If you are able to run in any of the matches, please let me know in advance, so that we can all look out for each other on the day. I may need a volunteer to collect the numbers, etc., on the first match day on 14 October as according to my pre-roster, I'm supposed to be working!  

I look forward to seeing both seasoned and new XC runners this season :)

 Clara Halket

Club parkrun results for Saturday 9th September

9th September family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Ian Cunningham 24:40 Bushy Park run #300 62%
Trish McCabe 27:46 Bedfont Lakes run #200 55%
Tony Barnwell 32:38 Rickmansworth run #150, 9th at Rickmans 58%
Martin Quirk 23:56 Frimley Lodge run #100, 94th at Frimley 61%
Monica Alonso 29:31 Bedfont Lakes run #75, first at Bedfont Lakes 57%
Neil Frediani 27:04 Rising Sun 1st run at Rising Sun 59%
Steve Newell 36:50 Frimley Lodge run #280, 1st at Frimley Lodge 50%
Alan Anderson 40:12 Gunnersbury run #473, 247th at Gunsbury 55%
Bob Bannister 27:54 Bedfont Lakes run #283 58%
Anne Bannister 29:09 Bedfont Lakes run #148 66%
Julie Barclay 21:36 Black Park F-2, run #104 82%
John Coffey 26:10 Bushy Park run #252 72%
Jonathan Cox 23:26 Crane Park run #322 66%
Scott Davison 29:38 Bedfont Lakes run #217 48%
Joan Foxley 36:22 Rickmansworth run #71, 5th at Rickmans 59%
Sarah Gordon 34:28 Leicester Victoria run #163, 14th at Leicester Vic 56%
Colin Haylock 19:52 Bushy Park run #68, 66th at Bushy 73%
Piers Keenleyside 45:24 Gunnersbury "run" #177, tailwalker 35%
Sarah Knechtl 41:57 Bushy Park run #3, pb 37%
Paul Knechtl 17:46 Bushy Park run #16, 12th at Bushy 80%
Kerstin Luksch 22:50 Gunnersbury run #230 66%
Oliver Mathai 24:22 Gunnersbury run #46. 23rd at Gunnersbury 68%
Joe Nolan 27:22 Black Park run #290, 2017 sb 60%
Petra Otto 31:50 March run #25 65%
Gary K Rushmer 33:26 Bedfont Lakes run #4, pb (age 5yr 345days) 59%
Gary   Rushmer 33:27 Bedfont Lakes run #69 46%
John Scaife 30:49 Maidenhead run #102 53%
Benita Scaife 30:49 Maidenhead run #89 64%
Jeremy Short 23:43 Osterley Park run #89, 15th at Osterley 65%
Paul Watt 21:09 Black Park run #54, 2nd at Black Park 71%
Alice Banks volunteer Maidenhead marshal
Roderick Hoffman volunteer Highbury Fields barcode scanner

The surge of new parkruns for the club dried up this week although there were still some members treadling their way round courses for the first time.  Neil Frediani (27:04) went the furthest north and became our second member to appear at the Rising Sun parkrun this summer.  Monica Alonso (29:31) tried Bedfont Lakes for the first time and Steve Newell (36:50) was part of a larger attendance(619) at Frimley Lodge (2nd= highest ever).

The numbers at Frimley were boosted by the cancellation of Rushmoor this week which drove Paul Watt (21:09) and Julie Barclay (21:36) back to Black Park for a second visit of the year.  “Resident” Joe Nolan (27:22) welcomed them and with no pacing squad duties to worry him promptly returned his best time of the year. There were only 533 runners at Black Park this week.

Some runners reached milestones this week with Ian Cunningham (24:40) completing his 300th run at his favourite Bushy Park course, Trish McCabe (27:46) her 200th (at Bedfont Lakes) and Tony Barnwell (32:38) his 150th with his 9th run at Rickmansworth where the new 2-lap “5000m” course adopted a few weeks back was frustratingly unavailable.  Former member Martin Quirk (23:56) completed his 100th (at Frimley).

A date for your diaries – Saturday 18th November.  This will be a pacer day at Bedfont Lakes and has been chosen as our featured parkrun of the month.  Let’s see if we can get even more members than we had a Black Park in August.  A trip to Nonsuch (Ewell) will also be arranged in the near future.  In the longer term when the parkrun at Denbies Winery finally gets started we’ll suggest a date to go there too.

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

Tourists following the Rising Sun to the Great North Run

Surprisingly the Raising Sun parkrun didn't have a particularly high turnout on Saturday - a below average 264.  This was despite the flood of people to the Newcastle area for the next day's Great North Run just a few km away (although not Neil Frediani's reason for being there). In contrast Newcastle parkrun itself had the tenth highest attendance in the country with 614 (though not their record). Looking around the other local parkruns, attendances as a whole were well down - so it looks like runners who live around Newcastle take the day off on a Saturday just because they have a crowded half marathon to run on the Sunday.  There were quite a few tourists visiting the area and Rising Sun being Neil's 31st different parkrun was put into the shadows there by Barrington Mudd becoming the first lady, and only the fifth person, to run 250 different parkruns. At least Neil finished ahead of her.

