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BA Athletics Club News Digest 13th May 2019


  • Sat/Sun 18th/19th - Green Belt Relay #
  • Monday 20th May - Track&Field Grand Prix - 1000m, Shot, Long Jump, Welie Wanging! Uxbridge from 18:00 (see below) *#
  • Monday 27th May - Vitality 10000 - Marshalling event #

We meet at 18:00 at the Bedfont Club on most Wednesdays throughout the year including this Wednesday.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 4th April.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 12th May) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Wellie Wanging Ė whatís not to like? # (Club CIE for May)

Monday 20th May, Uxbridge Ė a highlight of this great sporting summer. 

We will be staging an extended Grand Prix event at Hillingdon track, featuring those famous Olympic events:  1000m, Shot, Long Jump and Wellie Wanging.  All ages and abilities (or non-abilities) are welcome.  Full instructions will be provided regarding the rules and techniques of throwing a wellie (and the other events).  You are welcome to enter as many or as few of the four events as you wish. 

Donít miss this opportunity!  Bring some friends. The action starts at 18:00. There is a small fee to park your car next to the stadium and a small fee to enter but save your receipt because club members will be given 50% back!

Steve Hillier

Speedbird Ladies results and thanks #

Last Wednesday we saw a record field of 72 runners brave the threatening weather and have a thoroughly enjoyable 5k ladies race around Harmondsworth Moor. There were nine BA runners of sufficient quality as well as quantity that for the first time in my memory we won the team prize!

Results BA Highlights:

Place Bib Name First name Last name Team name Category Gender Time
1st 165 Sarah Urwin-Mann Sarah Urwin-Mann Reading AC F 45 Female 19:46.6
2nd 202 Maria Jovani Maria Jovani British Airways AC F 35 Female 21:02.5
3rd 164 Helen Pool Helen Pool Reading Roadrunners F 45 Female 21:16.3
5 1st F55 193 Julie Barclay Julie Barclay British Airways AC F 55 Female 22:18.8
6 1st F35 179 Emma Moreton Emma Moreton Shepperton Running Group F 35 Female 22:46.1
7 1st F45 222 Tanya Snook Tanya Snook Shepperton Running Group F 45 Female 22:52.0
16 163 Melanie Holman Melanie Holman British Airways AC F 35 Female 25:32.2
33 203 Trish McCabe Trish McCabe British Airways AC F 35 Female 27:57.6
49 214 Helen Smith Helen Smith British Airways AC F 55 Female 31:49.2
57 211 Christine Munden Christine Munden British Airways AC F 45 Female 32:29.3
61 54 Kelly Davis Kelly Davis British Airways AC F 35 Female 32:54.6
62 215 Marion Woodhouse Marion Woodhouse British Airways AC F 55 Female 33:00.1
67 161 Janet Smith Janet Smith British Airways AC F 45 Female 35:32.8

First finisher at the Speedbird ladies race72 finished.

Team Competition (top three of seven):

1st British Airways AC 1:08:53.5
2nd Shepperton Running Group 1:10:19.9
3rd Datchet Dashers 1:11:50.0

Full results at

The event was made possible by all of our helpers including (and let me know if I've missed you off):

Ann Coffey, Annette Williams, Bob Bannister, Clara Halket, Graham Taylor, Harry Wild, Jane Harris, Joe Nolan, John Coffey, Ken Saunders, Marion Taylor, Mike Dennison, Neil Frediani, Paul Brandon, Paul Watts, Piers Keenleyside, Roderick Hoffman, Simon Turton, Steve Hillier, Steve Taylor, Toby Houghton, Tom Rowley.

Sadly for the volunteers the "Speedbird" Beer Mike Thorn and I sourced for the event proved too popular with the winning teams.

