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BA Athletics Club News Digest 13th June 2022

Events Calendar - online here

Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy - for the 2022 title.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

For future weeks: inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Next Week's Digest - early publication warning

I'm busy next Monday so next week's digest will be published last thing on Sunday or first thing on Monday. Please ensure that all contributions are with me by Sunday evening.

This Week's Events

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Monthly Mile (submit by 8pm Sunday 19th June):

Run one mile and send me your time or add the details to the Facebook prompt. The mile can be somebody else's formal event or even one mile within a longer run. I'll then produce a fancy graph showing your time this month compared to those of other people and previous runs over the last year.

Mile Participant Location Date How Measured Duration/Time Comment: e.g. event

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by late Sunday) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

Future Events

Some events have been added to the club calendar. As well as next week's Monopoly run and social (details follow) I've added an evening Orienteering event in Langley Park for 10th August, the Equinox 5k has been scheduled for 21st September and Amanda has started to add details of next season's Cross Country events. Note that for the cross country season we are anticipating our men and ladies running at the same venue and on the same day - so might even see each other.

Roderick Hoffman

Monopoly CounterMonopoly Event Wednesday 22nd June from 18:00 + social with food

This summer's Monopoly competition will take place next week.  This event, based at the Bedfont & Feltham FC ground in Hatton Road, is open to everyone.

All ages, from two-year-olds to ninety-two year-olds, are welcome.  It's a tortoise and hare team event.  It will involve up to 40 minutes of running, jogging or strolling, shuttling between the club and friendly marshals. You will acquire properties from Old Kent Road to Mayfair, and collect railway stations, houses and hotels.

Monopoly CounterTeams will be seeded on the day to ensure a fun competition.

See you there - bring the family if you can. Some volunteer opportunities are also available! (We need three helpers please).

We can take last minute entries, but it would help greatly if you let us know in advance that you are going to attend.

Once we have all passed GO! for the final time we will gather in the club for food.

Steve and Linda Hillier

Track & Field Matches this week

As the digest goes to press, our T&F team have been in competition in the Vets League at Uxbridge.  Full report next week.

We have a second match this week:  The Rosenheim League, on Wednesday 15th, from 1830.  If you would like to come and practice your running, throwing or jumping skills, please come and join us at Epsom & Ewell.  We would also welcome some supporters!

Let me know if you can attend.

Steve Hillier                

Rosenheim League:
June 15th Ewell (E&E)
Time Events
6.45 400m Hurdles Pole Vault  
6.55 800m
7.05 100m
7.30 400m
7.45 1500m Shot
Triple Jump
8:05 200m
8.20 3000m
8.30 4x200m

Ewell track is at King Georges Recreation Ground, Poole Road, West Ewell, KT19 9RY.  Nearest station is West Ewell.

Recent Activity Achievements

I picked up on 15 club members and friends reporting recent activity achievements.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Adrian Haines  Race 1500m British Masters Championships, Derby 00:04:43 1500m Gold 4:43 / 800m Silver 2:19 (with sprint finish)
Barry Walters Running Avignon Mon 00:40:00 With Duncan Wright, relaxing on the Rhone River after a 40 minute run near Avignon, the bridge in the background.
Benita Scaife Running 4miles New York Sun Our activity was a run from New York’ East Village across the Williamsburg Bridge then north through McCarran Park (pictured) to Greenpoint for coffee at Cafe Grumpy…
John Scaife Running 4miles New York Sun ...Walked the last half a mile as in full sun, very humid and a bit dehydrated after yesterday’s flight. Time not recorded.
Emma Moreton parkrun 5km Hazelwood Sat am 00:23:43 Flying feet at Hazelwood parkrun and fastest time this year (and great to be pain-free!!)
Harjit Jhooti Ultra-run 100km South Downs Weekend 24:58:00 Race to the King. 100K over two days. A very hilly course some of it on the South Downs.
Jain Reid Running 19km Marble Arch to Hammersmith Sun am 02:12:27 Social 19k run from Marble Arch to Hammersmith. 2'12 moving time but another half hour of stops for crossing roads & meet-up points en route
Julie Barclay Running 11km Ash and Rushmoor Tue 01:06:00 Tempo run along Basingstoke Canal.
Paul Watt Running 12.5km Ash and Rushmoor Tue 01:07:00 Threshold run with Fartlek along Basingstoke Canal.
Kelly Davis Cycling 10.1miles Ashford to Kingston Mon 01:07:00 Quick ride to work for a free bike check and a free coffee. I'll do anything for free stuff.
Petra Otto Gym Gym Wed The gym will have to be ‘it’ for some time. Private diagnosis is of tendinopathy, so lots of exercises to do. Likely to have been caused striding out too much during my Nordic Walking PB. Well, better than having a dodgy hip, I think.
Piers Keenleyside  Race 10km Osterley Park Summer 10k Sat 00:54:04 Perhaps I shouldn't have done the Osterley parkrun as a warm-up? Last week at the Stockholm Marathon I did 51:15 for the first 10K so was hoping to be near 50 minutes today. Nice medal though.....
Roderick Hoffman Running 14.8km Windsor Great Park Wed 01:45:25 Long Walk run - 3.75k to the castle and back (plus the 7k loop back to Savill Gardens). Tourist views of the castle, the Copper Horse Statue and deer in the park.
Stephen Taylor Running Lammas Park Mon Squeezing one in, today's run to Lammas park and incorporating a mile run using the Ealing mile course (7:47 - to be reported on next week)
Steve Hillier Walking Local Weekend Three very gentle walks with Linda (and a solo mile to be reported on next week)