Roderick Hoffman

Black Park report

A small report from Black Park where the weather was perfect for running.  On arrival the first person we bumped into was Joe Nolan who gave us a nice warm welcome. Joe ran today and I think would be pleased, having been the 33:00 pacer last week, to fly away to finish in 27:22.

Julie and Paul was on the front line and didn't know that the lady who stood next to her was a 0/50 woman. Although having a good run Paul was down 30sec. on his first visit of a month ago, today ran 21:09 to finish 30th.  Julie came into sight with 400m to go at least 20sec. down on the other 0/50 woman but enjoyed the challenge.  And the two 0/50 girls finished 1 and 2 overall, Julie ran 21:36 to last month's time of 21:33.

Tom Rowley

Running 6 miles in the Square Mile - City Race Orienteering, Saturday 9th September, Barbican

The event involved hundreds of runners simultaneously running fifteen different orienteering courses overlapping in their use of control points.  The control points were attached to local street furniture and there must have been fifty or more in the area, some quite close together making it necessary to check that you were at exactly the right point shown on your map before tagging the control. With runners having different start times and different courses to follow the one thing you couldn't afford to do was follow another runner - that would make it almost certainly that you would have reached the wrong control point.

Barbican Orienteering TrailThe Google map here shows the London City "Square Mile" (roughly) and in red the course I ran from "Start" to "End" via the twenty control points (shown with yellow crosses) on my "Super Veterans" course.  The "Laps" marked are at 1/4 mile and note that the GPS trail is approximate, particularly in the many areas where we were running under canopies or within buildings - for instance I don't think I doubled back on myself around the "Lap 3" control.  However I did get mixed up around the "Lap 10" point - the area was confused by some building work, this was marked on the map we were given but I still managed to almost reach the correct point then double back to find myself underneath the bridge that had the control on it up above, and no steps there.  But I was doing reasonably well until I reached the control near Lap 16.  This is where the course started to go within the Barbican complex with its multilayer detail. The crow fly distance between this control and the next (assuming that the crow doesn't fly into a concrete pillar) is just 150 meters. The post event printout that I have shows that it took me 10 minutes and 30 seconds to get between the two!  This included a couple of minutes standing bemused beside the wrong control point with other runners running in all directions around me.  Once I had regained my bearing and the map scale I did OK so overall I finished the "6.1k" (crow fly distance) by running 9.04k in 71:20.  I would have finished 90th out of 100 competitors except that one of my control points didn't register in the results - I know I visited the right point but perhaps due to fatigue I hadn't listened for the "bleep" of a correct "dip" (in my defense I'll point out I had spent the time from 9:20 to 10:00 listening to hundreds of bleeps as I correctly scanned barcodes at the nearby Highbury Fields parkrun).  But I don't mind not getting a result - the experience and run was well worth it.

Simon Turton ran in the Men's Veterans event and finished 77th out of 119 participants in a time of 63:14. We set off just three minutes apart but didn't see each other during the run.

A reminder that this season's first Street-O event will be in Fulham on the 19th September. See: .  Navigation should be much easier in Fulham high street than it had been in the Barbican.

Roderick Hoffman

From the archives - Equinox 5k Result from 25 years ago, September 1992

Heavy rain the previous day had left parts of the course soft and damp but the cool and calm conditions on the day were conductive for fast times. There were 60 runners and first finisher was Barry Walters in 16:03 followed by brothers Mark Taylor (16:14) and Graham Taylor (16:37). First lady was Sue Wells in 20:16 followed by Sharon Kassemzadeh in 20:30. Other current members' results include Denis Foxley (17:32), John Williams (17:48), Nick Edge (18:30), Brian Bennett (18:47), John Coffey (19:07), Alastair Heslop (20:57), Harry Wild (22:44), Steve Hillier (23:35), Brian Forrester (27:53) and Janet Smith (30:36).  It wasn't mentioned but the event director was presumably Steve Newell.

Looking at those times I note that Janet has been within a minute of her time in a parkrun this year.  The rest of us focus on age graded results these days.


St Neots Standard Distance Triathlon, 3rd September 2017

Having completed a middle distance triathlon 2 weeks ago I was back doing a standard (aka Olympic) distance race this weekend. Making a bit of a weekend of it Bridget and I went up to Nottingham on Friday, and on Saturday watched the first UK Mixed Triathlon Relay. This was on the BBC, but was good to watch up close, and being very short distances it was fast and frantic, so good entertainment.  Of course being somewhere different on Saturday morning, even though I had a race the next day, I found a new parkrun to try out {Beeston, 23:32}. It had to be an easy/steady run with the race the next day in mind.

The race on Sunday went well, managed an average of 21mph for the bike leg, and then averaged 7.35min per mile for the 10k. Interestingly this was exactly the same pace I ran the parkrun the day before, when that pace was easy/steady, on the Sunday, after the mile swim and 28 mile bike, it was all I could manage!

Result: 2:41:45

{10k run in 42:37, following the swim and bike. }

Richard Ruffell

Great North Run, Sunday 10th September 2017, Results

Name BIB Club Pos Finish Time
Jasvir Singh Modaher 7696 British Airways AC 24653 02:20:57
John Lennon 4803 British Airways AC 27795 02:26:51
Tracey Mills 29859 British Airways AC 28578 02:28:20

Roderick Hoffman

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