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BA Athletics Club News Digest 13th October 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Sunday 19th October Freith Hilly 5k/10k - anyone doing this let me know - Roderick Hoffman
  • Saturday 25th October Bonus Cross Country - see below
  • Wednesday 29th October - The nights are drawing in - first 5 mile winter handicap of the season

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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WARR World Airline Road Race 2014 Dublin - Results

The team...

WARR Dublin Team Photo

[Note: Although I'm all for putting in compromising pictures you should be aware that for official team photographs I'll usually "Photoshop" different shots together so that everyone looks at their best.  I had five pictures to choose from and Mark is stuffing his face in all of them.  So clearly that is the image he wanted us all to see!]

Other photographs (and videos) are starting to appear on Facebook pages including my own - Facebook BA Awards Photographs

The Performances

First name Last name Airline Gender 5k Time 10k Time Achievement
Paul Knechtl BA MALE 00:17:35 00:35:50 5k Men 3rd Overall
10k Men 4th Overall
Adrian Haines BA MALE 00:17:59 00:35:30 5k Men 4th Overall
10k Men 3rd Overall
Mark Taylor n-a MALE 00:18:54 n/a 5k Men 2nd Non-airline
John Taylor BA MALE 00:19:06 n/a 5k Men 3rd Masters
Natalie Ruffell n-a FEMALE 00:21:13 00:41:55 5k Women 1st Non-airline
10k Women 1st Non-airline
Richard Ruffell BA MALE 00:22:09 n/a 5k Men 4th age group
Dave Dixon BA MALE 00:22:17 00:35:50 5k Men 5th age group
10k Men 5th Overall
Deborah Helsdon BA FEMALE 00:23:54 00:48:09 5k Women 3rd age group
10k women 4th age group
Lissa Pritchard BA FEMALE 00:23:54 00:46:48 5k Women 4th age group
10k Women 3rd age group
Katherine Stather BA FEMALE 00:24:10 n/a Running for two - 5k Women 5th age group
Simon Ashford BA MALE 00:24:10 00:45:40
Denis Foxley BA MALE 00:25:06 n/a 5k Men 2nd age group
Piers Keenleyside BA MALE 00:25:59 00:44:13 10k Men 2nd age group
Roderick Hoffman BA MALE 00:26:20 00:53:52 30th WARR
Daniela Mayerova BA FEMALE 00:27:07 n/a 5k Women 4th age group
Monica Alonso BA FEMALE 00:27:34 00:52:07 10k Women 2nd age group
Nick Edge BA MALE 00:27:43 n/a
Helen Smith BA FEMALE 00:30:01 00:59:01 5k Women 4th age group
John Scaife BA MALE 00:30:32 00:49:24
Benita Scaife n-a FEMALE 00:30:32 n/a
Tony Barnwell BA MALE 00:30:42 01:01:02
Lisa Green BA FEMALE 00:33:43 01:04:08
Tim Bellars BA MALE 00:33:43 00:49:46
Steve Newell BA MALE 00:34:04 01:02:42
David Rimmer BA MALE 00:36:42 n/a 20th WARR
Marion Woodhouse AF FEMALE 00:39:48 n/a
Gareth Snook BA MALE n/a 00:45:38
Neil Frediani BA MALE n/a 00:53:16

The Awards

In addition to the individual awards listed above the BAAC team would expect to be awarded the following [the word "expect" is included because firstly the awards were not given out on the night and secondly the first draft of the awards results suggest a different allocation].

5k Men 1st Overall Team,

5k Women 2nd Overall Team,

10k Men 1st Overall Team [the draft has Swiss winning this...but all three of our team beat all three of theirs!]

Roderick Hoffman

Cross Country bonus on 25th October

 British Airways A/C has been invited to run at Sandhurst Barracks on 25th October.

If anybody is interested in this very good event can they please let me know as soon as possible at . Anybody who would like to run, I need to have, car make and colour, registration number and names of all people traveling in car, as soon as possible please.  I need this information for security at the main gate. Anybody not done this race before it's roundabout 6 miles long with some hills but with some very good food at the end. Last year BA came home 4th.

Many thanks, Gary Rushmer

December Run-of-the-Month - Perivale Five (mile) Sunday 7th December from 10:00

This popular December race usually attracts half a dozen or more BAAC runners, traditionally half of them are called Steve but others are welcome also, including Stephanies.  Details and online entry from the Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC website:

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 11th October

Numbers were down this week as attention switched to the Cross Country league meetings in Richmond Park.

Julie Barclay made a welcome return to action after four months on the sidelines and set a new age category record (WV50) at Woking with a time of 23:29 and a WAVA score of 75%, our best of the day.

Alan Anderson set off with his usual enthusiasm at Gunnersbury but slowed to a walking pace after an attack of cramp in the second half nevertheless still finishing in under 30 minutes.  That probably persuaded him that cycling over to Richmond Park for the cross country was not such a good idea.

Scott Davison reappeared at Bedfont Lakes after his summer break and Steve Taylor ran his best time so far at Northala Fields.  Roderick Hoffman was in the West Midlands for a run at Kingsbury Water, his 91st different parkrun, the club's 134th. Roderick intends to get to 100 different parkruns by the end of the year and the nine he has mapped out will all be new to the club AND six of them are within an hours drive of the club house. This is made possible by the growth of parkrun - Panshanger (Hertford), Harcourt Hill, Cranleigh, Tring and Harlow are all new parkruns staring in October and November.

Steve Newell / Roderick Hoffman

Updated parkrun stats:

Updated BA parkrun map: Parkruns 2014.jpg

Surrey League Cross Country Performance

I went along to Richmond for the first M/L Surrey XC fixture.  Helen managing the trio of our ladies plus supplying the necessary official namely Steve Newell and cycle.  Had the girls got over their jet lag?  An unfortunate mix up of running the large lap first the officials managed the awkward situation as the runners were passing the funnel on first lap but the course still continued to be a tough little challenge.

IF it had been a big challenge Monica would still have come up the stiff dragging ascent smiling both times. Marion looked relaxed and enjoying the wonderful weather and being one of the 320 ladies competing.  Skipper Helen admitted to having had a week's rest after Dublin but did conquer the very long climbs in her own time.  Well done Helen and to Steve who stayed put at his post for over 2 hours.

The trio then went for a cupa before the lads arrived. All the lads agreed the course was not too hilly and I was standing halfway up the worse climb and they were all running quite smoothly and comfortable and not laboring.   For their first XC race of the season after Road/parkrunning the performances were very good.

Not having seen the official results of the ladies or men. I can not comment also I did not know two of the lads names.

It was a pleasure to support a happy BA squad well done every one see you at next fixture (With Camera).  I am sure John/Ann Coffey had a great afternoon too although loosing their voices shouting encouragement.

Remember rule No1.  DO NOT PASS runners wearing Orange/Green Vests (PLEASE).

Tom Rowley

Running Shorts

February Club In-house event vacancy

There is a vacancy for a club member organised event for next February.  If you were organising such an event what would it be? It could be on a weekend day or on a Wednesday evening, including at the Heston clubhouse, or it could be elsewhere but close enough to appeal to members. Think about it and if you have an idea then please step forward.  Others in the club will help you make it work.

obo Neil Frediani

I did my 90th marathon today - the York Marathon completed in 3:27:15 - about 1 minute quicker than my time there last year.

 Piers Keenleyside

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