Speedbird BeerRoderick Hoffman

# Round-the-Block Points Update

The annual Round-the-Block competition runs from January through to December each year and rewards club members and friends with points for taking part in club competitions and featured events (one point), marshalling (two points) or managing a club event (four points). The highest placed club member gets the trophy at the end of the year but also all those who accumulate ten or more points gets a shout-out here. There has been quite a bit of activity recently, including the London Marathon, Speedbird Ladies and the 1st Rosenheim match, so the first shout-outs can be made to the following:

Roderick Hoffman on 17 points, Steve Newell on 15 points, Steve Hillier with 14 points and Simon Turton with ten points. There are also three members on 9 points and two on 8. Impressively Steve Hillier's points have been accumulated from 12 different events - there have only been 16 scoring events so far this year and two of them were ladies only!

Rosenheim Meeting 1 at Sutton 1st May Results #

We had a great turnout of 7 plus 2 supporters at our furthest away fixture in Sutton and ended the night in 4th (men) and 5th (ladies) positions in the leagues . Strangely for us we had 4 sprinters among the group including two youngsters. We welcomed Michael Ball and son Kenny Ball who come as a result of our links to Woking. Paul Watt (injured) and Tom Rowley were our spectators, thank you for coming. Many of us doubled up but star performer of the evening goes to Danny Treherne (membership form on its way) who won the long jump and came second in the javelin as well as running the non-scorers 100m and the relay. Kenny won the non-scorerís 100m and 200m and took part in the relay while his dad ran in the scorers 100m/200m and relay. Kenny achieved the rare feat of running a Ďdeadí number of seconds, not once but twice. 12.00 for 100m and 24.00 (pb) for 200m. Thank you to regulars Steve Hillier, Jacqui Musselwhite and Julie Barclay for taking part in 2 events each.

Full results are available at:
Selected results follow.

Next meeting is at Epsom and Ewell on 29th May. Let me know if you are interested and letís see if we can keep in respectable mid-table.

Neil Frediani


Event Team member Position Time/Distance
800m Jacqueline Musslewhite 2 03:00.2
100m Julie Barclay 3 17.2
200m Jacqueline Musslewhite 4 33.1
3000m Julie Barclay 4 12:35.5

Resulting team position: 5th of six teams.


Event Team member Position Time/Distance
80800m Neil Frediani 6 03:12.3
100m Michael Ball 5 15.5
400m Neil Frediani 4 85.6
200m Michael Ball 6 32.2
4 x 200m Relay British Airways 2 02:02.4
Discus Steve Hillier 4 17.78
Long Jump Danny Treherne 1 4.61
Javelin Danny Treherne 2 23.53

Resulting team position: 4th of six teams.

Non-scorer results:

 Event Group Competitor Team Time/Distance
100m U20M Kenneth Ball BA 12.0
100m U20M Danny Treherne BA 13.3
200m U20M Kenneth Ball BA 24.0

Volunteers and entry for Vitality 10K and Prudential Ride London

Clara could still do with a handful of extra volunteers for the Vitality 10k on Bank Holiday Monday 27th May. Email her at Clara {}. If you'd rather run then the London Marathon group are offering us £5 off entry - Enter Now and use the code "thankyou5" Ė entries close at 17:00 on Friday 17 May. "Taking place on bank holiday Monday 27 May, the race starts on The Mall and takes in some of the most iconic landmarks London has to offer, including Admiralty Arch, Trafalgar Square, St Paulís Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament before a stunning finish opposite Buckingham Palace. Afterwards there is a free Vitality Wellness Festival in Green Park."

Steve Hillier also needs to know if you are interested in one of the spaces we have in the 4th August Prudential Ride London event. This is needed by 17th May.  He also will want to have volunteers for marshalling.

London Marathon 2019 Reports (part two of several)

Cheryl Ogle...

I had a great time yesterday. I found it was all pretty okay. A few more hilly bits than Iíd hoped though ha ha. The crowd were a great support, the marshal teams throughout working tirelessly to give out water and gels were just brilliant! 

I seemed to pace well throughout. I had a stiff hip around mile 24, so just slowed for 700 yards and then got my head down and in the zone.
Is it strange I canít remember a lot of the city sites? I do remember seeing a huge Nandoís and had that on my mind for a few miles!

