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BA Athletics Club News Digest 13th July 2015


  • Thursday 23rd July - BA Fun Run and Little Legs at Harmondsworth Moor from 4pm. See below.
  • Wednesday 29th July - Ruffell Runaround Run-of-the-Month - Heston Venue from 18:00
  • Thursday 6th August - Magic Mile, Bath Road at 12:45

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml (updated 5th July).

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LATE NEWS - Winter 5 mile handicap result

We got the opportunity to present the winner's award for this event at the AGM on the 1st so I can now publish the full results including the times from the last run of the series:

25th March handicap Run time Time gap from handicap Rank this month Points this month Runs Total points Result, based on best 5
Richard Ruffell 5 101 101
Steve Taylor 5 97 97
Harry Wild 41:30 42:50 01:20 4 17 6 101 90
Scott Davidson 35:30 34:27 01:03 6 19 5 88 88
Steve Newell 51:30 52:29 00:59 7 20 5 84 84
Steve Hillier 5 78 78
Roderick Hoffman 45:00 43:44 01:16 5 18 5 77 77
John Scaife 37:30 37:46 00:16 9 25 3 72 72
Alan Friar 5 67 67
Alan Anderson 55:00 48:59 06:01 1 14 5 65 65
Dennis Foxley 3 56 56
Gary Rushmer 4 56 56
Tony Barnwell 48:30 48:11 00:19 8 22 3 45 45
Graham Taylor 3 45 45
Neil Frediani 38:30 36:21 02:09 3 16 3 41 41
Chris Kelly 3 41 41
Barry Walters 2 27 27
Paul Knechtl 1 25 25
Joe Nolan 2 22 22
Piers Keenleyside 1 19 19
Eddie Giles 48:00 42:15 05:45 2 15 1 15 15
Alice Banks 1 8 8

So congratulations to Richard Ruffell for winning this event for the second year running - pushed all the way by Steve Taylor and Harry Wild, Harry only losing out due to the "best five of six" rule.  Had the rule been "best three of six" then John Scaife would have been up there also.

We expect to hold this series of handicap runs again next winter.

Roderick Hoffman for Paul Brandon

Results of the 4th Grand Prix, Uxbridge track , Monday 6th July 2015


  • 1-Eddie Giles – 78.7
  • 2-Neil Frediani – 84.6
  • 3-Steve Hillier – 95.8
  • 4-Tony Barnwell – 108.0


  • 1-Steve Hillier – 23.22m (600gms)
  • 2-Neil Frediani – 18.29m (800gms)
  • 3-Eddie Giles – 15.90m (600gms)
  • 4-Tony Barnwell – 13.43m (500gms)

A very warm evening at Uxbridge for the 4th GP of the season.  Eddie Winning the 400m, although the head wind on the finishing
Straight was challenging !!  Good news on the Javelin, just happened to be a tail wind on that event, where Steve won by nearly 5m over Neil.

A post script to this report is that Tony had a new way to throw the Javelin!!  He threw it backwards, the Javelin actually stuck in the hard ground better than being the conventional front steel end first. I have to say, there is a sharper point on the back end of the Javelin and he actually threw the Javelin further that way round!! I decided that this was not legal, but was I wrong? Can anyone tell me if only the front end counts to get the distance recorded?

Next Grand Prix of the season will be at Uxbridge , Monday 10th August , 6pm, 200m & Discus will our events that evening.

Hope to see you there.

Eddie Giles

Match 4 Rosenheim league St Mary’s 8th July 2015

Danny  Treherne 100m – 12.5 Long Jump – 4.96m    
Eddie Giles 800m – 3.09.8      
Steve Hillier   Shot Putt – 6.96m Javelin – 19.97m  
Neil Frediani 1500m – 6.32.8   Javelin – 17.95m  
Tony Barnwell   Shot Putt – 6.45m Javelin – 11.25m  
4x200m Relay Danny, Eddie , Tony & Steve 2.21.8    

Another cracking evening at St Mary's last Wednesday but a late start at 7.30pm meant that most events we were involved in were from 8 – 9pm and was starting to cool down.  Adrian Haines joined us there to do an 400m & 200m but on his first event the 400m, he was on the outside lane holding off the pack behind, when at 100m, he pulled up with a Hamstring niggle.  It was the end of his evening, but we wish him a very speedy recovery.

Next Rosenheim is at Ewell Court , Wednesday 22nd July, 6.45pm start.

