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BA Athletics Club News Digest 13th June 2016


  • Monday 20th June Vets League Battersea 18:30 / 22nd June Rosenheim Ewell Court 18:45
  • Tuesday 5th July - Paul Sinton-Hewett at Waterside from 11:30 - interested? tell Roderick
  • Thursday 7th July - Dream Mile - Bath Road from 12:45*

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map:

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Parkway Mile Summer 2016 (8th June)

On a day of thunderstorms which caused disruption at Heathrow we were lucky to have a puddle free track to run on.  Just a few low hanging twigs from the hedge along the A312 cycle track. By the end we were all basking in glorious evening sunshine.

2016 Parkway Mile runners and helpers

Ten runners all went in one wave with Harry Wild at the halfway turnaround point.  Thanks also to Paul Brandon for timekeeping {Ed: And Roderick Hoffman for writing down all of the times too, though not perhaps for the quality of the Photoshop work on this occasion}.

After his good showing in the Concorde 5 three days earlier Colin Haylock was the only runner under six minutes.


  • Colin Haylock 5:38
  • Gary Rushmer 6:10
  • Graham Taylor 6:47
  • Eddie Giles 7:36
  • Neil Frediani 7:55
  • Alan Friar 7:58
  • Steve Hillier 8:46
  • Steve Newell 9:38
  • Tony Barnwell 10:41
  • Alan Anderson 11:07

Steve Newell

Standard Chartered Great City Race 2016

Following hot on the heels of both the VM London Marathon and the Vitality London 10000 (thank you Clara for organising helpers for this one) comes the STANDARD CHARTERED GREAT CITY RACE (, THURSDAY 14th JULY. Having supported this race for many years we've been asked to set up two Disley Shuttles at 3.5 km and 4.5 km as well as continuing to support around the Bank of England (2.5 km). The crossings won't be anywhere near as big or busy as London and will not be operating much beyond 30 mins, so I'm envisaging 25 helpers will suffice across the 3 points. I'll team lead one point with Steve Hillier and Roderick kindly offering to assist with Team Leader duties on the other two points. In addition, Mike Thorn, John and Benita have already volunteered, so I only need another 19 volunteers!!

Race start is 19:15 with road closures going in at 18:30. As the shuttles will be new this year I'd still like to meet at 18:00 but meeting outside MOORGATE tube rather than the Bank this year. They'll be a T-shirt for everyone, a contribution towards travel expenses (circa. 12) and some post-race refreshments in a local hostelry (and the Club gets a good donation to help keep membership costs down).

If you can help please drop me your preferred T-shirt size and mobile phone number. Thanks in advance for your continued support.  


Simon Turton (

BA Fun Run - Thursday July 21st - Runners and Marshals needed

This year's BA Fun Run has a difference - as well as the 1k Little Legs and 5k Charity Fun Run there is also to be a more serious 10k race. That means that we need at least as many marshals as last year AND we'd like a few club colleagues to enter the 10k also to show the airline a clean pair of heels.

Also the Fun Run is almost at an incredible milestone - the cumulative funds earned for Cancer Research UK since the event started means that we are now just a little short of a 1,000,000 total.  A good earning event this year will get us over that figure.

Event timings:

  • Gates open 15:00
  • Marshals needed from 16:00
  • Little Legs start 16:30
  • Fun Run and 10k start 17:30
  • Prize Giving from 19:00 with celebrities including Michelle Keegan (Coronation Street) and Gary Lineker (Crisp commercials).

So please, marshal notifications to me at and entries via .

Roderick Hoffman

Concorde Five Mile Road Race Sunday 5th June 2016 Feedback

Posted on Runner's World...

"In short: Excellent race, so much to recommend it :-)

In full: Brilliant communications and organisation (I entered fairly late on and my posted number didn't arrive in time, but my entry was dealt with immediately and the missing race number replaced with no fuss), cheery and welcoming marshals; easy to find (just off the A312) with loads of parking (about a km away from the race start, but this served as a useful warm-up); very flat course (except for one spiral ramp over the motorway - early enough in the race to quickly recover your pace!), if not the most scenic; very clear signage at all junctions; absolutely first-rate young helpers at the finish, making an effort to give bananas, water, and cereal bars to runners too exhausted to collect them themselves!; fabulous and massive horse-brass medal; generous and plentiful winners' and age-group prizes; facilities including hot showers at race HQ. I did the 10k 6 years ago and can't recall why this one hasn't been on my race calendar again since then! Full marks all round, and thank you to the marshals and crew."

[Ed: must be genuine - anyone faking a positive feedback report wouldn't have been so positive throughout!]

Extracts from other feedback received by us...

  • "I was delighted to be able to take part after a freak accident out running in February shattered my confidence, so this familiar friendly race was just what the physio ordered! "
  • "Just wanted to say a very big thank-you, to you and everyone else at BA, for another lovely Concorde Five. I had a great run, and managed to get my last 5-mile time (Perivale) down from 53:57 to 51:37 at your event. Slow progress, but with all that wonderful support and encouragement from all the marshals, it was no surprise to me."
  • "Thanks really enjoyed the run on Sunday ,there isn't that many 5 mile runs around so it's nice to do this one as its local to me ,I thought all the pre-race instructions were very informative and helpful ,the route was very well signposted with clear large arrow signs which was great as didn't need to think where to go as it was very clear ,marshals were very encouraging along the route as well . "
  • "thank you for yesterday's race. The organisation and care and support are done so well it is tangible and very evident. "

2nd Vets League Match results from 6th June 2016

The 2nd Vets league match was held at Uxbridge track Monday 6th June 2016.