Hopefully Iíll be marshalling next year!

Well done everyone!


Jain Reid...

Thanks so much for the place - it was everything I imagined and more, even though my run didn't go quite to plan. It was quite emotional in parts.  Firstly when the green, blue and red starts merged, running in parallel, then together.  I started in the smaller green start, so this was the first time I was really aware of the size of the thing and it was quite overwhelming.  Secondly running over Tower Bridge - I couldn't stop smiling.  All those years watching it on TV and finally being a part of it.  Thirdly the entire end section from Blackfriars Bridge onwards when I was struggling, the crowd were incredible and kept me going.  Apologies I didn't stop to say hello at the crossing points in the last mile.  I was pretty focused on just getting to the end at that point.  

I've already entered for next year - fingers crossed!


Ian Cunningham...

So .. a few thoughts a day on from VMLM 2019.

My 20th marathon / ultra and 4th London was different and actually quite enjoyable in places!

  • First time Iíve run to the start (from Waterloo..). Was good to see the course quiet around Tower Bridge before the bedlam there 4 hours later,
  • First time Iíve done some pacing - I set a parkrun friend up over the first 9 miles on PB target before (supposedly) easing back my pace,
  • First time Iíve stopped during London - at mile 16 for a glass of fizz with some friends and then at mile 25 for the obligatory selfie with my wife who was marshalling on Birdcage Walk,
  • First time Iíve done London and had the time to enjoy the crowds and the atmosphere.

So what did I learn this year...

  • That treating London as a training run (for Comrades) is next to impossible. The atmosphere dragged me round faster than I intended!,
  • That what makes London great (for me) isnít just the crowds - itís the friends strategically placed around the course to give a lift when itís required and the sure fire knowledge the last mile is non stop BA faces on the crossings.. and the friends you get passed by / pass around the course if any extra encouragement is required,
  • That I was right to skip the Lucozade option.

The dull facts and figures - 3:50:55 overall. Halfway in 1:51 and 2nd half 1:59 with a couple of stops

Next up Richmond Park Marathon in 3 weeks then itís off to Durban for Comrades

All the best



Place (Overall) Place (Gender) Place (Category) Name Runner Number Category Race Status Time
11777 8819 403 Cunningham, Ian (GBR) 60427 55-59 Finished 03:50:55
32373 11678 6124 Ogle, Cheryl (GBR) 60438 18-39 Finished 05:11:21
29208 10095 883 Reid, Jain (GBR) 60424 50-54 Finished 04:55:33

Club parkrun results for Saturday 4th May 2019

Steve's still away so I'm still updating the parkrun results table.  IMPORTANT - if your time on Saturday, or that of someone you think should or could be included, isn't in the following list, please let me know so that I can add them next time.

