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BA Athletics Club News Digest 13th January 2020


  • Wednesday 22nd January Five Mile Handicap at Bedfont Club from 18:00 # (ROM)
  • Tuesday 28th January - Round-the-Block at Cranford/Heston at 12:30 # (CIE)
  • Thursday 6th February - Inaugural Parkland Mile event on Harmondsworth Moor from 12:45 # (CIE)

Our next Bedfont Club meeting will be Wednesday 22nd January for the Handicap. February meet-ups will be on 5th (Coaching Session) and 26th (Five Mile Handicap). All members are welcome.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at most of our events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 8th January.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 8th January 2020) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office", ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at


Fantastic turnouts at both the Ladies' and Men's cross-countries last Saturday - results below. With Steve Newell away I thought that the cross-countries would give me an easy time producing a parkrun report for the 11th...but I was wrong as we also managed to field 38 runners in the parkruns! A special well done to those individuals who doubled up. Now, if only we could get 30plus runners for our In-house events and other featured events...

Roderick Hoffman (Acting Chair / Communications)

Cross-Country Results and Reports #

Ladies Result

Pos# Num Name Age Group Club Time
1 1961 ... V35 ... 00:34:35
64 1232 Julie Barclay V55 BAWBAW 00:43:25
65 1238 Emma Moreton V35 BAWBAW 00:43:25
123 1253 Tanya Snook V45 BAWBAW 00:47:20
183 1250 Vera Simms V55 BAWBAW 00:51:49
193 1241 Amanda Coombs V50 BAWBAW 00:52:52
202 1252 Tamara Alonso ? BAWBAW 00:54:28
219 1231 Monica Alonso V50 BAWBAW 00:57:37
228 1240 Christine Munden V45 BAWBAW 00:59:10
243 1233 Kelly Davis* V35 BAWBAW 01:05:39
245 1383 ... V65 ... 01:05:59

* Not last, and finished despite twisting an ankle and losing about 8 places.

In the team competition BA finished 23rd of 44 teams. Teams consist of the first five finishers with subsequent runners being put in a second team. So in this race we also had a second team finish in 41st place.

Reports on the Ladies Cross-Country

Nine ladies from BA Athletics Club, including several newcomers, competed in the penultimate Surrey Cross-Country League match of the season on Wimbledon Common.

The day had started with inky skies which gradually cleared to be replaced by high winds that prevailed throughout the race. 

The mixed-terrain five mile course took in both Wimbledon and Putney Commons and encompassed large sections of stony trail, track and field; the latter sections were particularly water-logged and muddy.  The course twisted through the woods with moderate inclines and passed the scenic Queensmere Pond before following a small section of the Capital Ring towards the Windmill Tea Rooms.

Thanks to Clara Halkett who provided marshal support throughout the series of races in addition to flasks of hot beverages for participants.

The last race of this year's series will be on February 8th in Richmond Park. There will be more details nearer the time.

Christine Munden

Photo - Christine and Monica putting the effort in to get up the hill.

Saturday's XC at Wimbledon Common was my first league event. Although I have done several trail and XC races, I wasn't too sure what to expect! The set up was really straightforward, I found my bib at the BA meeting point and we promptly got going. The route was excellently marshalled and scenic. No doubt my parkruns at Bedfont Lakes and Homewood prepared me well for the mud, puddles, undulations and the hill that we climbed (twice). The team sprit was great and it was nice to meet other BA ladies. 

If anyone’s thinking of trying Surrey League XC, I’d say give it a go - the fresh air, nature and buzz is just what you need on a chilly winter's day. I was pleased with my finish time and look forward to February's event in Richmond.

Thanks to Clara and well done to my fellow teammates! 

Emma Moreton

Picture - Amanda Coombs, Emma Moreton and Kelly Davis.

