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BA Athletics Club News Digest 12th May 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Wednesday 14th May - Speedbird Ladies 5k @ Waterside - 19:00 - pass the message on to all ladies you know or wish you knew
  • Monday 19th Track&Field Grand Prix 1500m & Shot Putt - Uxbridge Track
  • Wednesday 21st May CIE Crane Park 18:30 (see below)

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Wednesday 21st May Club In-house Event

The CIE for May is a run in Crane Park on the same course as the parkrun there.  Crane Park is just off the A316 Chertsey road by Hospital Bridge Roundabout.  The course is flat & fast and starts by the children’s play area into the park, just off the A316.

The course is 1.5 times round the park which is pretty straight forward but may be marked out and marshalled at the trickier bits.

Start time is 6.30pm to allow for traffic and parking just off Powder Mill Lane (Whitton) and to walk/jog to the start. Any marshalling help from volunteers will be welcome.

Afterwards we will be going to the White Hart (Kneller Road, Whitton, TW2 7DY) which is a 17th century free house with a range of beers etc., large beer garden and with food available.

Hope to see you there,

Eddie Giles.

 Club parkrun results for Saturday 10th May

10-May-14 parkrunner time parkrun comment wava
Barry Walters 19:56 Upton Court 2nd best age performance in the field 79%
Julie Barclay 21:51 Bedfont Lakes 2nd lady & best age performance in the field 77%
Jeremy Short 20:30 Crane Park run #42 74%
Bill Byrne 20:57 Gunnersbury 73%
Chris Kelly 20:58 Reading 69%
Dave Tyas 21:33 Bushy Park run #301 68%
Alan Anderson 29:36 Gunnersbury 97th run at Gunnersbury 68%
Claire Byrne 24:44 Gunnersbury 68%
Ian Cunningham 22:06 Bushy Park 67%
Ben Chaytow 21:25 Crane Park 62%
Roderick Hoffman 24:55 Gdynia 71st different parkrun and first in Poland 61%
Roderick Hoffman 25:00 Gdansk 72nd different parkrun and second in Poland 60%
Tony Hird 24:52 Gunpowder run #61, all at Gunpowder 59%
Monica Alonso 27:17 Guildford run #34 59%
Tony Barnwell 30:58 Wycombe Rye 58%
Steve Newell 30:17 Gunnersbury 58%
John Coffey 23:51 Bushy Park 58%
Kerstin Luksch 26:09 Gunnersbury 99th parkrun and 98th at Gunnersbury 57%
Scott Davison 24:27 Crane Park debut at Crane Park 57%
Gareth Hobby 24:50 Reading run #2 55%
Martin Connor 25:42 Bushy Park run #20 52%

That isn't a mistake in the table - Roderick did run two parkruns on Saturday - see below for how this was possible.

Other highlights this week was Scott Davison running at Crane Park after remaining loyal to the puddles at Bedfont Lakes for his previous 86 parkruns.  Watch out Scott - tourism can be catching once you get a taste for it!

Barry Walters went sub 20 at Upton Court again, repeating his time of last summer almost to the second.

Kerstin Luksch is on 99 runs and is leading the female points table at Gunnersbury,  Bill and Claire Byrne were running at Gunnersbury this week as well.

Updated parkrun stats:  

Steve Newell

Two for the price of none - Gdynia and Gdansk International parkrun

If the collective noun for tourists is "party" then we definitely had a party of parkrun tourists in Poland last weekend.  I was the only BAAC runner in the International team put together by Peter Fordham but there are probably some familiar faces and names amongst the others - I was asked about Alan Anderson and John Coffey and others mentioned cross-country races against us and next weekend's Green Belt Relay.  But most of all we were parkrunners and our visit included two, yes two, parkruns - Gdynia from 8:00am and then nearby Gdansk from 10:00. 

poland parkrun party

The party included Alan Davidson, parkrunner A20 with his first recorded parkrun being back in 2004.  Colin Harris getting to his 328th parkrun, Steve Darby up to 261 including 132 different venues (putting my now 72 in the shade).  Running at over 100 different parkrun venues makes you a "Cowell" after the first to achieve this and two others approaching that milestone were Jonathon Pegg now on 96 and Ian Giggs on 95.  Ian was one of several who not only ran both parkruns on the Saturday but also ran a local 10k race that afternoon.  Matthew Swindells also took on that challenge but found it tough going - perhaps because his arrival the previous evening had been from Denver not the UK.  He had been training at altitude including running the Colorado leg of the Wings for Life run I reported on last week (with a 4am start).  Becky Thurtell also had a story to tell - after investing in her non-refundable Ryan Air ticket she had broken her leg.  Having a leg in plaster was not going to stop her running her 261st parkrun finishing at Gdynia in just under 41 minutes.   She chose to give out finish tokens at the Gdansk parkrun. 