Week Achievements

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun Results for Saturday 11th June 2022

 Be aware that Steve and I will be flagging those of you who have been slow to renew your membership of the club this year. Please correct us if we are wrong since the supply of information from the bank account can be slow (so slow in fact that it hasn't arrived yet this week, so this flagging will start next week). 

40 activities are recorded this week. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Run# Pos Time Age Grade Comment
Eddie Ketterick Bedfont Lakes 597 128 0:42:38 39.33% First parkrun for nine months.
Joe NOLAN Black Park 610 348 0:29:52 57.20%
Kevin HOLLAND Brooklands 101 202 0:36:34 50.96%
Michael Dennison Bushy Park 880 27 0:19:37 84.71% Highest grade of the week and fastest man.
Ian Haylock Bushy Park 880 91 0:21:18 69.80%
Maria JOVANI Bushy Park 880 131 0:22:03 72.71% Fastest lady this week.
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 880 443 0:26:43 59.51%
Benita SCAIFE Didcot 288 165 0:32:16 65.75%
John SCAIFE Didcot 288 166 0:32:16 53.46% 247th parkrun
Trish MCCABE Gladstone 456 122 0:29:16 54.27%
Alastair HESLOP Guildford 432 Back at Guildford - Funnel Manager
David DUGGAN Hanworth 90 46 0:32:09 50.75%
Denis FOXLEY Harrow 300 101 0:28:46 63.79%
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 300 178 0:36:24 64.33%
Sarah GORDON Hastings High School 12 100 0:33:50 60.84% BA park #655.
Emma Moreton Hazelwood 142 21 0:23:44 64.82%
John COFFEY Hazelwood 142 79 0:35:25 59.34%
Keith Johnson Houghton Hall 161 16 0:23:42 63.22%
Jeremy SHORT Osterley 379 121 0:28:39 56.49%
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Osterley 379 134 0:29:55 56.04%
Alan ANDERSON Osterley 379 254 0:52:46 49.56%
Anne Anderson Osterley 379 253 0:52:46 54.61%
Neil FREDIANI Prudhoe Riverside 214 61 0:29:46 56.33%
Christopher T KELLY Reading 555 299 0:36:13 42.80%
Jain REID Richmond Park 705 253 0:32:07 56.36%
Eddie GILES Salisbury 296 165 0:27:35 66.53%
Roderick HOFFMAN Tremorfa 57 29 0:28:57 55.90% BA park #654 / 5th consecutive new to him parkrun - so still sitting on 99 repeats.
Paul WATT University Parks 18 30 0:20:12 77.39% BA Male record from Chris Kelly and grade from Alice Banks.
Julie BARCLAY University Parks 18 125 0:24:43 76.33% BA Ladies record from Alice Banks.
Alice BANKS Wendover Woods 123 72 0:30:28 67.56% First BA lady and new BA grade record from Piers Keenleyside.
Jacqui Musselwhite Woking 319 77 0:24:33 71.83%
Tony BARNWELL Wycombe Rye 438 423 0:55:14 38.05%

Tony Barnwell (55:14) continued his comeback after a two-year layoff at Wycombe Rye - his 100th finish at Wycombe on a day when the attendance of 427 was the highest so far this year.

