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BA Athletics Club News Digest 13th January 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Wednesday 15th January Club In-House event at Concorde Centre from 18:00 plus social with food (see below)
  • Saturday 25th January 9:00 Club Featured parkrun - Gunpowder (Waltham Abbey)
  • Next MAJOR club events - 26th Feb BAAC Awards Evening & 22nd March ASCA X-Country - please plan for these two

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.

The full events diary is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. (updated 13th January)

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Club Promotional Poster (working link this week!)

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Ladies Surrey League XC 3nd Match Report - Wimbledon Common 11th January

We had a good turnout at this match with 6 runners (Kat, Deby, Natalie, Helen, Monica and me). Kat was concern about her fitness as she hadn’t been out running for a while. The rest of us didn’t think that would be a problem as she would still beat us hands down and get us a good time. Helen brought her new trail shoes to break them in, and what a course to break them in!

The sun was blindingly bright as we gathered at the start of the race. We had been warned to expect mud puddles but this was an understatement. The course was hilly and it was a continuous stretch of mud, deep in some areas, with just a couple of short respite. We even had a stream to cross – twice! It was a 2-lap hilly course with slippery mud, and so it was no surprise that were some mishaps along the way. Several runners were known to have slipped and fell, a couple lost their shoes in the mud and we heard an ambulance was called for one of the runners who’d hurt herself rather badly. Fortunately our team made it to the end safely, and Helen was very pleased that her new shoes gave her good grip despite being caked in mud. 

Afterwards we adjourned for tea, coffee and hot juice at our own picnic table. This week was ‘carrot cake’ week. We’ve now come to expect Monica to provide homemade cakes and she didn’t disappoint with her delicious homemade carrot cake. Natalie also provided a carrot cake with icing on the top! It was also an early ‘Happy Birthday’ to Helen.

See BA Runner Facebook page for photos.

22                 793           37:33              Natalie Ruffell      (S)
29                 785           38:19              Kat Stather           (W35)
56                 782           41:36              Deby Helsdon      (W35)
122               787           49:07              Monica Alonso     (W45)
148               788           53:48              Clara Halket          (W50)
149               792           53:58              Helen Smith          (W55)

Team Result – total of 48 teams:

15                 BA ‘A’ Team
35                 BA ‘B’ Team

The last match of the season will be held at Lloyd Park on 08Feb2014. It will be great to see many runners there.

Clara Halket

Magic Mile Result

Runners warming down after the Magic Mile race

After the wind last month, we decided to switch direction to have the wind with us for a change... This meant nearly everybody was faster than the previous month and three people achieved course bests (Neil minus 40 seconds, Jeremy 10s, Richard 3s). A special mention goes to Neil who after knocking 7s off his PB in the wind last month has managed to knock another large chunk off this month. He is now nearly a minute quicker than his first mile back in September.  Tim and Ian become the 20th and 21st runners to take part in this event and more are welcome at the next "Magic Mile" on Thursday 6th February.  {Editor - Note that due to work commitments I missed the start - the caption for the photograph above is "After the Magic" since this is of the warm-down jog back to the start}

Runner Time Improvement Best Time January Comment
Jeremy Short 00:05:36 36 seconds (Dec) 00:05:36 Course Personal Best
Deby Helsdon 00:06:27 32 seconds (Dec) 00:06:21  
Neil Frediani 00:06:34 30 seconds (Dec) 00:06:34 Course PB
Dave Bird 00:06:10 22 seconds (Dec) 00:05:52  
Richard Ruffell 00:06:00 21 seconds (Dec) 00:06:00 Course PB
Paul Knechtl 00:05:15 13 seconds (Dec) 00:04:56  
Simon Ashford 00:06:30 10 seconds (Dec) 00:06:18  
Matthew Stratful 00:05:50 02 seconds (Nov) 00:05:44  
Tim Hawkes 00:05:19 00:05:19 First run
Ian Cunningham 00:05:52 00:05:52 First run

Full month by month results

Paul Knechtl

Club In-house Event "Forrester Folly" and Social - Wednesday 15th January from 18:00

Meet at the Concorde Centre at 18:00 whereupon we will be told what the Forrester Folly will be this year. It will probably involve running a distance between 5k and 5miles and in a team though you may not necessarily know who with. And what the course will be may depend upon where the marshals are standing and which way they chose to send you!

After the run there will be a social at the Concorde Centre from 20:00 with food provided - pork sausages, chips and beans for most.

Brian Forrester

Trophies Required

This year's club awards evening will be on Wednesday 26th February.  The awards will follow the February 5 mile handicap run and all club members are expected to try to make this event. On the evening we will present the various club awards for achievements over 2013.  If you received a trophy last year could you please return it or arrange for its return to a club official or bring it along on Wednesday evening.

Country to Capital 45 mile ultra

I ran the Country To Capital 45 mile ultra today. It started in Wendover and then went cross-country for 20+ miles to arrive at the Grand Union Canal at Denham Lock. The course for this first half of the race was very muddy and very difficult to navigate. Despite the use of GPS enabled phones and Garmin type devices by the group I was running with we still got lost a couple of times!
The second half of the race was along the canal tow-path all the way into Little Venice near Paddington Station - no problems with navigation and much firmer under foot. I finished in 8 hours 6 minutes and 36 seconds, 26 minutes ahead of the other two Ealing Eagles also running the race!

Piers Keenleyside

Mabac Windsor 8 Mile - 12th January Results

A small report about the Mabac Windsor 8 mile event that took place on 12th Jan.  A very popular event around the traffic free park paths but with three very demanding ascents.

 A record entry of 280.  I am not sure of all the BA runners, some having ran the previous day in the XC event. 

  • Gary Rushmer well to the front ran 53.54
  • John Coffey running 66.04 beating his age (O/72) in minutes
  • Also Julie Barclay running a PB  and also just beating her age in minutes by 30 seconds so well pleased (Ladies receive 15% off their time, Julie ran 57.41 - work that out lads).
  •  Janice Jones making  her first attempt over the undulating course ran 75.20.
  • The Taylor family regulars in the event also ran the day before.

Thank you,

Tom Rowley

Green Belt Relay 17th/18th May - Call for Team Members

We intend to enter a team for this year's Green Belt Relay on 17/18May - it would be good to know who is keen to run, so that we can work out whether we have a full team, and reserves, or will need to widen our net. We need eleven runners plus reserves and support team (drivers).  Each runner runs two legs of between 6 and 13 miles, one on each day, as we circumnavi-run round the London Green Belt.

Please let know if you are interested.

The Perch XV Sunday 26th January - 2000 perches (6.25 miles/10.05k)

And now for something a little different - A scenic and challenging course around Nonsuch Park. Traffic free, multi-terrain route on tarmac, tracks and grass. Start and Finish at ’The Mansion house’ in Nonsuch Park.


Clara Halket

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