I completed both parkruns (but not the 10k race) - Gdynia up and down the seashore promenade was a fast course particularly on the cool and relatively windless morning.  I didn't save anything for later and was pleased with my time of 24:55.  Then at Gdansk I took it easy - starting slowly in case I'd stiffened up in the taxi ride between the two.  My first km was fifteen seconds slow but the attractive park, with the unusual two different loops (for this international event we ran one loop of their "summer" two lap course and then one lap of their "winter" course), made me forget my pace and the tiredness in my legs and I was amazed to achieve 25:00 so just five seconds slower than Gdynia (with my Garmin reporting an identical distance). 

I haven't mentioned the welcome the local parkrun teams and the Polish parkrun organisers gave us and the meals and drinks in the restaurants and pubs nor the tours of Gdansk and the woodlands around Gdynia, nor the value of the hotel.  So would I recommend this?  I most definitely would - except that it was a unique one off so you have missed it.  But next year the UK organiser, Peter Fordham, will organise another one-off and I'll be on his distribution list so I'll let you know.

Roderick Hoffman

Dublin WARR - Late Results and Challenge

WARR1993 Dublin Name 5K Pos Time 10k Pos Time Combined
Name 5K Pos Time 10k Pos Time Combined   Alison Cheung 170 00:20:04
Andrew Donachie 4 00:15:17 Ian Monk 171 00:20:04
Tim Brannan 8 00:15:40 Tony Barnwell 286 00:21:53 308 00:43:59 01:05:52
Paul Toms 11 00:15:44 Roderick Hoffman 433 00:24:38 475 00:49:08 01:13:46
Barry Walters 16 00:16:05 12 00:32:41 00:48:46 Ian Hudson 498 00:25:34 464 00:48:39 01:14:13
Mark Taylor 18 00:16:13 Allan Morrish 509 00:25:45 463 00:48:39 01:14:24
Colin Bloomfield 31 00:16:39 19 00:33:49 00:50:28 David Rimmer 510 00:25:47
Keith Goldsworthy 35 00:16:48 16 00:33:20 00:50:08 Jane Taylor 534 00:26:12
Ian Dunn 38 00:16:51 Martin Cook 653 00:28:17 288 00:43:29 01:11:46
John Taylor 58 00:17:43 Dorothy Cook 651 00:28:16
Nick Edge 77 00:18:19 Harry Wild 711 00:29:09 424 00:47:36 01:16:45
John Williams 92 00:18:34 72 00:37:05 00:55:39 Janet Smith 723 00:29:20
Simon Turton 95 00:18:39 68 00:36:57 00:55:36 Stephen Newell 852 00:32:09 348 00:45:17 01:17:26
John Coffey 133 00:19:26 65 00:36:55 00:56:21 Patrick O'Shea 1030 00:43:20
Chris Stockwell 176 00:20:09 147 00:39:37 00:59:46 Melody Collman 197 00:20:33 115 00:38:49 00:59:22
Peter Ash 177 00:20:10 Jane Harbert 384 00:23:42 262 00:42:48 01:06:30
Charles Hawkshaw-Burns 178 00:20:11 165 00:40:10 01:00:21 Brian Forrester 641 00:57:17

Shown above are a selection of results from the previous WARR in Dublin back in 1993.  I haven't shown all BA runners and I may have mistyped some times - apologies for all errors and omissions. I've tried to include those of us who have a good chance of being there again this year.  But what challenge do you want to set yourself?  Simply to be there?  Or to just run one or both of the races? 

Or how about seeing how close you can get to one or both of your race times from 1993?  For me my 5k time looks beatable if it is a fast course but perhaps not after a 10k - but I'll certainly be seeing how close I can get to either and to the combined time.  But what is your challenge and do you dare to go public on it?  Let me know.

PDF file with fuller results

Roderick Hoffman

Future Dates - Ladies "2XU Surrey League" Cross Countries

Following last week's league AGM, there will be no change to the format and start time for the XC matches, starting a 1200hrs for the senior/vet races. The dates and venues for the next season are:

  • Match 1 – 11 Oct 14 – Richmond Park (hosted by Kingston AC & Polytechnic H)
  • Match 2 -  06 Dec 14– Nonsuch Park, Cheam (26.2 RRC)
  • Match 3 – 10 Jan 15 – Wimbledon Common (Wimbledon Windmilers)
  • Match 4 – 07 Feb 15 – Farthing Downs, Coulsdon (South London Harriers)

We welcome any lady who wishes to try out XC races. These are very sociable and lots of fun so please come and join us next season.