Men's Cross-Country result #

Pos# Num Name Age groupAge Club Time
1 822 ... SEN ... 00:29:36
39 1113 Paul Knechtl V45 BAWBAW 00:33:22
77 1128 Adrian Haines (2C) V50 BAWBAW 00:34:53
164 1109 Chris Kelly V50 BAWBAW 00:38:50
171 1106 Mike Dennison V60 BAWBAW 00:38:56
172 1111 John Taylor V50 BAWBAW 00:38:57
196 1105 Mark Taylor V60 BAWBAW 00:40:02
206 1116 Ross Davies V40 BAWBAW 00:40:30
241 1103 Ian Cunningham V55 BAWBAW 00:41:54
252 1120 Matthew Stratful V40 BAWBAW 00:42:34
257 1101 Barry Walters V60 BAWBAW 00:42:38
259 1117 Tim Bellars V50 BAWBAW 00:42:41
260 1122 Colin Haylock V50 BAWBAW 00:42:49
288 1104 Maarten Stenham V40 BAWBAW 00:44:17
300 1108 Simon Turton V50 BAWBAW 00:45:03
331 1107 Neil Frediani V60 BAWBAW 00:48:58
335 1100 Michael Ball (2C) V55 BAWBAW 00:51:16
353 1114 Steve Hillier V65 BAWBAW 01:07:48

In the team competition, with ten to score, BA finished a creditable 7th of 12 (creditable considering our lack of "Seniors"). That left seven runners to field a "B" team who finished 5th of 10.

Men's Report

Reporting from South Africa.

We had a fantastic turnout despite my fears on Wednesday of being a few short of a team. Conditions were fantastic, dry, cool and good under foot. International runner Adrian Haines came for a training run but was still too quick for most of us. John Taylor also made a welcome return, thanks to better shift patterns this year. Paul Knechtl continued his recent good form despite being injured and was our first runner home and was second in his age group, as was Adrian in his. In the V60s Mike Dennison were first, Mark Taylor second and Barry Walters sixth. It is a pity there isn't a V60 team prize!

Thanks to all who turned out and especially to Steve Hillier who missed Brentford beat QPR and arrived very late due to trains but still completed the run. Most of the team are featured in the photograph, taken before Steve arrived.

The last race of this year's series is at 12noon at Lloyd Park on the 8th Feb, followed by refreshments at the pub.

Neil Frediani

Golden Globes....Brits....Grammys....Oscars....BAAC Awards...

...are all red-carpet events.  Which one is the odd one out?  The BAAC Awards evening, because we are all invited to step onto the red carpet for this event.  It will be held at the Bedfont Club on March 4th, when our glittering trophies will be handed out and we will be able to hear the amazing acceptance speeches.  Please put the date in your diary, and make every effort to attend.

You may have a view as to which BAAC athletes had a great 2019.  If you do, please let me know, and we'll add your nominations to the list, which we plan to discuss at the beginning of February.  If you are a trophy holder, please can you return it to a committee member by the end of January, to give us some engraving time!


Steve Hillier

SPOTY and Winter Handicap next race 23rd January

It is now too late to submit any more claims for the SPOTY competition.  Thanks to all those who entered. The winner will be announced at the annual awards evening.

The 4th run (of 6) of the Wednesday Winter Handicap will be held on Wednesday 23rd January 2020.

The course variation introduced in December using Helen Avenue, Feltham will be in play once again.

In the event that there is no static timekeeper at the finish, Runners should be prepared to time themselves either by memorizing the finish time on the club clock which will be countdown mode or a watch/phone carried on the run.

New runners are always welcome to join in.  These are the target times for those who have run before.

RUN4 22/1/2020   target
Benita Scaife 54:30
John Scaife 54:30
Steve Hillier 53:15
Christine Munden 52:00
Denis Foxley 50:00
Roderick Hoffman 50:00
Trish McCabe 47:30
Neil Frediani 47:30
Steve Taylor 45:30
Richard Ruffell 40:00
Simon Turton 38:15
Maarten Stenham 37:00
Chris Kelly 36:00
Gary  Rushmer 35:30
Paul Prescott 35:00

Steve Newell

parkrun results and reports

parkrun review Saturday 4th 2020

The first Saturday in January is often (but not always) a day of bumper turnouts at parkruns as New Year’s Resolutions kick in and efforts are made to burn off the indulgences of the festive season.  Severe weather can sometimes cause disruption at this time of year but the number of cancellations was well down on previous weeks.  Reading is still too wet but parkrun has restarted at Marlow and Hazelwood (Sunbury).

Overall both UK (199,410) and worldwide (336,048) attendance records for a Saturday were broken.  In UK 64 new records were set and one can only imagine how crowded it must have been at the start at some runs with narrow paths.  I list just a few examples – Clapham Common (1103), Tooting Common (1019), Black Park (845), St Albans (736), Gunnersbury (701), Brooklands (422), Harrow (329).  How long can it be before low price chip timing is introduced ?!!!?  There were 1815 runners at Bushy Park so nowhere near the 2500 on Christmas Day but the highest number for a first Saturday in January nevertheless.  John Coffey has now run at Bushy parkrun/timetrial in 15 different calendar years, not many people can beat that.

