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BA Athletics Club News Digest 12th February 2014 Marathon Special

Forthcoming Events:

  • Sunday 13th April - London Marathon (see below).

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml

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London Marathon - Who is involved?

Most of the members of the club will be involved in this year's London Marathon.  Many will be marshalling and there is a repeat request for marshals towards the end of this digest.  Then there are 25 to 30 members planning on running the marathon.  Each of them will by now be well into their training.  Or at least well into thinking about their training.  Most of them. 

Some of them are sharing their experiences and below are some extracts from their latest updates.  Fuller versions are on the website at LM2014_training.shtml.

Joe Nolan

Well, most importantly (and I’m touching my wooden head…) I have been injury-free over the winter which is better than the last few years.  I have only managed to get the proper training underway this last w/e with a tame 10miler around Windsor Park – this is behind schedule because of the bad flooding around Wraysbury over the last couple of weeks – I’ve been OK but many of my local friends have had their houses under water so it has been all hands on deck helping in every spare moment wearing wellies rather than trainers !  I haven’t managed to get myself organised into a training group this year so have booked up a number of formal events worth mentioning as these may be of interest to others:
Date Event Mileage
26 Jan Gade Valley mara trainer 1 12.7
9 Feb Wokingham half mara 13.1
16 Feb Bramley 20 20
23 Feb Gade Valley mara trainer 2 17
2 Mar Reading half mara 13.1
9 Mar Datchet Dashers mara trainer 20
23 Mar Gade Valley mara trainer 2 20
I had already booked the Reading half before Clapham Chasers announced their excellent Thameside 20 mile mara trainer on 2 March but can recommend that from previous years.  I’m trying to get at least 2 sessions of some sort during weekdays, continue parkrunning every Saturday and probably some long mileages through Windsor Park on the Sundays not planned above, with the overall plan of > 40 miles per week.

Joe Nolan

Kerstin Luksch

I want to give an update of my runs and the preparation for the big day in April. My weekly runs are getting on well despite the cold, the rain and the wind. Everyday I motivate myself to get ready for a run or a cycle tour. 

My longest competitive race was so far the Watford Half Marathon last Sunday. It was a beautiful run. I enjoyed every mile because it didn't go through mud or terrible slippery grass parts. After a very rainy and windy week was the last Sunday a fantastic sunny and nice day. Beautiful for a long run. I had a lovely run without any stops between or walking up the quiet hilly parts. 

Otherwise I have every week my midweek runs in the evening. Parkrun on Saturdays and my long runs on Sunday morning. On Saturday afternoon swimming for 30-40 minutes and on Sunday afternoon a cycle tour. If the weather looks good I always try to cycle to church and not to take the Tube. 

In the coming weeks I am looking forward to one or two more Half Marathons and the 20-miler in March. A few 10k runs are for the Sundays on my plan. I feel good and enjoy the runs and really looking forward to the Marathon. 

I wish everybody enjoyable training runs and and a great preparation. 

All the best,  Kerstin Luksch

Ian Haylock

 I keep reading about people who say I’m on a high carb or high protein diet etc. Then its about 70g of this, 40g of that and I think it all sounds too complicated but would be pleased to hear if anyone can give me some basic improvement on what I have already:

  • Breakfast: Cereal /Toast and Tea.
  • Mid Morning: Snack bar
  • Lunch: Sandwich, crisps, coffee, Chocolate
  • Dinner: Anything from Spaghetti Bol to Meat and veg etc…
  • Also have water during the day
  • Don’t have any of these protein shakes, energy replacements etc…

I have absolutely no idea if we need this extra stuff… basically I eat anything and everything even a McDs but would welcome any easy improvements to diet….

Cheers Ian

Marzia Coltelli

Hello everybody,

This might make the experienced runners smile..but...I am over the moon, as -with three runs under my belt this week- I am now back on track on my beginners programme! :0) despite a trip to the dentist, anesthetic, and lots more ibuprofen....... And I run under painful hailstones!!!! Oh go on I must be getting some brownie points at this stage!!