Roderick Hoffman

Member 11th May 2019 parkrun  ↓ Pos  ↓ Time  ↓ Age Grade  ↓ PB?  ↓ Comment
TRUE Julie BARCLAY Banstead Woods 47 00:22:56 77.91%
TRUE Paul Watt Banstead Woods 82 00:25:27 59.86%
FALSE Janice Jones Banstead Woods 197 00:31:36 54.38%
TBC Paul PRESCOTT Bedfont Lakes 3 00:19:58 64.69% New member
TRUE Neil FREDIANI Bedfont Lakes 76 00:27:56 58.41%
TRUE David Duggan Bedfont Lakes 86 00:29:10 54.51%
TRUE Eddie GILES Blandford 63 00:25:57 67.95% Club parkrun 495 (outside Bournemouth)
TRUE Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 338 00:23:38 65.59%
FALSE Janet Cunningham Bushy Park 1069 00:31:27 58.35%
TRUE Maria Jovani Hanworth 12 00:20:17 76.99% PB   PB by over 11 minutes!
FALSE Ben Chaytow Hanworth 22 00:21:37 64.07%
TRUE Paul Davis Hanworth 23 00:21:45 62.30% PB   PB by over 11 minutes!
TRUE Trish MCCABE Hanworth 73 00:28:21 54.67%
TRUE Joe NOLAN Hanworth 83 00:30:09 55.11%
TRUE Denis Foxley Harrow 137 00:31:14 56.46%
TRUE Joan FOXLEY Harrow 203 00:42:22 52.56%
TRUE John COFFEY Hazelwood 76 00:28:33 68.88%
TRUE John Scaife Maidenhead 242 00:31:38 53.00%
TRUE Benita Scaife Maidenhead 277 00:33:23 60.71%
TRUE Roderick HOFFMAN Millennium Country * 136 00:31:11 50.56% Club parkrun 496 (near Bedford)
FALSE Scott DAVISON Moors Valley 171 00:26:59 53.37%
TRUE Alan ANDERSON Osterley 257 00:44:53 50.76%
TRUE Christopher T KELLY Reading 163 00:25:47 58.63%
TRUE Jacqueline MUSSELWHITE Woking 53 00:22:47 73.59%

* The full name for this parkrun is "Millennium Country parkrun, Forest of Marston Vale".  We'll stick to the shortened form.

Volunteers - We can ONLY include specific volunteer efforts each week if we are emailed about them by 17:00 on the Monday after the run. I may look to include a periodic report on total volunteer efforts.

11th May 2019 parkrun role
none reported    

Two up Two down

The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted that for the second week in a row we have moved up to 496 parkruns completed. This is a case of "two up / two down".  Whereas we have added Millennium Country and Blandford, we lost two, Bellville in South Africa and Richmond Olympia in Canada. Both of these were due to reassessment of the date at which people actually left the club.  We didn't lose Minehead parkrun - Ben Chaytow had run this on 31st March 2018, his last day of membership! If you have not yet renewed your membership, and especially if it says "False" in the "Member" column above, then now would be a good time to do so.  We will continue to report some runs by non-members but we reserve the right to be selective and inconsistent.

Roderick Hoffman (also obo Steve Newell)

Steve's parkrun stats - club parkrun stats - NOT UPDATED

NEW club parkrun database - {read access to new club parkrun database} - UP TO DATE

2019 Staines 10k Sunday 13th May

A very successful Staines 10k took place yesterday featuring a number of BAAC runners some running for other teams or school groups. I noticed a few other BA people taking part too. Apologies if I missed anyone:

Posn Name FinishTime ChipTime Cat Cat Posn Club
1 Blake, Stephen 00:32:44 00:32:44 SM 1 Woking AC
23 Prescott, Paul 00:39:07 00:39:06 SM 11 St Michael's Runners {before joining us}
34 Trinder, Kay 00:40:49 00:40:47 F45 3 Woking AC/BAAC
107 Davis, Paul 00:46:27 00:46:18 SM 37 Ashford Park Primary School PTA
122 Barclay, Julie 00:47:28 00:47:16 F55 1 British Airways AC
197 Evans, Chris 00:50:34 00:50:17 M50 24 British Airways AC
216 Davison, Scott 00:51:30 00:51:13 M40 88 British Airways AC
362 Smith, Gordon 00:58:01 00:56:16 M50 45 BA staff
445 Lyons, Alex 01:00:32 00:59:39 F35 58 BA staff
676 Davis, Kelly 01:17:26 01:15:44 F35 134 British Airways AC

Neil Frediani

Tom Rowley also reports that Julie was held back by a bruised rib obtained the previous day at Banstead. Also he reported that Scott was running in-between trips to watch Spurs finish their season.

And from Paul and Julie...