Mike Dennison (20:17) chose relatively uncrowded Hanworth for his 400th parkrun.  Maria Jovani (22:00) celebrated her 300th run as first female finisher there for the fourth time. Julie Barclay (21:59) visited nearby Crane Park for the first time and was first lady across line there too. Ben Chaytow (21:23) and Paul Watt (21:29) had a good tussle a little higher up the field.  Joe Nolan (29:47) reached a landmark 350th run and was in charge of his 36 strong pacer squad as well, all battling for space in the record crowd of 845.  Times varied between just under 18 to just over 68 minutes. 

Steve Newell

Club parkrun results for Saturdays 4th and 11th January 2020

Member parkrun Date Time Grade PB Comment
TRUE Bob Bannister Bedfont Lakes 04-Jan-20 00:23:57 68.75% 97th run at Bedfont Lakes
TRUE Paul Davis Bedfont Lakes 04-Jan-20 00:21:47 62.66% 304th run at Bedfont Lakes
TRUE Scott DAVISON Bedfont Lakes 04-Jan-20 00:24:24 59.49% 256th run at Bedfont Lakes
TRUE Neil FREDIANI Bedfont Lakes 04-Jan-20 00:29:10 55.94% run #246 (getting closer to 250!)
TRUE Eddie KETTERICK Bedfont Lakes 04-Jan-20 00:40:33 40.61% PB   parkrun pb by 70s
TRUE Zoe OSTLEY Bedfont Lakes 04-Jan-20 00:52:34 34.91% tailwalker's companion
TRUE Roderick HOFFMAN Birdsland Reserve 04-Jan-20 00:30:31 52.10% park #295, BApark #559
TRUE Joe NOLAN Black Park 04-Jan-20 00:29:47 55.79% run #350, Attendance record 845
TRUE Andrew William Jordon Bushy Park 04-Jan-20 00:22:58 66.33% run #141, 124th run at Bushy
TRUE John COFFEY Bushy Park 04-Jan-20 00:29:47 66.03% run #412, 315th at Bushy
TRUE Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 04-Jan-20 00:26:19 59.40% 15th calendar year at Bushy
TRUE Julie BARCLAY Crane Park 04-Jan-20 00:21:59 82.34% 216th run at Crane Park
TRUE Paul WATT Crane Park 04-Jan-20 00:21:29 70.91% 1st run at Crane, park #36
TRUE Ben Chaytow Crane Park 04-Jan-20 00:21:23 65.32% 1st run at Crane, park #41
TRUE Sarah GORDON Daventry 04-Jan-20 00:34:16 57.44% run #276, 11th at Daventry
TRUE David Williams Fulham Palace 04-Jan-20 00:27:04 51.17% run #136, 11th at Fulham Palace
TRUE Tony BARNWELL Fulham Palace 04-Jan-20 00:49:12 39.97% 6th run at Fulham Palace
TRUE John Lennon Guildford 04-Jan-20 00:36:42 42.96% run #301, 15th at Guildford
TRUE Steve NEWELL Gunnersbury 04-Jan-20 barcode scanning
TRUE Mike Dennison Hanworth 04-Jan-20 00:20:17 79.79% run #400, 8th at Hanworth
TRUE Maria Jovani Hanworth 04-Jan-20 00:22:00 71.52% F-1, 5th run at Hanworth
TRUE David DUGGAN Hanworth 04-Jan-20 00:31:23 50.66% run #347, 6th at Hanworth
TRUE Denis Foxley Harrow 04-Jan-20 00:28:41 61.48% 132nd run at Harrow
FALSE Joan FOXLEY Harrow 04-Jan-20 00:38:39 58.56%
TRUE Trish MCCABE Harrow 04-Jan-20 00:28:09 55.06% 1st run at Harrow, park #58
TRUE Alice BANKS Higginson, Marlow 04-Jan-20 00:29:19 68.11% Higginson dried out after 4 weeks
TRUE Christopher T KELLY Homewood 04-Jan-20 00:41:11 36.99% 1st run at Homewood, park #54
TRUE Caroline Cockram Ifield Mill Pond 04-Jan-20 00:25:24 66.01% 1st run at Ifield, park #87
TRUE Ian Cockram Ifield Mill Pond 04-Jan-20 00:24:03 62.30% 1st run at Ifield, park #87
TRUE Benita Scaife Maidenhead 04-Jan-20 00:32:51 61.69% run #175, 89th at Maidenhead
TRUE John Scaife Maidenhead 04-Jan-20 00:32:52 51.01% run #202, 93rd at Maidenhead