Managed the scheduled long run today, fairly easily I.e.  I didn't collapse on the doorstep of my house and I could have lasted for AT LEAST another full 5 minutes more.....!!!!! Right after 5k, both my GPS stopped working, which I thought was a sign I should just forget the pace, forget the time and enjoy more or less where 24k, or 14.8ish miles.....and managed to wash the wooden floors in the house and wax the table in the dining room after......:0) ...I would say: result!!!

For the beginners like me I just want to finish with this thought:

"If you run, you are a runner. It doesn't matter how fast or how far. It doesn't matter if today is your first day or if you have been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run." (John Bingham)

Happy running everybody...stay dry and safe, and roll on 13 April!!!!

Ciao M:0)

Catherine Sole

Evening all, My update so far...

As you all are aware I am new to marathons so have printed off the the training programme from the London Marathon website as I thought they would know best!!  I printed off both the beginners and the intermediate as I wasn't sure where I would fit in.

My issue was that I have a very weak core, and everyone I have spoken to has mentioned how important it is when running long distances. 

I fortunately joined a gym at the beginning of December so spent that month building up the weaker area of my body, I practically look like Jessica Ennis now (Well almost!!!)

I started running 6 miles and was ok so the next week I increased by 2 and this continued for 2 weeks. Then a colleague of mine thought it would be a brilliant idea to run home from work which I did 14.6 miles. I felt amazing I have never run this far in my life and I could walk the next day, (bonus)!!

After this I have been following the intermediate programme for the long runs.  So this weekend I did 14 again.  I tend to do a couple of 6 milers and a couple of H.I.T classes during the week, with my long run to vary the training. I am happy with the progress so far and love the amount of chocolate and crisps I can eat and keep my Jessica Ennis body with the training.

I have booked to do Berkhamsted Half in March but apart from that I'm sticking to my own roads (when they are not closed for flooding) dreading catching any colds of getting injuries, as my soleus is killing tonight, but I do have a fab partner who not only cycles next to me with my fluids and jelly babies, but offers massages.  I think I need to always be in training for these events!! 

Enjoying it though, come on team!


Deryck Mann

I'm being careful this year to avoid the troubles that I've had in my previous attempts at the London Marathon.  I've figured it out that it has been the carbo-loading towards the end of the training that has been by downfall - my body just hasn't been expecting it so I haven't been able to cope with the event on Marathon day.  So this year I'm doing my training the other way around.  Starting with the Carbos.  I'm already up to 3,000 a week and I've plans to add 100 or so each week from now on.  That's quite a lot of volume so I've had to be careful to drop the inefficient stuff from my diet - mainly the green bits. I've also noted the advice on liquid intake on the tele, I hope it's not all 'bull; four cans a day should give me the wings I'll need to fly over the other runners at the congested start. I should be ready by the start of April to start my running training. Perhaps.  A short run or two. To the takeaway perhaps.

Expect my next update on the first of that month.


London Marathon request for Marshalls

The 2014 Virgin London Marathon is on SUNDAY 13th APRIL and we need your help to make it a success. I'm sure it's going to be another record year for entries and the elite field is looking as good as ever.

For those that have not helped before you'd be most welcome, as would any friends or relatives you can cajole into helping but don't be under any illusions it'll be an easy day. Helpers need to be on site between 9-9:30 and you most probably won't get away until 4-4:30pm. We need 130 volunteers to cover the five crossing points in the last 2 miles of the course at Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square, Birdcage Walk, St James and Spur Rd.

All the team leaders are very experienced, as are many of the stalwart helpers that return year in year out, so don't worry if you're new to helping, they'll be plenty of advice. At this stage I need:

  •       name
  •       address
  •       e-mail
  •       phone contact (preferably a mobile)

If you have a preferred location please specify as we can usually accommodate most requests. In return you'll get the best view on the day, a T-shirt, helpers medal and will be helping to secure a donation to BAAC Club funds, not to mention the 20 guaranteed entries the club receive each year. Talking of which, if you've helped at London, it goes a long way to pushing you up the list for a guaranteed place the following year if you're unsuccessful through the ballot.

I'll only have kit for 130 volunteers so get in early to bag your space.  If you can help, please e-mail me, it would be great to have you on board.

Regards, Simon Turton

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