Marathon Write-ups

Dear all

Not very good with computers and modern technology hence no training reports I was in awe of everyone else's and hoped I could do just half as good . Well  the day arrived was very nervous wasn't even phased by the lady's urinals at the start (all the lady's out there will know what I mean) I was on cloud nine the atmosphere was amazing. I met Marzia briefly while I was queuing for ladies. Well done to you it was my first marathon too and not my last. I would like to thank BA for the place and opportunity to run the marathon, it made my dad George's Tychowski very proud and he was the reason I did the marathon - to give him back his first marathon medal he gave to my mum when she sadly passed away.

So a big big thank you

xx Annette Knight 

Well after the drama with the entry link training went a little smoother. I enjoyed the couple of cross country runs for BA although after skidding around in the mud I feel the need to invest in some proper x country shoes !!! I also ran the Portsmouth half which I would recommend to anyone .

I ran a good 18 miler and a couple of 20 milers the last on road to get the legs used to the pounding and I felt quietly confident. 

Raced day arrived with the anticipation of the start we were off in glorious sunshine. I reached 13 at a 10min mile only to reach 14 and a very painful groin . I slowed to a snail's pace bitterly disappointed but I did manage to cross the finish line .... still thinking it is the best marathon.

A visit to the psythio to be informed I had aggravated tendons. 

I would like to thank the club for my place and maybe if given the chance next year might be better.

Hope to see you soon

Kind regards 

Mark Turner

As others have already done I would like to thank BA for the opportunity.  After trying for the marathon for 7 years it was a challenge I was so determined to complete.  From the moment I was told I had a place to the moment I crossed the finish line was an emotional roller coaster.  As aforementioned I had never completed this distance before so the training I did before had to be to the best of my ability. I believe it was, even the brick wall I hit on my second 20 miler!!

So I received my number in the post and contacted my 2 cousins who also were running to see what start they were given. They were in the blue start but my cousin's wife who was also running was given the red start so the race was on girl Soles vs boy Soles!!

I woke up on the day full of nerves and scared at the prospect of letting myself and family down if I failed!!

I was still determined so off I went to meet the Rest of the Sole runners! We said goodbye to the boys and off we went to the red start!! a hill! I was about to run a marathon! The organisation was brilliant and my nerves soon went as the warm up routine was carried out!

Off to the start where being quite close to the back I didn't get going for a while but met some really nice people!! 

I eventually started at 10.17 and had set a goal to RUN the whole race so ensured my pace was right and didn't get carried away. With friends and family situated at different miles along the way I didn't even realised I had ran 8miles when I saw the first group!! 

The day was brilliant, the heat did slow me down but preferred it to rain so can't complain. I ensured I kept myself hydrated and followed my training plan in my head. Tracking lost me at 30k so all were worried as the next time I was back I'd finished!! (I promise people saw me in between).

It was an excellent experience but not the easiest was to shed 7lbs in 4hrs 39!! After giving up booze for a couple of months I enjoyed the couple of pints I consumed after I finally found my groupies!! 

Thanks again, I can't believe I actually did it, and both the Sole girls beat the Sole boys so it was an excellent day all round!! 

Catherine Sole

I had it still in my mind to send a report but the long Easter break hold me off because I went to Germany after the Marathon. But now I'm back.

Yes, I was very happy to run every single mile and absolutely enjoyed it. I found the atmosphere and organization in the red start area absolutely amazing. Everything went so smoothly and was so well prepared for the runners. That's special for the London Marathon. I wasn't nervous before the start because I was so happy about the weather - no running in the rain or wind. The way up to Tower Bridge was great. The crowd was fantastic. Around Canary Wharf I struggled with the heat and had to regulate myself to keep the running up and not to walk. I managed to come around Dockland and was happy to reached Embankment and was looking out for the Big Ben. I still had no cramps or pain but I felt my feet. The last two miles were a motivational fight to keeeeeep running and seeking the finish line. I was so happy to complete this amazing event, to get an awesome medal and to enjoy the post-atmosphere in St. James Park. I relaxed and recovered there for a long while. To walk to the station afterwards was a bit difficult but I had a good night and the next day not a bad day.

Now I want to THANK Steve and the team for giving me this wonderful opportunity to participate and run this popular Marathon! It will be unforgettable for me. Thank you so much and all the best furthermore,

Kerstin Luksch


Just a reminder that the BAAC AGM will take place on June 11th at 8pm, following the Parkway Mile. All committee positions are up for re-election - members who are interested in running for any post should contact Steve. Anyone who has any complaints about how the club is currently run is expected to stand. Nominations close on May 31st.

Steve Hillier <> Hon Sec BAAC

Sutton 10k Result 11th May:   Julie Barclay was 2nd 0/50 (159th o/a) in 44.32 and sister Janice Jones was 381st in 60.25.   436 finished.

Tom Rowley

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