TRUE Alan & Ann ANDERSON Osterley 04-Jan-20 00:53:38 50.87%   (assisted)
TRUE Alan ANDERSON Osterley 04-Jan-20 00:53:39 43.80% 300 fewer runners today (cf 1 Jan)
TRUE Piers KEENLEYSIDE Panshanger 04-Jan-20 00:28:50 56.59% 1st run at Panshanger, park #46
TRUE Jain Reid Richmond Park 04-Jan-20 00:27:59 63.01% best age grade % at Richmond
TRUE Keith Johnson St Albans 04-Jan-20 00:26:36 55.01% run #41, 19th at St Albans
TRUE Janet Smith Upton Court 04-Jan-20 00:36:12 49.36% run #120, 11th at Upton Court
TRUE Jacqueline MUSSELWHITE Woking 04-Jan-20 00:24:26 69.44% run #90, 73rd at Woking
TRUE Bob Bannister Bedfont Lakes 11-Jan-20 00:24:17 67.81%
TRUE James Shoulder Bedfont Lakes 11-Jan-20 00:19:07 67.48% PB   12s improvement. 3rd fastest club runner.
TRUE Anne Bannister Bedfont Lakes 11-Jan-20 00:30:53 63.73%
TRUE Eddie KETTERICK Bedfont Lakes 11-Jan-20 00:40:47 40.38%
TRUE Joe NOLAN Black Park 11-Jan-20 00:30:52 53.83%
TRUE Sarah GORDON Brixworth Country 11-Jan-20 00:37:47 52.10% New BA parkrun, just north of Northampton
TRUE Andrew William Jordon Bushy Park 11-Jan-20 00:22:46 66.91%  
TRUE Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 11-Jan-20 00:26:00 60.13% XC warm-up
TRUE Murray HOGGE California Country 11-Jan-20 00:24:19 65.39%
TRUE Frankie HOGGE California Country 11-Jan-20 00:24:19 60.86%
TRUE Paul WATT Crane Park 11-Jan-20 00:21:47 69.93%
TRUE Scott DAVISON Crane Park 11-Jan-20 00:24:10 60.07%
TRUE Benita Scaife Delaware and Raritan Canal 11-Jan-20 00:31:46 63.80% PB   49s improvement / improving club records
TRUE John Scaife Delaware and Raritan Canal 11-Jan-20 00:31:47 52.75% PB   50s improvement / improving club records
TRUE David Williams Fulham Palace 11-Jan-20 00:27:17 50.76%
TRUE Mike Dennison Gladstone 11-Jan-20 00:20:15 79.92%   XC warm-up / BA men's record and grade
TRUE Maria Jovani Gladstone 11-Jan-20 00:20:50 75.52% BA ladies' record
TRUE David DUGGAN Gladstone 11-Jan-20 00:31:52 49.90%
TRUE John Lennon Guildford 11-Jan-20 00:39:35 39.83%
TRUE Denis Foxley Harrow 11-Jan-20 00:27:59 63.01%
TRUE John COFFEY Hazelwood 11-Jan-20 00:31:12 63.03%
TRUE Alice BANKS Higginson, Marlow 11-Jan-20 00:28:02 71.22%
TRUE Caroline Cockram Homewood 11-Jan-20 00:29:31 56.80%
TRUE Ian Cockram Homewood 11-Jan-20 00:26:24 56.76% PB   45s improvement
TRUE Adrian Haines Ifield Mill Pond 11-Jan-20 00:19:21 77.43%   XC warm-up
TRUE Richard RUFFELL Jersey Farm 11-Jan-20 00:31:46 49.63%
TRUE Petra OTTO Manor Field, Whittlesey 11-Jan-20 00:44:33 47.62%
TRUE Paul PRESCOTT Newcastle 11-Jan-20 00:21:01 61.46% 11s outside Barry Walters BA record
TRUE Jain Reid Richmond Park 11-Jan-20 00:27:25 64.32% PB   29s improvement
TRUE Marion WOODHOUSE Rickmansworth 11-Jan-20 00:38:13 47.36%
TRUE Eddie GILES Salisbury 11-Jan-20 00:28:26 62.78%
TRUE Christopher T KELLY Sandhurst Memorial 11-Jan-20 00:40:16 37.83%   XC warm-up
TRUE Janice Jones Squerryes Winery 11-Jan-20 00:33:26 52.09% PB   15s improvement / New BA ladies' record
TRUE Keith Johnson St Albans 11-Jan-20 00:25:10 58.15%
TRUE Roderick HOFFMAN Timboon 11-Jan-20 00:28:51 55.11% New BA parkrun, Roderick's 12th in Victoria.
TRUE Trish MCCABE Winchester 11-Jan-20 00:29:09 53.17% 1st BA lady therefore BA record
TRUE Jacqueline MUSSELWHITE Woking 11-Jan-20 00:23:39 71.74%
TRUE Alan FRIAR Woodley 11-Jan-20 00:37:31 50.51% First parkrun since April