Eddie Giles

Club parkrun results for Saturday 11th July 2015

11th July 2015 Family, Friends,+ Time parkrun Comment Grade
Chris Kelly 19:56 Old Deer Park club course record 74%
Paul Sinton-Hewitt 20:55 South Oxhey run #248 73%
Richard Ruffell 21:05 Highbury Fields club course record, park #41 72%
Kerstin Luksch 21:27 Gunnersbury 70%
Matt Gardner 22:12 Highbury Fields   58%
Ian Cunningham 22:54 Bushy Park 65%
Joe Nolan 24:18 Black Park 66%
Steve Taylor 24:20 Northala Fields 62%
James Glover 24:30 Guildford parkrun pb 60%
Eddie Giles 24:50 Black Park 68%
Joanne Sinton-Hewitt 24:50 Greenock run #250 68%
Gareth Hobby 24:53 Reading 56%
Denis Foxley 25:03 Harrow 68%
Piers Keenleyside 25:06 Gunnersbury 63%
Tony Hird 26:03 Gunpowder 57%
Alan Friar 26:18 Reading 115th run at Reading 67%
Roderick Hoffman 26:18 Wycombe Rye course pb 58%
Neil Frediani 27:56 Bedfont Lakes run #120 56%
Caroline Cockram 28:25 Maidenhead 56%
David Duggan 28:51 Maidenhead Maidenhead #1, run #107 53%
Janet Cunningham volunteer Guildford barcode scanner
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford funnel manager

It was a relatively quiet week by recent standards on the parkrun scene but there were one or two notable performances.

Chris Kelly visited Old Deer Park for the first time and enjoyed the three and a bit laps on the grass.  Fishing 6th his time of 19:56 set a new club course record and places him 17th out of 186 in the all time VM50-54 list at Old Deer Park.  Top of the list there is Ray Owens (18:15), now of Vets AC but who used to run for BA.  Chris then moved on to Chiswick to swim a mile in the tidal Thames in a borrowed wetsuit.  That took him 37:12 for another top 10 finish so a good morning's work for Chris!

Richard Ruffell visited Highbury Fields for the first time and ran the five laps there faster (21:05) than anyone from the club ever has before (so taking another club best from Roderick).  Matt Gardner who is becoming a bit of a tourist was there too (22:12).

David Duggan (31:54) who has joined us recently and who normally runs or helps out at Bedfont Lakes was at Maidenhead along with Caroline Cockram (28:25).  David brings with him the experience of over 100 runs including at least one at all four of the parkruns in USA.

There were course pbs this week for Roderick Hoffman (26:18) at Wycombe Rye and James Glover (24:30) at Guildford where regular volunteer Alastair Heslop was managing the finishers funnel.

There was another twist in the Sinton-Hewitt story with Joanne visiting Greenock (24:50) and earning her 250 vest.  Meanwhile Paul, founder of parkrun, went to South Oxhey (20:55) but is trailing behind on 248. 

It's not a race but it could have been - Eddie Giles (and Joanne SH) just three seconds ahead of Gareth, Denis the same margin ahead of Piers and Alan F and Roderick finishing with exactly the same time - though all at different parkruns.

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell (mainly)

PS There was a relative crowd at Les Dougnes parkrun last Saturday - nine finishers, so as many as at runs 2 through 5 added together!

Great City Race marshalling thanks

On behalf of both the London Marathon organisers and BA Athletics Club, thank you for helping make the 11th running of the Standard Chartered Great City Race another success. A total shutdown of the tube was always going to be challenging travel wise but it was no surprise to me that everyone made the effort and arrived in good time to ensure we had a majority of the allotted points covered. The organisers know that they can rely on the Club to deliver and Thursday was no exception but it's still worth saying thank you.

Simon Turton

Running Crossword

Congratulations for the first fully completed entry to Janet Smith and runners up Steve Hillier and Steve Newell. Both Steve's failed to get the right answer for nine across. Perhaps they take running too seriously?

Easier Clues with Answers

Clues Across Clues Down
2. Three activities make one event (9) Answer: Triathlon 1. Often a race for kids (3,3) A: Fun Run
9. Activity for tired and retired runners (6) A: Social 2. A variety of athletics activities focused on one location (5,3,5) A: Track and Field
11. Typically over an accurately measured tarmac course (4,4) A: Road Race 3. For drinkers with a running problem (4) A: Hash
12. Distances to the extreme (5) A: Ultra 4. Typically up and down muddy hills (5-7) A: Cross Country
13. Find your own way (12) A: Orienteering 5. Clearing the way for runners and holding back spectators (11) A: Marshalling
14. One by one team event (5) A: Relay 6. The first runner announced victory then collapsed and died (8) A: Marathon
15. Indoor activities to build up and strengthen (3) A: Gym 7. Monthly run imperial distance (5,4) A: Magic Mile
  8. Weekly time trial (7) A: parkrun
  10. Unstructured training with varied pace (7) A: Fartlek

Roderick Hoffman

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