Shot Janet Smith 9.1m 1st age cat
  Steve Hillier 8.41m 2nd age cat
Hammer Janet Smith 41.36m 1st age cat
  Steve Hillier 24.49m 1st age cat
200m Eddie Giles 35.8  
800m Eddie Giles 3:15.7  

A very warm and sunny evening at Uxbridge saw Janet & Steve doing very well at the field events.

The 3rd Vets event of the season is at Battersea, Monday 20th June 18.30 start.

Hope to see you there.

Eddie Giles

Club parkrun results for Saturday 11th June 2016

11th June family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Tony Barnwell 33:47 Wycombe Rye 46th run at Wycombe Rye 55%
Ben Chaytow 21:33 Crane Park run #135 63%
Caroline Cockram 42:57 Crane Park 7th run at Crane Park 38%
Ian Cockram 27:05 Crane Park 7th run at Crane Park 54%
Ian Cunningham 21:14 Bushy Park run #247 71%
Scott Davison 22:48 Bedfont Lakes run #166 62%
Linda Dodsworth 26:34 Fountains Abbey course pb 59%
Steve Dodsworth 23:01 Fountains Abbey course pb, club record 66%
David Duggan 27:21 Crane Park 10th run at Crane Park 57%
Chris Evans 23:57 Bedfont Lakes run #147 62%
Richard Fletcher 21:54 Bushy Park run #499, 487th at Bushy 72%
Denis Foxley 25:48 Harrow run #39 66%
Alan Friar 26:58 Reading run #201 66%
Sarah Gordon 35:15 Braunstone 33rd run at Braunstone 54%
Colin Haylock 18:58 Bushy Park best parkrun WAVA % 76%
Roderick Hoffman 30:19 Rushmere park #156 51%
Anita Afonso 19:11 Woking see below* 78%
Kevin Holland 29:55 Woking run #52 58%
Andrew Jordan 20:48 Bushy Park run #113 71%
Sharon Kassemzadeh 24:18 Cassiobury run #26 80%
John Lennon 30:14 Bedfont Lakes 191st run at Bedfont Lakes 51%
Kerstin Luksch 20:10 Gunnersbury F-3, run #187 74%
Trish McCabe 28:14 Bedfont Lakes 112th run at Bedfont Lakes 54%
Steve Newell 35:01 R Tunbridge Wells park #75 52%
Sreeram Sethuraman 39:22 Upton Court with junior companion 34%
Helen Smith 30:15 Guildford run #25, 4th week in a row 63%
Janet Smith 35:11 Isle of Wight 1st run at Isle of Wight 48%
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal

Colin Haylock (18:58) continued his good form and following his Concorde 5 and parkway mile successes he posted the fastest parkrun by any of our members so far this year at Bushy Park.

A few minutes behind, Richard Fletcher (21:54) completed his 499th run so there could be celebrations at Bushy next Saturday.  Ian Cunningham (21:14) is now up to 247. 

Steve Dodsworth (23:01) and Linda Dodsworth (26:34) were at Fountains Abbey (Ripon) for the first time since they joined us and both ran faster than they have run there previously.  The Cockrams have also run there in the past.  Steve Newell's nephew, David Palmer (29:31) who farms locally is also spotted in his results from time to time.

Janet Smith (35:11) was at the Isle of Wight parkrun for the first time.  The Cockrams have run there a couple of times as well.

Steve Newell (35:01) visited the Royal Tunbridge Wells course for the first time and found some of the gradients rather challenging.  In addition to a pretty setting in Dunorlan Park, the attraction is a Nissan dealer offering a free top up for electric vehicles close by! 

Steve Newell (

Updated parkrun stats:

Steve Newell

French achievements

* For those who don't know, Anita Afonso was parkrun's second paid employee joining on 1st April 2009 as "Event Activator" and she helped establish many parkruns from that date including, for instance, my "home" parkrun of Pymmes. She no longer performs that role having returned to her native France where she has been very busy giving birth to French parkruns AND her own family.  When I ran at Les Dougnes last July she was heavily pregnant with her second child yet still performed all of the volunteer roles for the parkrun other than setting and dismantling the course (which were performed by her partner Alex Pellew who was also my only fellow runner that day).  So when I saw Kevin Holland's result I couldn't help but notice Anita's finish as first lady (19:11), faster than all but two other ladies at Woking ever.  Prior to that run Anita had only been able to run 22 previous parkruns and her previous fastest time was 23:49.  Indeed her most recent time was her only run at Les Dougnes where, as tail runner, she ran less than half as fast to finish in 40:31.  It is such an impressive result for her at Woking that I have mailed her incase there has been an error but I've not had a reply.  She was not a volunteer at Les Dougnes this week so it looks like further evidence that ladies returning to run after having children can achieve fantastic results. 

Back at Les Dougnes and the other Bordeaux parkrun Mandavit they had high turnouts, a record of 30 at Mandavit, with several runners having Welsh surnames.  By coincidence Wales played in the European Cup in Boudeaux that evening.

Roderick (

St Albans Half Marathon - Sunday 12th June 2016

I've been out of action for about 7 weeks now with a pulled calf muscle. I completed my first race since the London Marathon today and first run over 5K since then as well! I did the St. Albans Half Marathon in 2:04:16 - very pleased to get round without my calf complaining. I think it would have been a different story if I had tried to go faster. I will probably go for physio. tomorrow for a pre-race massage ahead of next weekend's Midnight Sun Marathon.

It rained the whole way round - but at least we were kept cool!

I saw Jasvir there as well -  he did 2:28:09. There may have been others for BA but difficult to tell as very few of the names in the results had club name against them.

Regards Piers Keenleyside

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