11th January parkrun Report

Fastest this week was James Shoulder at Bedfont Lakes with an impressive 19:07.  But that still only makes him the third fastest club runner after Gary Rushmer (18:42 13th March 2010) and Barry Walters (18:47 25th June 2011).

Mike Dennison ran impressively at Gladstone to take the record from Richard Ruffell and was one of four club parkrunners who went on to represent the club at cross-country later on the Saturday. Interesting the four did different parkruns. Adrian Haines was another to do the double - perhaps catching up with lost training runs following a recent injury!

Two new parkruns were added and a few records set or improved as documented above.

Roderick Hoffman

Steve's parkrun stats - club parkrun stats (updated for 4th Jan but not 11th Jan)

TEST LINE Steve's parkrun stats - club parkrun stats (updated for 4th Jan but not 11th Jan)

Full club parkrun database - {read access to new club parkrun database} - Download and explore.

Marathon Update

Doha Marathon

Another marathon done on Friday 10th January - not really enjoying them much these days. The trip started badly when my bag did not make the flight to Doha along with about 20 others. BA said they would put it on the next flight a day later which meant it would arrive too late for the 6:30am start. So I had to go shopping for running shoes, shorts, socks and a cap - for the sun I thought!

Jogged to the start at 5:30 a bit of drizzle in the air. The start was at the south end on the 'Corniche' road/path that runs along the edge of a large crescent shaped bay.

The drizzle turned to very heavy rain with thunder and lightning as we started and in no time at all the road we were running on was a huge 3" deep puddle! I thought I'd come to a desert area and was hoping for a bit of winter sun! We ran north for just over 5K turned round and came back. We had to repeat this 4 times.

I was OK for the first two laps and did about 2:08 for the half and then as usual my injuries came to the fore reducing my pace to a hobble. Finished in 4:58:51 with skinned heels from the cheap new shoes I had to buy.

As we wait for our flight home on Monday morning my heels are still red and sore - flight delayed by 3 hours 45 minutes - but at least we have got Club World boarding passes. Last night we were still on the wait list and the flight looked very full.

First time in Doha and there are some amazing buildings here - and many more still being built - the whole place is a building site! We walked around the West Bay commercial area yesterday to gaze up at the skyscrapers - could almost have been in Manhattan. Many surprisingly green park areas along the coast - they must spend a fortune on water.

The MIA (Museum Of Islamic Art) is in an amazing building overlooking the bay and is definitely worth visiting just to see the amazing spaces inside the building as well as the exhibits. We also visited the National Museum which is also a fantastic, modern, brand new building. Getting around the city is very easy with a new metro system with vast modern stations - the state seems to have almost limitless funds. The standard fare is only 2 QAR (about 40p) and there are free buses to get you to the nearest station. We stayed at the Mercure Grand Hotel which was fairly near the start and a short walk from the Souq Waqif where there are many places to eat and drink (but no beers etc.!). The hotel is quite old (by Doha standards) and a bit tired with building going on all around it. Still the rooms were very comfortable and I got a great rate having booked via a 'black Friday' deal at the end of November.

Piers Keenleyside (currently pursuing a baggage claim against BA)

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