University Parks parkrun is now reaching maturity after four months but continues to attract members eager to try somewhere new. Paul Watt (20:12) and Julie Barclay (24:43) visited for the first time and did a spot of volunteering as well. Julie's "Wilson Index" moves up to 21, Paul is still stuck in 17! Alice Banks loses her records at University Parks...but gains them at Wendover Woods.

Fibonacci collectors joined Joe Nolan (29:52) for the 610th edition of Black Park parkrun. For those who missed it there will be another opportunity at Bedfont Lakes in just 13 weeks. Meanwhile Bushy parkrun has reached run 880 and is scheduled to reach 900 at the end of October and, further lockdowns permitting, 1000 in the autumn of 2024.

Steve Newell (last heard from stranded on a train outside Edinburgh - but he has been able to send through the above)

My visit to Cardiff coincided with both of our Cardiff colleagues being unable to join me on a Saturday morning, but at least I can confirm that Tremorfa is flat, fast and friendly. I have written the parkrun report - though it is high on numbers and low on description: news | Tremorfa parkrun

Tremorfa parkrun freeze

Your next opportunity not to run with me is this Saturday when I'll be handing out the finish tokens at Northala Fields. Get in touch if you'd like me to put a number aside for you.

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download and explore.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

Roderick Hoffman

Canalathon 2022 - July 1st through 31st

I've signed up to raise money for the Canal & River Trust by running at least 26.2miles on canal or river towpaths during the month of July. To make it difficult for me I'll only count "unique" miles - so an "out-and-back" would only count half and I'll need to find new stretches of canal or riverbank to run on each time I run. You are welcome to sponsor me via the JustGiving page: Roderick Hoffman is fundraising for Canal & River Trust ( or promise to contribute once you know my total achievement (I normally run up to 100miles each month but the "different" paths will reduce the total...but I will also count walks so that might increase it).

I'm also open to invitations to walk or run stretches of rivers or canals throughout July - let me know of any opportunities!

> Roderick Hoffman

Races you might be interested in:

Heathrow’s Midnight Marathon returns!

Don't miss your chance to sign up for the return of one of Heathrow's most exciting events of the year - the Midnight Marathon! Taking place on Saturday 16 July, this is a unique opportunity to run the full length of Heathrow's northern runway at midnight to raise money for a great cause the Heathrow Community Trust.

Whether you're a seasoned runner or would just prefer to walk the 2.2-mile distance, the Midnight Marathon offers a night of entertainment with your colleagues. You can either run as a team of 12, running 2.2 miles each to add up to the 26.2-mile marathon distance or take part individually as an endurance runner, running as many lengths of the runway as possible in the 2-hour timeframe.

Want to take part but don't have a team? No problem, just sign up and we will do the rest for you. On the night you will be given the details of your team, what better way to meet people and do something truly unique!

Running as a team? If you are planning on taking part as a team but haven't finalised your team details please email so we can reserve you a team space. This will help us understand numbers and ensure you don't miss out.

And as if getting to run down Heathrow's northern runway is not enough there will be live entertainment too, including warm-up routines, music and don't forget there will be prizes for volunteers and runners too.

Click here to sign up now

If you want to take part but don't want to run, we always need volunteers to help on the night – Sign up here to volunteer. All volunteers must have a valid airside pass.

Whether you're running or volunteering, be prepared for a memorable night of fun, fundraising for a fantastic cause.

Click here to head over to our FAQs page for more information about the event. Alternatively, for any other queries please email:

Izzy Ahmed


The 9th East Grinstead 10k is being held on Sunday 9th October from Imberhorne School, RH19 1QY. £20/£17, mixed terrain course, chip timing, medals, goodie bag. Details and entry via


If you've failed to get into the London Marathon on 2nd October you may be considering doing it virtually. An option is to do so for charity:

Virtual London Marathon

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am the Fundraising and Events Officer at the charity Sight for Surrey which supports over 8,000 children and adults who are blind, visually impaired, Deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing.

I am writing to you as a sports club in Surrey as we are seeking runners to take part in this year’s Virtual London Marathon which will be on Sunday October 2nd.

This is a really exciting time for our charity as we not only are celebrating our Centenary with a number of events but we have recently been awarded the Queens Voluntary Award:

You can also view our Signpost magazine to find out more about our work.

Kind regards

Rebecca Dorkins

Fundraising and Events Officer

Sight for Surrey

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