Having never been to Dinton Pastures, I can now say that I have run there twice in a week. Most of you will know the parkrun course and so I will not dwell on it but on Thursday, Julie and I entered the Barnes Fitness Dinton Pastures series. This was race one of four and each has a finishers medal designed to link with the other three to form a larger medal. It is not the parkrun course but is very similar. It was raining all day and the course was more akin to a marshland but the rain stopped five minutes before the start and resumed five minutes after. We were lucky with the rain but the course was very wet and made it slow (as if I need help with that) but very enjoyable. It is not the cheapest of races but it is well organised, chip-timed and there is fruit and water to finish. We had a lovely evening there and it is highly recommended.

On Saturday we ran the Banstead Woods parkrun; not for the first time. It was Julieís sister Vera Simmsí 50th run and so, Julie, her other sister Jan Jones, Olivia Jones and myself ran with her to celebrate. A fourth dispatcher and family friend Mike Cussans joined also for what was his first tourist parkrun following on from over 100 runs at Woking. We all did well and had a good morning but it is not about time at Banstead thanks to the steep hills. Anniversary run announcements were made at the start and the loudest was saved for Neil Sunderland who was running his 650th which is the second highest in the world after Darren Wood.

Today Julie ran the the Staines 10k on a warm sunny morning. A very large field with runners from many clubs. Woking men were first and second finishers but BA came away with a trophy as Julie finished first W55 in a time of 47:16 despite having bruised ribs after a fall at Banstead the day before...well done.

What a busy week and for Julie it started with the Speedbird ladies race on Wednesday.

If that isnít enough, we are going to Battersea for the veterans track event on Monday.

Paul Watt and Julie Barclay.

Run Rabbit Trail 5ksRun Rabbit Trail Festival

On Saturday my sister and I took part in the first Run Rabbit Trail Festival which was held at Marston Lodge near Market Harborough.

The particular event that we undertook was a series of five 5k races, each with a unique course (pictured) and each starting on the hour between 12:00 and 17:00. What they hadn't told us when we signed up was that the courses featured hills AND that the starts were each 1km away from the previous finishes. This meant that there was very little opportunity to recover between races. I would recommend this event next year to anyone able to complete 5k faster than me but not to those slower - the lack of recovery time was a big problem. However, they may take the feedback into consideration in designing next year's event. Note that I had run a parkrun on the way to the venue and I was by no means the only one to have done this.

Results in the table below. Distances and elevations from my GPS watch which normally under records. The third course was definitely long!

The times are clock times and with 226 starters in confined starts there were some delays. My watch time for the first 5k was very similar to the 31:11 of my earlier parkrun - despite that parkrun being totally flat! Sarah got a "dnm" for the 4th 5k. That stands for "Did not middle" since in the confused state of near exhaustion she missed the turn for the second lap of that course. My niece Emma was 8th lady of 110.

The festival continued with a hilly 10k, then the next morning with a hilly half-marathon and then, for anyone who had completed all of the events, a sprint to win a golden carrot.  However, my sister and I went home instead.

Num. Name Gend. Class Club Yellow Green Red Blue Orange Total
        Distance (km): 4.85 4.83 5.30 4.85 4.81 24.64
        Elevation gain (m): 48 105 43 137 147 480
45 Ben Livesey M SENM RAF 00:18:18 00:18:46 00:20:34 00:19:54 00:20:11 01:37:43
25 Claire Fitzpatrick F SENF Race rapid 00:20:51 00:21:35 00:23:14 00:22:21 00:22:48 01:50:49
149 Emma Gordon F SENF {my niece} 00:24:37 00:25:00 00:27:44 00:27:54 00:30:00 02:15:15
150 Richard Gordon M SENM {my nephew} 00:23:06 00:23:39 00:27:27 00:30:10 00:47:15 02:31:37
159 Roderick Hoffman M M50 British Airways AC 00:31:28 00:32:06 00:35:28 00:38:27 00:44:37 03:02:06
262 Sarah Gordon F F60 British Airways AC 00:35:07 00:39:21 00:47:58 dnm 00:50:28 n/a

Roderick Hoffman

Next Digest - Results, news, pictures, feedback, jokes, stories - send them to the editor, Roderick Hoffman, at

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